The Works of Thomas Middleton, Now First Collected, Volum 5


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Pàgina 248 - Now for the fruits then: Flow forth, precious spring, So long and dearly sought for, and now bring Comfort to all that love thee, loudly sing, And with thy crystal murmurs strook together, Bid all thy true well-wishers welcome hither.
Pàgina 574 - ... to call in at the Blackfriars, where he should see a nest of boys able to ravish a man."18 When the Cockpit became less fashionable, it was deserted by the gallant, for "now vpon the Fryers stage hee'll sit...
Pàgina 260 - Segar, knight, alias garter principal king of arms, with the rest of the King's Heralds and Pursuivants of Arms, approached the Prince's table, and with a loud and audible voice proclaimed the King's style in Latin, French, and English, thrice; and the Prince's, in like manner, twice : then the trumpets sounding, the second course came in ; and dinner done, that day's solemnity ceased.
Pàgina 230 - ... milk-white dove, and on each shoulder one, the sacred emblems of purity, meekness, and innocency ; under her feet serpents, in that she treads down all subtlety and fraud ; her forehead empaled with a diadem of stars, the witness of her eternal descent ; on her breast a pure round crystal, showing the brightness of her thoughts and actions ; a sun in her right hand, than which nothing is truer; a fan, filled all with stars, in her left, with which she parts darkness, and strikes away the vapours...
Pàgina 247 - And where (before) many just complaints Enviously seated, caused oft restraints, Stops and great crosses to our master's charge, And the work's hindrance : favour now at large Spreads itself open to him, and commends, To admiration both his pains and ends. The King's most gracious love. Perfection draws Favour from princes, and (from all) applause.
Pàgina 248 - The Walkers last : so all their names are read. Yet these but parcels of six hundred more • That at one time have been employ 'd before. Yet these in sight, and all the rest, will say That all the week they had their royal pay.
Pàgina 259 - King was set in his royal throne, and the whole state of the realm in their order. The Prince made low obeisance to his Majesty three times ; and after the third time, when he was come near to the King, he kneeled down on a rich pillow or cushion, whilst Sir Ralph Winwood, principal secretary, read his letters patents : then his Majesty, at the reading of the words of investment, put the robes upon him...
Pàgina 246 - ... the conquest ; and no few or mean onsets of malice, calumnies, and slanders, hath this resolved gentleman borne off, before his labours were invested with victory, as in this following speech to those honourable auditors then placed upon the mount is more at large related. A troop of labourers, to the number of threescore or upwards, all in green caps alike, bearing in their hands the symbols of their several employments in so great a business, with drums before them, marching twice or thrice...
Pàgina 5 - t possible to suffice So many ears, so many eyes? Some in wit, some in shows Take delight, and some in clothes; Some for mirth they chiefly come, Some for passion — for both some; Some for lascivious meetings, that's their arrant; Some to detract, and ignorance their warrant. How is 't possible to please Opinion toss'd in such wild seas?
Pàgina 267 - ... thus come forth, standing before their stalls as at first, the two eldest knights, with their swords in their hands, are brought up by the heralds to the altar, where they offer their swords, and the dean receives them, of whom they presently redeem them with an angel in gold, and then come down to their former places, whilst two other are led up in like manner. The ceremony performed and service ended, they depart again in such order as they came, with accustomed reverence.

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