A Free Mind: Ahmed Kathrada's Notebook from Robben Island

Jacana Media, 2005 - 134 pàgines
This inspirational collection brings together poetry, novels, songs, and letters that motivated Ahmed Kathrada during his 26 years of imprisonment in Apartheid-era South Africa. Despite the draconian censorship practices and heavily restricted access to the written word at the maximum security prison, Kathrada found strength, hope, and escape in the works of writers such as Bertold Brecht, Mahatma Gandhi, Emily Brontë, and Karl Marx.

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A Gathering of Shades
Glances from a Window
Ulysses Reaches the Aeolian Isles

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\Sahm Venter is a writer, an editor, and a freelance journalist based in Johannesburg who has worked for both South African and international media since 1981.

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