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Anna's address to the new year, 1823, 49 Belfast Academical Institution, plea
Anstis, Rev. Matthew, obituary of, 731 for the,

Antecursor's proposal of a testimony Belsham's, Mr., scheme of interpre-
of respect to Mr. Wright,

292 ting Paul's Bpistles, on, 407. Ex-
Anti-Slavery Society, object and tracts from several letters lately
grounds of the,

received from Ainerich by, 533.
ANTITRINITARIUS on the Scottish law

His Two Sermons on the Love of
of heresy and blaspbemy,

325 'Truth and Benefits of Theological
Appeal in behalf of the Christian Controversy, reviewed, 545. On

Tract Society, 234. Reply to, 293 Inis coinment on 1 Cor. vi. 2, 590
Argument in favour of the Greek ac- Benson, Dr., his original letter to Mr.

442 Towgood, on sabscription, 324
Arguments against the supposed im- Bentley, William Nassau, Esq., obita-
possibility of excluding evil from ary of,

the creation,

700 BERBUS on the state of religious in-
Artaud, William, Esq., obituary of, H6 quiry amongst Quakers, 95. His
Aspland, Rev. Isaae, obituary of, account of Elias Hickes, an Ame.
179 rican Quaker preacher,

1*: 229
Athanasians, the charge of presump- Berneaud, Thiébaut de, Note de, re-
tion retorted on,

583 lative aux manuscrits de feu Pascal
Austria, public affairs of, 117, 300. Alexandre Tissot sur le Nonveau
Literature of, 106,
359 Testameot,

Ayon, ode to a valley on the, 49 Berthollet, M., death of,

Ayrshire, Unitarianism in, 122, * 735 Bible Christians' fifteenth annual

meeting in King Street, Salford,


Bible, lines on the, 102. Errors in

the varions editions of the English,
B. on Unitarianism in Madras and

161, 219. Brief notes on the, 626
Calcutta, 297. His appeal in behalf Bible Society's versions, objections to
of Manchester College, York, 411 the,

Bagster, Mr. Robert, some account of, 329 Biblical Criticism in Lyne's“Primer," 719
Bailatzeck, in the Ukraine, extract of Bingley, Rev. William, obitrary of, 245
a letter from,

300 Biographie Universelle, anecdote
Baillie, Dr., obituary of,
606 from,

Baltimore Unitarian Book Society," Birch's Life of Tillotson, extracts
second annual report of the, 181 from,

Baltimore Unitarian Miscellany, con- Birmingham Sunday-schools, infor-
troversy between the Bramuns and

mation respecting the inanagement
Missionaries, from the,

433 and saccess of the, :
Baptismal commission refuge of Tri- Blayney, Dr., examination of his dis.

22 course on the sigu given to Abaz,
Barker, John, Esq., his account of Isaiah vii. 14-16,

the enchquake in Syria,

69 Blomfield, Rev. Dr., Fox's Letter to,
Bartlamy Rev. J., obituary of, 178 reviewed,
BASANISTES DEUTEROS on baptismal Bloomfield, Robert, obituary of, 550

commission refuge of Trinitarian- B. M. on the death of the Rev. James

22 Nicol; 75. On Unitarianism in
Battle, Sussex, case of the Unitarian ; Ayrshire, 122,

congregatioù at,

674 Bolton, anniversary of the opening of:
Baxter, Riebard, an original letter of the Unitarian Meeting-house, Moer
remoustranee 10, on his treatment wi. Lane, 121,

of the Unitarians : with some ac. Boston's Fourfold State, passage from, 716
count of Gilbert Clerke, the sup- -f

Botauical heaven,
posed author, 66. Original letters Bouchier, Mr. John, same aceonnt of, 329
of William Penn's 'to, 137, 195. 1 Bowriog's Details of the Arrest, Ima",
His original letter to William Penn,"3" prisonment and Liberation of an
193. To Ambrose Upton, concerts "" Englishman by the Bourbou Go.
Sing Sir Henry Vape, 258. Letters vernment of Branee, lines written
from the Earl. (afterwards Duke) !!! in the prison at Calais, from, 108.***

of Lauderdale to, 259–262, 313-318 Reviewed, 169. Debate in the
Beccaria on the severities of the cri-n) House of Commons on, 183. Se
minal law,

28 lections from bis 4 Matins and
Bedford's, Earl of, “ Jewell," brief, Vespers, " 412, 413. Attack upon, 627
account of,

23 Bowring, Mr. Charles, obituary of, 650

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Bowring, Mrs., obituary.of, 560 moirs of the Life of, written by
Bowring, Mr. Lindsay, obituary of," - 244 Herself, reviewed, 163, 238. Res.
Brevis's epitaph on Patienee Hope, marks on a Particular Providence,

482, His brief notes on the Bible, 626 suggested by, 286, 399, 514, 516,
Bristol Fellowship Fund, its grant to 519. Her epitaph,

the Christian Tract Society, 338. Carmarthen, triennial visitation of the
Second contribution to Hanley Presbyterian Academy at,

611 Carnot, M., obituary of,

British and Foreign Bible Society, Carpenter, Dr., bis eulogium of
importance of the,

241 Wright, 292. His recommendation
British Iudia, letter of Colonel Stan-

of the case of Hanley Chapel, 426
hope's to the Duke of Gloucester, Cashel, bis Grace the Archbishop of,
on the state of slavery in,

90 address of the Presbyterian Church
British Solomon, the,

719 in Cork to, on bis Primary Visita-
Brooks, General, some account of, 535 tion Charge, with his Grace's an-
Brown, Mr. Samuel, obituary of, 116 swer,

Buck, Mr. John, some account of, 328 Catholic claims, petition of some of
BUCKINGHAM, Mr.g his defence of the clergy of the diocese of Nor.
Rammubun Roy, 441.. His "Ori- wich, in favour of the,

ental Herald and Colonial Adro- C. B.'s contributions to the Unita-
678 rians at Madras,

Buckley, Rev. William, some account

CostrieNSIS Posthumus, bis essay on
682 the providence of God,

Buckley, Rev. William, Juv., some Chichester, succession of Dissenting
Account of,

ministers at,

Burgbly's, Lord, Precepts," brief

China, literary crime and punishment
account of, 23. His precept for the in,

choice of a wife,
24 Chinese, Deists, the,

Barial ground, ceremony of conse, i Christ. See Jesus Christ.
crating a,

636 Christian Disciple, hymn for Easter,
Barnet, Bishop, his character of the

from the

Duke of Lauderdale,

258 Christian instruction of Negroos, 100
Burns, Robert, his lines addressed to Christianity, the divinity of Christ
John Goldie, of Kilmarnock, 142 adopted by the Pagan philosophers

as an artful device to set aside the

truth of, 207. Eulogium upon, 540

Christian, Professor, obituary of, 244
C.'s review of Fullagar's Six Ad. Christian Reflector, opening of the

dresses, adapted to the Ordinance Unitarian Meeting-house, Great
of the Lord's Supper, 600.

Cross Hall Street, Liverpool, from
Fullagar's Sermon before the Sus.

the, 424. Anniversary Meeting
sex Unitarian Association,

601 of the Unitarian Ministers of Lan-
Cabot, Mr. George, some account cashire and Cheshire, from the, 424

535 Cbristians' Petitions to Parliainent ,
Calais, Mr. Bowriag's lines written in against the Prosecution of Unbe-
the prison at,

103 lievers, 362, 427, 485, 494. Motion
Calcuua, appointment to the see of, on the

61. Addition to obituary of the Christian Tract Society, appeal in.
Bishop of, 113. Obituary of the behalf of the, 234. Reply to, 293.
Archdeacon of, 176. Unitarianism Its Anniversary, 249, 302. Grant
in, 297. Unitarian controversy at, by the Bristol Fellowsbip Fundi to
reviewed, 473, 540, Hiudoo lite. the, 338Congregational sub-
rary society established in, 614 scriptions to

... 688
Cateutta Journal, religious batile dy- Christian Trinitarians, a Hindoo Unimo"

ring the Mohurrum, from the, 301 tarian's plea for charity towards, 574
Calvin and the Church of Geneva, by Christian truth, anticipation of the
M. Bretschneider, account of,

105 general diffusion of, in the world, 599
Calvin on the doctrine of election,... 717 Christmas Present for Young Persons;., i
Calvinism and Unitarianism, ou points reviewed,

3, 727
of resemblance between,

71 Church, ceremony of consecrating
Calvinistic and scriplural phraseo-


logy, on,

8 Church establishments, objections to, 223
CANTABRIGIBNSIS on Lord Burg bly's Churcb property, arguments on, 598

Precepts" and the Earl of Bed- Claims of the Clergy to Tithes and
ford's Jewell,"

23 other Church Revenues, &c., re-
Cappe, the late Mrs. Catharine, Me- viewed,



Is 1

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Clarkson's Life of Penn, public dis-

repeal of the, 155. Minister's sa-
putation between Penn and Baxter, lary dependent on,


137 CORRESPONDENCE, 64, 128, 192,
Clary, Mr. Nicholas, obituary of, 607 256, 312, 432, 496, 560, 616,
Olercq, M. de, a Dutch improvisatore,


accouot of,

299 Correspondence with the Editor re-
CLERICUS on John viji. 58, &c., 227. lating to Rammohun Rog,

His charge of presumption retoried Corruptions of Christianity · the ar.
on Athanasians,

moury of unbelief,

CLERICUS CANTABRIGIENSIS on points Coughing eloquence,

of resemblance between Unitarian. . Courtauld, Mr. George, abituary of, " 605
ism and Calvinism, 71. His re- Cowper's Progress of Error, extract
marks on two mysterious doctrines : from,

of Dr. Priestley and Dr. Southwood Cox's, Dr. Mason, observations on
Smith, 339. On the possible ex-

the misplaced, injudicious zeal of
clusion of moral and natural evil, preachers,


700 Cranbrook, case of the Unitarian
Clerke, Gilbert, some account of, 65. Baptist Society at, 248,

Nelson's character of, ib. His Criminal law, brief discussion of the
66 principles of,

Clogher, appointment of a bishop to Cumberland, Rhode Island, letter
the see of,

60 from, concerning the America a
Cobbett's ideas of modesty,
47 Baptists,

Cogan's, Dr., Tbeological Disquisi. Cario, Cælius Secundus, select me-
tions, passage from,

moir of,

Cogan, Mr., ou Scriptoral and Cal. Curious pulpit satire,

vinistic phraseology, 8. On "mo- Cypris, extract from a letter, written
derate Calvinism," 220.

On re-

by an inhabitant of the isle of, who
mission of sins, 323. Ona criticism had escaped the massacre of the
of Porson's, 573. On a passage in Christians,

Paley's Natural Theology, on the
unity of the Deity,

COLLECTOR, A, on Methodist camp:

Collet, John, M. D., inquiry concern- D. on biblical criticism in Lyne's
ing, 573. Replies to the, 650,

“ Primer,"


718 Da Costa, hymn by, 27). On his
Columbian College, correspondence conversion to Christianity, 589

in an American wewspaper relating Dacre, Lord, his speech before the
to the,


Protestant Society for the Protec-
Condorcet, Madame de, death of, 108 tion of Religious Liberty,

Congregational subscriptious to Chris- Davies, Rev. Thomas, obituary of,
tian Tract Society,

588 Death, reflections on the punishment
Consecration of the Jews' Syna-

556 Deatus ABROAD, 107, 245,

CONSTANT Reader, A, his hints to Democritus on a passage in Irving's
proselytists, 331. His inquiry re-

“ Orations," &e.,

specting the Rev. John Holt, 351 Details of the Arrest, Imprisonment
Continent, state of affairs on the, 183 and Liberation of an Englishmad
Cooper, Mr., his opinions of negro. by the Bourbon Government of
sla very in Jamaica, 231. Defence France, reviewed,

of, 242,

281 Devil, A valytical Investigation of the
i Cor, iii. 2, notes on, 699; vi. 2, on Scriptural Claims of the, reviewed,
Mr. Belsham's comment on, 590 651,

2 Oor. viji: 2, notes'or,

Devon and Cornwall Unitarian Asso-
Cork Southern Reporter, "annnal ciation Anniversary,

meeting of the Presbyterian Synod Devotional poem, by the late Mrs.
of Munster, from the,
483 Mary Rogers,

CORNISH, Mr., on requiring students Dew-drop, lines on a,

for the ministry to pray extem- D. H. on a Unitarian mission in In-
380 dia,

Cornish, Mr, obituary of, 607. Me- Difficulty of a purely spiritual con-
moir of, drawn up by hiinself, for ception of the Deity,

the Monthly Repository, 617. Mr. Dion's ode to a valley on the Avon, 49
Holden on the death of,

635 Discipulus on the importance of fe.
Corporation and Test Acts, on the male education,

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D'Israeli's Second Series of Curiosis - Meinoir of the late Rev. John Flee, I

ties of Literature, morceau from, 591 ming, of Craigs, winister of Colin-
Diss, Madge's Sermon on the Open- ton, from the

ing of the Unitarian Chapel at, re.. Edinburgh Review, the Britisb So-
171 lomon, from the,

DissenTER AND A PARENT, A, on the EDITOR, on letters between Mr. Jef-

opinion of Sir Thomas Plumer ou ferson and Mr. Adams, 39. . On to
the insufficiency of the register of

the memoir of Dr. Aikinz (note,); } }
births at Dr. Williams's Library, 33 52. On the Marquis of Hastings' it
Dissenters' register of births, on the speech in the College of Fort Wil-sti
legality of, 33,

89 liam, 135. His correspondence re-
Dissenting Colleges, Dr. Morell's lating to Rammohun Roy, 439. On
proposal of,

633 the Belfast Academical Institution,
Divine foreknowledge and man's free 56), On a Hindoo's “Suggestions
agency, 649,

703 to his Countrymen who believe in
Dobson, Mr. Thomas, death of, 356 the One Tree God," 574. On they
Domestic Slavery, American Society account of Rammoliun Roy, from
for the Abolition of,

97 the Edinburgh Magazine, 575. On
Dudley Double Lecture Anviversary, 364 the memoir of the late Rev. Jobn
Dukintield, Cheshire, history of the Fleming, of Craigs, minister of

Presbyterian Chapel at, with the Colinton, from the Edinburgh

succession of its ministers, 681 Magazine, 678. On a case of
Duinbness cnred by galvanism, 611 dumbness cured by galvanism, 611.
Dumouriez, General, obilyary of, 179 On Note relative aux manuscrits de
Dunn, Rev. John, obituary of,

feu Pascal, Tissot sur le Nouvean
Durant's Memoirs and Select Remains


of an only Son, reviewed, 171 Edwards, Dr., obituary of, 58, 179.
Dulch improvisatore, account of a,

Notice of,

Dutch Jews, account of the ; with a Edwards, President, on endless, mi-
hymn by Da Costa, who is said to

sery, 326,
have lately embraced Christianity, 277 Elcock, Mrs on free inquiry, 95.

On the controversy between Unita-
rians and Qu ters,


English Government, destimony to
E.'s lines on the Bible, 102. Jonah, The,

suggested by a sermon of the late Ephesians iv. 32, on the sense of, 8,
Rev. Ilenry Turner's, 102. On the 84, 160,

notions of Jewish Rabbins on the Epigram by Seneca in exile,


589 EPISCOPUS on Dr. Lardner's ortho-
Earle, Mr., some account of,

328 doxy, 38. On Wesleian "Church-
Early recollections, on,

of Englandism,"

MITT 536
Earthquake in Syria, narrative of the, 59 Errors in the various editions of the
East,,terrisic custom of the,
18 English Bible, 161,

Easter, hymn for,
481 Erskine, Lord, obitnary of,

Eastern Unitarian Society Angiver. Erskine, Thomas, Esq., remarks on


the “ Dissertation”, of, fou the
Eaton, Mr., on the sense of Ephes. Internal Evidence of Revealed Re.
iv. 32, 84. On Mr. Hinton's hypo- ligion,"

a 150,
thesis of moral evil, 465,

584 Essay on the priociples of criminal:
Ebion on an illustration of 1 Jobn vi.

law, 27. On truth, 212, 265. On i,
62, 280. On Jewish Rabbius no the nature and design of sacrifices
believers in a Trinity,

684 under the Mosaic law, and the jo.
E. Co's obituary of Rev. Thomas

fluence wbich Jewish ideas and


language conceroing them had
ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS, 124, mpon the language of the New Tes,

365 tament; by the late Rev. Henryk o
Eclectic Review on Quakers and Uni. Turner, 270, 332, 372, 460, Onur

tarians, 96. Its attack upon Mr. the causes of the decline of Non.

Bowring's “ Matins and Vespers,” 627 conformity, 341, 388. On the
E. D. on the pleasure of early recol. Providence of God, by the late Rev, ..
285 J. Holland,

Edinburgh, ceremony of laying the E.T.'s essay on Maliometan influence
foundation stone of the new Unita-

on Christian literature and opi-
rian Chapel in, 181, Opening of, nions, 1. His address to Louis


Le Desiré,
Edinburgh Magazine, account of Eveliis on Christian instructiou of
Raminohun Roy, from the, 575. Negroes,


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sary, 312,

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Euripides, translation from the lip. Fox's, Rev.W.J., Letter to Dr. Bloms-

polytus of,


field, reviewed,
Eusebius' Ecclesiastical History, the Pramlingham commemoration, 554
divinity of Christ, from,

34 France, public affairs, &c., of, 63,
Evangelical Dissenting Ministers, 106, 116, 300, 613. Formation of

formation of the Society for the a society in, for the translation inte
Relief of,

485 French of all tahable works in
foreign or dead languages

Evangelical Magazine, Captain Rogs's

rejected communication to the 156 FREEMAN, Mr., on the prophecies of
Evans, Dr. J., on a visit to the set- Isaiah, clı sings

tlement of the American sect of the French prison, Mr. Bowring's descrip-
Shakers, 133. His obituary of the tion of the interior of a,

Rev. William Moon, 358. On pas. FRIEND TO Religious INSTRUCTION,
sages in Irving's “ Orations," 458. A, his appeal in behalf of the
His obituary of Mrs. Elizabeth Christian Tract Society, .

Luddington, 551, Of Mrs. Susan. FRIEND TO THE QUAKERS, A, his re.
nah Saxby, 601. Of the Rev. marks on the Quakers! Yearly
Benjamin Marten, 670. On the



patriotism of two Dissenting mi. Fryer, Henry, Esq., obituary of,
nisters in 1715,

690 Fullagar's Six Addresses, adapted to:
Evans, Mr., his translation from the the Ordinance of the Lord's Supe
Hippolytus of Euripides,

175 per, reviewed, 600. His Sermon
Evidence of au-Unbeliever rejected, 484 before the Sussex Unitarian Asso-
Evil, view of the origin of, 85, 378, ciation, reviewed,

465, 528, 529, 584, 585, 649, 700,


G. 1
E. W.'s verses on the death of Mrs.

102 Gadarene Demoniac, eritical examina-
Examiner, formation of a society in tion of the case of the,

Paris, for the translation into GAIRDENER, T., on laying the four-
French of all valuable works in

dation-stone of the new Unitarian
Chapel, Edinburgh,

foreign or dead languages, from


613 Galin, M., death of,
Exeter, Acton's course of Sunday. Galvanism, dumbness cured by, 611
evening Lectures at,

673 G. B. W. on 1 Joha ii. 12, &c., 160.
" Experience," explanation of the On the Somerset and Dorset Unita-,

269 riau Association Hall-yearly Meet-
Extracts from the Diary of the late 1 ing, 182, 246,

Michael Underwood, M.D., re-

Gellios's nutes on Dr. Jones's
602 Greek-English Lexicon,

Eyton, Rev. John, obituary of, 176 Gen. iv. 26, criticism on, 352. Re-

marks on,

General Baptist Assembly Andiver.
sary, 249,

F.'s lines on Genoa,
480 Geneva, literature of,

Fall of man, remarks on the, 653 Genoa, from the Morning Chronicle, 480
Fardell, Mrs., obituary of,
734 Germany, literature of, 103,

Faydit, Mr., some account of, 650 Gisburne, Mr., resolutions relative to
Female education, on the importance

the subscription for,


77 Glasgow College, annual distribution
Field, Mr., his tribute to Dr. Parr, 410 of prizes at,

Fleming, the fate Rer. John, of Glasgow Unitarian Association Aani-
Craigs, minister of Colinton, me- versary, 365,

moir of, 578. His letter to the Glasgow University, installation of
Earl of Landerdale,

581 Sir James Mackintosh as Lord
Fletcher's, Dr., “Thoughts on Church -Rector of,

and State," disapprobation of, 507. GLEANINGS AND SELECTIONS,
FORKION INTBLLIGENCE, 50, 116, 300, 47, 101, 162, 237, 298, 469, 592,
613 650,

Forgiveness" før Christ's sake,"? 8, Gloucester, letter of Colonel Stap-
84, 160,


hope's to the Duke of, on the state
Fort William, Marquis of Hastings' of slavery in British India,

speech at the last examination in God, the original anthor of sacrifices,
the College of,


273. Difficulty of a purely spiri.
Foster, Mr., on the death of Mr. tnal conception of, 351. Ilyma on,
John Ilaucock,

668 355. Essay on the providence of,

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