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ADDRESS at the Anniversary of a Provident Society (by the rev. | CABINET (continued).

J. Mellor Browne, M.A.), clxxviii. 91.

CABINET:-Short Thcological Extracts from the following Au-

Adam, rev. T., exciii. 318; exev. 350; cxcvi. 360. Aitchison,

rev. D., clxxxiv. 190. Anderson, rev. Robert, clxxix. 118;

clxxxii. 157.

Bateman, rev. J., excviii. 390; cc. 422. Barrow, dr. Isaac,

clxxviii. 112. Beachcroft, rev. R. P., clxxxvi. 214. Berens,

archd., exc. 278. Beveridge, bp., clxxxv. 205; elxxxviii. 246;

excv. 350. Bickersteth, rev. E., clxxxiv. 190. Bissland,

rev. T., clxxii. 14. Blunt, rev. H., clxxiv. 46; clxxvi. 71;

clxxvii. 86; clxxxix. 262; exciii. 318. Boyle, hon. Robert,

clxxii. 14. Bramhall, abp. clxxxi. 143. Bull, bp. clxxxix.

262; excii. 302; excviii. 391. Burton, dr., clxxix. 118.

clxxxv. 205. Butterfield, rev. H., clxxx. 134; clxxxii. 157.

Cave, rev. R., excii. 302. Cecil, rev. R., exc. 278; excii. 302.
Cornwallis, Mrs., cxcvii. 374; cc. 122. Cyprian, St., clxxxviii.
Dale, rev. Thomas, clxxxv. 205.
Evans, rev. R. W., excv. 350.
Fenelon, abp., clxxiii. 31.
Griswold, bp., clxxxviii. 246.
Hale, Sir Matthew, cxcix. 406.

Hall, bp., clxxii. 14; clxxxix.
262; exci. 287; exciv. 334. Hare, rev. A. W., clxxviii. 102;
clxxxviii. 246; exciii. 318. Heber, bp., cxciii. 318. Hiffer-
nan, rev. J. M., clxxv. 62; clxxxii. 157. Hobson, rev. S.,
clxxv. 62. Horne, bp., clxxxviii. 246; excviii. 391. Horsley,
bp., clxxxiii. 174; clxxxix. 262. Howels, rev. W., cxc. 278.
Hutton, rev. T. R., clxxxv. 205.

James, bp., exc. 278. Jeremie, rev. J. A., clxxiv. 46.
Kirwan, dean, exci. 287. Knight, rev. J., clxxxv. 205.
Lear, archd. exc. 278. Le Bas, rev. C. W., clxxix. 118; clxxxii.
157; clxxxvii. 230. Leighton, abp., clxxii. 14; clxxvii. 86;
exc. 278. Lucas, excii. 302; exev. 350.

Marsh, bp., clxxvi. 71; cxcii. 302. Marsh, rev. W., exc. 278.
Martyn, rev. H., exc. 278. Melvill, rev. H., clxxxiv. 190.
Melvill, Philip, esq., clxxxix. 262. Molesworth, rev. J. E. N.,
clxxxvi. 214.

Taylor, bp. Jeremy, clxxxv. 205; clxxxix. 262; exci. 287;

excii. 302; cxciv. 334; cxcviii. 390; cc. 423. Turner, Sharon,

esq., cxcv. 350.

White, rev. Thomas, clxxxi. 143. Wilberforce, rev. Samuel,
excii. 302; excvii. 375. Williams, rev. J., exciv. 384; excvi.
360. Wilson, bp., clxxxiii. 174. Wogan, cxcii., 302. Wolfe,
rev. Charles, clxxxiii. 174. Woodward, rev. H., cxcviii.
390; cc. 423.

Camel, the, clxxviii. 101.

Canada (Upper) Clergy Society (Journal of Mr. O'Meara), clxxv.

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H. Woodward), cc. 420.

Jesuitism, No. VIII. (conclusion), elxxiii. 38.
Immanuel, or God with us (Mylne), exeviii. 378.
Invocation of Saints (dr. Rudge), cxcix. 405.

Khurta Bhsja (bp. of Calcutta), clxxxiv. 189.

Lessons, on the reading of the (Wogan), exciil. 310.
Love of God, on the (Rev. H. Woodward), excvii, 373,

Mahomedan Slavery (T. F. Buxton, esq.), elxxvi. 70.

Man of God (rev. H. Raikes), clxxxiii. 173.
Marriage (bp. Taylor), cc. 414.

Massacre on St. Bartholomew's Day at Paris, 1572, clxxx. 123;
clxxxi. 138.


Advantages of England (Elliot's Travels), clxxxv. 208; Air
(Curtis), clxxvii. 88; Antiquity of Sabbath (rev. G. Holden),
cxcvi. 360; Asiarchs, the (Scripture Gazetteer), cxcii. 304;
Atmosphere, the (Whewell), exciii. 320; Australia (Sydney
Gazette), cxc. 280.

Bellarmine (rev. B. E. Nicholls), clxxxiv. 192.
Cathedral Music (Hogarth), excviii. 392; Church of Christ
(prof. Scholefield), exci. 288; Church of the Lateran (W. Rae
Wilson, esq.), clxxx. 136; Churches or Gaols (W. Collins),
cxcix. 408; Circumstantiality of the Bible (rev. W. J. Kidd),
clxxxiv. 192; Cobbett's Testimony to the Church, cxcix.
408; Confirmation (rev. J. Downall), clxxvii. 88; Conver
sation of English Women (Mrs. Ellis), clxxvii. 88; Crime in
Scotland (Blackwood), clxxiii. 32; Cutchees, the (Mrs. Pos-
tans), cxc. 280.

Demoniacal Agency (rev. C. W. Le Bas), cxciv. 336; Domestic
Duties (sir T. More), clxxiii. 32; Dress (rev. R. Cecil),
clxxix. 120.

Egyptian Columns (W. Rae Wilson, esq.), clxxxix. 264;

Egyptian Schools (Lane), elxxxvi. 216; Evils of Separation

(rev. J. Baylee), clxxxiii. 176.

Flies of Egypt, elxxxvii. 232; Food of Infants (Curtis), clxxiii,


Gambling (rev. H. G. Watkins), clxxviii. 104; Governors and
their Graves at Sierra Leone (capt. Alexander), cxcil. 304;
Grace before Meals, cxcv. 352; Gratitude and Ingratitude
(dr. South), clxxiii. 32.

Hearers and Doers (bp. Hall), clxxxix. 264; Holy Land (W. Rae
Wilson, esq.), clxxxvi. 216; Homilics, the (Thornthwaite),
clxxix. 120.

Japan (Christian Observer), clxxxvii. 232; Idleness (bp. Tay-

lor), cxcvii. 376; Jericho, Ruins of (Elliott's Travels), cxcviii.

392; Jews in Palestine, clxxx. 136; Jews, the (rev. G. Faus-

sett), cxcix. 408; Influence of Mental Emotion on Health

(Curtis), clxxxvi. 216; Intoxication (Whytehead), clxxviii.


Lord's Day, How to keep (Fuller), cxcvii. 376.

Medical Profession (chancellor Law), clxxxviii. 248; Mis-

sionary Discouragement, excvii. 376; Moslem Egyptians

(C. Lane, esq.), clxxxviii. 248; Music (Hants Advertiser),

cxciii. 320.

National Church (Jortin), clxxxvi. 216; National Education

(rev. J. Ayre), clxxvi. 72; Natural Theology (Pinnock),

clxxv. 64.

Opium (rev. A. S. Thelwall), clxxv. 64.

Palenque (British Gazette), clxxxix. 264; Parsees (Missionary

Register), cxcv. 352; Pascal (P. Melvill, esq.), cxci. 288;

Popery (rev. J. N. Pearson), clxxx. 186; Promises (Claren-

don), clxxv. 64; Puritanism (Southey), elxxxv. 208.

Quietness (Hooker), cci. 480.

Religious Destitution of Troops abroad, clxxii. 16; Rio de


Janeiro (Robertson's Letters), clxxxviii. 248.

Sacrifice, Origin of (Corfe), clxxix. 120; St. Etheldreda's Chapel

(Ecclesiastical Gazette), exc. 280; St. Spiridione, clxxviii.

104; Sandals (Burder), clxxiv. 48; Servant in Sickness

(rev. W. B. M'Kenzie), excviii. 390; Silence (St. Ambrose),
cxcix. 408; Sleeping-rooms (Curtis), clxxix. 120; Society,
clxxix. 120; Sanderson (bp.), cxci. 288; Solitude (Cole-
ridge), clxxxv. 208; South America (Robertson's Let-
ters), cxciv. 336; Spanish Slavery (T. F. Buxton, esq.),
clxxxiv. 192; Spears (W. Rae Wilson, esq.), clxxvi. 72;
Sunday Scholar, the, cc. 424; Sunday Dress and Appearance
(bp. Davy's), clxxxii. 160; Supposed Scepticism of Medical
Men (chancellor Law), clxxxi. 144; Swallows (W. Rae Wil-
son, esq.), cxciil. 320; Sydney, Society in, clxxii. 16.

Temperance (rev. J. M. Hiffernan), elxxxiii. 176; Time and

Property (bp. J. B. Sumner), clxxiv. 48; Transubstantiation

(rev. C. S. Bird), clxxxil. 160.

Ventilation (Curtis), clxxxvii. 232; Vernacular Dialects (prof. Mak
Scholefield), cxciii. 320; Village Churches (W. Howitt), cap (HLÍ


Wallachia (dr. Burton), clxxx. 136; William Collins (rev. W
L. Bowles), ce. 424; Wonders of Creation (Shaw), cel. 430,
Mythology, the Sclavonie (by the rev. H. Christmas, F.S.A.),
No. I., clxxxv. 194. No. II., clxxxvii. 222. No. III., clxxxix.

Narrative of the Loss of the Eldon (dr. R. II. Kennedy), elxxix.

National Education (by the rev. N. Smart), No. I., clxxiii. 19.

Ordination of a Missionary (bp. Stewart, of Quebec), clxxiv. 34.
Old Hall (by the Author of " The Student," &c.), clxxiii. 18.
Old Verger, exc. 275,

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HANSON, rev. E., B.A. (Thorney, Notts), God's Inspection of

the Righteous and the Wicked, clxxx. 128.

HARRISON, rev. W. (St. Oswald's, Chester), The Parable of

the Sower, clxxxi. 139.

HARTE, rev. W. M. (Barbadoes), The Resemblance between
the Church of England and the Primitive Church, excviii.

HEBERT, rev. C., M.A. (St. James, Clapham), The abiding City

of God's People, clxxxv. 200.

HILL, rev. John, M.A. (St. Edmund Hall, Oxford), Christ's
Invitation, clxxii. 9.

HORNE, rev. T. H., B.D. (St. Edmund the Martyr, London),

The Redemption of Time, clxxxviii. 241.

JENNINGS, rev. T. F., M.A. (Bristol), The Study of Holy Scrip-
ture, excvii. 368.

KING, rev. John, M. A. (Christ Church, Hull), The Confessors
and Deniers of Christ, clxxiii. 24.

LILLEY, rev. E., M.A. (Peckham), Piety, not Years, the Man-

hood in Christ, cc. 416.

M'CAUL, rev. Alex., D.D. (London), Charity towards, those
who differ from us, clxxxiii. 168.

MORICE, rev. R., M.A. (Cheshunt), God is Love, cxciii. 313.

MUSTON, rev. C. R., M.A. (St. John's, Chelmsford), Domestic

Religion, cxcv. 344.

RICHARDS, rev. J. Luscombe (rector of Exeter Coll., Oxford),
Social and Public Worship, clxxviii. 96.

•To a Lady on the Death of a Friend (Chas. Bayly), exev. 351. SANDYs, rev. John, M.A. (St. Paul's, Islington), clxxix. 112.
Triumph of the Gospel, excvii. 375.

Wickliffe, clxxx. 134.

Poor Laws (rev. H. Smith), clxxvii. 84.

SHERWOOD, rev. W., B.A. (Holybourn, Hants), The Flesh and

wo the Spirit, clxxxix, 256.

Relapse in Religion (rev, J. Whytt), cxcv. 342.

Religious Destitution of the Country (rev. H. W. Wilberforce),
excv. 349.

Revival in the American Church (dr. Hawks), cxcii. 301.

Roger Holland (Fox), cxciv. 325.

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BISSLAND, rev. T., M.A. (Hartley, Hants), The Coming of
Christ, excvi. 356.

BROWN, rev. Joseph, M.A. (Norwood, Surrey), The Love of
God, exc. 272.

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BRYAN, rev. G. (Huttoft, Lincolnshire), The Care of the Soul,
clxxvii. 80.

COTTON, rev. R. L., D.D. (Provost of Worc. Coll., Oxford), The
Living Water, clxxxvii. 225.

EDEN, rev. R., M.A. (St. Mary's, Lambeth), Nobility of the

Bereans, clxxiv. 40.

EDWARDS, rev. E. (Wrexham), Support in the Day of Trial,
excii. 297.

GOLDING, rev. J. E. (Walton, Peterborough), Practical Inten-

tion of the Gospel, clxxv. 57.

SPENCE, rev. G., LL.B. (St. Clement's, Cambridge), The De-

vices of Satan, exciv. 238.

STAINFORTH, rev. F. J., M.A. (Camberwell), cxcix. 400.

WERE, rev. E. B., M.A. (Chipping Norton), The Choice of

Moses, clxxxiv. 184.

Shipwright's Widow (by the Author of "The Student," &c.),
clxxix. 110.

Sketches from a Traveller's Portfolio:--

No. XI. The Exile, excv. 539.

XII. The Brand Strasse, cxcix. 396.

Sketches from Memory (by a Naval Officer):-

No. II. The Pirate, clxxxviii. 237.

Soul, the, the great Object of Ministerial Watchfulness (archd.
Hoare), clxxii. 2.

Sunday Reflections (by Mrs. RILEY), No. XIII., clxxiii. 29.
No. XIV., clxxvi. 69. No. XV., clxxxvi. 213.

Tale of Humble Life, exc. 275.

Theatre, the (rev. E. Hoare), exci. 285.

Thoughts in Solitude (by Joseph Fearn), No. I., exe. 277. No. II.,
cxcviii. 380.

Thoughts on Historical Passages of the Old and New Testament:
No. XI. David pardoned but punished (by rev. F. W. FOWLE),
clxxii. 3.

XII. The Miraculous Draught of Fishes (by the rev. W.
MAYHEW), clxxxiv. 188.

XIII. The Character and Conversion of Lydia (by the rev.

JOHN EMRA, M.A.), cci. 427.

Tinnevelly, excviii. 381, and excix. 398.

Trial of the Seven Bishops in 1688, cxciv. 325.
Turkish Martyr, cxc. 269.

Walking over the Parish Boundaries (Sunday Reader), exciii. 317.
Whitty, Archdeacon (rev. M. O'Sullivan), clxxxi.

Witch of Endor, clxxii. 7.

Worship of the Serpent (by the rev. H. CHRISTMAS), No. IV.,
elxxxii. 150.

Zeal for God's Glory (rev. T. Griffith) clxxxviii. 234.

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