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From all which, it is manifeft, that this prophecy has not the moft diftant relation to any fuch thing, as the pretended converfion of the Jews to Chriftianity; as I am confident, that not one of all the Prophets, ever had any fuch thing in view: but the fole purport of this prophecy is, to foretel the return of the ten tribes, as well as the other part of the nation; and their being formed together into one kingdom, under a prince of the house of David; and which will be, after they have been scattered in all parts, and but few true believers left among them: and which is the real caufe of their being thus gathered one out of a city, and two out of a family; because, there will then be fo few deferving the name of Jews, left among them as all the wicked, apoftate, and pre

came acquainted with the whole scheme, as laid at the Spa Chapel and to my fhame be it spoken, I was fo wicked, as in ironical terms to chide them gently, for their eager pursuit of the wild chimera of making profelytes.I had also a meffage from the poor deluded Lady H-, defiring I would be fo kind as to wait on her, whether for my converfion, or to be better informed concerning the impofture, I cannot tell; as her laft illness, which just then took place, and her death which followed foon after, prevented the interview.


tended Jews, will be cut off, and destroyed by the troubles and afflictions, that will take place in the world, immediately preceding the restoration of the nation, by the true Meffiah; as I have already fhewn in the explanation of this prophecy, and those of Ifai


As to the quotation from Ifai. xxvii. 12. which the Dr. has adduced in fupport of his hypothesis, is not in the least applicable to the subject; as I have fhewn in the explanation of that prophecy, See Vol. Ift. page 210. &c.

The fecond prophecy commences verfe ift of Chapter xxiiid, and is continued to the end of verfe 8th, of the fame.

The purport of this prophecy is, to exclaim against the wicked kings of Ifrael and Judah, who by their wickedness, and the enormous crimes they committed, were the cause of the deftruction and difperfion of the nation, in like manner, as the evil minded fhepherds destroy and fcatter the flock, inftead of keeping and preferving them, as is their duty to do: and therefore, the Prophet fays unto them, verfe ift. "Wo to the shepherds that destroy and fcatter the fheep of


my pafture, faith the LORD. Therefore thus faith the LORD God of Ifrael concerning the hepherds that feed my people; Ye have scattered my flock, and driven them away, and have not taken care of them :" Ye did not take care to lead them in the paths of righteousness; and therefore, "Behold, I will vifit upon you the evil of your doings, faith the LORD." And which denotes the just Judgments which God brought upon feveral or thofe wicked kings; fome of whom were flain by their enemies; others of them, by their fervants, &c.

He farther informs us that there will yet come a time, when God will gather the remnant of his flock from all the countries, where they have been caft to, during the captivity; and will cause them to return to their own land, as aforetime: verse 3d, " But I will gather the remnant of my fleck, from all the countries whither I have driven them; and I will bring them back to their own fold :" And, as by the length of the captivity, and the dreadful perfecutions which they fuffered; and the troubles and afflictions brought upon them, they will be left but few in num


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ber; as is mentioned in the preceding prophecy and as the Prophet Isaiah said, (xvii. 6.) "Two or three berries on the top of the uppermost bough;" &c, he therefore tells us, "And they shall be fruitful and shall multiply." So as to increase far beyond what they were aforetime.

And, as Ifrael will abide many days without a king, and without a prince*; the Prophet affures us, that God will restore their kings and Judges as aforetime; verse 4th. "And I will raise up fhepherds over them, who shall feed them, and they shall not fear any more, nor be dismayed, nor shall they be miffing, faith the LORD." Not one of them fhall be miffing after they are settled in the land, and have multiplied and increased therein: neither by wars, nor by captivity, any more.

And as the Prophet prophefied in general terms, of two important events; viz, the restoration of the nation, and the establishment of their government; he now proceeds to speak more diftinctly of these promises. And firft, in regard to the king, he says,


*Hofea. iii. 4.


verfes 5th, & 6th. Behold the days are coming, faith the LORD, that I will raife up to David a righteous branch, and a king shall reign and act wifely; and fhall execute Judgment and Justice in the land. In his days Judah fhall be faved, and Ifrael fhall dwell in fafety and this is the name that the LORD fhall call him, our righteoufnefs." This description of the Meffiah, perfectly, agrees with that given of him by the Prophet Ifaiah*: for the righteous branch, correfponds with, "But there fhall fpring forth a rod from the ftem of Jeffe." And who is to reftore the regal state of the house of David as fhewn Vol. Ift. page 75. Agreeable to “And a king

which, the Prophet fays here,


“And the spirit of

fhall reign:" Isaiah says, the LORD fhall reft upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding." and Jeremiah fays, "he fhall act wifely." Ifai. "He will judge the poor with righteoufnefs, and with equity will he reprove the meek of the earth. Jerem. "And he fhall execute Judgment and

73. &c.

*See the Second prophecy of Ifai. Vol. Ift. pagę


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