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wick-Lunenburgb, and elec-privy-seal ; Thomas Wentworth earl of Straffor of Hanover, succeeded to the crown on ford, first lord commissioner of the admi. the demise of queen Anne, by virtue of se- ralty; and Sir Thomas Parker, knight, lord veral acts of parliament, for securing the chief-justice of the King's-bench. Protestant succession.

The nineteen appointed by his present He was born May 28, 1660, and was the Majesty were, the lord archbishop of York. eldest son of Erneft-Auguftus, bishop

of Of

Sbrewfoury, raburg, duke of Hanover, and elector of

Somerset, Brunswick-Lunenburg, by the princess Sophia, fifth and youngest daughter of Frederic v.

Bolton, elector Palatine and king of Bobemia, and Dukes of

Devonshire, the princess Elizabetb, daughter of James I.

king of England.

Upon the death of the Queen, the Privy-

Montrose, council being assembled according to the

Roxborougb ;

act of 4 & 5 of Anne, for the bitter secu-
rity of her Majesty's person, and the suc.

cefsion of the crown of England in the

Protestant line; three inftruments of the

Earls of Nottingham,
same tenor were produced by the arch-

Abingdon, bishop of Canterbury, the Lord-chancellor,

Scarborough, and Monsieur Kreynberg the resident of

Orford; Hanover, under the hand and seal of the Lord viscount Townshend, lord Halifax and ele&or of Brunswick, his then Majesty,

lord Cowper. nominating nineteen persons, to be added The lords justices, or regency, being set. to the seven great officers app inted by the tled, his Majesty king George was proclaimsaid act, to compose the Regency. The first ed the same day, wish the usual solemnity: seven wese, Tbomas Tenisin, lord archbishop The Parliag.enzallo met, pursuant to the of Canterbury; Simon Harcourt lord Har. abovesaid act, and the members spent the scuri, lord high chancellor; Jobur Sheffield three following days in taking the baths. doke of Bucking bam, lord president; Charles The same day she duke of Marlborough Talbor duke of Sbrewsbury, lord high-trea- landed at Dovero:

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