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tion, that ought to be very consoling to human nature. If well founded, they overturn the foundation of all the gloomy speculations of necessity and fatalism.

To the Editors of the Methodist Magazine.


Lynn, August 10th, 1818.

I HAVE taken the liberty of inclosing you a few observations (extracted from a little book entitled the select remains of the Rev. John Mason, M. A.) on the means to live at peace. As this little book may not be in the hands of many thousands of your subscribers, the following observations, I trust, will be found useful and profitable to many of your readers.—I think they are highly worthy the attention of all.

Yours in much love,



1. MIND your own business, 1 Thess. iv. 11. 2. Keep your tongue from evil, 1 Pet. iii. 10.

3. Do not contend for every trifle, whether it be a matter of right or opinion.

4. If others neglect their duty to you, be sure that you perform yours to them. To render railing for railing, is to return sin for sin.

5. Make your enemy see and feel your love to him. Rom. xii. 20.

6. Beg of God for universal charity.

7. Be humble.

8. By faith wait for the providence of God.

For want of proper attention to these plain rules, what disorder and discord have frequently been in families, churches and communities. O that God may write them upon our hearts.

For the Methodist Magazine.

New-York, Sept. 20th, 1818. If the Editors of the Methodist Magazine, (which promises extensive usefulness,) shall think the following worthy of an insertion, by giving it a place, they will oblige a subscriber. EVANGELUS.


How many interesting events does this blessed morning bring to our remembrance! Finishing the grand work of Creation, the Almighty Creator of Heaven and Earth, is represented as RESTING on the seventh day from all his work which he had made. And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it. It is this day, therefore, which brings to our recollection one of the most sublime and stupendous instances of Divine power, wisdom, and goodness. At the mandate of the Omnipotent Jehovah, the Heavens in their exquisite beauty, divine order, and delightful harmony-the Earth with its variegated productions-Man the noblest work of God, with a soul and body curiously combinedall sprung into existence. On this glad morning then, we behold, through the volume of revelation, the beneficient Creator, coming forth in the glory of his Majesty, and unfolding the perfections of his character, in speaking worlds into existence.

While dwelling upon this awfully interesting epoch of the world's existence, our minds are suddenly arrested with a view of that delightful garden of pleasure in which the first innocent pair were placed. Here we behold them encircled with a ray of divine glory-In the image of God created he them. Constituted Lord of this lower creation, while the heavens surrounded him with a beam of divine light and glory, the inferior part of creation, the beasts of the field, the birds of the air, as well as every part of inanimate matter, all conspired to administer to man's happiness.

How gratifying, could we always contemplate man in this happy state. But we have hardly time to take a survey of the place and its inhabitant, before we hear the awful malediction of heaven pronounced upon him. We enquire into this strange procedure and are informed that the Creator's law has been transgressed-By whom? By the very man who was so highly VOL. I.


honoured by his Maker. Plunged into the mire of iniquity, we are now compelled to view him under the curse of a violated law. Expelled from Paradise, he becomes a fugitive upon the earth, doomed to eat bread by the sweat of his face, till he return to the ground.

But here again this blessed Sabbath morning brings to our recollection, that auspicious event, when the mighty Redeemer vanquished the powers of hell, and opened a path for guilty man to come to the Throne of God.

The third morning had scarcely began to dawn when the celestial world beheld the Saviour of sinners coming forth from the melancholy tomb, and reviving the desponding hearts of his disciples, by giving them occular demonstration of his resurrec tion from the dead. No sooner do our eyes salute the rising Sun of this glad day, than, as if attracted by an invisible agency, we are carried in our reflections to the memorable place of the Saviour's burial, where we behold his anxious disciples, after hearing their Lord was risen, collecting with speedy steps, and fluctuating hearts, to witness the dubious fact of his resurrection. There stands weeping Mary, with anxious solicitude, enquiring, 'Tell me where thou hast laid him, and I will take him away.' With what indescribable pleasure did she recognize her Lord and Master, when he accosted her in the familiar style in which he had been wont to converse with her--Mary! Did not divine joy thrill through her heart, while she responsed, Rabboni? Yonder, bending under the weight of his sins, is mourning Peter receiv ing the joyful messenger from his Lord, who was commanded to "go and tell my disciples, and Peter than I am risen from the dead."

But why single out a few solitary disciples? Were not all mankind interested in this grand event? Yes; but who were to be witnesses of it? Who better qualified to identify the person of Jesus, than those who had accompanied him during his ministry previous to his death? While, then, we confide in the testimony of those most competent to judge correctly, let us extend our views to the whole world, lying in the ruins of sin. See Ethiopia, not only drooping under the rays of a vertical Sun, but held under the bondage of corruption--Asia bowing to her titular deities— Europe, with her many islands, waiting for his law-America wandering in insulated tribes--all alike groaning under the curse of a violated law, and groping in the dark respecting spir

itual things-Jesus Christ, by his resurrection, proclaims to all his ability to deliver them from the tomb of their corruptions, and to restore them to immortal life. If his birth was glad tidings to all people, much more his resurrection. By this astonishing event, the expectations of his enemies were disap pointed, and the hopes of his friends confirmed.

How should we welcome the day which brings to our remembrance such an interesting event.

'Welcome, sweet day of rest,
That saw the Lord arise,
Welcome to this reviving breast,
And these rejoicing eyes.'

Can we enjoy with cold indifference, a day which reminds us of such an interesting event? By this instance of his Almighty power, was evinced the proper Divinity of his character--He was declared to be the Son of God with power, by the resurrection from the dead.

But the Sabbath is also typical of that sacred rest which believers enjoy in holding communion with the Father and the Son. The weary heavy laden sinner, coming to God by faith in Jesus Christ, finds spiritual rest to his soul. Rising on the morning of this consecrated day, and bowing the knee before the Father of mercies, he thankfully acknowledges the loving kindness of God in redeeming his soul from iniquity. Ceasing on this sacred day, from his secular concerns, he is reminded of the pardoning mercy of God, in delivering him from the labour of a guilty conscience by imparting the rest of divine love to his soul ---While, with joyful steps, he goes to the house of God, and unites with the saints in worshipping and praising the God of his salvation.

Here, while his soul is refreshed with the word and ordinances of God, he is led to a contemplation of that eternal rest, of which the present Sabbath is an expressive emblem, and which awaits the people of God beyond the bounds of time and space, on the celestial hill of God. Hence the Sabbath, with all its privileges, affords to the happy believer, a blessed anticipation of the grand Sabbatic rest in heaven where the saints reign in perennial happiness. While his mind is thus led forth in anticipating that perpetual glory, which is the everlasting portion

of the righteous; and while recollecting that every succeeding Sabbath is calculated to remind him of all these interesting events, namely, His Creation, Redemption, Salvation, and eternal felicity beyond the grave, he gratefully bows before the Throne of God, praising Him for having set apart one day in seven for his special service.

Considering, then, the utility of the Sabbath, as a standing monument on which is inscribed so many instances of the Almighty power, infinite wisdom, and unbounded love of the Triune God, shall we ever abuse it, by prostituting it to common, or profane purposes? Shall we not rather say to all worldly, and especially to all sensual gratifications, I charge you, on this holy day, that ye stir not up, nor awake my love till he please? Away with all vain thoughts, and worldly cares, especially upon this Sabbath of rest. Let me consecrate all my powers to God. After my private meditations, and my secret devotions, let me go to the house of God, where I may hear those sublime doctrines which ravish the soul with supreme delight.

This thought suggests another pleasing reflection to my consideration. Methinks I hear the enchanting sound of salvation on this glad day, saluting the ears of thousands and tens of thousands. How many messengers of the Lord Jesus, on this day, standing upon mount Zion, are proclaiming to saints and sinners the wonders of redeeming grace and dying love! And will not the persuasive eloquence of these divinely commissioned heralds of salvation, induce some perishing sinners to submit to Christ, and find that sacred rest to their souls, without which they cannot be happy? Go, ye commissioned heralds of your exalted Lord-Proclaim to every land, to every nation and kindred, the impartial love of God. Unfold the unsearchable riches of Christ. And may each returning Sabbath encircle you with thousands of precious souls, who shall become converts to Jesus Christ.

O! how is my soul enraptured, while calling to mind so many interesting events, on this blessed Sabbath morning. Henceforth may no profane delight divide this consecrated' day. Entering into communion with God, all my ransomed powers shall be devoted to Him, on this blessed day, above all others.

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