Imatges de pÓgina

ence and obey for ourselves, we long to see reverenced and may the Messiah speedily come to liberate his and obeyed by all the world.

people." This, then, is the next element of devoutness, for Yet, mixed up with the very intensity of this zeal which our Lord has provided utterance in the prayer for the universal reign of God, and even affecting which he has taught us :-zeal for God's glory. seriously the sense in which the phrase, “ Thy king

Now, this feeling so pervaded the heart of Jesus dom come" was used, there was in many a mind too himself, and he knew it to be one of so absorbing a low and earthly, too selfish and worldly a feeling of character in all God's children, that not only has he national pride, and a desire of national triumph. The placed the expression of it foremost in the prayer, but image of a king, and of his kingdom, which was used he has supplied for that expression-notwithstanding by God in condescension to our infirmities, to express the exceeding brevity of the whole composition--not by an analogy, well known to all men, the authority and less than three separate sentences, or rather a threefold dominion which even now he exercises, but will ultioutlet for the inward rush of feeling. For in the mately manifest in all its clearness; this very imagery feebleness of language, and its utter inadequacy to itself too often clogged the grand and pure idea with express the more intense emotions, this is the only earthly incrustations; and men could not think inexpedient to which men can have recourse, to piece tensely of God's kingdom, without diverging into the out, as it were, the scantiness of the material em- desire for those unspiritual concomitants, that vain ployed; to make up for the insufficiency of one form pomp and glory of this world, which to human power of utterance by the addition of another, and another, pertain. And therefore, both to rectify this dangerous which together may supply the symbol, if not the per- mistake, the seeds of which lie deep in even the hofect picture of our inward mind; and indicate the liest heart, and to indicate at once and clearly what length and breadth of those cmotions which we would the better and more spiritual emotions of the child of fain give full expression to. " Hallowed be thy God do really point to, in the midst of all disturbing name," exclaims the Christian to his heavenly Father; forces,-to bring out the one single pure idea of God's “ Thy kingdom come; thy will be done on earth, as it name being hallowed and his kingdom coming, which is in heaven !"

alone adequately responds to the yearnings of a geFor these several sentences, with whatever shades nuine zeal for his glory ;-—our blessed Lord has supof meaning, are all expressive of that one same feelplied us with another form for its expression, which ing, the zeal for God's glory. "His name,” that is, corrects whatever of wrong may cleave to the concephis character and reputation in the world, we desire tions indicated by those former phrases, and intenmay be "hallowed," or counted holy; reverently sifies whatever in them is right: "Thy will be done thought of, honoured, and extolled. Even as when in earth as it is in heaven." For this desire it is which Jesus said to his father, “ I have glorified thee on the really lives and breathes the pious heart, that God's earth,” he adds, “ I have manifested thy name unto will-the moral sovereignty of our heavenly Fatherthe men which thou gavest me.That is, thy glo- may be not only universally, but spiritually, made tririous perfections, thy essential character of holy love, I umphant. It would little satisfy the holy soul, that have made known to my disciples, till they have God's name should be reverenced and adored; it would learned to honour and to love thee as their Father and little come up to its most genuine and deepest aspiratheir Friend. And how dear such a gathering of all tions, that his authority should be acknowledged, and men's suffrages for our heavenly Father-such an that the incense of a prostrate worship should ascend exaltation of his character for universal adoration is to him from every clime, unless his will — his moral to the devoted heart, we see both in the grateful law-should find a shrine in every mind, and be writdeclaration of the Psalmist," I will declare thy name ten, not in tables of stone, but in fleshy tables of the unto my brethren; in the midst of the congregation heart; unless this will should be made by men their will I sing praise unto thee;" and in the exulting own; unless, from the spontaneous operation of a new chant of the assembled angels, our elder brethren, and living principle within them, they should not in heaven, when they exclaim, “Who shall not fear merely submit to God, but go along with God; unless thee, O Lord, and glorify thy name? for thou only his Spirit should be put within them, and he himself art holy; for all nations shall come and worship before should dwell in them, and walk in them; and he thee."

should put his law into their inward parts, and write But the Christian's zeal for God's glory is expres- it in their hearts, and they should teach no more every sible with still more force by that peculiar phrase man bis neighbour, and every man his brother, saying, which was always in the mouth of every Jew, and Know the Lord; but all should know him, from the which, therefore, our Lord adopts into his prayer,- least of them unto the greatest of them: for all out“ Thy kingdom come !" God was the King of Israel. ward law is but the temporary substitute for inward Among that favoured people he had begun to mani- principle; and the sovereignty of God has then first fest himself; and from them, as from a centre, he had reached its absoluteness when it no longer works upon promised that his glory should radiate and diffuse it

his people from without, but works within them as the self around, till it embraced within its splendour all impulse of their own self-moving will. This is the the earth. " The Lord," says the prophet Zechariah, way God's name was hallowed, and his kingdom came, "shall be king over all the earth : in that day shall in Jesus himself, the Son of God. His meat was to do there be one Lord, and his name one.” “The God of his father's will, and to finish his work; and what heaven," says the prophet Daniel, “ shall set up a things soever the Father did, these also did the Son kingdom which shall never be destroyed; and the likewise. This is the way God's name is hallowed and kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall his kingdom comes among the elder brethren of God's break in pieces and consume all those kingdoms, and family, the unfallen saints in light who serve around it shall stand for ever.” And for this kingdom, there- his throne. Thus hath the Lord“ prepared his throne fore, God's people looked. The very thought of it was in the heavens, and his kingdom ruleth over all.” His dear to every zealous Jew. The Rabbins declare, that angels that excel in strength do his commandments, “any one prayer which includes not in it a petition for hearkening unto the voice of his word. His hosts are the coming of this kingdom, does not deserve the name ministers of his that do his pleasure: of a prayer at all.” And in the synagogue-worship,

As bright as flame, as swift as wind, in that solemn form of supplication which is called the

His ministers heaven's palace fill, kaddish, or the holy offering, this forms the foremost

To have their several tasks assign'd, clause : “ May God's great name be magnified and

All proud to do their Sovereign's will." sanctified in the world; and may he make his king. And therefore this is the way that Christ instructs his dom to prevail. May his redemption blossom forth; people to desire the hallowing of God's name, and the


coming of his kingdom, summing up all their petitions realised again throughout the universal world. I say, for God's sovereignty, and pouring forth all their zeal God's very nature encourages us to look for this; for for his glory, in that purely spiritual supplication, un- he has made nothing in vain : he cannot deny himself: clogged by metaphor, unsensualised by any images - The Lord of Hosts hath purposed, who shall disderived from this world, " Thy will be done:"-be it annul it? His hand is stretched out, who shall turn done throughout the earth: be it done throughout the it back? The counsel of the Lord standech for ever; earth, even as it is already done in heaven: with all the thoughts of his heart to all generations. He is in the fidelity, with all the spontaneousness, with all the one mind, who can turn him ? And what his soul de. fervour of unlimited accordance, with which the hosts sireth, even that he doeth." of heaven are swift to do thy will.

And I say, God's promises encourage you to look for Dear Christian reader, is this your desire? Does this. You know how various, how copious, how dear, this imperfect exposition of our Saviour's words ex- how sure they are. It were vain to attempt to lay press the inmost, dearest feeling of your soul? Then them out before you bere. From the beginning of see now the encouragement you have to cherish such Genesis to the end of Revelation, this is written in a zeal, and utter it in daily supplication before God. the book of God,--that Satan shall at last be bruised

This you will understand, if you consider that the under our feet; and the holy city, new Jerusalem, shall feeling which trembles in your own heart is but the come down from God out of heaven, prepared as a resonance of the purpose of your God. His honour is bride adorned for her husband; and the tabernacle of dear to him even as it is to you ; his authority he is God shall be with men, and he will dwell with them, jealous of even as you are ; his will he has determined and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be to make, in his own time, the will — the one sole will, with them, and be their God. beating in all as one pulse from one heart

of all the But most of all, I say, God's actual workings en. world.

courage us to look for this; for these are the already. The end for which you are zealous is already fulfilled commenced accomplishment of his purpose-the antiin heaven; it has been there fulfilled from the begin- cipation and the pledge of the fulllment of his proning of time. There God's name is hallowed by the

With the very fall he began the restoration, chant of thousand times ten thousand who surround With the very intrusion of sin he struck the first blow his throne; and his will is done in every slightest act, against sin. With the very first act of rebellion in every nascent thought, of thrones, doininions, prin- against his will he made provision for the ultimate cipalities, and powers, who stand before him. And crushing of all rebellion, and the triumph of that will. this will was once fulfilled on earth; yes, even on And these workings have gone on, through each sucearth, this solid, visible, material earth, on which we cessive generation, from Adam to the patriarchs, and live and move. In the bright unclouded morning of from the patriarchs to Moses, and from Moses to the creation, when God rested from his work that he had kings, and priests, and prophets of the Jewish commade, and God saw every thing that he had made, and monwealth, onward to the grand Restorer, the Mes. beheld it was very good, then was there celebrated one siah, the Christ, the King himself; who came as man blest Sabbath of uninterrupted adoration. Earth, sea, to prepare the way for his coming as God; who sufand air, were organised according to bis perfect pur- fered, and bled, and died, that he might ultimately pose. The living beings of every kind, with which reign triumphant; who offered himself once to bear they teemed, breathed only in accordance with his the sins of many, that to those who look for him he will. Man, godlike man, fresh sprung from his Cre- may appear the second time without sin unto salvaator's hand, and glowing with the splendour of his tion. Christian, lie who taught you these inspiring Creator's image, walked and communed with his petitions is himself the pledge that those petitions, in eternal Father. The morning stars sang together, all the length, and breadth, and depth, and height of and the sons of God shouted for joy; and the divine the desire which they express, shall be fulfilled. He Wisdom rejoiced in the habitable parts of the earth, who teaches us to pray, and that with fervent daily and her delights were with the sons of men. The importunity, “Thy kingdom come," he himself shall grand idea of God was realised, and heaven was copied come in the glory of that kingdom, when" the kingdoms out on earth.

of this world shall become the kingdoms of our Lord And what has been shall be again. Yea, though and of his Christ, and he shall reign for ever and that fair scene was so soon marred by sin, and that divine image was desaced, and that commerce with What then, in the mean time, are we who use these the skies was interrupted, and the presence of the supplications to do? What is the spirit, the practical Lord was lost; and now for centuries, yea tens of disposition, in which the longing for God's kingdom, centuries, the name of God has been dishonoured, and therein expressed, should manifest itself? It is, first, his kingdom disturbed, and his will not done on earth a spirit of personal preparation for that desired king. as it is done in heaven,-yet shall he, the Almighty, dom; for who can long and pray for the hallowing of be for ever frustrated in his purpose ? Shall he, the God's name, and the doing of his will, and not be All-gracious, be kept ont of blessing his creation? labouring to accomplish in his own person his own Shall he, the All-wise, who knows the end from the desires ? All prayer is nothing but self-delusion or beginning, be disappointed of that end? Shall he, the hypocrisy, which re-acts not on the worshipper, and All-actuating, who worketh all things after the counsel prompts him not to work out that which he has prayed of his own will, be let and hindered in the realising of for. And therefore to this personal preparation for the that counsel? No; the very nature of God forbids the wished-for kingdom did our Lord so frequently direct thought; the promises of God forbid it; the actual the minds of his disciples; as when he said, "Watch, workings of God forbid it. All give us the assurance of therefore, for ye know not what hour your Lord dotki another Sabbath of this world; all tell us, that the evil come;" and when he gave them parable after parawhich has overspread it is but accidental, temporary, ble, of the virgins, of the talents, of the sheep and nay and subordinated to the higher purposes of the goats, to lead them not merely to look out for, but to Almighty. All engage to us that God's honour shall hasten towards-not merely to be anxious, but also to be celebrated, God's authority shall be recognised, be ready, for the kingdom of God. O, how often do we God's will shall be done, on earth. On earth it shall long for that kingdom, and how little do we anticipate be done, even as it is done in heaven. That idea it in our hearts! The very things we long for, (so far which is realised already in the heavenly regions, as our personal happiness is concerned,) what will which began to be realised upon this earth, but which they be but the exercise of habitual delight in God, now is counted little better than a pious fancy, a de- submissiveness to God, adoration of God, and simivout imagination,-just that idea shall nevertheless be larity of disposition, purpose, act, with God? But all



these very things may be exercised, in their com

SKETCITES FROM MEMORY. mencement, even now. They must be exercised in that commencement, or never shall we reach their consummation in the world to come. And the more we cultivate now devotion, purity of heart, benevo

No. 11.- The Pirate. lence, self-government, whatsoever things are holy,

Yet, Oscan, all thy billows just, and true, the more shall we find already God's

Shall surely flec away, law reigning in our bearts, and God's will done by us

And on their rocky pillows in spirit, though not yet in extent, as it is done in

The drowned dead display; heaven.

Then, awful thought, upstarting, But, again, the spirit of these petitions will be a

Behold the judgment throne! spirit of co-operation towards this kingdom. How it

Earth, sea, and air departing, shall at last be manifested, we indeed know not. To

Then we shall stand alone."

Charlotte Elizabeth. what extent the instrumentality of man will be employed for this glorious consummation, we are ignorant: Slowly and bazily the day dawned on the broad but this we know-that every soul now saved will go Atlantic, when the officer of the morning-watch on to swell the triumph and enhance the glory of that

board of a British man-of-war despatched the signalkingdom which we pray for; that even now, in this dark world, God's name is glorified by the light that

man to the mast- head to count her convoy, consistis diffused around from those who love and serve him; ing of seven merchantmen, which, during the previous and that at last they shall shine forth as the sun niglit, from variable winds and squally weather, had, in the kingdom of thieir Father, yea, form a por- as was feared, become widely scattered-five only being tion of that splendid retinue which shall adorn the coming of their Lord. And O, then, for co-operation

visible from the mast-head, three of which were but towards this glorious end! O, to labour, each one in just within gunslot of the commodore, one being his sphere, to swell the chorus which shall sound our close under his lee. The breeze was at this period Sovereign's praise ! To this every single Christian is moderate, and the ships under top-gallant-sails and ordained; and to this every single Christian can con. single-reefed topsails, courses close-hauled; but the tribute. Yes, it is the aggregate of Christian efforts that saves the souls of men, and glorifies our heavenly

signal-man had scarcely made his report, when the Father. To no one individual can we rightly ascribe

officer of the watch, casting a quick but searching the illumination, the awakening, converting, nourish. glance over the weather-gangway, called out, "Watch, ing of the sons of God. The influences of the Spirit shorten sail; main clew-garnets, top.gallant clewstream in upon us from every side, at every moment of lines, haul taut; shorten sail! Bear a hand, my lads; our being; and every Christian is made, more or less,

roll them up smartly; and down from aloft!" Briefly the medium through which those influences flow. Every one who has a zeal for God in his heart may

were these orders given, and as briefly obeyed. A do-does do— something as the instrument of God. moment's pause, and again his voice was heard clear Let not then timidity hold us back; let not limited and cool above the roaring of the squall, which now powers and opportunities discourage us; let us only began to bellow over the ship,—"Jib, down-haul ; each co-operate, each do something, in word and act';

hands by the topsail-haulyards; haul down ; lower and that something will tell. In private life, in social, and in public; with families, and friends, and neigh

away!" Speedily the jib was stopped upon the boom; bours ; for churches, and schools, and ministers, and

the topsail-yards were on the cap, pointed to the catechists; by subscriptions and societies; for our wind; and the sails, confined by the bundlines, were less-enlightened brethren at home, and our heathen rendered powerless as to their effect upon the ship. fellow.sinners abroad; work, work while it is day.

She was now under the foresail and main-trysail, the Every one has talents; use them for your Lord. Every one is a steward of his grace. O, take care that you be

driver having been trailed up; and yet she heeled, found faithful to your trust; for, "blessed is that man

from the violence of the wind, almost to lier mainwhom his Lord, when he cometh, shall find so doing :

deck ports. verily I say unto you, he shall make him ruler over Well would it have been for the vessel under our all his goods."

lee, had she watched and followed our motions ; she Exercise, then, lastly, the spirit of expectation of that kingdom which you pray for; the joyous ex

would not then have been, as we found her when pectation of that time when your preparation shall

the equall had blown over, a perfect wreck. Her be welcomed with God's plaudits, and your co-opera- topmasts and jib-boom were carried away short off tion shall be found not to have been vain in the by the cap, mainsail split, and main-yard sprung ; Lord. Hope must be the foundation of prayer; and she was truly in a pitiable condition. So have I seen hope builds itself up by, prayer.

The more you believe God's promises, the more fervently will you

a Christian professor, floating along this world's dansupplicate for their fulfilment; and the more you

gerous sea, dazzled by the sunshine of its smiles, and supplicate for their fulfilment, the more will there heedless of mischief, tempted to reglect the duty of be settled in you and consolidated a calm, assured, watching and following the motions and commands habitual expectation of the coming glory : you will

of the great Captain under whose directions he has sec it afar off; you will be persuaded of it ; you will anticipate it; your life will even now be 'hid with placed himself, plunged into the deep waters of afflicChrist in God; and when he shall appear, then shall

tion by some terrible visitation in righteousness; that you also appear with him in glory.

he might be taught, by bitter experience, the folly of self-dependence, and the deep necessity for constant watchfulness and prayer, lest he should fall into temptation.

But to return. Upon discovering the crippled state of the vessel in question, it was determined by the commodore to send an officer and boat's crew on board of her, to assist in repairing the damages ;


and as soon as the topsails were rehoisted, and the the females, appalling as the prospect was, declared ship hove-to, this was done. The whole of that and for the risk of shipwreck rather than fall into the the next day were spent in getting her into any thing hands of these sea-monsters. Our crew, including Jike a condition to proceed ; and still, much remained my men and the passengers, numbered eighteen : to be done. Nevertheless, the rest of the convoy were one twelve-pound cannonade was the only gun we not to be neglected. I, therefore, was left in charge, could muster; but there were several muskets, pistols, with orders to make the best of my way after ; and and cutlasses. With this slender force, as compared the commodore proceeded under easy sail to look for with that of the schooner, fighting was out of the the remainder.

question, except as a last resource. The next day the weather was thick and squally; The best point of sailing with our bluff-built vessel and a similar night closed in without any thing being was right before the wind. Accordingly, it was dein sight. Daylight, however, discovered to us a vessel termined to take this advantage, and endeavour to on the weather-beam, which, it was reasonably hoped, lengthen the chase, so that it might be dark before might be one of our companions ; but a glance through the schooner came up with us; or if that could not the telescope undeceived us, as the stranger was a be accomplished, to run the ship ashore, and make schooner; and although her hull was not yet visible, the best escape we could. In a very few minutes the the cut and size of her sails indicated that she was no old ship was before the wind, staggering along under patient plodder of the sea, but one that could make every stitch of canvass that could stand. ficet work of it when her occasions called. I confess No sooner was this movement noticed by the that, upon a careful survey of her with the glass, there stranger, than he gave us a significant token of his was an anxious and uneasy kind of qualm passed disapproval of it, by yawing and firing another gun, through my mind; in short, I had serious misgivings the report of which came groaning along the breeze, relative to her real character.

which had now considerably freshened; and the fastThe captain of the vessel of which I was thus left in rising clouds to windward still portended an increase. charge was a shrewd, sensible, and resolute seaman : The shot dropped harmless under the counter, which he had several times looked at her, as had two gentle- told how rapidly the pirate had gained on us. Our only men, passengers, whom, with a lady and her servant,

gun was by this time got aft, in the hope that a lucky the news of the stranger had gathered together on the shot might disable his spars or sails, and thus give us quarter-deck. " She is a slaver," said the captain. a little more time; for night was fast approaching. “ No; she is a man-of-war !" said one of the gentle. Never shall I forget the countenance of old Owen, as,

“She is neither,” said I ; " she is a pirate;" with the cool and steady precision which marks a for at that moment I observed her change her course, well-trained seaman, be squinted along the gun to and edge away towards us, and caught a glimpse of take aim. IIe waited long and patiently; for the her long, low, black hull, pierced with six ports of a motion was great, and the object small. At length, side, as she rose on the crest of the sea which bounded just as the schooner rose to the sea, he applied the the horizon.

match For some time we kept our wind, in the hope of

“Rung the report the iron flew, falling-in with some of the convoy, if not the com

And prov'd the tar a marksman true;" modore. This, however, proving vain, and the for her main-boom was wounded, rendering the mainschooner nearing us very fast, I ordered the colours sail useless; the squaresail came down by the run, the to be hoisted to see what she professed to be. A haulyards being shot away; and as she steered more large Spanish ensign soon streamed from her peak, wildly after, we believed the wheel must have been and a pendant from her mast-head; and still she kept injured. However, our end was answered ; and a edging down upon us. She might be, I thought, a hearty " Bravo, old boy," was echoed by many voices. Spanish cruiser; but if so, what can she want with

Again and again she fired; but, although within an English merchantman ? “ Haul down the ensign, half gun-shot, did not strike us; and whilst, from her and let him see we wish to part company.” “ He's superior sailing she still gained upon us a little, the not for parting company before we're better ac- hope was encouraged that we might yet escape. quainted, and have smelt his powder,” said old Owen Night was just succeeding the short tropic twilight, Williams, a quarter-master, and one of the seven men and we were congratulating ourselves upon losing left with me to refit the vessel, who had stood for sight of our greedy pursuer, when the appalling cry of some time eyeing her with indignant suspicion. A “ Breakers ahead!" rang with death-like peal through column of smoke, and the report of a gun from the the ship. All eyes were instantly fixed in that direcschooner, proved the truth of his words; at the same tion, and too truly convinced of the dreadful fact. time, the colours she had shewn were hauled down, With the desperate energy of men fully alive to the and my worst fears were confirmed.

danger which threatened them, all hands worked We were now by our reckoning about eighty or speedily but coolly to shorten sail, and haul the ship ninety miles from the coast of South America, with a to the wind. This done, brought the headmost breakers strong easterly wind. Immediately under our lee a on the lee-beam, and with that circumstance, the dangerous reef of rocks stretched itself seaward from only hope left, that of weathering them. The breeze the coast; but to keep by the wind would be to throw was strong, and the sea rather heavy, yet still the ourselves into the jaws of fellows who act upon the good old ship made considerable headway, and our principle, that “ dead men tell no tales."

hopes brightened. Brief was the council held upon this trying occasion, So signal an interposition of Providence could not and desperate the resolution that was taken. Even but force itself upon every one ; and many a rugged


heart, bursting with gratitude, ran over at the eye, also besought them to remember, though their poor confessing that we owed our present preservation only bodies were now covered with the hissing surf, that to Him, “who rides upon the whirlwind and directs when the archangel's trumpet should rouse them from the storm." Had we discovered the breakers sooner, their watery bed-if they were found unwashed in our lynx-eyed enemy would have seen us alter our the Redeemer's precious blood, uncovered with his course, and soon been alongside of us. Had it been robe of righteousness,--they would be consigned, by one quarter of an hour later, we could not have hauled the unerring Judge of quick and dead, to the place of up in time to weather the shoals, and must, humanly wretchedness and woe, where the undying flame of speaking, have gone ashore and been dashed to pieces. God's wrath will hiss around and scorch their souls

Years have passed since then; but that schooner throughout eternity. I have good cause to hope that and those breakers are as palpable to my mind's eye

God blessed the circumstances and the words to some as ever, and will, I trust, continue so, to quicken my of those who saw and heard them. Reader, may the sluggish heart in the remembrance, that God's people recounting of them be blessed to you; and to God are his peculiar care ; that their extremity is his op- shall be the praise and the glory.

W. S. portunity; and that the arm of a gracious and almighty Saviour will be surely put forth to help his sinking disciples, when no other arm has power to reach or THE GIFTS OF GOD IN NATURE AND save.

GRACE. We stretched on until midnight, when the wind slackening, we tacked to increase our offing, anxiously

No. V. The Spirit of Adoption. looking out, lest the schooner should again intercept us. The long-looked-for day at length dawned, and

“ Come, eat of my bread," saith Wisdom ; " for by me

thy days shall be multiplied, and the years of thy life keenly was the horizon swept in search of her ; she was

shall be increased.” “ Happy is the man that findeth nowhere visible to seaward : but among the breakers, wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding ... on the middle of the reef to leeward, we discovered our length of days is in her right hand, and in her left late dreaded enemy, a miserable wreck; a small part

band riches and honour." “ For thou, () God, hast only of the hull was above water, but the long tapering heard my, vows,” saith the Psalmist; “thou wilt prolong

the king's life, and his years as many generations.” masts were still standing, as is to enable us to recog

" To die," says the Christian apostle, “ is gain;" “ to nise her.

depart, and be with Christ, is far better.” We are As the weather was now more moderate, we ran confident, and willing rather to be absent from the down towards the reef, hove to, and sent a boat as

body, and to be present with the Lord.” Whence near as the heavy breakers would permit, to see if

comes it that death bath laid aside those terrors, from

which of old even wise and holy men drew back with haply any of those who so lately peopled the ill-fated

dread? Witness also the prayer of David; " He vessel might yet be struggling for existence; but, weakened iny strength in the way ; be shortened my alas! there was not one. The crashing of the waves, days: I said, O my God, take me not away in the impatient of the obstructing rocks, and the noise of the midst of my days; ihy years are throughout all gene

rations." And the lamentation of Hezekiah, “ Mine rending planks, and the wild screeching of the sea

age is departed and removed from me, as a shepherd's birds, were the only sounds that met the ear : we

tent ... he will cut me off with pining sickness . looked and listened in vain for a signal or cry of dis- I did mourn as a dove-mine eyes fail with looking tress; the only things we got near were, three sinall upward.” Whence is it? because the covering which empty spirit-casks, which had most likely been thrown was cast over all people, and the veil that was spread overboard before, or just as she bad struck. There

over all nations, has been removed, according to the

promise of God; and a more perfect revelation having was no mark on either from which to learn the name

been made of the mercy and love of God towards of the vessel. Whilst we stopped, the masts were man, and of the means whereby the purposes of that carried away, and she bilged and went down in deep love are accomplished, the believer in Christ is

restored to the place which was lost by the fall, and The breeze began now to freshen, which warned

made by grace what Adam was by nature--the son of

God. “ Men fear death,” says Lord Bacon," us to hoist up the boat, and make all sail off. When

children fear going into the dark :" in both, the fear this was done, the people appeared deeply affected arises from an unknown and uncomprehended danger; by what we had lately witnessed ; and I felt that it but when he who thus shrinks from death becomes would be unpardonable to neglect such an oppor

convinced, that immediately it takes place, an immortunity of pointing out to them the evil nature of sin,

tality of happiness is begun, and that the soul will not

only be instantly sensible of the presence of his the steps by which men are led on from one wicked

almighty Creator, but find in him a Friend,-surely he ness to another, so that murder and rapine are hardly will then cease to fear it, as the child would cease to considered crimes ;-that in all probability there were tremble in the dark, if it held fast by the hand of its many of those unhappy creatures so suddenly sum

father. It is not asserted that this is the experience moned to their account, who would, in early life, have

of every Christian, as it is impossible to say how far,

either in lite or death, nature may prevail over grace ; shuddered at the thought of any flagrant sin; but

but it is, without doubt, the spirit of Christianity. ls Satan led them on so imperceptibly to themselves, after not deaih constantly described in the Christian covefirst tempting to some (80-called) trifling offence, until nant as a desirable exchange-a passing into rest--a at length they became exposed to the dreadful penalty bappy entering into a Father's house ? Has not the of outraged laws both human and divine. I bid them Gospel a triumphant song, “ O death, where is thy see in this circumstance an illustration of the truth of sting? O grave, where is thy victory?"

But this peace and triumph arise from the new God, that "evil shall slay the wicked;" and that “the relationship into which it has pleased God to admit wicked is snared in the works of his own hands;" and man-a relationship explained to our mortal under



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