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thought proper to return into port with her. E. HAMILTON. Killed and wounded on board the Spanish frigate Hermione (late his majefty's fhip Hermione), when captured by the boats of his majesty's fhip Surprize, under the command of captain E. Hamilton, in Porto Cavallo, and ge. neral statement of the complement on board.

able feamen, flightly; John Ingram, and Jofeph Titley, private marines, flightly. E. HAMILTON. (A copy) H. PARKER.

Veffels captured by his majesty's fhip Surprize, from Sept. 20 to Oct. 30.

The French schooner Nancy, the Spanish fchooner La Manuel, and the Spanish frigate Hermione. E. HAMILTON.

[This gazette alfo contains an account of the capture of L'Avanturier, French brig privateer, mounting 14 guns, and manned with 75 men, by the Amethyst, captain John Cook.!

Admiralty-Office, Jan. 25. This ga

zette contains an account of the Sceptre, captain V. Edwards, taking poffeffion of L'Eclair, French privateer brig, from the Mauritius, of 12 guns and 83 men: the fituation he was placed in rendering it impoffible to get her out, it was judged prudent to deftroy her, which was executed by lieutenant Tucker.

Prisoners landed at Porto Cavallo be fame day, out of which there were 97 wounded, moftly dangerous, 228.-Escaped in the launch, which was rowing guard round the fhip, with a 24-pounder, 20.-Remain prifoners on board, 3.-On fhore on leave, I lieutenant, I captain of troops, four pilots, and one midshipman, feven.--Swam on fhore from the fhip, 15.-Killed, 119.-Total, 392.

EDWARD HAMILTON. Killed in the boats of his majefty's fhip Surprize, in cutting out a privateer fchooner of ten guns, and two floops, from the harbour of Aruba, on October 25. Mr. J. Bufey, acting lieutenant, killed.

(Signed) E. HAMILTON, captain. Officers and men wounded on board the Hermione, on the attack made by the boats of the Surprize, under the orders of captain Hamilton, in the harbour of Porto Cavallo, October 25. Edward Hamilton, efq. captain, feveral contufions, but not dangerous; Mr. John Maxwell, gunner, dangerously wounded in feveral places; John Lewis Matthews, quarter-mafter, dangerously; Arthur Reed, quarter-gunner, dangerously; Henry Milne, carpenter's crew, dangerously; Henry Dibleen, gunner's mate, flightly; Charles Livingston, William Pardy, Robert Ball, and Thomas Stevenfon, all

Downing Street, Jan. 31. The following difpatch has been received from W. Wickham, efq. by the right hon. lord Grenville.

Augsburg, Dec. 13, 1799. MY LORD,

I am forry to inform your lordfhip of the death of the Advoyer Steigner, which happened on the 3d inft. after a lingering illnefs. He was interred on the 7th, with all poffible honours, in the Proteftant burying-ground of this city. The Swifs regiment of Rovéréa, and (by direction of field-marfhal Italifky) three Ruffian regiments, together with the British and Ruffian minifters to the Swifs cantons, fevera! Ruffian, Auftrian, and Pruffian ftaff-officers, and a deputation from this city, attended the corpfe to the

grave. I paffed an hour with him, at his own defire, three days before his death, when he was perfectly fenfible; and I had the fatisfaction of hearing him, after recommending his country, under God, to his majefty's fpecial protection, pray moft earneftly and devoutly for the blef fings of God on his majefty, and on his fubjects. He is an irreparable lofs to Switzerland.

W. WICKHAM. Jan. 31. The following difpatch has been received from the right honourable lord W. Bentinck, by lord


Head Quarters, Bergo, St, Dalmazzo, Dec. 4.


It is with great fatisfaction that I announce to your lordships the furrender of Coni. The batteries opened on the 2d, in the morning, and early on the 3d the commandant defired to capitulate. The garrifon, confifting of 2844 men, exclufive of 800 wounded, whom the - French had not time to remove before the investment of the place, marched out this morning prifoners of war. The lofs of the Auftrians does not exceed 50 men in killed and wounded. The very fhort defence that has been made of this very ftrong and most important fortrefs is to be attributed to the want both of provifions and of ammunition. This event may be confidered the more fortunate, from information having been received that general Championet has been af fembling the whole French army in La Rivière de Genes near Ormea, which was to have been affifted in its march by a reinforcement of 15,000 men that is marching from Savoy, and is probably a detach ment from the army of Switzerland. So much fnow has fallen, that the

roads in the mountains are no longer paffable; and it will not be poffible for the corps, coming from Savoy, to form a junction with Champio 'net. The feverity of the weather has obliged the enemy to abandon the Col de Scade, where they left four pieces of cannon, which they could not drag through the fnow. W. BENTINCK. [Here follow the articles of capi tulation; the principal of which is that the garrifon fhall be marched into the dominions of the emperor, under a fufficient guard to protect them from the country people, and that they fhall continue prifoners till exchanged.]


Whitehall, Feb. 1. This gazette announces the capture of Le Vigoreux, French lugger privateer, of three guns and 26 men, by the Camilla, captain Largan.

Admiralty-Office, Feb. 4. This gazette contains a letter from captain Bartholomew,of the Havik floop,ftating his having re-captured the American fhip Strafford, of 16 guns, from Baltimore to London, her cargo worth from 30,000l. to40,000l. which had been taken by a lugger and cutter belonging to the enemy, both of which were taken poffeffion of by the Suffifante, captain Witt


Admiralty-Office, Feb. 8. A letter from admiral fir Hyde Parker introduces the following: Crefcent, Port Royal, Nov. 22. SIR,

I am exceeding forry to acquaint you, that on the dawn of the 15th, the S.W. end of Porto Rico bearing N.E. 10 or 12 leagues, we unfortunately fell in with a fquadron belonging to the enemy, confifting of a lineof battle fhip, frigate, and corvette,


As the two former were directly in our courfe on the larboard tack, I made the convoy's fignal to haul to the wind on the starboard tack; made fail to reconnoitre them; and on joining the Calypfo (which had previously chaced), perfectly coincided with captain Baker that they were enemies, and made fignal to the convoys to that effect. The line-of-battle hip and frigate keeping clofe together, I was in great hopes of drawing them from the convoy by keeping them within random fhot to windward, and bore up for that purpofe, making the Calypfo's fignal to chafe N.W. the direction the body of the convoy was then in. At nine the enemy tacked, and I was under the neceffity of making the fignal to difperfe. The Calypfo bore up for that part of the convoy that were running to leeward. The corvette which had been feen fome time before was standing for the ships that had kept their wind; I immediately made fail to relieve them, and had the good fortune to capture her. The enemy were previously chacing the fhips to leeward; and I was happy to obferve them haul their wind, I fuppofe, on perceiving the fituation of the corvette; but this, as well as their other manoeuvres during the courfe of the day, appeared fo very undetermined, that they did not take the neceffary steps to prevent our taking poffeflion of her; nor had they brought-to any of the convoy at dark, notwithstanding they had been near them for twelve hours; and their fituation was fuch as to give me fanguine hopes not any have been captured. The fquadron proved to be Spanish, from St. Domingo, bound to the Havannah, confifting of the Afia, of 64 guns and 350 men, commodore don Francifco Montes; Amphitrite, of 44

guns and 260 men, captain Don Diego Villagomez; Glago, of 16 guns and 100 men, captain Don Jofe de Arias. I am, &c.


[This gazette also contains ac counts of the Mercury, captain Rogers, re-taking the Aimwell, of Whitby, with a valuable cargo; and alfo capturing L'Egyptienne, French privateer, a new veffel, of 15 guns and 66 men; the crew of which, whilft in the act of hauling down her colours (not having fired a fhot before), difcharged their mufquetry into the Mercury, by which a feaman was feverely wounded in the body. The Marthal de Cobourg, hired armed brig, lieutenant O', Neal, captured the Flufbinger, Dutch privateer, of four guns and 28 men.

The fame gazette contains an order in council for a general faft in England and Wales on the 12th, and in Scotland on the 13th of March; a prohibition against the emigration of artificers, and offer of 1ool. reward, and fine of 2001. for the detection of perfons enticing them away; and notification of a divifion of prize money to several fhips.]

11. A fire broke out between fix and feven o'clock this evening, at Lingham's brandy and fugar warehoufes in Lower Thames-ftreet. The flames extended with great fury to the furrounding houfes, particularly the Cuftom-houfe, which feemed to be in great danger. It is computed to have deftroyed property of above 300,000l. in value. Of this a large proportion confifted in prize goods, depofited in the warehoufe by government. The flames communicated to fome fmall houfes in Gloycefter-court, behind the warehouse, and deftroyed four or five of them. The

wind blew frefl from the eastward, and the fire raged tremendously for fome time. The weather-cock at the top of the Cuftom-house, which is on the other fide of the street, was twice on fire, as well as the frames of the windows; and two fhips in the river, that lay off Bear Wharf, were damaged materially by the flames communicating to their rigging. Happily, however, about twelve at night, the whole was got under, and no lives loft.

Admiralty-Office, Feb. 18. Under the above head the two following letters appear on the fubject of the capture of the Pallas frigate.

His majify's floop Fairy, Feb. 5.

In compliance with your order of the 3d inftant, his majefty's floop Harpy in company, having weighed from St. Aubin's Bay, at fix A. M. I proceeded to reconnoitre St. Ma. loes; and, at half paft eleven, Cape Frehel bearing S.E. five or fix miles, I discovered a large fhip running down clofe along thore to the weftward, which I very foon made out to be a large frigate, and, as fhe did not answer the private fignal, I concluded fhe was an enemy,but, being fo clofe in fhore, I faw there was no chance of bringing her to action. I therefore judged it neceflary to tack, with the hopes of decoying her out from the land; which fully answered my wishes, as the immediately gave chace to us. At one o'clock the Harpy having formed clofe under my fern, the enemy arrived within piftol fhot, when a clofe action commenced, and continued until a quarter before five, when the enemy made all fail from us. As foon as the damages the Fairy fuftained in the rigging and fails (which were very confiderable) were repaired, we made all fail in

purfuit of her. At four o'clock, three ftrange fail were discovered from the maft-head to the northward, which I judged to be a squadron of English frigates, to whom I made the fignal for an enemy, and at nine were joined by his majefty's fhips La Loire, Danaë, and Railleur, in the chace.


Prince of Bouillon.

[The lofs on board the Fairy was, four feamen kilied, captain Horton and feven feamen wounded. On board the Harpy, one seaman killed, and three wounded.]

Copy of a letter from captain Newman, to E. Nepean, efq, dated La Loire, at fea, the 5th inft.


I have the honour to acquaint their lordships of the capture of the French frigate Le Pallas, by his majefty's hip under my command, after a clofe action of two hours and ten minutes, clofe in fhore under Seven iflands, where he was fupported by a battery. I was moft gallant-, ly and ably feconded by captain Turquade, of the Railleur; and to the captains of the Danaë, Fairy, and Harpy floops feel indebted for their every exertion to come up with the chace. I cannot too much applaud the conduct of the officers and crews under my command, as well as lieutenant Krenitzin, of the Ruffian navy, &c.-The Pallas is a new frigate, mounting 42 guns, 18 nine and 36 pounders, was bound to Breft, victualled for five months, and 350 men on board.

J. N. NEWMAN. [The Loire had three feamen killed; three midshipmen, 25 feamen, and one marine, wounded. The Railleur, one midfhipman, and the gunner's mate, killed; four feamen wounded.]


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19. At a meeting of the mayor, aldermen, and liverymen of the city of London, in common hall affembled, confifting of upwards of 2000 perfons, it was refolved, by a small majority, "That a petition be prefented to the honourable the house of commons, upon the prefent fituation of public affairs, praying them to take fuch meafures as they may think proper towards promoting an immediate negotiation with the government of France, for the purpofe of reftoring to his majefty's fubjects the bleflings of peace." And a petition being prepared agreeably to the faid refolution, was read and agreed to; and the reprefentatives of the city were inftructed to fupport the fame in the houfe of commons; which one of them (the lord mayor) promifed that he would do. The other three declared, that it being contrary to their own decided opinion, they could not comply with the request.

A counter-petition was afterwards drawn up, and figned by a very confiderable number of livery


Admiralty Office, Feb. 22.. Copy of a letter from lieutenant Francis Godolphin Bond, of the Netley, to lord Keith.

12, but having on board only five guns, with 36 men, formerly a privateer belonging toGuernsey. Having the next day fpoke the St. Fiorenzo, in the neighbourhood of Oporto, I was informed by fir Harry Neale of the difperfion of three convoys on the coaft, and the obftacles that had opposed their entry into the Donto for more than 20 days, from confiderable freshes, frequent calms, and adverfe winds. As the weather was now fo favourable for the arrival of veffels from the S. W. and I conceived no time fhould be loft in endeavouring to intercept the enemy'scaptures bound to Vigo, I accordingly stood for the entrance of that bay, and on the morning of the 24th re-took the Hamburg brig Catharina, from Oporto, bound to Limerick, laden with wine and fruit. At night, after a fmart chace, we came up with a fmall Spanish lugger privateer, called Felicidad, of two guns, eight fwivels, and 22 men; and before the prifoners were all fhifted, at midnight, another privateer and her prize hove in fight. We were enabled at one, A.M. (the 25th) to come up with the latter, the Duchefs of Gordon, a bark, from Newfoundland to Oporto, with 7600 quintals of falt fish. By ten o'clock that morning, after a fhort chace, we brought-to the St. Antoniony Animas, alias La Aurora, Spanish schooner privateer, of fix guns and 46 men, and her prize the Venus, from London, with thot, lead, tin, ftaves, &c. for Oporto. On the 27th I made three more re-captures, viz. an English brig, called the Commerce, laden with falt fith; a Swedif brig from Stockholm to Viana, with iron and deals, taken by a French lugger; and a Portuguese fchooner with falt. On the evening of the 28th the weather began to


Netley, Lisbon, Jan. 28.

On the 14th ult. I had the honour of tranfmitting to you, from the Tagus, copies of two orders, the one from rear-admiral Duckworth, and the other from captain Blackwood, with an account of the captures made by his majesty's fchooner under my command, during her last cruize. Hard gales of wind preventing our failing hence till the 11th; and on the 22d, off Viana, we captured L'Efpérance, French lugger privateer, pierced for

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