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the Rev. C. Wellbeloved, of York; and preached from John iii. 3. Immediately Dr. Philipps, of Shefield, delivered an after the service was, concluded with interesting and impressive discourse ou singing and a prayer, an open couference Matt. siji. 47. The Rev. Luke Kirby, of was held, when Mr. W, Williams, the Thorne, conducted the devotional part minister of the place, being called to the of the service on Thursday morning, and chair, Mr. David Johu, of St. Clears, was followed by the Rer. C. Wellbeloved, proposed for discussion The Christian's who preached a discourse remarkable for grounds of hope for salvation. Several a display of profound scriptoral erudition persons gave their opiuions at and sound argument, on 2 Pet. ii. 1. length, and were heard with great atten, The friends of the Institution afterwards tion. There were present about eight met together according to their usual preachers, and the audience were re. custom, in the Unitarian Baptist Chapel, spectable. The next Quarterly Meeting New Dock Street, to receive the reporis is to be held at Merthyr, on the 1st day of the Secretary and Treasurer, and to

of the year 1824. "J. James, of Gelliattend to other business connected with Onnen 10 preach ; and it is understood the Association.

that the question, if there be any, that At half-past two o'еlock, uinety-four is the difference between appointing to persons sat down to dinner at the Cross eternal unisery and creating, when the cer. Keys lon. After the cloth had becu re tainty of that result is infullibly knoion moved, sereral persons, chietly ministers, to the Creator ? will again be proposed addressed the meeting. la the evening for consideration at the confereuce. That of the same day, the Rev. G. Harris ad subject was before debated at Merthyr, dressed a crowded audience upon the

at the last quarterly meeting held there. subject of future punishments, endea. Faidre, Oct, 18, 1823. vouring to expose the fallacy and the injurious tendency of the popular Calvioistic doctrine of the eternal doration Half-yearly Meeting of the Somerset of hell-iorments. The Chapel was filled

and Dorset Unitarian Association. to overflowing. A deep and solema attention pervaded the whole assembly, yearly Meeting of the Somerset and

On Tuesday, October 7th, the Halfwhile the preacher stated aud held up Dorset Unitarian Association was held to the condemnation of his hearers the gloomy and appalling sentiments propa- morning and evening, were performed by

at Dorchester. The religious services, gated by Boston (in his Four-fold State) the Rev. Messrs. Bennet, of Poule, and and other Orthodox divines who have G, B. Wawne. Nine new menubers were written upon the same subject, and exhis bited the more pleasing and salutary view added to the Society, and the frieuds of the state of future retribution, which is present at the Meeting, to the number embraced by Uuitarian Christians. The of nearly thirty, diued together between service was introduced by the Rev. Jo

the services. Platts, of Doncaster. Persous were press

G. B. W. sent at this Meeting from Lincoln, Dons caster, Thorne, Gainsborough, and va Testimony of Respect to the Rev. rious other places. The lustitution is in John Yntes, of Liverpool, by his a flourishing state, and there can be no late Congregation. doubt that the effects which have already resulted from its establishment, will be

We are informed that on the resignafollowed by others still more inportant tion of the Rev. JouN YATES, a piece of and beneficial to the cause of Divine plate, value one hundred guineas, was truth.

presented to him, bearing the following inscription:

Presented to

The Reverend John YATES,'... Quarterly Meeting of. Unitarian Mi. By the Congregatiour of Protestant Dis. nisters in South Wales.

senters, The Quarterly Meeting of Unitarian

Assembling in Paradise St. Chapel, Ministers in South Wales was held at

Liverpool; Blaengwrach, on 'Tharsilay, the 2nd day

As a grateful acknowledgment of this mouth. In the evening of the

Of his Services as their Minister preceding day, Mr.J. Griffiths, ot Llandy

For the period of 46 years, faen, preached from 1 John iv. 9, and

And an affectionate testimonial at elcven o'clock on the following day,

To his Private Virtucs. (Thursday,) the Rev, David Rees, M. D.

1823.. of Merthyr, in the absence of Mr. J. Davies, of Capel-y-groes, Cardiganshire,

F : ۷ برای

W. W..

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Intelligence.-Hanley Chapel.-Dumbness cured by Galvanism. 611
Hanley Chapel

discovered the reality of this phenomenon. Ar a late Meeting of the Bristol Uni- In the morning the boy had quite re. tarian Fellowship Fund, a second con

covered his speech, and on being asked tribution of ten pounds, was voted una

if he felt any peculiar sensation, merely nimously towards the erection of the said, lie thought he was being galvanised, new Chapel at Hanley, in the Potteries, as be felt the tip of his tongue affected, Staffordshire ; and the Chairman was

together with a rumbling in his inside. requested to 'comuíunicate the said reso.

His speech has continued perfect ever

since. lution to the Monthly Repository, with the hope of exciting others to assist our

" addition to the above statement it Unitarian brethren in that populous dis. may be proper to say, some time previous trict.

to the commencement of the experiment,

he was brought to my liouse, but having MISCELLANEOUS.

been somewhere electrified, the boy was

80 much frightened, on seeing 'a' targe Duinness cured by Galvunism. [The apparatus in the room, that, considering following authentic case is so important; the agitation he then laboured under, I that in order to serve the interests of ha- did not think it prudent to urge him fur. manity, we feel ourselves jastified in ex. ther, and he departed withoui being galtracting it from the "Journal of Science," vanised. - About two or three months edited by Professor Brande, No. XXXI. after he came again, attended by a mepp. 1874–189, though it does not come dical assistant, with a note from Mr. within the immediate design of our work. Field, the respectable apothecary to the Ed.] ER

Hospital, assaring me that the boy was “The following account of a galvanic willing to submit to the experiment, and esperiment on a dumb boy having been

to be repeated according to my direction ; inserted u several newspapers, unknown and, in truh, he suffcred me to proceed 10 me at the time, I am induced, by the in a willing manner. L-began with a advice of several medical friends, to at- small galvanic trough, plates in breadth

the truth and correctness of the apd depth one irreh with diluted muriatic detail, as far as respects my knowledge aid. Having placed a piece of insulated of the circunstances attendinig the event platina on his tongue, which, holding in of his recovery; and having made the his own hand, he could shift according to strictest inquiry of those immediately instruetion, while Fapplied another conconnected with Christ's Hospital, I have ductor to different parts of the larynx, every reason to believe the following de- varying the direction according as I pers tail to be strictly true.

ceived the museles to be indst easily put “ Eight mouths ago, a youth' about it motionand the vocal nertes appatwelve years of age, named Oldham, iv rently excited. By the account he gave Christ's Hospital, went to bed at the after his recovery, a sensatiou of warmth usnal hour, and in the morning rose to. always continued for some time as ho tally dumb. He preserved erery other returned home, and there constantly ocfaculty, but was obliged to write on curred an increased flow of saliva during slate for every thing that he wanted, that the operation..'1 $ he could not explain by signs. Erery means of internal remedy, and also elec- ticulars are necessary to be stated, as

“I am not aware that any further partricity, were resorted to without effect: every

person conversant with the medical Galvanism was also attempted, but was so much resisted by the boy's fears, that must kuów the necessity of attending to

application of galvanisni or electricity, it could not then be applied. His general the present sensations, as a guide which health was iorariably good. At length, admits of variation according to the state by strong recommendation, his fears of

or temperament of the sensory nerves at galvanisn were overcome, and it was

the time of application. I deem it only applied five different days. On Friday week, being the evening of the fifth ap- attended three days in the week, and it

necessary to add, that my young patient plication, exactly eight months to a day, was on the morning after the fifth time he retired to bed as usial, and awoke

that I received a grateful letter from the suddenly about eleven o'clock, making

so father, informing me of his son's entire much noise as to awaken some of his

restoration of speech at 11 o'clock on school-fellows. Their astonishment pro

the preceding night, having been galvaduced so much alarm, that the nurse

nised at 3 o'clock on the same day, being opened the door of her adjoining apart.

the fifth time of attendance, and I was ment to learn the cause, when many voices exclaimed, Oh! nurse, Oldhani visit from the boy, aitended by his father,

much gratified a few hours after with a can speak again. The surse doubting

the son himself giving me, with a clear the fact, invincdiately sveut to him, and

voice, the whole of the circumstances

stated in the Times Newspaper, and, as 5. Primate, Killaloe, Kilmore, Clogher. I am told, copied afterwards into other 6. Dublin, Ossory, Killala, Cionfert. papers.

7. Cashel, Meath, Kildare, Derry. * P. S. It may be proper to state, the 8. Tuam, Raphoe, Limerick, Dromore. boy continues well at the present time. 9. Primate, Elphin, Down, Waterford.

& MILES PARTINGTON. 10. Dublin, Feros, Cloyue, Cork, “ Orchard-Street, Portman-Square, 11. Cashel, Killaloe, Kilmore, Clogher. * June 19, 1823."

12. Tuam, Ossory, Killala, Clonfert.

A PUBLIC meeting was lately held at

LITERARY. Leeds, the Mayor in the Chair, when it was resolved, to prevent vexatious dis

IMMEDIATELY after the adjouroment putes, to effect a coinmutation of the of Parliament, Şir J. Mackintosh attended vicarial tithes and Easter-offerings. Ris the Marquis of Tichfield to Welbeck, to chard Fountayne Wilson, Esq., of lug. examine the archives of tbe family, mauthorpe, had generously vested 70001. which had not been opened for many in the Funds, with directions that the years. Sir James, it is said, there disdividends should be applied in aid of the covered some invaluable letters and State commutation. This meeting returned papers, which will materially "tend to him their warmest thanks for his munifi. illustrate that portion of his History of cent donation.

England, to which they belong.

Low State of Intelligence in Ireland, Some of the magazines annoupce with A circamstancescarcely credible bas triumph the discourinuance of the Liberal, transpired before the Commissioners of the periodical work compiled abroad by Government respecting Ireland, which Leigh Hunt, and containing some of the casts great light on the state of that poems of Lord Byron. The work was unhappy conntry, and proves at least that not certainly of a character to make its education and literature are not among decease a subject of regret to the friends the causes of its maladies ;-it is, that in of morality; but there are other public eleven counties there is not a single book-' cations in the hands of the opposite party seller's shop! Those who argue that which retributive justice would equally education tends to excite a spirit of dis- consign to oblivion. Ribaldry and macontent and insubordination ainong the lignity are quite as bad on the side of poor, will find it somewhat difficult to superstition and despotisni, as on that of apply their theory to the actual state of scepticism and democracy. Ireland. The friends of education, on the contrary, will feel themselves encouraged to renewed zeal and exertion in

The Morning Chronicle newspaper has difusing this invaluable boon; from every Mr. Perry, for the benefit of his family,

beeu, sold by the executors of the late new proof, either of the evils which rest sult from its absence, or of the blessings The Edinburgh Review places it at the which, when rightly directed; it invariably bead of the daily ptess. le brought the confers Christian Observera

enormous sum of 40,0001., a fact, for

the credit of the literature of the day, Rotation of Irish Prelates in Parlia worthy of being recorded. The purchaser ment. The rotation in which the Irish is Mr. Clement, the proprietor of The Prelates sit in Parliament is according to

Observer, Sunday Paper. The Editor of a double cycle ; the one consisting of the the Monthly Magazine says that the four Archbishops, and the other of the Chronicle yields from 7 10 8,0001. per eighteen Bishops. The cycle of the Archa:

amum, He adds, that twenty-fourth bishops is completed in four sessions ;

shares in the Courier, fetch nearly that of the Bishops in six, there being 2,0001., and the Times yields about three Bishops in rotation every session. 20,0001, per anrum, from adrertisements The two cycles commenced together the only: The said Editor relates that he first session after the Uniou. At the

has just received 20,0002, for a third of

the interest in the books covjected with end of twelve sessions they again commence together, and will constantly con

the Interrogative System of Education. tinue so to do, at the end of twelve sessions. The following list, which com

Speedily will be published, an Essay pletes the whole of twelve sessions, may Sacrifices, in which the Theory of Arch

on the Nature and Design of Scriptore be useful for reference : 1. Primate, Meath, Kildare, Derry.'

bishop Magee is considered ; by the late 2. Dublin, Raphoe, Limerick, Dromore.

Rev. James Nicol, Minister of the parish 3. Cashel, Elphin, Down, Waterford.

of Traquair, near Peebles. 4. Tuam, Ferns, Cloyne, Cork,

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Intelligence. - Literary.-Foreign : France. Italy. 613 The next part of Mr. Wellbeloved's work will be given to the original author, Family Bible, containing the book of since (as the prospectus of the society Deuteronomy, Preliminary Remarks on justly and liberally expresses it). “ his the Pentateuch, &c., is in the press, and fortune ought to be increased in the will be published as speedily as possible. same proportion that his fame is extendpart of Devotioual Exercises for the use tice without mentioning, that those of of Young Persons. A cytoza set our countrymen who read French may

participate in the advantages offered by

the society's translations. The society PREPARING for the press, and speedily publishes its works in numbers, which will be published, A Practical German may be subscribed for, and will be deGrammar, being a new and easy method livered periodically, at the foreign bookfor acquiring a thorough knowledge of sellers' in London, at a small increase of the German Language; for the use of price, to cover the expense of importaSchools and Private Students ; by John tion, which additional charge, however, Rowbotham, Master of the Classical, owing to the cheapness of printing in .Mathematical, and Commercial Academy, Paris, still leaves the price very mode, at Walworth, she iliw Hidw Busq8G

rate as compared with English books. yrollHeig tadt atentauit As a specimen of the spirit in which the Speedily will be published be translations are made, we observe, that

be published, Telyn the first publication of the association is Dewi, the Poetical Works of the Rev. a new edition of the Arabian Nights, D. Davis, of Castle Howell, Cardigan carefully shire, chiefly in the Welsh Language, texts, and with several additional tales, including Translations from Gray, Cow now first translated by M. Edward Gautper, Addison, Barbauld, &el, with a tier, Oriental Professor. This will be Portrait of the Author, whose reputar delivered in six volumes octavo, a volume tion as a Classical Welsh Poet has been every month ; and the whole work, with for many years established by his transla. 18 plates, will cost 48 francs.-(Extion of Gray's Elegy, which is considered aminer.)

Zante a son si 5353 89109 AM equal to the original. ebris ad mi to


The New Pope-Contrary to general
FRANCE." har expectation, the Italian party has tri-

umphed in the Conclave, which, after THERE has recently been formed at being shut up from Sept. 3, to Sept. 27th, Paris, a society for the translation into declared on the latter day, the election French of all vuluable works in foreign or to have fallen on Cardinal Genga, ANdead languages. Its object is to increase NIBAL DELLA GENGA, the new. Pope, is the knowledge and taste of the com- of a patrician family in Italy, and has munity by means of faithful and spirited been long acciistomed to diplomatic busitranslations, and to rescue this impor ness. He has taken the title of Leo XII. tant branch of literature from the mis. He was born in 1760. His age therechievous controul of the booksellers. fore renders a long reign possible ; but Suceess in this Jaudable undertaking is his health is said to be precarious, and ensured by the number and character of this is alleged as one of the reasons of the associated members, who include his being chosen by his brother Cardinals among thent some of the most eminent

to fill the Holy See. The era of his linguists and authors of the French capi. elevation is critical, and should he take tal. It will be sufficient to name M. M. upon him the character of the guardian Aiguan, Barbie de Boccage, Benjamin of Italian interests, he may ennoble himConstant, Jouy, Jullien, Lapjuinais, Sis- self; and encircle his brows with the monde de Sismondi, &c. An associa- laurel wreath of patriotism, of infinitely tion of such strength in numbers and

more value than the triple crown. reputation cannot fail to accomplish its excellent and most useful object. It has already excited a natural emulation in M, ANGELO MAl, prefect of the Vatican Germany, where a similar society has Library, to whom the learned world is beeu formed; and we trust an example so much indebted for his valuable disof such obvious utility will not be lost" coveries, has just published a second upon England. We greatly admire the edition of the Fragments of the Works liberality of that part of its plan by of Froutonus. These he had discovered which a portion of the profits arising originally in the Ambrosian library of from the translation of any popular Milan, but he has now considerably aug.

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mented them, by fresh discoveries, made authorship and of the liberty of the press, in the treasures of the Vatican. Among from the fate of an author named the additions are more than a hundred WHANG-SEE-Heou, whose crise is thus letters of Marcus Aurelius, Frontonus set forth in the report of his judges. and others. This edition is dedicated to “ We find,” say they, “ Ist. That he the Pope.

has presumed to meddle with the great Dictionary of Kang-hi; having made an

abridgement of it, in which he has had POLAND

the audacity to contradict some pasThe Assembly of Rabbis and Elders sages of that excellent and authentic

work. 2ud. In the Preface to his Abridgeof Plosko, iu Polaud, came lately to a determination to allow the Jews to cele- ment, we have seen with horror that he brate their sabbath on the Sunday. The has dared to write the little names," Polish Israelites are generally allowed to that is, the primitive family names,

c of Confucius, and even of your Majesty : surpass their brethren of other countries in intelligence, attendiug to moral and a temerity, a want of respect, which has useful iustruction, rather than to cabal made us shudder. 3rd. In the geucalogy istical and talmudical dogmata.

of his fanily, and in his poetry, he has [The above is copied from the Monthly isserted that he is descended from the Magazine. The fact stated in the first dared to meddle with the great Dictionary

Whang-toc. When asked why he had senience is very questionable : pertraps, of Kang-hi, he replied, “That Dictionary some of our correspondents may furuish, is very voluminous and in contevient; i us with information npon this point.)

have made an Abridgement which is less

7 ?cumbersome and expensive.' Beitg quesDINDIA. I SI

tioned how he could have the audacity

to write in the Preface to this Dictionary, Ilindoo Literary Society, meeting the little names of the Emperurs of the of respectable Hindous took place lately reiguing dynasty, he answered, " I know in Calcutta for the purpose of establish- that it is unlawfal to pronounce the little ing a Literary Society, the objects of

names of the Emperors, and I introduced which are highly laudable. Meetings of them into my Dictionary nerely that opulent and learned Hindoos are to be young people might know what those held, as often as may be practicable and names were, and not be liable to use convenient, for the discussion of different them by mistake. I have, hoxverer, ac- '. subjects connected with the improrençot knowledged ny error, by reprinting my of their countrymen, and the diffusion Dictionary, and omitting what was amiss.' of general literature. The Society have When asked how he dared to assert that resolved to translate into Beugalee, and he was descended from the Whang tee, publish scientific and rally and incon. my head. I wanted to make people be

he said, “ It was a vanity that came into sistency of the castoms of the present liese that I was soniebody. According day, and to point out habits and conduct

to the laws of the empire, this crine more conducive to the well-being and ought to be rigorously punished. The happiness of mankind; to publish small criminal, therefore, shall be cut in pieces, tracts in English and Bengalce, and to

his goods confiscated, and his children collect European mathematical and phi- and relatives abore ihe age of sixteen Josophical apparatus and instrumeuts for years put to death. His wires, his coupublic instruction.

cubives, and his children under sixteen, The individuals who attended the first shall be exiled, and given as slaves to mecting agreed to defray all expenses some grandee of the empire.". The Sothemselves, until the objects of the So- vercign was, however, graciously pleased ciety are generally known and under

to mitigate the severity of this sentence, stood. A bouse is intended to be erect. in an edict to the following effect : "I ed for the accouninodatiop of the Society, favour. WHANG-SEE-Henu in regard to with a college attached to it, in which the nature of his punishment. He shall arts and scicures are to be taught. not be cut in pieces, and shall only bare

his head cut off. I forgive his relatives.

As to his sous, Jet them be reserved for ** CHINA.

the great execution in Autumin.. Let the Lilcrary Crime and Punishment.--Our seuleuce he executed in its other points : eaders may judge of Chinese ideas of such is my pleasure.''

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