Imatges de pÓgina

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6 An Eaft India ship homeward bound, ta- Comb. &Hunt. John Partheriche, efqo

ken by the Leoftoff, Aug, 1744. Cheshire, Edward Green, esq. 9. Three China Chips, Daupbin, Hercules, Cumberland, Walter Lurwidge, esq.

Fafon, by com. Barnet, Aug. 1745. Derbyshire, John Harpur, esq. 10 a ship from Manilla, ditto. Devonshire, Dennis Sruckeley, esq. 11 St. Louis from Canton, ditto.

Dorseisoire, Samuel Whitcomb, esq. 13 Cbarmante, an East India ship, and Hee Ellex, Bailey Heath, esq.

ron from Bengal,' taken Aug. 1745, Glocestershire, Robert Ball, efq. off Cape Breton.

Hertfordshire, W. Janssen, esq. 14 - an outward bound East India ship, Herefordshire, Henry Cliffe, esq.

destroyed in the bay of Senegal, Africa, Kent, Samuel Collett, efq.
38 guns 970 men, by the Surberland Lancashire, George Clarke, jun. esq.
and Gofport, 08. 1745.

Leiceftershire, Ja. Winstanly, esą. 15 - a ship from Surat, taken by the Lincolnjbire, George Gregory, efq. Preston, May 1746.

Monmouebshire, Awbrey Barnes, esq. The next nine by advices in August, 1746. Norfolk, w. Jermy, efq. 16 The dimable Maria.

Nortbumberland, Nicholas Brown, esg. 17 The Mabomet, from Manilla.

Northamptonshire, Sir Thomas Drury, barte 18 Le Heureux, from Surat.

Norringhamshire, Thomas Stowe, esg. 19 Duplex, from Boeuren.

Oxfordshire, Edward Metcalfe, efq. 20 Cardanagore, from

Rutlandsbire, W. Chifelden, esq. 21 César, from Pondicherrey.

Sbropshire, Job Charlton, esq. 23 o two pilot Noops from Bengal. Somersetfbire, Ja. Jeans, esq. 24 a Noop from Pondicberry.

Staffordshire, John Jervis, e.q. - a privateer of 14 guns. Suffolk, Lamb Barry, esq. 26 Pbillibert, 30 guns.

Southampton, Jer. Cray, esq. 27 Apollo, 30 guns.

Surrey, Sam. Atkinson, efq. 28 Tberis, 22 guns.

Suflex, George Luxford, esq. 29 Dermont, 18 guns. By admirals Anfon Warwickshire, Sir Edward Broughton, bart, and Warrer, May 1747

Wiltfbire, Thomas Phipps, esq. 30 Vigilante, 22 guns.

Worcester fire, Adam Hough, esq. 31 Modeste

, 22 guns. The last 6 outward- Yorkshire, William Meadhurf, esq. bound, and these 2 last by admiral

For South Wales.
Anson's squadron, May 1747.
32 Le duc de Cbartres, an outward bound

Brecknockshire, David Davies, esq.
Indiaman of

Carmart benshire, Hector Jones. esq.
30 guns, 195 men, 700
tuns, by the Bellora, Aug. 17, 1747.

Cardigan/kire, David Jones, esq.

bire, John Matthew, esq.
French South Sea ships taken, &c. Pembrokeshire, John Wogan, esq.
1 Lewis Erasmus, 28 guns, and soo tons,

For North Wales. taken July 1745.

Anglesey, William Lewis, esg. 2 Marquis do Antix; 24 guns, 450 tons, Caernarvonshire, John Salusbury, esq.

ditto. 3 Notre Dame de Deliverance, 22 guns, ta- Flintshire, William Dymock, esq.

Denbighshire, Robert

Wynn, esq. ken Aug. 1745:

Merionethsbire, Owen Wyan, esq. 4 Superbe, outward-bound, 36 guns, and 136 men, April 1747;

Montgomeryshire, Sir John Pryce, bart.

Appointed by the prince of Wales. 5 The HeEtor, 28 guns, 56 men, 600 tons, Cornwall, Edmund Chencey, esq.

taken by the Viper Noop, Aug. 1747. 6 The Eagle, outward-bound, 30 guns, Dec. 23. A most terrible fire broke out at 150 men, Sept. 1745.

the Court-house at Boston in New England, N. B. Several of ibe dases are not the precise whereby that spacious and beautiful building, time of capture, but wben tbe advice was

except the bare walls, was entirely deftroyed; received.

as were the province records, books, papers,

plans, pictures, and furniture. But through Sheriffs appointed for tbe year ensuing. the mercy of God, the county records and Bedfordshire, John Hill, esq.

the minutes of the council, from the begin. Berkshire, Lawrence Head Ofgood, esq. ning to 1737, were saved in the lower Buckingbambire, Thomas Tourney, esq. apartments.

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An ESTIMATE of the DEBT of bis MAJESTY's Navy on tbe beads bere

afler mentioned, as it flood on December 31, 1747. HEADS of the naval eftimates.

Particulars, Total. Wcar and tear, ordinary and transports. Due to pay off and discarge all the bills registered £ s. d., o sa do

on the course of the nawy for stores, freight of transports, &c. supplied for the service thereof

1507698 18 6 -- to pay off and discharge bills registered on the

said course for premiums allowed by act of Parliament on naval stores

182904 6
for freight of transports and tenders, and for
ftores delivered into his Majesty's several yards, &c.
for which no bills were made out on the aforesaid
December 31,1747, as also for several bills of ex-

170470 12 11
to his Majesty's yards and rope-yards 436538 0
for half-pay to sea-officers

15403 3 3

2148400 192 For SEAMIN's wages. Due to pay the men, &c. on the books of ships paid off

371800 7 41 to thips in sea pay, on December 31, 1747. 2408883 0 O

to pay bills entered for pilotage, surgeons, bounties to widows, &c. of men Nain at sea, &c.

39588 6 8

2820271 14 02 For tbe VICTUALLING OFFICE debt. Due to seamen for short allowance

20970 14 for paying off all the bills entered in their course 658631 7 6 for provisions delivered, and services performed, for which no bills were made out on December 31,

18913 8

for necessary money, bills of exchange, and

18168 10
to officers and workmen at the several ports 27851 5 8

744535 S 10 Sick and WOUNDED Orfici. Due for the quarters, &c. and cure of the sick and wounded seamen, and for prisoners of war

88415 12 The total amounts to the sum of

5801623 11 01 From whence deducting the money in the trea. surer's hands, as on the other side

328249 14 3 The debt will then be N. B. In this debt is included freight of transports

5473373 16 between January 1, 1746, and December 31, 1747

91496 16 3 135434 7 6 Vi&uals for the soldiers between January 1, 1746, and December 31, 1747, amounts to

3 The Parliament having voted the sum of 1394341.

7s.6d. towards discharging this debt of transports,
the same is to be deducted.
The nett debt of the navy is

5337939 9 21


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43937 II


Tbere was remaining in ebe bands of tbe late and fresent treasurers of tbe Navy, on December

31, 1747, in money as undermentioned, and may be reckoned towards satisfying ibe aferejaid debt of the navy

the beads of Cath in the hands of the Wear and tear, treasurer of the Navy. ordinary, and Seamen's wa- Viziuals.


£ s. d.
s. d. for so d.

3. d.
Towards the debt for fick
and wounded seamen in 2672 12 511


152 8 11 the hands of the execu

3545 13 7

79 II 8 torsof T.Clutterbuck, esq. Ditto, executrix of Sir 2194 13 9 Cbarles Wager.

3374 138

513 56 Ditto, Wm. Corbett, efq. 3875 10 91| 6173 46 98 1

8 10411 861 264 11 7

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628 17 38

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} 13565 15 301


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Ditto, right honourableSir 7993 64 So 2 81 1826 10 8
Jobn Rufhout, bart.

665 18 o
Ditto, right honourable G. 182637 16 11 64781 8 3424443 4 7
Doddington, esg.

28439 15 61

300352 4 61

199423 15 7 |102267 15 74126558 3

328249 14 3

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In all

Sberiffs appointed for the counties of Scotland,

for ibe year enjuing.
Berwick, Mr. George Karr.
East-Lotbian, Mr. Ja. Hamilton.
Mid-Lotbian, Mr. Charles Maitland.
Weft-Lorbian, Mr. John Gillon,
Stirling and Clackmannen, Mr. D. Walker.
Peebles, Mr. J. Montgomerie.
Roxburgh, Mr. Gilbert Elliot.
Selkirk, Mr. Cha. Campbell.
Dumfries, Mr. W. Kirkpatrick.
Air, Mr. William Duff.
Kirkudbright, Mr. Thomas Millar.
Wigton, Mr. Alex. Boswell.
Lunerk, Mr. William Cruis.
Dumbarion, Mr. John Campbell.
Renfrezo, Mr. Cha. M.Dowal,
Argyle and Bute, Mr. A. Campbell.
Fife and Kinross, Mr. Ja. Lilie.
Pertb, Mr. Ja E skine.
Angus, Mr. George Brown.
Merns, Mr. Fra. Garden.
Bamff, Mr. Robert Pringle,
Aberdeen, Mr. David Dalrymple.
Elgen and Naerne, Mr. John Grant.
Inverness, Mr. David Scrimzeour.
Rose and Cromartie, Mr. Rose.
Cairbness and Sutherland, Mr. Ja. Brodie.
Orkney, Sir Andrew Mitchell.

In all

Increased in the burials this year 2663.

Whereof have died
Under two years of age

Between two and five

2085 Five and ter

905 Ten and twenty

790 Twenty and thirty

2190 Thirty and forty

2649 Forty and fifty

2717 Fifty and fixty

2079 Sixty and seventy

1944 Seventy and eighty

1199 Eighty and ninety

Ninety and a hundred

A hundred
A hundred and one
A hundred and two
A hundred and five
A hundred and 6x
A hundred and seven



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