Imatges de pàgina

bring forth its head stone with joy,” in due time, point you to a ministering servant, of eminent gifts and graces, who shall “feed you with knowledge and righteousness." In your intercourse with your brethren, of other denominations, cultivate a charitable and candid disposition, "endeavoring to keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace.” Be examples of the excellency of the christian religion, in your families, and in society. Within these walls, may you statedly and punctually attend the worship of " the Father." Here, may venerable age adore the Almighty, while leaning upon the staff of promise; here, may youth and manhood employ their noblest powers, in the services of devotion, and tender infancy learn to chant ❝hosannas to the Son of David." May every act of social duty increase your "faith and love," till you shall arise from earth to heaven and there unite in the " song of Moses and the Lamb."


This christian audience, generally, will accept the tribute of our united feelings, our gratitude and our prayers. The religion of


the gospel teaches us to consider all men as our brethren in Christ Jesus. It instructs us to take an interest in the present and future happiness of all. We rejoice in believing that you are fellow-heirs with us of the eternal inheritance. Whatever different views we may entertain, however diverse our opinions, we cannot relinquish this unspeakable joy." Under this consideration, we thank you for your attendance on these solemnities, and the candid regard you have manifested to the words which have been spoken. We pray that you may profit by this occasion. In the establishment of this Society and the erection of this House, you have a practical lesson, on the nature of that liberality of thought and free exercise of opinion, which are the inalienable privileges of rational beings, and are recognized in our constitutions of government. May you and this dear people ever cultivate and exercise together that "charity, which is the bond of perfectness.' As fellow citizens, as neighbours and as christians, let the spirit of friendship and brotherly love bind you to


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each other; and finally, may you all associate in that better world, where the darkness, that now rests upon the human mind, shall be forever dissipated, where we shall "see eye to eye, and God be all in all."

And now, as the disciples of Jesus Christ, and in his name, we solemnly Dedicate this House, to the future service of Him, who "seeketh such to worship him, as worship in spirit and in truth.” We dedicate this Pulpit, to the public declaration of "the word of truth, the gospel of our salvation ;" and these Seats and Galleries, to the use of devout and humble worshippers. From this Desk, may “peace on earth and good will to men" be ever powerfully proclaimed. In this house, may glory dwell, and virtue and religion be promoted. "Arise, O Lord, into thy rest, thou and the ark of thy strength. Bless, abundantly, the provisions of Zion and satisfy her poor with bread. Clothe her priests with salvation; and let her saints shout aloud for joy. AMEN.

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