Imatges de pÓgina

380 381

Defire and Polesion.

Page 378 On Censure. The Furniture of a Woman's Mind. Clever Tom Clinch.

383 Dr.Swift to Mr.Pope, while writing the Dunciad. 384 A Love-poem from a Physician.

385 Dean Swift at Sir Arthur Acheson's.

387 On cutting down the old Tborn at Market-hill. 389 My Lady's Lamentation and Complaint.

392 A Pastoral Dialogue between Dermot and Sheelah. 397 On the five Ladies at Sot's-hole.

399 The five Ladies Answer.

401 The Beau's Reply.

403 The Journal of a modern Lady.

404 A Dialogue between mad Mullinix and Timothy. 413 Tim and the Fables.

422 Tom Mullinix and Dick.

423 Dick, a Maggot.

425 Clad all in brown.

426 Dick’s Variety.

427 Dr. Swift to himself. On Paddy's Character of the Intelligencer.

429 Parody on a Character of Dean Smedley.

430 Paulus. By Mr. Lindsay.

432 The Answer.

433 A Dialogue between an eminent Lawyer and

Dr. Swift.
On burning a dull Poem.

440 An Epifle to Lord Carteret by Dr. Delany, 441 An Epistle upon an Epifle.





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