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365 Vuitarianism. Two years have scarcely of education, study to acquire & more elapsed since the first attempt was made correct and extensive acquaintance with to promulgate Unitarian sentiments in the language and literature of ancient that populous district. And now there Greece. are already several respectable, intelli. gent and zealous Unitarians, who seem determined to do all in their power to

Mr. J, B. Williams, of Shrewsbury, promote what they, from conviction, be

has been for some time past employing lieve to be the truth as it is in Jesus.

moments of leisure, from professional I cannot close the account of this day's avocations, in selecting and arranging the proceedings, without expressing the satis. within his reach, of the venerable Philip

numerous MSS. in his possession, and faction I felt in meeting so many recent and sincere converts to what I deem the Henry, with a view to a new, and greatly most important of all truth; especially enlarged, edition of his Life, by his son under such favourable circumstances and

Matthew, Mr. Williams is desirous, with such encouraging prospects. And prior to committing the work to the press, if my feeble recommendation be of any

ihat he may have an opportunity of in. weight with the Unitariau public, to inspecting every existing document which duce them to come forward in support of may at all bear upon the object, and, the cause at Hanley, especially to assist therefore, solicits from the holders of in defraying the expenses of building the

such papers, the temporary loan of them new chapel, 1 give it most freely; being in Mr. Philip Henry's hand-writing, under

-more particularly Diaries, and Letters conviuced that much good will be hereby the assurance that, if forwarded to Mr. done, and that the efforts of benevolence w. by coach, they shall bc most carefully will be well bestowed, as well as abundantly successful. JOHN PHILP.

preserved, and returned free of expease. Ecelesiastical Preferment.

NOTICES. The Rev. Corbet Hue, D.D., by the Unitarian Society will be held at Bristol,

The Annual Meeting of the Western Crown, to the Deanery of the Island of Jersey, void by the death of the Rev. Dr. Kentish, of Birmingham, is appointed to

on Wednesday, July 9th. The Rev. John Dupré.

preach. LITERARY.

The next Anniversary of the Kent We have great pleasure in announcing, and Sussex Unitarian Association will be in answer to many inquiries of onr cor- holden at Battle, on Wednesday the 16th respondents, that Dr. John Jones's July next, when a sermon on the occaGreek and English Lexicon will be pub- sion will be delivered by the Rev. Johu lished on the 1st of July, in one large Kenrick, A. M., Classical Tutor, Manoctavo volume, price 30s. in boards. in chester College, York. The friends will this work are contained all the words in dine at the George lun. the best Greek writers of prose and verse. The secondary senses of each term de- The North-Eastern Unitarian Associ. duced by analogy from the primary, and ation will be held in Lynn, early in July, the primary, when uncertaiu, ascertained when the Rev. C. Valentine, of Diss, and from one of the oriental tongues. Refer- the Rev. R. Smith, late of York College, euces are given to the original authors, are expected to preach. and the doubtful syllable marked as long or short, intended not only for learners The Eleventh Meeting of the Scottish in private and the public schools, but Unitarian Christiau Association will be also for those who after the usual period held in Glasgow, the last Sunday of July.


GENERAL LITERATURE. A Letter to the Rev. C. J. Blomfield, An Examiuation of certain Arguments, D.D., occasioned by his “ Lectures on adduced in support of the Hypothesis, the Gospel of St. John, as bearing Tes- “ that the Received Text of the Greek timony to the Divinity of our Saviour,” Testament, is a Translation from the By W. J. Fox, 18.

Latin." Addressed to the Author of PaThe Theological and Miscellaneous læoromaica. By J. J. Conybeare, A. M., Works of Joseph Priestley, LL.D.F.R.S. Prebendary of York, and Vicar of Bath &c. Vol. XXIl. With Notes by the Easton. Svo. 28. Editor.

A Catalogue of the Ethiopic Biblical

MSS. in the Royal Library of Paris, and Friend and Biographer of Cowper. Writ-
in that of the British and Foreign Bible ten by Himself. 2 Vols. 4to. Portraits.
Society, with Specimens of the Modern 41. 48.
Dialects of Abyssinia. By 'Thomas Pell New Ideas on Population, with Re-
Platt, B.A., Fellow of Trinity College, marks on the Theories of Godwin and
Cambridge. 4to. 158.

Malthus. By A. H. Everett. The English Constitution produced and An Essay on Marriage, Adultery and illustrated. By John Cartwright. 8vo. Divorce ; and an Essay on the State of 12s.

the Soul between Death and the ResurThe Fifth Volume of Dr. Lingard's rection : to which Premiums hare been History of England, containing the Reigns adjudged by the Church Union Society: of the Queens, Mary and Elizabeth. 4to. with a Lecture on Taste, &c. By R. 11. 158.

Polwhele. 58. Ancient Mysteries described, especially Fables for the Holy Alliance, Rhymes the English Miracle Plays founded on on the Road, &c. By Thomas Brown Apocryphal New Testament Story, ex- the Younger. Foolscap 8vo. 8s. 6d. tant among the unpublished MSS. in the boards. British Museum ; including Notices of The Sextuple Alliance, consisting of Ecclesiastical Shows, the Festival of Fools Odes and other Poems on the Exile and and Asses, the English Boy Bishop, &c. Death of Napoleon Buonaparte. By a With a Preface, Glossary and Index. By Circle of Friends. Post 410. 3s. 6d. Wm. Hone.' 8vo. Four Engravings on Ada Reis : a Tale. 3 Vols. Foolscap Copper, Nine on Wood. 108. 6d.

Sro. 158. A Concise View of the History, Lite- The Innkeeper's Album, arranged for rature and present Society of Gonville publication by W. F. Deacon. 8vo. 128. and Caius College, Cambridge, containing The Orlando Innamorato, translated an Account of the Academical and other into Prose. By William Stewart Rose. Honours conferred upon its Members; 8vo. 98. 6d. also of the College Prizes, Preferments, Spirit of Buncle; or, Surprising Adand an Obituary of the Year 1822 ; to- ventures of John Buncle, Esq. 12mo. gether with a List of the Writers of the 88. present Day, and their works. By Wil- Italy; a Poem. By Samuel Rogers. liam Henry Williams, M. D. F. L. S. 8vo. Ipswich. 58.

The Age of Bronze, Carmen Seculare, Questions in Political Economy, Poli- et Annus Haud Mirabilis, 1822. 8vo. tics, Morals, Metaphysics, Polite Litera- 28. 6d. ture, and other Brauches of Knowledge ; The Golden Age; or England in 1822-3, for Discussion in Literary Societies, or in a Poetical Epistle to a Friend abroad. for private Study; with Remarks under 3s. 6. each Question, original and selected. By The Flood of Thessaly—the Girl of the Author of " Essays on the Formation Provence-and other Poems. By Barry and Publication of Opinions." 8vo. 108. Cornwall. 8vo. 98, 6d. 6d.

The Loyal and National Songs of EnThe Claims of the Clergy to lithes gland, for One, Two and Three Voices, and other Church Revenues, so far as selected from Original MSS. and earlythey are founded on the Political Expe- printed Copies the Library of William diency of supporting such a Body; on Kitchiner, M.D. Folio. 21. 2s. Divine Right; on History; or on the Julian ; a Tragedy, in Five Acts. By Notion of Unalienable Property Exa- Mary Russell Mitford. 8vo. Second mined. 8vo. ls. 6d.

Edition. 48. Elements of Natural Philosophy. By Blossoins, by Robert Millhouse; a SeJohn Leslic, Esq., Professor of Natural lection of Sonnets, &c. from his various Philosophy in the University of Edin- MSS., with Prefatory Remarks. By Luke burgh. Vol. I. including Mechanics and Booker, LL.D. 25. 6d. Hydrostatics. Engravings. 148.

The Fall of Constantinople : a Poem. The Poor and their Relief. By George By David Douglas. 88. 6d. Ensor, Esq.

An Elegy to the Memory of the late Select Works of Porphyry; containing Rev. Henry Martyn: with smaller Pieces. his Four Books on Abstinence from Ani- By John Lawson, Missionary at Calcutta. mal Food. Translated by T. Taylor. Foolscap 8vo. 78. 6d. 8vo. 108, 6d.

Essays, relating to the Habits, CharacA Letter to the Rev. H. H. Norris, ter and Moral Improvement of the HinM. A., containing Animadversions on his doos, which have originally appeared in “ Respectful Letter to the Earl of Liver. the Friend of India. Pro. 78. 6d. pool," on the subject of the Bible Society. Thoughts on the Expediency of LegalBy John Paterson, D. D. St. Petersburg. izing the Sale of Game. By a Country Memoirs of Wm. Hayley, Esq., the Gentleman. 8vo. ls. 6d.

[blocks in formation]

An Inquiry with a view to ascertain tional Policy, of Modern Europe, as how far Nature and Educatiou respec. connected with the Principle of the Law tively determine the Moral and Intellec. of Nature and Nations ; with some short tual Character of Man. 8s.

Remarks on the Policy which the ContiThe Popular Superstitions and Festive nental Nations have pursued since the Amusements of the Highlanders of Scot. Holy Alliauce. By the Hon. Frederick land. By W. Grant Stewart. Foolscap Eden, of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister at Law. 8ro. 6s.

8vo. Thoughts on the Religious Professiou Declaration of the Objects of the Liand Defective Practice of the Higher verpool Society for promoting the AboliClasses of Society in Scotland. By a tion of Slavery, March 25, 1823. 6d. Lady. 38.

A Letter addressed to the Liverpool A Letter to the Chairman of the Com- Society for promoting the Abolition of mittee of the House of Commons, on Slavery, on the injurious Effects of high the Game Laws. By the Hon. and Rev. Prices of Produce, and the Beneficial Ef. Wm. Herbert. ls.

fects of low Prices, on the Condition of Beauties of the Game Laws, exhibited Slaves. By James Cropper. ls. in a Short View of their Enactments, as A Leter to Lord Holland on the Reto the Right of Property in Game, the view of “ Napoleon in Exile,” in the Qualification for Sporting, and the Pe- LVth No. of the Quarterly Review. 28. nalties on Unqualified Persons, with Re- Remarks on Col. Stewart's Sketches of marks on several proposed Remedies. 1s. the Highlanders : chiefly respecting the

The State of the Metropolis ; or, the Jacobitism of the Highlanders; the MiImportance of a Revival of Religion in litary Levies ; the Transactions of MonLondon. By J. H. Stewart, A. M., Mi. trose, and the Charges against Argyle. nister of Percy Chapel. 6d.

Reflections on the State of Ireland in The Solace of an Invalid. 12mo. 58. the 19th Century, the progressive Opera6d.

tion of the Causes which have produced The Progress of the Human Mind, its it, and the Measures best calculated to Objects, Condition and Issue ; with the remove some and mitigate the Effects of Relation which the Progress of Religion others of them. Addressed to Members bears to the General Growth of the Hu. of both Houses of Parliament. 8vo. 78, man Mind. By James Miller. Post 8vo. A Letter to the Frcemen and Inhabi. 58.

tants of the Town of Cambridge, on the A Scriptural Account of the Nature State of the Borough. By George Pryme, and Employment of the Holy Angels; Esq., M. A. 18. partly occasioned by Two Poems recently T'he Cry of France against the Spanish published, the Title of One and the Sub. War and the Tyranny of the Bourbons, ject of both, being the Loves of the An. with some Considerations on Russian Poo gels. By C. Spencer, M. A., Vicar of licy. 48. Bishops Stortford. 8vo. 18. 6d.

A Few Remarks upon the Catholic A Counter-Appeal in Answer to “ An Question. By Francis Gregg, Esq. M. A. Appeal” from Mr. Wilberforce, designed ls. to prove that the Emancipation of the The Roman Catholic convicted by his Negroes in the West Indies by a Legisla- own Evidence of Hostility to the Protestive Enactment, without the Consent of tant Churches of Britain. Being a Series the Planters, would be a flagrant Breach of Extracts, with Remarks from the of National Honour, &c. By Sir H. W. Controversial Sermons of P. Gandolphy, Martin, Bart. ls. 6d.

Priest. By J. Richardsou, M. A., Vicar Review of some of the Arguments of Huntingdon. 8vo. 38. against any Parliamentary Interference Remarks on the Indians. 8vo. 2s. on behalf of the Negro Slaves. 18.

A Concise Exposition of the ApocaWest lodian Agricultural Distress, and lypse, so far as the Prophecies are fula Remark on Mr. Wilberforce's Appeal. filled, several of which are interpreted in By a Member of the House of Commons. a different way from that adopted by 8vo. 28. 6d.

other Commentators. By J. R. Park, A Reply to the Article on Church M. D. 8vo. 5s. Establishments in the last Number of the The Doctrine of Scripture respecting Edinburgh Review. By Augustus Camp- the Support of Pastors, in Reply to Mr. bell, M. A., Rector of Wallasey, in the Jackson, of Manchester. By William County of Chester. ls. 6d.

Innes, Edinburgh. 18. The Peruvian Pamphlet, describing the 'Theological Institutes ; or a View of Organization of the existing Government; the Evidences, Doctrines, Morals and Into which is added, A Biographical Me- stitutions of Christianity. By Richard moir of Gen. San Martin, &c. 28. 6d. Watson. Part I. 68.

Au Historical Sketch of the Interna. Historical Sketches of Wesleian-Me.


thodism in Sheffield and its Vicinity, il- A Popular Inquiry into the Doctrine lustrative of its Introduction and Pro. of Scriptural Types; being the Substance gress. By James Everett. Etchings and of the Wednesday Evening Lecture, in Portraits. Vol. I. 78.

the Parish Church of Irvine. By John An Essay on Baptism ; being an In. Wilson, A. M., Minister. 8vo. 103.6d. quiry into the Meaning, Form and Es- Five Lectures on the Gospel of St. tent of the Administration of that Ordi- John, as bearing Testimony to the Dividance. By Greville Ewing, Glasgow. nity of our Saviour; delivered on the 12mo. 38, 6d.

Fridays during Lent, 1823. By C. J. A Critical Dissertation on Acts xvii. 30, Blomfield, D.D., Rector of St. Botolph, in which it is shewn that this Passage is Bishopsgate. 12mo. 28. expressive not of Mercy but of Judgment. The Reciprocal Duties of a Minister By Jonathan Crowther. 8vo. 23. and his People: Two, preached on occa

A Vindication of the Church and Clergy sion of commencing the Ministerial Duof England from the Misrepresentations ties in the Parish Church of Thorp le of the Edinburgh Review. By a Beneficed Soken, Esses, Feb. 2, 1823. By w. Clergyman. 8vo. 28.

Burgess, Vicar. 18. 6d. A Letter to the Bishop of St. David's, A Farewell Testimony; the Substance in Reply to the Strictures of the Quarterly of Two, preached in the Parish Church Review of the Prize Essay on the Scrip- of Debenham, Oct. 13, 1822, previously tural Doctrines on Adultery and Divorce. to resigning the Vicarage and seceding By H. Tebbs, Proctor in Doctors' Com- from the Establishment. By Wm. Hurn.

23. 6d. A Viudication of the Right Rev. the The Harmony of the Scriptures vindiLord Bishop of Peterborough, from the cated, or apparently Contradictory PasAnimadversions of a Writer in the Edin- sages recouciled, in a Series of Nineteen burgh Review; A Letter to the Rev. S Lectures. By John Haiter Cox. $-, Rector of F. 8vo. 1s. 6d.


Preached at Newbury, on the Death of Discourses, principally on Subjects of the Rev. John Winter, many Years PasScripture History. By Charles Foster, tor of the Independent Church at that B. D., Domestic Chaplain to the Lord place. By Robert Winter, D.D. 28. Bishop of Limerick. 108. 6d.

Preached by George Clayton, of Wal. Lectures on Scripture Comparison; or, worth, on the Death of Mr. R. Newbald, Christianity compared with Hinduism, of Potter's Fields. ls. 6d. Mohammedanism, Ancient Philosophy A Charge to the Clergy of the Archand Deisin. By W. B. Collyer, D.D. deaconry of Leicester, at the Visitation 8vo. 148.

for the Year 1822. By the Rey. T. Discourses on the King's Proclamation, Parkinson, D. D. F. R. Š., Archdeacon. “ For the Encouragement of Piety and 8vo. 23. Virtue, and for the Preventing and Pu- Preached in the Scotch Kirk, Livernishing of Vice, Profaneness and Immo- pool, February 2, 1823, on his Removal rality;" with additional Discourses on to the Parish of Port-Glasgow. By James the Necessity, the Nature and the Evic Barr, D. D. 18. 6d. đences of Revelation. By Henry Atkins, Preached at the Chapel Royal, BrighA, M. 10s. 6d.

ton, March 23, in Aid of the Funds of Lectures on the Gospel according to the Society for promoting Christian Know. St. John. Part III. Delivered at the ledge. By T. Baker, M. A., Chaplain Parish Church, and at St. Margaret's to the Right Hon. Earl of Chichester. Chapel, in the Parish of Walcot, Bath, 8vo. 18. on the Wednesdays and Fridays during Address to Veteran Seamen,-preached Lent, in the Year 1823. With Notes.

at Greenwich Hospital. By C. V. Le By C. A. Moysey, D.D., Archdeacon of Grice. Bath. 8vo.

The Household of Faith-preached to The Faith once delivered to the Saints the English Congregation at Rome, SunDefended ; being the Substance of Three day, April 6, 1823, for the Benefit of the Sermons on the Consistency, Truth and Primitive Church of the Vaudois, or AnImportance of the generally-received cient Albigenses and Waldenses. By Lewis Opinion concerning the Person of Christ. Way, M. A. Second Edition. With an Preached in the Methodist Chapel, Bol- Appendix, containing interesting Extracts ton. By Wm. France. 38.

from the History of the Vaudois. of the Rev. Richard Hayes, (Roman Catholic,) Dublin. Vol. I. '68.

The Editor's absence prevents acknowledgments to Correspondents.


Monthly Repository.

No. CCXI.]

JULY, 1823.

(Vol. XVII.

The Nonconformist, No. XXVIII.

On Religious Prosecutions. N the numbers of the Nonconfor- regard to religious liberty, -it may frequently discussed than the compara- what is passing in our own country tive merits of various sects and religi- and in our own times, and to consider ons, in different ages and countries, as how far we ourselves may merit any to the advance which they had made, of the censure which we have bestowed whether in theory or practice, towards on others ;-recollecting at the same a complete admission of the claims of time that tenfold blame is due to those religious liberty. Comparisons have who now commit any sin against the been drawn between the several deno. right of free discussion, as sinning minations of English Nonconformists, against the light,--the subject having as to the degrees of light which they long since been ably argued and well had each attained upon this important understood,—and as deficient in gratisubject at the time of the great strug- tude for the liberties which they them. gles in which they were engaged in selves enjoy, and which they owe to the 17th century; and the severe scru. the exertions and the sufferings of tiny to which they have been sub- their forefathers. It is a truly painful jected, where partial indulgence might thing, that in this age we should be have been anticipated, has shewn that roused from investigating the history many of them were lamentably defi- of persecution as an antiquarian quescient in a disposition to allow the ex- tion, by the acts of intolerant folly ercise of religious liberty in others, which are now incessantly perpetrated although to their courage and perse. before our eyes; but we should prove verance in asserting it for themselves ourselves but little entitled to sit in we certainly ought, in a great mea- judgment upon the great men of sure, to ascribe whatever advances our former days, if we remained indiffercountry has made in this respect. ent spectators of the warfare now car. ,

Nor have we been occupied solely ried on against religious liberty, merely by what is to be learnt respecting the because the persecuted are strangers progress of tolerant sentiments in our to us, and their opinions such as we own country. The great religious disapprove and deplore. Reformers of Christendom and their Every considerable period in the disciples have, with this view, been lapse of timne seems destined to be in turn submitted to our investigation: distinguished by soine remarkable and our attention has been called to change in the state of the civilized the light which had faintly beamed in world ; and, perhaps, the present æra Italy and Spain, and amongst Mus- of our country is principally charactesulmen and Jews. And whilst we rised by the greatly increased exertions have had to lament that so many of which have been made for extended the Reformers almost equalled the education among the mass of the peoCatholics in intolerance, yet it has ple. By means of the new schools, been a truly gratifying employment the Bible and Tract Societies, and to point out for merited distinction the zealous efforts of various sects, the names of those who, in times of the subject of religion, and the disa such general darkness on this subject, cussion of the conflicting dogmas of boldly contended for the noblest privi- its teachers, have been eagerly

pressed lege of man as a rational being. upon the common people: immense

So much having then been laid be good has doubtless been accomplished fore us respecting the opinions and by these means, in bringing multitudes conduct of those who lived in ages to a sense of religion, and in calling past, and in distant countries, with into action their reasoning faculties : VOL. XVIII.

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