Columbus: Or, The Discovery of America

Jennings & Graham, 1878 - 212 pÓgines

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PÓgina 43 - Leave to his sovereign sway to choose and to command; so shalt thou wondering own his way how wise, how strong his hand. Far, far above thy thought his counsel shall appear, when fully he the work hath wrought that caused thy needless fear.
PÓgina 20 - Throughout his life he was noted for strict attention to the offices of religion, observing rigorously the fasts and ceremonies of the church; nor did his piety consist in mere forms, but partook of that lofty and solemn enthusiasm with which his whole character was strongly tinctured.
PÓgina 43 - COMMIT thou all thy griefs And ways into His hands, To His sure truth and tender care, Who earth and heaven commands. Who points the clouds their course, Whom winds and seas obey; He shall direct thy wandering feet, He shall prepare thy way.
PÓgina 115 - It was the middle of April before Columbus reached Barcelona. The nobility and cavaliers in attendance on the court, together with the authorities of the city, came to the gates to receive him, and escorted him to the royal presence. Ferdinand and Isabella were seated, with their son, Prince John, under a superb canopy of state, awaiting his arrival. On his approach, they rose from their seats, and extending their hands to him to salute, caused him to be seated before them.
PÓgina 115 - He was accompanied by several of the native islanders, arrayed in their simple barbaric costume, and decorated, as he passed through the principal cities, with collars, bracelets, and other ornaments of gold, rudely fashioned ; he exhibited also considerable quantities of the same metal in dust, or in crude masses, numerous vegetable exotics possessed of aromatic or medicinal virtue, and several kinds of quadrupeds unknown in Europe, and birds whose varieties of gaudy plumage gave a brilliant effect...
PÓgina 117 - His manner was sedate and dignified, but warmed by the glow of natural enthusiasm. He enumerated the several islands which he had visited, expatiated on the temperate character of the climate, and the capacity of the soil for every variety of agricultural production, appealing to the samples imported by him as evidence of their natural fruitfulness. He dwelt more at large on the precious metals to be found in these islands, which he inferred less from the specimens actually obtained, than from the...
PÓgina 117 - ... of their own fancies, as ambition, or avarice, or devotional feeling predominated in their bosoms. When Columbus ceased, the king and queen, together with all present, prostrated themselves on their knees in grateful thanksgivings, while the solemn strains of the Te...
PÓgina 19 - His visage was long, and neither full nor meagre ; his complexion fair and freckled, and inclined to ruddy; his nose aquiline; his cheek-bones were rather high ; his eyes light grey, and apt to enkindle; his whole countenance had an air of authority.
PÓgina 19 - Casas, soon turned it gray, and at thirty years of age it was quite white. He was moderate and simple in diet and apparel, eloquent in discourse, engaging and affable with strangers, and his amiableness and suavity in domestic life strongly attached his household to his person.
PÓgina 69 - Granada, on the seventeenth day of April in the year of the nativity of our Saviour Jesus Christ one thousand four hundred and ninety-two. I, the King. I, the Queen. By order of the King and of the Queen. Juan de Coloma. Registered Calcena.

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