Imatges de pÓgina

Beaumont (A.) Travels through the Maritime Alps, plts., russ., y. e., fo.,

Pinnock. 58 S. May 28
(Francis) Poems, viz. : The Hermaphrodite; The Remedy of Lore;

Elegies ; Sonnets; with other Poems, large fine copy, cf. neat, blind

tooled, L. Blaiklock, 1653

Pickering, £20 S. June 20

and Fletcher. Comedies and Tragedies, ist Edn., port. by Marshall,

scribbled on bottom blank margin, and A ii stained, otherwise fine, tall

copy, with uncut leaves (size 134 by 83), orig. cf. (one cover loose), fo.,


Black, £31 Ios S. Dec. 10

The same, poit. by Marshall, scribbled on bottom blank margin and
A ii stair.ed, otherwise fine, tall copy, with uncut leaves (size 137 by 87),
orig. cf. (1 cover loose), fo., 1647 (same copy as preceeding) Blythe, £27 S. Apr. 18

The same, port. by Wm. Marshall, ist Edn. (margin of title

mended), mor. ex. by Riviere, 1647

Anderson, £18 P. Dec. 7

The same, port. of Fletcher, by Marshall, old cf., tall fine copy, 1647

Bradley, £23 S. Feb. 3

The same, port. by Marshall, sound, clean copy, in orig. cf., 1647

Pickering, £25 55 S. July 23

Fifty Comedies and Tragedies, port. and title repaired, fo., 1679 £28s H. Mar. 29

The same, hf. cf. (wants port.), fo., 1679

Tregaskis, £ 1 45 C. Apr. 20

A King and No King, the fourth time printed, 44 11., entirely uncut,

E. C. for W. Leake, 1639

Quaritch, £10 S. Apr. 23

Knight of the Burning Pestle, 41 11., entirely uncut, 1635

Quaritch, £13 jos

S. Apr. 23

The Maids Tragedie. third impression, title and headlines slightly

damaged, some corners damaged by damp, text only very slightly

injured, unbound, uncut, 410, 1630

Sotheran, £2 10s S. Feb. I

Another Edn., fifth impression, headlines slightly shaved, hf. cf., 410,


Dobell, £i S. June 30

Poems; the Golden Remains of those so much admired Dramatic

Poets, cf. ex., g. e., 1660

Lyle, £15 S. Apr. 18

* There was no copy of this volume in the Bibliotheca Anglo Poetica.

Works, 7 v., port. and ills., ist svo Edn., thick paper, orig. cf.,

Tonson, 1711

Sotheran, £5 S. Apr. 18

The same, 7 v., old cf., 1711

Dobell, 155 S. Apr. 26

Works, with Notes by Theobald, 10 v., ports., old cf.,


Hill, £ i jos S. May 26
Works, with Notes by H. Weber, port., 14 V., mor. ex., g. e. by

J. Wright, Edinb., 1812

Maggs, £9 55 S. June 15

The same. 14 v., tree cf. gilt, m. e., Edinb., 1812 Edwards, £3 35 S. July 21

Works, ed. by Dy, e, ports. (foxed), 11 V., cf. 1843-6

£7 158 H. Oct. 21

The same, II v., cf., 1813-6

Hornstein, £ 10 25 6d S. Nov. 19

The s-me, il V., cl. (clean copy), 1843-6

£10 55 H. Jan. 15

The s me, ii v., hf. mor., t. e. g. with book-plate of Mr. Henley,

A. Jackson. £ 12 25 6d S. Mar. 14

The same, 11 V., cf. ex., m. e., by F. Bedford, 1843-6 Maggs, £9 S. June 23

The same, II V., hf. mor., m. e., 1843

Sotheran, £7 S. July 22

(John) Treatise of Spiri's, front., old cf., 1705 Oppenheimer, 125 S. Jan. 14

(Sir John) Bosworth Field, ist Eda., text cut into, old cf., w. a. f.,


Dobell, 2s S. June 13

The same, with the blank leaf to complete the first signature, orig.

vell. sound, genuine copy, 1629

Peach, £1 18s S. June 17

(Jos.) Psyche; or Love's Mysterie, ist Edn., unbound, fo., 1648

Peach, 6s S. Feb. I

Beaumont (E«sex) Parish Registers of, hf. vell. fo.. p. p., 1899 Crisp, 75 P. Jan. 21

Beauties of England and Wales, 18 v. in 25 and Introduction, 26 v.. p'ts.,

cf., 1801-18

Britnell, £3 Ios

P. Oct. 7

Beauties of the Dutch School of Painters, 14 plts , 4to, 1793

Thorburn, £1 is C. Mar. 29

Beauveau (H. de) Relation Journalière du Voyage du Levant, engs., cf., ex

g. e , Beckford copy, 4to, Nancy, 16 5

Magg, £1 6s S. May 5

Beavan, Reports in the rolls Courts, with Index, 36 v., 1840-69 £6 55 H. Apr. 29

The same, 36 v., cf. (Index in parts) 1840-69

£6 155 H. Apr. 29

The same, 36 v., cf,, 1840-69

£5 5s H. July 28

Bebelius (Henricus) Liber Hymnorum in Metra noviter redactorum, cum annott, &c., MS. notes, slightly wormed, hf. bnd., sm. 4to, Hagenoæ, 1517

Bull, TIS

S. Feb. 29 Beckett. Thome Cantuariensis. Vita et Processus, g. l., woodcut device on last leaf, sm. 4to, hf. bd., Parisii, J. P. Alemanū, 1495

£i 18s

H. Mar. 9 Beckford (Peter) Thoughts on Hunting, ist Edn , plts., cf. ex., by Riviere, rough g. e., fine copy, 4to, 1781

Farren £5 55 S. Feb. 3 The same, (no front ) orig. bds., 4to, Sarum, 1781 Hornstein, £3 55 S. July 23 Another Edn., front, hf. mor., g. t., 4to, 1782

Massey, 18s S. May 28 Another Edn., plts., old cf., y.e., 1796

Braun, £ I TIS S. Jan. 14 The same, cf. gilt, y.e., 1795

Maggs, £I 145 S. July 21 Another Edn., plts., mor., gilt, 1810

Wellington, £ I 5s P. Apr. 20 The same, cf., 1810

Pickering, £1 8s S. May 16 The same, hf. cf., 1810

Spencer, £i 2s

S. July 23 Another Edn., front., tree cf. gilt, y.e. (18.0)

Maggs, IIS S. June 10 (William) An Arabian Tale (Vathek) ist Edn., orig. cf., fine copy, 1786

Thorp, £i 2s

S. Jan. 14 The same, hf. bd., uncut, 1786

Shepherd, £i is

P. Oct. 23 Popular Tales of the Germans, 2 v., ist Edn., hf. cf. gilt, 1791

Dobell, 9s

S. Feb. 5 Bedæ (Ven.) Opera Omnia, Theologica Historica et Philologica, 8 v., vell., fo., Basil, 1563

Hayley, £2 25 S. July 1 Beddoes (T. L.) The Bride's Tragedy ist Edn., wrapper, 1822

Magg, 155 S. July 11 The same, cf. ex., t. e. g.. by Riviere, 1822

Ellis, 18s S. June 13 Death's Jest Book, ist Edn., 1850

Dobell, 75 S. July II Poems, ist collected Edn., 1851

West, 135 S. July II Poetical Works, ed. by E. Gosse, L. P., 2 V., 1890

West, ios S. July 1 Bedford (A.) Evil and Danger of Stage-Plays; orig. sheep, Bristol, 1706

Pont, £c 125 S. Apr. 21 (W. K. R.) Blazon of Episcopacy, plts., 4to, Oxford, 1897 Fuller, 135 S. July 15 Bedford Missal. Account of a Rich Illuminated Missal executed for the Duke

of Bedford, Regent of France under Henry VI., plts., port, inserted, hf. cf. 4to, 1 91

Ellis, 18s S. Feb. 29 Bee and the Wasp, see Frankum Bee Hive of the Romishe Church, trans. by G. Gilpin, b. I., full-page woodcut (some margins shaved) 1580

Sotheran, 178 9. June 17 Beeverell (J.) Délices de la Grande Bretagne et de l'Irlande, 8 v. in 9. plts., old cf., Leide, 1707

Daniell, £2 S. Jan. 14 Behmen (Jacob) Works with figures illustrating his Principles, by the Rev. Wm. Law, port, and plts. 4 V.. old cf.. 4to, 1764 Quaritch, £8 ios

S. June 15 Behn (Mrs. Aphra) Discovery of New Worlds from the French, ist Edn., old cf., I' 88

Dobell, 2s S. Feb. 18 Histories and Novels, 5th Edn.; cf. ex., y.e., 1705 Pickering £1 18s

S. Feb. 3 La Montre, or the Lover's Watch, leaf of license pasted down on cover, ist Edn., front., old cf., 1686

Dobell, uis S. Feb. 18 Love-Letters between a Nobleman and his Sister, cf., m. e., 1712

Ridler, £i S. Jan. 14 Lycidus, or the Lover in Fashion, fine copy in orig. cf., 1688

Pickering, £4 155 S. Feb. 3 Miscellany, a Collection of Poems by Several Hands antique cf., r.e., 1685

Dobell, 5s S. Feb. 18 The same, old cf.. If 85

145 H. May 10 Plays, 4 v , port., hf. cf., 1724

Hill, £2 125 P. Jan. 20 Plays, Histories and Novels, with Life and Memoirs, 6 v., port., and plts., cf gilt, y.e., 1871

A. Jackson, £4 45 S. Mar. 3 The same, ov., : 871

A. Jackson, £3 ios

S. Mar. 14 The same, 6V., 1871

Hollings, £2 55 C. Apr. 20 The same, 6 v., 1871

Hill, £3 S. May 4 The same, 6 v., L.P., 1871

Edwards, £3 78 6d S. July 21 Poems, ist Edn., old cf., 1684

£i H. Oct. 21 The same, old cf., 1684

5s 6d H. Jan. 7 Bell (Chas.) Anatomy of Expression, ills., cf. gilt, m. e., 4to, 180h Hobbs, 5s S. Mar. 3

(H. N.) Huntingdon Peerage, with History of the House of Hastings, ports., hf. mor,, 4to, 1820

Morgan, 5$ S. Mar. 5

The same,

1793, &c.

Bell (J.) New Pantheon, 2 v., plts., cf., 4to, 1790

Thompson, 2s S. Feb. 18 The same, 2 v., old tree cf. gilt, y.e., 4to, 1790 Shepherd, 125

S. Mar. 3 (Malcolm) Edward Burne-Jones, A .Record and Review, plts., 4to, 1892

Quaritch, £2 45 S. Apr. 25 Bell's British Theatre 20 v., ports., cf., (3 v, defective) 1776-8 Dobell, gs S. Apr. 14 The same, 21 V., old hf. cf., 1776

Dobell, 55 S. May 28 The same, 34 v., cf., y.e., 1791-5

Maggs, £2 S. June 23 each play bound separately, in 139 V., hf. cf., 1791-1797

Walford, £ 1 145 S. Feb. 6 The same, 32 V., cf., 1796

£i 38 H. Oct. 14 The same,' 34 V., red mor., g. e., 1797

Sotheran, £4 145 S. Jan. 14 The same, 34 v., cf., mor. backs, y.e., 1797

Maggs, £2 ós S. May 28 Bell's Poets of Great Britain, 93 v., port., and fronts, blue mor., g,e.,

Sotheran, £ I 135 S. July 8 Bellamy (George Anne), Apology for her Life, 4th Edn., port, and front., 5 v., old cf., gilt, 1786

Bain, 18s S. Mar. 3 Bellarius (). P.) Columna Cochlis M. Aurelio Antonino Augusto dicata, 80 plts., old cf., ob. fo., Romæ, 1701

Bull, 4s S. May 28 Bellay (loac.) Poematum lib. IV., Elegiæ, Varia Epigrammata, Amores,

Tumuli, ist Edn., red mor., gilt, g. e., sm. 4to, Paris, 1558 Dobell, 6s S. Mar. 3 Belleforest (F. de) L'Innocence de la tressillustre, treschaste et debonnaire

Princesse Madame Marie Royne d'Escosse, ist Edn., mor., g. e., fine copy, 1572

Maggs, £3 S. Mar. 5 Bellendus Scotus (G.) De Tribus Luminibus Romanorum, old French yellow mor., g. e. (Derome), Paris, 1634

Hopkins, 135 S. Mar. 3 Bellers (Fulk) Abrahams Interment, a Sermon, at the funerall of J.

Lamotte, port. by Faithorne, hf. mor., 4to, 1656 B. F. Stevens, £! 145 S. Apr. 22 Bellers, (J.) Proposals for raising a Colledge of Industry of all useful Trades, sm. 4to, cf., 1696

£2 H. May 10 Belli (I.) Galeria nel Palazzo Farnese in Roma, 30 plts., after Carraci, ħf. cf., fo.. (Roma, N. D.)

Massey, is S. June 10 Bellori (Gio. P.) Vite de'Pittori, Scultori ed Architetti Moderni, port., old

French red mor., side borders, g. e. (Hamilton Palace copy) 4to, Roma, 1728

Stanton, £2 S. Mar. 3 Belloris Veteres Arcus Augustorium Insignes, plts., vell., fo., 1690

George, 4s P. June 17 Belloy (P. de) Moyens d’Abuse Entreprises et Nullitez du rescrit et Bulle

du Pape sixte Ve du nom en date du mois de Sept. 1585 contre le Prince

Henry de Bourbon, old French cf., r. e., Coloigne, 1586 Reader, 35 S. Jan. 14 Beloe (W.) Anecdotes of Literature and Scarce Books, 6 v., ist Edn., hf. mor., g. t., uncut, 1812

Ridler, £i ios S. Jan. 14 Another Edn., 6 v., cf., m e., 1814, &c.

Reeves, IIS S. Mar. 12 Belon (P.) Observations de Plusieurs Singularitez et Choses Memorables trouvées en Grece, &c., woodcuts, old cf., Anvers, C. Plantin, 1555

Young, 18s S. Feb. 3 Another Edn , woodcuts (some 11. stained), 4to, Paris, 1588 Dobell, 2s S. Feb. 3 - The same, cf. ex., g. e., from Hamilton Palace, 4to, Paris, 1588

Ellis, 19s S. May 5 Belvoir Hunt, Lays of the, view of Belvoir Castle, Grantham, N. D.

Nattali, 159 S. Apr. 19 Memoirs of the Belvoir Hounds, ist Edn., Grantham, 1867 Nattali, 55 S. Apr. 18 Benedictus de Nursia. Libellus de Conservatione Sanitatis. per eximium

doctorem Magistrum Benedictum compositus, I. g. long lines, with signs. (blank for a j), cf. gilt, good copy, sm. 4to, Romæ, S. Planck, 1493

Tregaskis, £ 1 185

S. Apr. 23 Benese (Sir R. de) Boke of measurying of Lande, b. I., woodcuts, mor. ex., g. e. by W. Pratt, T. Colwell (1562)

Pickering, £4 IS S. May 5 Bennett (J. W.) Selection of Rare and Curious Fishes found on the coast of Ceylon, cold. plts., 4to, 1851

Friedlander, 8s S. Apr. 13 Benserade (M. de) Les (Euvres, front., 2 parts in i v., vell , Paris (à la sphère), C. de Sercy, 1698

Dobeli, 4s S. Dec. 8 Bentham (Geo.) Handbook of the British Flora, 2 v., ills., 1865

Hitchman, £1 8s S. July 2 The same, 2 v., hf. mor., 1865

Sotheran, rfs S. July 7

The same,

Bentham (Jas.) History of Ely Cathedral, plts., 2 v., cf., 4to, Camb., 1771

Harding, 175 S. May 17 The same, russ., g. e., 4to, Camb., 1771

Tregaskis, 128

S. Feb. 29 (Jeremy) Works, II V., hf. cf., 1813

Edwards, £6 2s 6d P. Oct. 7 Bentley (Chas.) Twelve Views in the Interior of Guiana, cold., with letterpress by R. H. Schomburgk, hf. mor., g. e., fo., 1841 Sabin, £245 S. Feb. 19

(R.) Designs for Six Poems by Thos. Gray, plts., fo., 1766 Andreu's, 55 S. Apr. 14 Bentley's Miscellany, plts. by Cruikshank and Leech, v 1-16, hf. mor., 1837-44

Edwards, £ 1 16s P. Jan. 21 The same, v. 1-16, plt., hf. mor., 1837-44

Jones. £3 P. Oct. 7 first 29 V., hf. bnd., 1837-51

£28s H. Oct. 14 Bently (John) List of Woods, &c., felled and sold out of the King and

Queen, their Majesties Forrests, &c., hf. cf. gilt, 4to, 16,8 Quaritch 175 S. May 5 Benton (P.) History of Rochford Hundred, 2 V., Rochford, 1867 Walford, 9s S. Feb. 29 Béranger (P. J. de) Euvres Complètes, avec Chansons Erotiques, 6 v., port. and numerous illus., hf. mor., g. t., uncut, Paris, 1847-53

Gardner, £3 2s 6d S. Jun. 23 Another Edn., port, and 53 engs., 2 v., mor. gilt, g. e., imp. 8vo., Paris, Perrotin, 1856

Braun, £ i 3s S. Mar. 3 Another Edn., 3 v., port, and plts., hf. cf., Paris, 1856-7 Lewine, gs S. Jan. 14 Another Edn., plts., &c., 5 v., hf. mor. ex., g. t., Paris, 1856-8

York, £3 ios S. Jun. 22 Berenger (R.) History and Art of Horsemanship, 2 v., front. and 15 plts.,

orig. wrap., uncut, many leaves unopened, 4to, 1771 Jonson, ios S. Jun. 20 Berens (E.) Christmas Stories, 3 etchings by Cruikshank, ist Edn., cf. gilt, g. e., Oxford, 1823

Shepherd, 175 S. Mar. 21 Berenson (B.) Drawings of the Florentine Painters Classified, plts., 2 v., hf. mor., only 355 printed, fo., 1903

Curtis, £10 5S S. May 4 Beresford (J.) Miseries of Human Life, 2 v., cold. plts. by Atkinson, cf. 1807

Braun, 135 S. Apr. 14 Bergeron (P.) Voyages Fameux du Sieur Vincent le Blanc Marseillois, old mor. gilt, 4to, from Hamilton Palace, 1658

Maggs, £IIS

S. May 5 Bergomensis (J. P. Foresti). Supplementum Chronicarum, cuts, fo., vell., name cut from 2 11., few wormholes, Venet., 1503

Olschki, £4 S. Dec. II Bergondi (Andr.) In Lode delle Belle Arte Orazione e Componimenti

Poetici, &c., old Italian red mor., with arms of Card. York, g. e. (from
Lord Oxford's Library), 4to, Rome, 1773

Leighton, £! 18s S. Jun. 20 Berkeley (G. F.) English Sportsman in the Western Prairies, ills., hf. cf., 1861

Stevens, 5s S. Jan. 27 My Life and Recollections, ist Edn.,

t. e. g., 1865

Edwards, 175 P. Jun. 16 Reminiscences of a Huntsman, cold. front. and plts. by Leech orig. cl., 1854

Shepherd, 145 S. Jan. 14 The same, hf. mor., g. t., 1854

Young, £ 1 2s S. Mar. 21 Berkeley MS. Lives of the Berkeleys, ed. by Sir J. Maclean, 3 v., 410, 1883

Walford, £1 ios S. June 10 Berlinghieri (Fr.) Geographia lib. VII., maps engd. on metal, should have

31 ; this copy has 27 only; wants printed title and register, first 12 11. mended, some loose, vell., supposed to contain the first maps engd. on metal. w. a. f., fo., Firenze, Todesco (c. 1480 ?)

Ellis £29 10s S. Dec. 16 Bernard (P. J.) Phrosine et Mélidore, ist Edn., plts. after Eisen, boards, large copy, rough edges, imp. 8vo., Messine et Paris, 1772

Dobell, gs

S. Mar. 3 Euvres, 4 plts. by Prudh'hon, mor, ex., uncut, t. e. g. by Riviere, fine copy. 4to, Paris, 1797

Dobell, £ 1 195 S. Mar. 3 Bernardino (R. F. P.) Trattato delle Piante et Immagini de' Sacri Ed fizi

di Terra Santa disegnate in Jerusalemme, 47 plts. by Callot, mor., g. e., (Beckford copy), 4to, Firenza, 1620

Ellis £1 16s S. July il Bernardus (S.) Epistolæ, g. I., capitals of first page illuminated, and i lu

minated floral border, other capitals in blue and red, fo., orig. oak boards, brass bosses, clasps (Hain, *2870, Pellechet, 2184), s. a. I. et typ (Argent. H. Eggestein, 1473)

Leighton, £4 16s S. Nov. 23 Opera Omnia, post Horstium denuo recognita cum notis, et curis D. Jo. Mabillon, 2 v., oaken boards, stamped pigskin, with an abbot's arms, r. e. clasps, Paris, fo., 1719

Westell, £s os S. July 1

m. e.,

4 v., hf.


Bernardus (S.) Sermones, I. g.,, rubricated, wormhole in a few leaves, mor., blind tooled, fine clean copy. fo., Basilæ, N. Kesler (1494) Young, £3 S. Jun. 30

* On the lower margin of signature a is a note by the rubricator, stating at whose expense the book was produced, and giving the date, 1494. Berners (Juliana), see Barnes Beroalde de Verville. Le Moyen de Parvenir, L. and fine P., front., 2 v., mor. ex., g. e. some rough edges, s. 1. 100070073

Peach, 175 S. Dec. 16 Tableau des Riches Inventions, engd. title (slightly cut), and woodcuts, old cf. gilt, fo., Paris, 1600

Quaritch, £ 5 ios.

S. Jan. 14 Beroaldus (P.) Libellus de optimo statu, wormed, Parrhisiis, T. Kerver, 1500

Ellis, 25 S. April 22 Orationes, lit. rom. long lines with signs (Hain, 2952), title mounted), sm. 4to. Lugduni, 1492 (J. Trechsel)

Olschki, nis S. Dec. 8 Berosi sacerdotis Chaldaici, antiquitatum Italiæ ac totius orbis libri

quinque, Joannis Annii Viterbensis, &c., old cf., rebacked,

sides containing fine specimen of stamped binding, Ant., 1552 Maggs, 16s S. July 9 Berquin. Idylles, front. and 24 plts. after Marillier, with numbers, mor., Paris, 1775

Carew, £6 155 S. Nov, 26 The same, 2 v. in 1, engd. title and 24 plts. by Marillier, old French cf., g. e., Paris, 1775

Ridler, 145 S. Jan, 14 Romances, front. and 4 plts. after Marillier, red mor., g. e.. with Duke of Gloucester's monogram, Paris, 1776

Tregaskis, £ 1 ios C. April 20 Berry (Miss) Journals and Correspondence, 3 v., ist Edn., ports., 1865

Edwards, 135 S. July 22 (Wm.) Encyclopædia Heraldica, 3 v. with plts. of arms, hf. mor., g. e., 4to, N. D.

Bull, £ 1 5S S. June 10 The same, 111 plts., with supplement, 4 V., red mor., g. e., 4to, N. D.

Quaritch, £5 S. June 15 Pedigrees of Berkshire Families fo., 1837

Gray, £5 5S S. July 15 The same, some documents inserted, fo., 1837

Quaritch, £5. S. June 10 Pedigrees of Essex Families, fo., N. D,

Walford, £3.178 6d S. July 15 Pedigrees of Families of Hants, 2 plts., hf. bnd., fo., 1833 Quaritch, £4 S. June 10 The same, fo., 1833

Harding. £355 S. July 15 Pedigrees of Hertfordshire Families, fo., N. D.

Walford, £2 145 S. July 15 Pedigrees of the Families of Kent, fo., 1830 Edwards, £4 175 6d S. July 15 Pedigrees of Families in Sussex, uncut, fo., 1830

Quaritch, £4 S. Jun. 10 The same, fo., 1830

Walford, £3 178 6d S. July 15 County Genealogies, Kent, Hants, and Sussex, 3 v., hf. cf., fo., 1833

Quaritch, £9 55 P. June 16 Berthier (Fr. J. J) Tombeau de St. Dominique, 37 photogravures, 4to, Paris, s. d.

Quaritch, £1 uns S. May 2 Bertin (A.) (Euvres avec Notes (par J. F. Boissonade), L. P., 2 states of the front., mor. ex., g. e., imp. ovo., ' aris, 1824

Braun, 135 S. Mar. 3 (Jos.) Noble Game of Chess, cf., m. e., 1735

Sotheran, jos S. April 22 Bertius (P.) Commentariorum Rerum Germanicorum lib. III., engd. title, plts., old cf., ob., 4to., Amst., 1632

Mo. re, ris S. Feb. 3 Bertrand (J.) Traité de Calcul Différentiel et de Calcul Intégral, 2 v., hf. cf., gilt, 4to., Paris, 1864-70

Macmillan, £3 145 S. Feb. 10 Best (T.) Concise Treatise on the Art of Angling, front., 1794 Wutts, 4s P. Oct. 21 The same, gth Edn., 1810

Watts, 3 P. Oct. 21 Best and Smith. Queen's Bench Reports, 10 V., 1862-71

£5 155 H. Jan. 22 Betham (W.) Baronetage of England, 4 v., plts., hf. cf., 4to., Ipswich, 1805-4

Harding, 4s S. April 15 - The same, the plts. cold., cf., 4to., ib., 1801-4

Wa'ford, £ 1 2s

S. Apr. 15 - The same, 5 v., hf. cf., 4to., Ipswich, 1801

Sotheran, 13 P. Jun. 16 Bethel (Slingsby) World's Mistake in Oliver Cromwell (1 leaf mounted), sm. 4to, hf. mor, 1668, and Present Interest of England Stated, cf., 1671

£1 25

H. May 9 Beit und Tugend-Buch, Oder Kurtze Tag-und Lebens regulen und

Ubungen, plis, old black mor., silver corners, silver clasps, with long strap, g. e., Paderborn, 1744

Parsons, £285 S. Feb. 20 Betterton (Thos.) Life, with the Amorous Widow, port., old cf., 1710

Dobell, 2s S. Feb. 18

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