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so to the person practising it. It has been said, “ no short to pay the debt we owe to Him who loved us, cover was ever made large enough and cunning enough and gave himself for us. But though ceaseless gratito cover itself;" but whether it be successful in the tude is due ; though duty and happiness here unite eyes of others or not, the certain effect of it is to and it is " a joyful and pleasant thing to be thankdarken the mind where it is indulged.

The con

ful"—it is nevertheless the property of love to beget science is quaintly called, by an old writer, “God's love ; and where the love of God is shed abroad in officer;" but when habituated to deception, its eyes the heart, gratitude in a great degree merges in that are blinded, and it loses the power of keeping the higher and master principle of the soul. Gratitude, heart, of distinguishing between right and wrong, when it is experienced as the ruling sentiment, always between good and evil; and traitors enter the garrison implies some distance from the object. If a stranger in the dress of friends without detection.

confers some unexpected favour, or if at some perilous When the sun shines, the dial's shade

crisis an enemy hasten to my relief, a sense of obligaShews the true time, and never lies;

tion instantly arises, and I feel at a loss for words to Let truth your every word pervade, Clear as the sun."

express my thankfulness. Not so with the partner of

my bosom, or with the friend that sticketh closer than Thoughts, words, and actions, the whole line of life,

a brother. They may spend the live-long day in should point with undeviating sincerity to the standard offices of kindness, or pass the sleepless night in miof truth: within, and without; within, in the depths nistering to my every want in pain and sickness; and of the heart, there should dwell neither error nor deceit; love, noi gratitude, is the return they seek; it is the without, the outward conduct should be a faithful an

only recompense which friendship prizes, or wbich swer to the inward truth. But as the sun-dial can mark

tenderness will receive. Nay, it is a thing well known, the hour only when the sun shines upon it, so will our that where affection, once warm and ardent, insensibly hearts, to point thus to the standard of truth, require begins to decline, one of the surest and saddest sympto be illuminated by " the true Light, which lighteth

toms of the change is, that gratitude begins to pay the every man that cometh into the world,” even the

debt of love. Heart is no longer bound to heart ; “ Sun of Righteousness.”

distance has commenced ; and kindnesses are felt as favours, because they are no longer valued as proofs

of love. It is the same as it respects the movements The Cabinet.

of the heart towards God. In those instances which THE CHARACTER of God's PEOPLE.* - Who are remind us of our immeasurable distance from the the people of God? Are we all his people ? Are Majesty of heaven, the Divine favours and mercies we all included ? We are, in a certain sense. We call forth principally the sense of gratitude; but when, are his, because he is our Maker. We are his, be- at still happier moments, we draw nigh unto God, cause we are accountable to him. We are his, because and God draws nigh unto us ; when we dwell in God, our life, our breath, our very being, is dependent on and God in us,- then the tributary stream of gratibis sovereign will. We are his, because we have been tude is lost in the full tide of that affection which baptised into his Church, and were thus made mem- pouis itself into the boundless ocean of love. Thus bers of Christ, children of God, and inheritors of the temporal deliverances, and all the bounties of an inkingdom of heaven. This is all true ; but it is not the dulgent Providence, find their return in gratitude, point. Are we all his, emphatically? Is there that because these are recognised as the condescensions union, that child-like submission, that fellowship, that

of the Creator to the creature. The same emotion love to an unseen, self-existent, holy God, which the also predominates in the soul when we contemplate term implies. The consciences of many will assent God's mercies in the forgiveness of sin; for this imwhen I say that this is often very uncertain ; and hence plies the infinite distance of a pardoned rebel from you see at once the importance of the inquiry. The his great sovereign Lord. But when God manifests people of God are habitually in earnest about religion. himself in Christ Jesus as the soul's repose, and the They think it a serious, all-important concern, the

heart's desire; when we feed upon the bread that one thing needful. This at the very least must

came down from heaven, and drink of that water be the case. The people of God are not all which can satisfy the deepest thirstings of the spiritual vigorous and strong in faith, but they all wish to be nature,- I would appeal to the subject of this happy 20; there are many weak and feeble amongst them, experience (for lie alone can tell), whether the sense but all are sincere and in earnest. They do not trifle of favour is not lost in the enjoyment of the blessing. as the world does. You will not hear them talk as To sum up the whole matter : all that we can give to the world does about piety and pious people. They God is but the reaction and return of what he gives do not put off' religion; and, what is a still more charac- to 13. If God, then, gives us any thing short of himteristic mark, they do not wish to put it off. If they self, we instinctively repay that gift with something feel, as they often do, disinclined to duty, disinclined short of ourselves; and ihus it is that gratitude is to prayer, a little weary in the exercise of devotion, offered for temporal and for lesser spiritual mercies. or the use of the various means of grace, they seck to But where the great blessing is vouchsafed; where get rid, not of these instruments and aids to piety, God withholds not himself, but reveals and communibut of their disinclination to them. They do not leave

cates his own essential nature to the soul,--the soul off praying, but add to their prayers another, that they in return gives back itself, without reservation and may love prayer. They do not lay aside their Bible, without limit, unto him; and all its affections centre but look iherein to learn how they may more truly

in the fulfilment of the first and great commandment. value and love it. They do not cover their sins, be

- From Rev. H. Woodward's Thoughts and Refleccause the sight of them is grievous, but mourn over

tions." and confess them, and bring them to their Saviour,

The FOUNDATION OF CHRISTIAN Hope.--The first that the burden may be removed.

pillar that props it up is the almightiness of God. LOVE AND GRATITUDE.- Many writers seem to me “ Abba, Father, all things are possible to thee,” says to place too much of the life of religion in gratitude. our Saviour. Talk not to me how the seas should be It is true that time, nay, that eternity, would be too turned into dry land, or how the poor can be raised up • This extract from Sermons by Rev. J. Bateman, will give

to sit with the princes of the people; or how stones some idea of the simplicity, force, and piety, of the whole. The

can be raised up to be children of Abraham ; or how author, now Vicar of Marlborough, was chaplain to the present palsies and fevers can be cured with a word. I will Bishop of Calcutta, and the volume was published at the bishop's stop all gaps of infidelity with this one bush, “ That request. To many of our readers this will be a suflicient coin

God is able to do it.” He that is made by no cause mendation.

cannot be confined in his being; and he that hath no ETERNITY.-Eternity! O word of a vast comprebounds in his being can have no bounds and restriction hension, how doth this world, and the duration of all in his power. And if any fancy start out of our weak things therein, vanish and disappear at the very brain, to cavil that somewhat is impossible to God,- naming of thee! It is impossible to use exact proit is soberly spoken by one, that "it were better to say priety of speech in discoursing of this matter, and that this could not be done, than that God could not therefore we must express ourselves as well as we can. do it." There is no possibility, therefore, for Christian Before we were, there was an infinite space of time hope to despair, because all things are possible to God. which no finite understanding can reach ; and when There is no horizon under heaven or above heaven we die, and shall be no more in this world, an endless that hope cannot look beyond it : for that comfort that eternity of time (if I may so speak) succeeds and is commensurable with the strength and power of God follows, in which infinite duration our poor life interis as large as can be contained in the heart of a crea- venes, or comes in as a bandbreadth, the space of a few ture. But if you lean upon the help of men, aud bosts, minutes, as a small isthmus, or creek of land, between and angels, they are slender reeds, and will give you two boundless oceans. In short, our life in this world a fall : as God said of the vain trust of the Jews,“ They is but a little point of time, interposed between an shall be ashamed of Ethiopia, their expectation.” How eternity past and an eternity to come.-Bishop Bull. many do I see to sink under a little sorrow, because they have too much temporal comfort! The world is too liberal to them; it hath given them of all things so largely, that they have not the patience to want any

Poetry. thing: as God told Gideon, that he had too much of

LINES, man in his army to depend upon the Almighty for victory, and he bade bim retain but the thirtieth part, On reading a Poem expressing an opinion that the Attachments of and his foes should flee before him. Throw all the

Life are unknown to the Saints in Heaver. miserable comforts out of doors for rubbish, and cast

BY CHARLES BAYLY, yourself upon the strength of God, and upon that alone, and then say, “Lord, receive me ; for I have driven

(For the Church of England Magazine.) all other solace from me, that I might enjoy thee Sweet poet, say not so alone ; now I am ready for my Saviour, for there is

Of those who truly lovenone to help me but only thou, O Lord."-Bishop

"Twould wound the faithful heart to know Taylor.

It could not love above, The Duty of Prayer.--What man is he that can

And that the ties which bind us here help offering up his morning sacrifice of devotion,

Revive not in a brighter sphere. when, awaking from sweet sleep refreshed and renewed, he beholds all things, as it were, new created ?

O no! but rather say, The sun arises, and finds the cattle on a thousand

Attachments kindled here, hills waiting for his appearance, and all the birds of the air ready to pay their tribute of thanksgiving for the

Will there, amidst eternal day, return of his glorious and enlivening beams. And

Bright and more pure appear ; shall man-man, for whose use and benefit all these That love and hope, from passion free, things were made, -shall man alone lie buried in Shall bloom in immortality. sleep, or, when arisen, forget to worship his God? Shall he not rather rouse all his affections at once, The good made perfect there with these and the like strains of the sweet singer of

Welcome with holy kiss Israel: “Awake up, my glory; awake, lute and barp,'

The souls they lov'd so dearly here every organ of my body and faculty of iny soul; * I myself will awake right early. O God, thou art my

To everlasting bliss ; God; early will I seek thee. I will sing of thy power,

They strike their lutes, and every string O Lord, and praise thy mercy betimes in the morn- Sounds praises to their heavenly King. ing. I will magnify thee, ó God, my King, and praise thy name for ever and ever. Every day will I give thanks unto thee, and praise thy name for ever and ever." Now is the time for us to take

DISTANT CHURCH-BELLS. a view beforehand of every thing that is to be done in the day, to offer it to God with purity of inten

Up steeps reclining in the autumnal calm, ticn, and pray for his grace to direct us in all things: The woodland nook retired, and quiet field, but more especially in those instances in which we Upon the tranquil noon are most likely to need it; as the constitution, temper, The Sunday chime is borne ; situation, and circumstances of every person in the world make some particular temptations more dan- Rising and sinking on the silent air, gerous to him than others. Again : who that was in

With many a dying fall most musical, his senses, when the evening closes upon him, and

And fitful bird bard by, consigns him to the darkness of the night, would venture to go to sleep (when, for aught he knows, he

Blending harmoniously. may awake in another world), without having first ex

The moon is looking on the sunny earth ; amined bimself concerning the thoughts, words, and actions of the day, and so confessed and repented him

The fleecy clouds stand still in heav'n, of the sins therein committed, as to have rendered Making the blue expanse himself a proper object of the Divine mercy through More still and beautiful. Christ, into whose hands he should now commend his spirit, as he would do with his dying breath? Blessed If aught there be upon this rude, bad earth, is he who thus begins and ends the day with God, and Which angels, from their happy spheres above, so passes a life of piety and peace. His sleep shall

Could lean and listen to, be sweet indeed. And sweetest of all shall be that last sleep, out of which he shall awake to glory in the

It were those peaceful sounds. morning of the resurrection.-Bishop IIorne.

• From “ The Cathedral."


There is unearthly balm upon the air,

I must come forth to judgment! To that closing And holier lights which are with Sunday born, scene we direct you, where we must appear: then all That man may lay aside

our labours terminate ; your duties as servants, as well Himself, and be at rest.

as those of your employers, will be impartially investi

gated. Then what do you personally know of the Lord The week-day cares, like shackles, from us fall,

Jesus Christ? I would urge you to immediate and soAs from our Lord the clothings of the grave,

lemn self-examination. It will not then be enough

that you shall have pleased your master, or your And we too seem with Him

associates; but to have this testimony, that you have To walk in endless morn.

"pleased God.” The world has hitherto pleased, Not that these musical wings would bear us up,

engaged, and satisfied you. No, the world never

satiesies; its highest pleasures disappoint; it may On buoyant thoughts too high for sinful man, offer you its fountain of delight, but whosoever drinke But that they speak the best

of these waters will thirst again ; the deeper he drinks, Which earth hath left to give,

the more feverish and impatient is his thirst. “ The

wicked are like the troubled sea, when it cannot rest, or better hopes, and prayer, and penitence,

whosc walers cast up mire and dirt. There is no Rising in incense on the sacred air,

peace, saith my God, to the wicked." From many a woodland spire,

CATHEDRAL Music.—England is entitled to boast Or hill-embosom'd tower.

that her cathedral music is superior to that of any other country, and that, while the music of the Church

in Italy, and even Germany, has degenerated, ours Miscellaneous.

retains the solemn grandeur of the olden time. Our

services and anthems, too, are more vocal than the The SERVANT IN SICKNESS.* - This is your time of masses and motets of the Romish Church ; for, in trial, and what provision are you making for it? Here these, the voices are very frequently subordinate to I must speak to you on the duty of strict economy. the rich and powerful instrumental symphony which There is hardly a week passes, but I meet with some accompanies ihem. Our cathedral music is accominstances of servants taken ill, who are destitute of panied by the organ only; a kind of accompaniment any means of support; forced to find a miserable

that is not liable to the changes which orchestral lodging wherever they can, they are soon obliged to music is constantly undergoing, and, from its grave part with their clothing to satisfy their common wants: and solid style, is calculated to support and enrich the they are next driven to seek precarious aid from cha

vocal harmony without withdrawing the attention from rity, and to press as a burden and incumbrance on

it. The more independent vocal music is of instrusome poor lodging-house keeper, whom they are ob

mental accompaniment, the less it will be subject to the liged to leave at last in debt. But I implore you 10 mutability of taste and fashion; and this is one cause put an end to this degrading system. Be independent of the durability of our cathedral music. Its choral when sickness comes; Jay up out of your present harmony, too, is of surpassing grandeur, when perwages against the demands of illness; study economy formed with sufficient vocal strength; but, unfortuin dress; waste none of your income in trifles and nately, this is seldom the case in our cathedrals and finery; maintain your true nobleness of character. I churches. The body of vocal sound being too feeble have known most praiseworthy instances of aged pa

to fill the edifice, the organist endeavours to supply rents being supported, or greatly assisted, from the the defect by the loudness of his playing. But two and earnings of their children when in service; this is two do not always make four. By doubling the quan" honouring your father and mother,” in a manner tity of vocal sound, the greatness of its effect may be most becoming the Christian character, and accept- doubled: not so when the added quantity of sound is able to God. I would strongly recommend you to instrumental. This addition, indeed, frequently subdeposit your earnings from time to time in the savings'

tracts from the effect of the whole ; for the listener is bank, in such small sums as you can spare. Besides painfully employed in straining his ear to separate the being perfectly secure, and not liable to be spent in a

tones and words of the choristers from the mass of careless manner, your money will there be constantly instrumental sounds in which they are smothered. increasing by the accumulation of interest. It speaks The choral establishments of the cathedrals are, at well for a servant's character that she has money in

present, inadequate to do justice to the grand and the savings' bank. But presuming that you are mak- solemn music which they have to perform.--Hogarth's ing, and will continue to make, a due provision for Musical History, fc. future wants in this life ;-what is your prospect in another world ? This is the chief part of my instruc

Ruins or JERICHO.— The glory of this famous city tion to you. It is, we know, a most important point is .leparted, and a solitary square tower, called by the gained, if the tone of character among our domestic

monks the house of Zaccheus, is all that remains on servants be raised, if we find them persons of prin- the site of the once grand fortifications. A few hedges ciple, of integrity, of solid worth, as members of our

of wild cactus have supplanted the walls that fell under households,-this is most desirable. (God grant that

the blast of Joshua's trumpet; and since the days of this humble effort may contribute to make them such!)

Hiel the Bethelite, none has been found bold enough But we have far higher aims than your personal re

to fly in the face of the solemn denunciation against spectability and domestic virtue. We look on you as

the rebuilder of Jericho. A few, very few, mud huts, part of the “ Church of God, which he has purchased tenanted by naked Arabs, and scarcely visible till with his own blood;" you we are to gather from the closely approached, constitute the modern village of midst of this present evil world, and to present you

Rihhah, the Turkish name for Jericho. Here we to the Shepherd and Bishop of souls. All your duties pitched our tents, and the pilgrims strewed the plain or difficulties here will soon come to an end. Our

around.-Ellioll's Travels. relative characters as masters and servants will soon be lost. Eternity will ere long receive us; we are London: Published by JAMES BURNS, 17 Portman Street, rapidly passing through life; the Lord is at hand; the Portman Square ; W. EDWARDS, 12 Ave-Maria Lanes st. trump of God will soon awake the dead; and you and

Paul's; and to be procured, by order, of all Booksellers in Town

and Country. • From “ Pastoral Address to Female Servants." Ry Rev. W. B. M.Kenzie, M.A., Minister of St. James, Holloway.



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of fulfilled prophecy, then, we may expect, THE STUDY OF PROPHECY.

will have the important effect of establishing

us more securely in the faith ; and were those II.

who call in question the Bible as the revelation It was the object of a former essay to set of God to his creatures, and who in the pride forth the advantages of an acquaintance with of an unsubdued and unsanctified heart deny prophecy to those who lived under the old the Lord Jesus Christ, to study these prophedispensation: the object of the present will be, cies with greater care, and with humble prayer to prove that such an acquaintance with these for the Divine guidance, there is little doubt prophecies cannot fail to have a most bene- but that they would be speedily brought to ficial effect upon ourselves :

the acknowledgment of the truth. It will be I. In establishing more securely our own observed that I say the study of fulfilled faith. The evidence arising from prophecy may prophecy; for it is most important to keep be fairly regarded as among the very strongest; the distinction in mind between that which is and it will be recollected, that to these prophe- fulfilled, and that for the accomplishment of cies concerning the Messiah, and to their which we have yet to look. " I must express exact fulfilment in himself, our Lord referred, the conviction of my mind,” says one admiand more especially after his resurrection, rably well qualified to judge on this subject, when he terms the apostles "slow of heart to and one to whose patient investigation of the believe all that the prophets had spoken;" when Scripture testimonies to the divinity of the he affirms that “Christ ought to have suffered Messiah the Christian Church is under the these things, and enter into his glory," that is, deepest obligations, "I must express the that it was quite in accordance with the whole conviction of my mind, that it is not the imstrain of prophecy that he should have been mediate duty of all Christians to engage in crucified, dead and buried, and should, on the this branch of scriptural inquiry—the study third day, rise again ; and then, beginning at of unfulfilled prophecy; and this conclusion Moses, he expounded unto them in all the Scrip-rests upon the plain reason, that God has not tures the things that referred to himself. And made that the duty of any persons for which thus we find St. Peter, on the day of Pentecost, he has not furnished them with the necessary expostulating with the Jews, convincing them means. But the larger part of sincere and of their guilt, and proving, by reference to pro- devout believers cannot command the time phecy, that Jesus, whom they had crucified, which those long and laborious disquisitions was He of whom David spoke : while a similar require, in order to pursue them advantaeffect was produced by his appeal to the same geously; and, if they had sufficient leisure, evidence, when the people ran together unto without neglecting plainly incumbent duties, him and John, in the porch of the temple they are not possessed of that acquaintance called Solomon's, astonished and amazed at with philology and history, which is manithe miracle of healing wrought on the lame festly indispensable to investigations of this man who sat begging at the gate. The study nature. Let not such excellent persons regret VOL, VII, -NO, CXCIX.

(London : Robson, Levey, and Franklyn, 46 St. Martin's Lane.]



their disability: they have other and more earliest times promised a Deliverer, - one profitable objects to engage their attention mighty to save, who should reverse the senand to fill their hearts; they need not occupy tence of condemnation, and restore man to themselves with a light shining in a dark that liberty, and light, and felicity, which he place, when they can walk under the bright- had forfeited by transgression. ness of the Sun of Righteousness,--the clearly III. But an acquaintance with fulfilled revealed doctrines and promises, the precepts, prophecy is calculated to excite us to active examples, devotional compositions, and his- diligence in the great works of the Christian torical illustrations of the divine word." It calling, more especially those which refer to had been well, had these judicious remarks the advancement of the kingdom of the Rebeen adopted as the rule of conduct by many deemer. Such an acquaintance assures us that in our own day, who seek to be wise above God's word standeth for ever sure ; that every that which is written, and to pry into the jot and tittle thereof will be accomplished; and secret things which belong to the Lord our that whatever impediments may appear to God, who have been led away from the sober stand in the way of the accomplishment of interpretation of divine truth, and too often his purposes, they must all be finally overto interpret the most mysterious prophecies come. Now God hath expressly assured us of the sacred volume according to their own that the time will ultimately arrive, though he crude fancies.

hath not pleased to state the precise period, II. The study of fulfilled prophecy will for the times and seasons are in his own hand increase our admiration of the wisdom and --when all men shall know him, from the least goodness of the Almighty. It has often been even to the greatest. He hath positively urged as an objection to the truths of Chris- declared that the dominion of the Messiah tianity, that it is utterly inconsistent with our shall be írom sea to sea, and from the river unto notions of infinite benevolence to suppose

the end of the earth. We cannot, therefore, the Most High would have suffered so many

doubt the exact fulfilment of his word. Every ages to pass before the advent of the Messiah ; obstacle must disappear, every impediment be and that had he intended to make a revelation removed, in the accomplishment of an end so of his will by a messenger especially qualified desirable, an object so glorious. He deigns for the work, that messenger would have ap- to employ the agency of man; he purposes peared at a much earlier period. From an that man shall be to his fellow-man the herald acquaintance with prophecy, however, we of peace--the messenger of salvation; that learn, that even before the Almighty passed the the kingdom of the Redeemer shall be enlarged

by human exertion, blessed and rendered pair, a Deliverer was promised. The light of efficacious by his good Spirit. Here, then, is

, a revelation was not poured in upon man at once a call to active diligence in seeking to promote and with full splendour: the obscurity of the the knowledge of the Saviour among men; dawn went before the brightness of the noon- here is a motive which should lead us to be day. The will of God was at first made stedfast, immovable, always abounding in known by revelations dark and mysterious ; the work of the Lord. Many, indeed, are the to these succeeded others more clear and discouragements in the way of Christian experfect, in proportion as the situation of the ertion in this particular ; but the encourageworld made it necessary. Throughout the ments infinitely surpass them. The spread of whole chain of prophecy, however, we behold Christianity may be slow, it may be gradual, the Divine mercy to man set forth. We have it may scarcely be perceptible, it may appear seen that these prophecies were the stay, and to some to be impossible ; yet ultimately we the comfort, and support of God's servants in are assured it will cover the earth, even as every age of the Church ; and the fulness of the waters cover the channel of the great the time did not arrive for many ages, when deep. And what, it may be asked, have we it should please God to send forth his Son ; done towards the accomplishment of an event yet, the propitiatory sacrifice made by that so glorious ? If we trace with gratitude and Son on the cross was as effectual to the re- delight the gradual development of the plan moval of the transgressions of those who lived of mercy, from its first dawning in paradise before, as of those who lived after his advent. until it burst forth in splendour in that adorIt is their ignorance of the divine plan of mercy able Saviour who was the light of the world, which induces unbelievers to cavil at the word the Sun of Righteousness; if we meditate of God. Would they but patiently study its with thankfulness on His advent in the flesh, hallowed pages,—would they but derive its whose testimony was the spirit of prophecy, sincere milk, that they might grow thereby,-- we shall pray for the speedy accomplishment would they but come unprejudiced to the in- of those prophecies which declare his ulterior vestigation of the truth, they would be soon triumphs in the world ; we shall, according led to adore that mercy, which even from the to our several abilities, seek to promote the

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