Imatges de pÓgina
[blocks in formation]


First printed in 1673. In the Title the words 'a Nephew of his'
were added in 1713.

8. charioter] 1673. uncoupled Masson.

ice-ypearled Warton conj.

charioteer 1705. 13. long-uncoupled] 1673. long
15. icy-pearled] 1673.
biding place 1673.
coarse 1673.

21. biding-place] Keightley. 1673. 30. corse] Fenton. delved 1673.

25. Eurotas'] Eurota's

32. low-delved] Warton. low

36. surely] 1673. purely Fenton. 53. Mercy] Warton 54. crown'd] 1695. cown'd 1673.

(Heskin conj.), omitted in 1673.

72. false-imagined] Warton. false imagin'd 1673.


First printed in 1673.

4. infant lips] Tickell. infant-lipps 1673.

(after Spenser). daintiest 1695. 18. wardrobe] 1695. wardrope 1673.

19. new-fangled] Fenton. new fangled 1673.

20. takes] take 1713.

14. daintest] 1673

trimming] trimings

36. thunderous] Thunderer's Jortin 60. faery] Faiery 1673.

1713. conj. 40. spheres] 1695. Spherse 1673. 66. invisible.] invisible: Tickell. invisible, 1673. 71. time's] 1705. times 1673. 98. hallow'd] Tickell, hallowed 1695. hollowed 1673. 100. royal-towered] Keightley. Royal Towred 1673. toured Warton.

ON THE NATIVITY. First printed in 1645.

130. bass] Th'enameid

21. And] And and 1673. 30. Heaven-born child] Heav'n-bornchilde 1645, 1673. 126. human] 1645. humane 1673. Tickell. Base 1645, 1673. 143. Orb'd...wearing] 1673. Arras of the Rainbow wearing 1645. And Mercy set 1645.

156. deep,] 1645. deep. 1673.

144. Mercy will sit 1673151. lies yet] 1645, 1673. yet lies Warton. 159. out brake] 1673. outbrake Keightley. 166. perfect] 1645. perfet 1673. 204. Thammu:] 218. Nought] 1705. Naught 1645,

160. agast] 1673. aghast Tickell.
172. Swindges] 1645, 1673. Swinges Keightley.
Newton. Thamuz 1645, 1673.


UPON THE CIRCUMCISION. First printed in 1645.

In Milton's own hand in the Trinity Ms.

13, 14. As one line originally in Trin. Ms. thron'd Ms. High throned 1645, 1673.

19. High-throned] High

23. wrath] wrauth MS.

division being marked in the margin as also in 13, 14.
Shall MS. in margin originally.

27, 28. As one line originally in Trin. Ms. the present

28. Wa

THE PASSION. First printed in 1645.


11. than] then 1645, 1673 (and elsewhere). 46. softened] softned 1645, 1673.

22. latest 1673. latter

ON TIME. In the Trinity MS. this is in Milton's own hand, and he originally added to the title "To be set on a clock case.' But these words he afterwards struck out. It was first printed in 1645.

18. to whose] t'whose MS. 1645, 1673.

(ed. 2).

20. earthy] earthly Warton

AT A SOLEMN MUSIC. First printed in 1645. In the Trinity Ms. there are two rough drafts and a fair copy, all in Milton's hand. The first rough draft is very much torn and difficult to read. The second has two endings, from line 17 onwards. The fair copy, except in the last line, agrees with the printed text.

3. Wed...employ,] Mixe yor choise chords, & happiest sounds employ second draft originally, altered to what we have in the text.


and mix'd power] power & joynt force first draft.

4. After this line

in the second draft, and apparently also in the first, there stood the following:

and whilst yo equall raptures temper'd sweet

in high misterious holie spousall meet
snatch us from earth a while

us of our selves & home bred woes beguile.

In the first of these lines whilst was changed to as in the second draft. In the second line holie was changed to happie, and in the last line home bred was changed to native. 5. high-raised] up rays'd second draft 6. concent]

originally. phantasy] fancies then first draft originally. MS. and ed. 1673. content 1645. 7. All that is left of this line in the first draft is ay surrounds the soveraigne throne with soveraigne changed to saphire-colourd. 8. To him] & him second draft originally. first draft the line originally ended & sollemne crie. Jubily 1645, 1673.

9. In the jubilee] jubilie MS.

10. burning] princely first draft. tripled second draft originally, changed to burning. 11. Their...blow] high lifted loud archangell trumpets blow second draft originally, altered to what stands in the text. In the first draft Milton finally wrote

loud symphonie of silver trumpets blow

angel-trumpets] Hyphened by Newton.

12. In the first draft, so far

as can be deciphered, this line and the following stood thus: and youthful cher]ubim sweet-winged squires Heavn's henshmen in ten thous[and quir]es.

14. wear] beare first draft, originally weare.

victorious] the fresh greene first draft, altered first to blooming and then to victorious. In the second draft the reading was originally blooming altered to victorious. 15. Hymns] in hymnes first draft originally. devout] devote 1705. holy] sacred both drafts originally, altered in the margin of the second draft to holie. 16. After this line the first draft originally had that all the f[ram]e of heaven and arches blue

resound and Eccho Hallelu.

In the first instance that was altered to while, and then in the margin Milton wrote the alternatives whilst the whole frame of and while (originally whilst) all the starrie frame. The second draft had originally

while all the starrie rounds & arches blue

resound and eccho Hallelu.

17. That...voice] The first draft originally had

that wee below may learne with hart & voice

which was changed to

that wee with undiscording hart & voice

and so it stood originally in the second draft, but it was finally altered to what we have in the text.

18. May rightly answer] rightly to answere

19. did] In his fair copy Milton first wrote 19-25. Instead

first draft originally.
could as in one of the two forms of the second draft.
of these lines the first draft had

by leaving out those harsh chromatick Jarres
of sin that all our musick marres

& in our lives & in our song

may keepe &c.

In the first form of the second draft Milton wrote in the margin ill sounding as a substitute for chromatick, and the following line originally ran thus: of clamourous sin that all our musick marres.

20. In the second form of the second draft this line originally stood drown'd natures chime & with tumultuous din.

28. To live with him, and sing] 1645, 1673. To live & sing wth him Ms. (both drafts and fair copy). in endless morn of light] As in both forms of the second draft of the MS. and in the fair copy, as well as in 1645, 1673. In the first draft Milton originally wrote in ever-endlesse light, adding in the margin ever-glorious and uneclipsed as alternatives to ever-endlesse, and for the whole phrase where day dwells with out night, in endlesse (or cloudlesse) morne (or birth) of light, and in never parting light.

SONG ON MAY MORNING. First printed in 1645.


First printed in 1632 in the second Folio of Shakespeare, and again in 1645

[blocks in formation]

ANOTHER ON THE SAME. First printed in 1645.

18. may not] mayn't 1705.

28. been] 1673. bin 1645.


First printed in 1645.

12. Been] 1705. Bin 1645, 1673. (1727). scarce-wel-lighted 1645, 1673. Keightley. 26. throes] Warton.

20. scarce well-lighted] Fenton 22. cypress bud] cypress-bud thraws 1645, 1673. 32. yet not]

1645, 1673. not yet Masson. 52. Shortened] Shortned 1645, 1673. lift's】 1705. lives 1645, 1673. 56. Weept] 1645, 1673. Wept 1713. 58. For] 'Fore Browne.

71. new-welcome] Keightley. new welcom 1645, 1673


33. ye]

2. Cerberus] Erebus Upton conj. 17. sager] Sages Tickell.
57. Sometime] Keightley. Som time 1645, 1673.

1645. you 1673.
70. landskip] Lantskip 1645, 1673. Landscape Tickell.
Newton. pide 1645, 1673.

friar's] the Friars 1673.

75. pied] 91. Sometimes] 1705. Some times 1645,

1673. 104. he by] by the 1673. lantern] Warton. Lanthorn 1645, 1673. 106. earn] 1705. ern 1645, 1673. 108. flail] 110. fiend] Tickell. Fend 1645, 1673. 118. hum] humm 1645, 1673.

Tickell. Flale 1645, 1673.

117. Towered] Towred 1645, 1673. 122. prize] prise 1645. prise, 1673.

130. eves] eeves 1645, 1673.

134. wild,] 1645, 1673. wild; Tickell. wild. Newton.

138-9. pierce

In notes,] 1645, 1673. pierce, In notes, Warton. pierce, In notes Keightley. 150. half-regain'd] Hyphened by Tickell.


16. black, staid] Newton. Cipres 1645, 1673. Cyprus gait Todd.

8. sun beams] Hyphened by Tickell. black staid 1645, 1673. 35. cypress] 1705. Newton. 38. even] 1705. eev'n 1645, 1673. 69. been] 1695. bin 1645, 1673. 97. Sometime] 1705. 1673. Some time 1695. Sometimes Tickell. Tickell. 116. aught] Warton.

Masson. Cherchef't 1645, 1673.

ought 1645, 1673. kercheft Newton.

gate 1645, 1673. Som time 1645,


Pelops'] Pelop's

125. kerchieft]

152. or]

156. cloisters

130. minute-drops]

Hyphened by Keightley. 134. Silvan] Sylvan 1645, 1673.

153. mortals] Mortal's Tickell.

and Peck conj. pale] Cloysters pale 1645, 1673. cloister's pale Masson (Warton conj.). 158. antic] antick 1645, 1673. antique Tickell. pillars] Pillar's Tickell. massy proof] Hyphened by Keightley.

162. full-voiced] Hyphened by Tickell.

mass-yproof Sampson conj.


The heading was originally

Part of a maske

Looke nymphs & shepherds looke heere ends our quest
since at last or eyes are blest.

10-13. The Trinity MS. had originally :

now seemes guiltie of abuse
and detraction from her praise
lesse then halfe she hath express't

Envie bid her hide the rest.

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