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26. Right hon. Thomas Grenville, to be warden, chief, juftice, and justice in Eyre, of all his majefty's forefts, chaces, parks, and warrens, on this fide the Trent, vice lord Sidney, deceased.-Lord Granville Levefon Gower, to be a lord of the treasury, vice hon. John Thomas Townshend, now lord


Dublin, July 30. Charles Henry earl of Mountrath, to be baron of Caftle Coote, county of Rofcommon; and, in default of iffue, to Charles Henry Coote, efq. of Foreft Lodge, in the Queen's County; Hon. Clotworthy Rowley, baron Langford, of Somerhill, county of Meath; -Right hon. fir John Blaquiere, bart. K. B. baron de Baquiere, of Ardkill, county of Londonderry;Right hon. Lodge Morres, baron Frankfort, of Galmoye, county of Kilkenny:-Dame Dorcas Blackwood, widow of fir John Blackwood, bart. baronefs Dufferin and Claneboye, of Ballyleidy and Killyleagh, county of Down; and the dignity of baron Dufferin and Claneboye to the heirs male of her body by the faid fir J. Blackwood;-Sir John Henniker, bart. baron Henniker, of Stratford upon Slaney, county of Wicklow; Dame Charlotte Newcomen, wife of fir William Gleadowe Newcomen, bart. baronefs Newcomen, of Moftown, county of Longford; and the dignity of baron Newcomen to the heirs male of her body by the faid fir William Gleadowe Newcomen, bart. ;—Sir Richard Quin, bart, baron Adare, of Adare, county of Limerick;-Sir Thomas Mullins, bart. baron Ventry, of Ventry, county of Kerry ;-William Hare, efq. of Tivoli, baron Ennifmore, of Ennifmore, county of Kerry ;— Jofeph Henry Blake, efq. baron Wallfcourt, of Ardfry, county of Galway; and, in default of iffue,

to the heirs-male of the body of his father, Jofeph Blake, efq. Henry Moore Sandford, efq. baron Mount Sandford, of Caftlereagh, county of Rofcommon; and, in default of iffue, to his brother, William Sandford, efq.; and, in default of his iffue, to his brother, George Sandford, efq. ;-Henry Prittie, efq. baron Donally, of Killboy, county of Tipperary;-John Preston. efq. baron Tara, of Bellinter, county of Meath - Maurice Mahon, efq. baron Hartland, of Strokeftowny county of Rofcommon ;-and John Bingham, efq., baron Clanmorris, of Newbrook, county of Mayo.

Aug 2. Biorn. Salvefin, efq. approved by his majefty to be confut for the king of Denmark in Scotland, and in the northern parts of England to Flamborough Head, conjointly with Thomas Mulderup, efq.

12. Brevet. Hon. colonel Thomas Maitland, of the 10th WestIndia regiment, to be brigadier-general to the forces ferving under the command of lieutenant-general fir James Pulteney.

13. Right hon. Richard eart of Shannon, K. P. the right hon. Ifaac Corry, chancellor of his majetty's exchequer in Ireland, the right hon. Robert Stewart, commonly called lord viscount Caftles reagh, keeper of his majesty's fignet, or privy-feal, and chief fecretary to the lord-lieutenant-general and general governor of Ireland, the right hon. lord Frankfort, and the right hon. John Loftus Loftus, commonly called rd viscount Loftus, to be commiffioners for executing the office of treasurer of his majefty's exchequer in Ireland.

26. Right hon. Alexander lord Bridport, K. B. admiral of the white, to be general of his majesty's marine forces, vice Barrington, deceafed

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27. Garrifons. Lieutenant Hec tor M Lean, of the royal fufileers, to be town major of Halifax, vice Tonge, refigned. Lieutenant Donald Campbell, of the royal fufileers, to be fort major in Upper Canada, vice Eyre, refigned.

30. Brevet. Colonel Gerrit Fisher, of the 9th foot, to be brigadier-general to the forces ferving under the command of lieutenantgeneral fir James Pulteney. Captain Robert Alexander Dalzell, of the ift foot guards, to be major in the army. Hofpital-ftaff. Dr. Jofeph D. A. Gilpin, to be atfistant-infpec. tor of hofpitals to the forces.

O. 11. Staff. Major John Thomas, of the 28th foot, to be deputyadjutant-general to the forces ferving in the West Indies, with the rank of lieutenant-colonel in the army, vice Cuyler, who reigns. Garrifon. Lieutenant Nafh, of the Minorca regiment, to be town and fort adjutant to the garrifon of Ciudadella and its dependencies, in the island of Minorca.

21. John Hookham Frere, efq. to be his majefty's envoy extra

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ordinary and minifter plenipotentiary at the court of the prince-regent of Portugal..

22. Lieut. colonel Marcus Beresford, to be lieutenant general of his majefty's ordnance in Ireland.

Nov. 4. Sir Richard Carr Glynn, of Gaunts, county of Dorfet, knt. late lord-mayor of the city of London; Robert Kingfimill, efq. admiral of the blue fquadron of his majefty's fleet; Robert J. hu Buxton, of Shadwell Lodge, county of Norfolk, efq.; William Elford, of Bickham, county of Devon, efq. lieutenant-colonel of the South Devon regiment of militia; Nathaniel Holland, of Wittenham, county of Berks, efq.; Francis Millman, of Levaton, county of Devon, M. D. and physician to his majefty's household; Robert Peel, of Drayton Manor, county of Stafford, and of Bury, county of Lancaster, efq.; and Walter Stirling, of Fatkine, county of Lancafter, efq. banker, of London, eldest fon of the late fir Walter Stirling, of Fafkine, kat. captain in the royal navy; created baronets.

- Garrifon. Lieut. Wm. Kirk,' of the 17th foot, to be town and fort-major of the garrifon of Ciudadella and its dependencies, in the ifland of Minorca.

11. Rev. George Heath, D. D. to be prebendary of his majesty's free chapel of St. George, at Windfor, vice William late bishop of St. David's, refigned.

18. Brevet. To be brigadier. generals in the army ferving un-1 der the command of general fir Ralph Abercromby: the hon. col. Edward Finch, of the Coldstream foot guards; and colonel Thomas Grofvenor, of the 3d foot guards. -Hofpital-ftaff. Robert Jackfon, M.D. late infpector of hofpitals for the Ruffian troops, to be phyfician


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Dec. 2. Brevet. Lieut.-col. John Frafer, commandant of a corps of infantry, to be colonel in the army. -Barracks. Lachlan Maclean, to be barrack-mafter at Hamilton, vice Lockhart, deceased.

6. Brevet. Colonel Frederick Maitland, of the 27th foot, to be brigadier-general to the forces ferving in the Leeward Iflands only. -Staff. Lieutenant James Stevenfon, on the half-pay of Elford's late corps, to be adjutant to the detachments in Hilfea barracks.-Hofpital ftaff. J. Buchan, M.D. and Luxmore, M.D. to be phyficians to the forces.

9. John Hiley Addington, efq. to be one of the lords-commiffioners of the treasury, vice Sylvefter Douglas, created baron Glenbervie, of Kincardine, Scotland, and appointed governor of the Cape of Good Hope, vice fir George Yonge, refigned.-Right hon. Charles Sloane lord Cadogan, to be viscount Chelfea, county of Middlefex, and earl Cadogan. Right hon. James lord Malmesbury, K. B. to be viscount Fitz-Harris, of Horn Court, county of Southampton, and earl of Malmesbury.

16. Right rev. William lord bishop of Armagh, and St. George Daly, efq. his majefty's prime ferjeant at law, fworn of the privy

council of Ireland.

20, Rev. George Murray, commonly called lord George Murray, to be bishop of St. David's, vice Stuart, tranflated to Armagh.

20. Right hon. John Toler, to be chief-juftice of the court of common pleas of Ireland, vice lord vifcount Carleton, who retires.

23. Right hon. John Stewart, to be his majefty's attorney-general in Ireland, vice Toler; and William Smith, efq. to be his majefty's folicitor-general,vice Stewart, Lord vifcount Loftus, John Stewart, efq. attorney-general, and Charles Henry Coote, efq. fworn of the privy-council of Ireland.


Dublin, Dec. 27. Lord Charles Fitzgerald created lord Lecale; admiral Waldegrave, lord Radstock; Sylvefter Douglas, lord Glenbervie; John Toler, lord Norbury; and fir Alan Gardner, lord Gardner; the marchionefs of Buckingham, to be baronefs Nugent, and her fecond fon, lord George Nugent Grenville, to be lord Nugent; Frederick Trench, lord Afhtown; general Eyre Maffey, lord Clarina; and the hon. Robert King, lord Erris.

29. The earl of Inchiquin, cre ated marquis of Thomond; earl of Bective, marquis of Head fort; earl of Altamont, marquis of Sligo; and earl of Ely, marquis of Ely:viscount Caffle Stewart, earl of ditto; viscount Donoughmore, earl of ditto; vifcount Caledon, earl of ditto; vifcount Kenmare, earl of ditto; earl Clanricarde, the title in reverfion to his daughters; lord Glentworth, viscount Limerick; lord Somerton, archbishop of Cafhel, viscount Somerton; lord Yelverton, vifcount Avonmore; lord Longueville, vifcount ditto; lord Bantry, vifcount ditto; lord Monck, vifcount ditto; lord Kil connel, vifcount Dunlo; lord Tul lamore, viscount Charleville; and lord Kilwarden, viscount ditto. 30. Henry earl of Exeter, advanced to be marquis.

Staff. Col. John Abercrom


by, of the 53d foot, to be deputyadjutant general to the forces ferving under the command of general fir Ralph Abercromby. Lieutenant-colonel John Duncan, of the royal artillery, to be deputy quarter-mafter-general to the faid forces. Lieut.-colonel William Henry Clinton, of the it foot guards, to be infpector-general of foreign corps in his majefty's fervice (the Dutch troops excepted), vice colonel John Ramfay.-Hofpital-ftaff. Surgeon John Joberns, to be affiftant-infpector of hofpitals.

31. Lord Conyngham, elected a knight of the brder of St. Patrick, vice marquis of Waterford, deceased.

Edward Christian, efq. barrifter at law, and the Downing profeffor of the laws of England in Cambridge univerfity, appointed, by the bishop of Ely, chief-juftice of his franchife in the ifle of Ely, vice Henry Gwillim, efq. promoted to be one of the judges at Madras.

SHERIFFS appointed by bis Majesty in Council for the Year 1800.

Bedfordshire, John Everitt, of Weftoning, efq.

Berks, fir John Cox Hippefly, of Workfield Grove, bart.

Bucks, Manfell Dawkin Manfell, of Lothbury-houfe, efq.

Cambridge and Huntingdonshire, Richard Kelley, of Alwalton, efq.

Cheshire, Roger Barnfton, of Churton, efq.

Effex, George Lee, of Great Ilford, efq.

Cumberland, fir Jon Charden Mufgrave, of Eden Hall, bart.

Derbyshire, Eufebius Horton, of Catton, efq.

Devonshire, Runundo Putt, of Gittiham, efq.

Dorfet fhire, Richard E. D. Grofvenor, of Charborough, efq.

Gloucestershire, Charles Hanbury Tracey, of Doddington, efq. Herefordfhire, Thomas Beaby, of Willey, efq.

Hertfordshire, Juftinian Cafamajor, of Potterelle, efq.

Kent, John Larking, of Eaft Maling, efq.

Leicestershire, Edward Manners, of Goadby, efq.

Lincolnshire, Matthew Bancroft Lifter, of Burwell-park, efq.

Monmouthshire, Benjamin Waddington, of Llanover, efq.

Norfolk, Roger Kerrifon, of Brooke, efq.

Northamptonshire, Edward Bouverie, jun. of Delaprée, efq.

Northumberland, George A. Afkew, of Pallingburn, efq.

Nottinghamshire, W. G. Williams, of Reinftone, esq.

Oxfordshire, Richard Williams, of Nathorp, efq.

Rutlandfhire, John Haycock, of Oufton, county of Leicester, efq.

Shropshire, William Chaloner, of Duddleston, efq.

Somersetshire, Thomas Swimmer Champneys, of Orchard Ley, efq. Staffordshire, Haughton F. Okeover, of Okeover, efq.

Southampton, Nathaniel Middleton, of Shamblehurst, efq.

Suffolk, W. Beaumaris Ruth, of Roydon, efq.

Surrey, George Griffin Stoneftreet, of Clapham, efq.

Suffex, Thomas Carr, of Beddingham, efq.

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Caermarthen, Gabriel Powell, of
Capel Thydis, efq.
Pembroke, John Mear, of Eafting-
don, efq.
Kelgwyn, efq.
Brecon, Richard G. Awbrey, of

Thomas Lloyd,


Robert Jerner,


Ynefkedwin, efq.
Wenvoe Castle, efq.
Radnor, John Brewfter, of Caf-

cob, efq.

Anglefea, Evan Hughes, of Gwdryn, esq.

Merioneth, Bulkely Hatchett, of Carnggadale, efq.

Montgomery, Henry Proctor, of Aberhaves, efq.

Denbighfire, John Wynne, of Coed Cock, efq.

Flintshire, James Mainwaring, of Saltoney, efq.

SHERIFF appointed by bis Royal
Highnefs the Prince of Wales, in
Council, for the Year 1800.


Caernarvon, Rice Edwards, of Mitchell, of Manger, efq. Porthyregwl, efq.

County of Cornwall, Matthew

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