Imatges de pÓgina

overture so humbly made to lord Grenville by the minifter Le Brun had been attended to; if we had taken advantage of the humiliation of the French after the taking of Valenciennes; or even of the proposal of the First Consul on his accession to power. Let any honest man but peruse our animadversions on the conduct of ministers in these instances, and then

pronounce, whether we have spoken as the friends or the enemies of our country. Have our sentiments been justified by events? Have our predi&tions been fulfilled? Let the gains and advantages of the late war be calmly estimated; and let our readers decide not by declamation, but facts.

After this defence of ourselves against unmerited calumny, (proceeding indeed from sources too contemptible to be named,) we beg leave to assure our readers, that the Annual Register will continue to be conducted with the same impartiality. From us a virtuous, able, and conftitutional ministry will have nothing to fear.--As we are only the reporters of facts, it is their own conduct, and the evidence of facts, which alone will condemn any set of statesmen; but to bad ministers it is ruin only to have their transactions impartially recorded.

The other departments of the work have been executed in the usual manner, and we trust the public will find no cause to be disfatisfied.

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