Universal Geography: Or A Description of All Parts of the World, on a New Plan, According to the Great Natural Divisions of the Globe, Volum 6

A. Finley, 1832
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Pàgina 783 - When the broken arches are black in night, And each shafted oriel glimmers white; When the cold light's uncertain shower Streams on the ruined central tower; When buttress and buttress, alternately, Seem framed of ebon and ivory ; When silver edges the imagery, And the scrolls that teach thee to live and die...
Pàgina 782 - IF thou would'st view fair Melrose aright, Go visit it by the pale moon-light; For the gay beams of lightsome day Gild, but to flout, the ruins gray.
Pàgina 783 - When buttress and buttress, alternately, Seem framed of ebon and ivory; When silver edges the imagery, And the scrolls that teach thee to live and die; When distant Tweed is heard to rave, And the owlet to hoot o'er the dead man's grave, Then go— but go alone the while — Then view St David's ruin'd pile ; And, home returning, soothly swear, Was never scene so sad and fair ! ii.
Pàgina 791 - Thornton. A SPORTING TOUR THROUGH THE NORTHERN PARTS OF ENGLAND AND GREAT PART OF THE HIGHLANDS OF SCOTLAND. By Colonel T. THORNTON, of Thornville Royal, in Yorkshire. With the Original Illustrations by GARRARD, and other Illustrations and Coloured Plates by GE LODGE. 'Sportsmen of all descriptions will gladly welcome the sumptuous new edition issued by Mr. Edward Arnold of Colonel T. Thornton's Sporting Tour...
Pàgina 666 - The king appoints to all employments, and has the right of conferring pardons ; but he cannot make any new laws, or interpret old ones, raise taxes, or declare war, without the consent of the States, which he alone has the power of convoking. The...
Pàgina 704 - There is no flesh in man's obdurate heart— It does not feel for man ; the natural bond Of brotherhood is severed as the flax That falls asunder at the touch of fire.
Pàgina 739 - It« beautiful banks are much frequented in summer. It embosoms several islands, and its waters are subject to violent agitations without any apparent cause. In Scotland are many lakes, the most noted of which is Loch Lomond, 30 m. long and two to three wide. The rigors of winter, and the heats of summer, are much less felt in Great Britain than on the continent under the same parallel. The winds from the sea, temper seasons the most opposite, but the variations of temperature are sudden and frequent....
Pàgina 504 - ... to 8,404,000 individuals ; thus the number of inhabitants to every square league does not amount to nine hundred and thirty-four, a result below the mean number in the other divisions of the same country. Such facts are not without their value ; (trcs veritable, M.
Pàgina 741 - ... of the inhabitants is bird-catching. The Shetland Islands lie about 60 miles north-east of the Orkneys. They have a wild and desolate appearance ; but 17 of them are inhabited. Their vegetation is more scanty than that of the Orkneys, and their soil, for the most part, is marshy. The shores are broken and precipitous, and excavated by the sea into natural arches and deep caverns. From October to April, perpetual rains fall. storms beat against the shores, and the inhabitants are cut off from...
Pàgina 758 - E, 3), built in 1713, in part with the profits of the sale of Lord Clarendon's History of the Rebellion, the copyright of which was presented to the University by his son.

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