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Pàgina 467 - Taylor put this Warrant in my Hands, And I arrest you, Sir, at his Commands. Thumb. Ha! Dogs! Arrest my Friend before my Face! Think you Tom Thumb will suffer this Disgrace! But let vain Cowards threaten by their Word, 30 Tom Thumb shall shew his Anger by his Sword.
Pàgina 49 - And curse those counsels that they praise ; Would you not wonder, sir, to view Your bard a greater man than you ? Which that he is, you cannot doubt, When you have read the sequel out. You know, great sir, that ancient fellows, Philosophers, and such folks, tell us, No great analogy between...
Pàgina 54 - I know any thing which can raise an honest man's indignation higher than that the same morals should be in one place attended with all imaginable misery and infamy, and in the other, with the highest luxury and honour. Let any impartial man in his senses be asked, for which of these two places a composition of cruelty, lust, avarice, rapine, insolence, hypocrisy, fraud and treachery, was best fitted, surely his answer must be certain...
Pàgina 493 - His mother milked the cow; And yet the way to get a son This couple knew not how. Until such time the good old man To learned Merlin goes, And there to him, in great distress...
Pàgina 454 - Till my whole court be drowned with their tears ; Nay, till they overflow my utmost land, And leave me nothing but the sea to rule. Dood. My liege, I a petition have here got. King. Petition me no petitions, sir, to-day; Let other hours be set apart for business.
Pàgina 50 - Suppose a secretary o' this isle, Just to be doing with a while ; Admiral, gen'ral, judge, or bishop ; Or I can foreign treaties dish up, If the good genius of the nation Should call me to negotiation ; Tuscan and French are in my head ; Latin I write, and Greek I read. If you should ask, what pleases best ? To get the most, and do the least ; What fittest for ?- you know, I'm sure, I'm fittest for a sinecure.
Pàgina 489 - King. Come to my arms, most virtuous of thy sex; Oh, Dollallolla! were all wives like thee, So many husbands never had worn horns. Should Huncamunca of thy worth partake, Tom Thumb indeed were blest. — Oh, fatal name! For didst thou know one quarter what I know, Then wouldst thou know— Alas! what thou wouldst know! Queen. What can I gather hence? Why dost thou speak Like men who carry rareeshows about? " Now you shall see, gentlemen, what you shall see.
Pàgina 461 - Far be it from my pride to think my tongue Your royal lips can in that art instruct, Wherein you so excel. But may I ask, Without offence, wherefore my queen would scold? Queen. Wherefore ? Oh ! blood and thunder ! han't you heard (What ev'ry corner of the court resounds) That little Thumb will be a great man made ? * Mr.
Pàgina 442 - Nor is the action of this tragedy less great than uniform. The spring of all is the love of Tom Thumb for Huncamunca ; which caused the quarrel between their majesties in the first act ; the passion of Lord Grizzle in the second ; the rebellion, fall of Lord Grizzle and Glumdalca, devouring of Tom Thumb by the Cow, and that bloody catastrophe, in the third. Nor is the moral of this excellent tragedy less noble than the fable ; it teaches these two instructive lessons, viz. : That human happiness...
Pàgina 307 - ... very often twice a day, which is good wholesome food and proper for students ; a translator too is what I want at present, my last being in Newgate for shop-lifting. The rogue had a trick of translating out of the shops as well as the languages. Scare. But I am afraid I am not qualified for a translator, for I understand no language but my own.

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