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ger, they will be ready to give to the King of France and to the French nation, or to any other Government that shall be attacked, as soon as they shall be called upon, all the assistance requisite to restore public tranquillity, and to make a common cause against all those who should undertake to compromise it.

"The present Declaration, inserted in the Register of the Congress, assembled at Vienna on the 18th March, 1815, shall be made public.

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At home, the tumults raised by the mob, in order to terrify the legislature against the obnoxious corn bill, the corn bill itself with all its odium, are forgotten. The populace foresee that trade will be stopped, by renewed war; what will rioting avail? Orders for goods are countermanded, in The hopes every branch of business. which peace had inspired are nipped in The public stocks are down the bud. to 561. for the three per cents; and the holders of omnium would sell, if they could, at any discount under 11 or 12.

"Vienna, March 13, 1815."

Here follow the signatures in the alpha- The time demands great skill, great vigibetic order of the Court:


lance, great spirit, and great good fortune.
Every body foresees the crisis will be
trying; but, amid all this, some-not a
few, even flatter themselves it will not be
procrastinated, "severe, say they, but




"Done and attested by the Plenipotentiaries of the High Powers who signed the Treaty of Paris.


they carried with them to the banks of the Don.

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The miseries of this condition, need no augmentation; yet there are those who recollect the Cossack cry "PARIS LIKE MOSCOW!"


Heaven grant it may prove so! The prudent, however, will wait a short time before they form an opinion. They will perhaps wait another short time before they speak their minds. The general persuasion, which is all we can report— expects a scene of transcendant distress:nothing less than the PUNISHMENT FRANCE BY THE HANDS OF FRENCHMEN.

Total produce of
• Customs...


Abstract of the net produce of the Revenue, in the years ending 5th January, 1814, and 5th January, 1815; and also, the total produce of the Customs and Excise. 5 Jan. 1814. 5 Jan. 1815. £


Customs Consolidated 3,707,668
Do. Annual Duties....2,778,061
Do. War Taxes........3,722,424

Total produce of


}10,208,153 11,059,324

Excise Consolidated 17,561,032 18,311,172
Do. Annual Duties.... 548,829

479,898 6,354,541

Do. War Taxes....


24,183,394 25,145,611


5,598,573 1,450,000


..6,286,812 6,411,671

13,965,803 14,218,333 ....1,143,281 423,217

1,129,223 417,246

Post Office...
Assessed Taxes...
Land Taxes..




£ 4,938,299 2,618,001 3,503,024

By the bye, the Cossacks are lads to rejoice at this turn in affairs: it takes place just in time to replenish the pockets of

28,565,824 29,225,046

those who have spent all the Napoleons Total Net Revenue 62,957,371 65,429,981

Commercial Chronicle.

by the expected sanction to the Corn Bill, by the Prince Regent. The tumults which have disgraced town and country on this subject will be forgotten, amid the still graeter agitations of private property that will attend the renewal of war-while the war will naturally fix a price on corn, independent of the operation of this new statute.


Lloyd's Coffee-House, March 20, 1815. That the merchant who supplies all the world with commodities valuable and useful, should maintain his tranquillity, and carry on his business without disturbance, when all the world around him is disturbed, is absolutely impossible. The value of every thing in which he deals, fluctuates with events. His money is worth more or less :~ his commodities are worth more or less: his credits are more or less certain of payment, according to the ups and downs of kingdoms and states with which he has intercourse. The recent burst of politics, therefore, by which the renewal of hostili-" ties in the utmost bitterness of spirit is brought before the eyes of every man, strongly affects the merchant; the probable 1805.. demand or prohibition of the commodities in which he deals, the facility, or difficulty of conveying them; the cost of transit, with a thousand other particulars,, fill the merchant's bosom with anxiety.



The ratification of Peace with America, -now a most fortunate circumstance for both countries-has caused a decline in the prices of cotton, tobacco, and all other articles imported from the United States, which would have been extremely extensive and rapid, had not the stocks on hand of those articles been so greatly diminished by continued consumption without supply, that those who are in the habit of using them cannot wait for fresh importation. On the other hand, the late events in France, the progress of Buonaparte inclusive:the heart of that country, with the certainty of his reaching Paris without opposition, Weeks have raised the price of French goods of every description, because the prospect of supply from that country is rendered extremely obscure. Brandy is raised: so is whatever is extensively in demand in time of war: grain-provisions-saltpetre

Wht. Rye. Barl. Oats. Bos. Peas.


ds. ds. Nov. 571 1044 6,35 1271 044 336 1970 441 335

ds. ds. ds. d. 825 9,43 847 8 025 1144 525 142 26 70 442 1034 825 3:41 Dec. 370 240 834 11 25 1044 1070 542 035 525 441

445 11 846 5 645 1 150 3 745 11

17 68 741 134 425 142 549 7 2466 1141 734 325 040 9:47 4


and money. Money is, in fact, in a state of requisition at present, beyond what is common. Gold is raised in price: Napo- 1815.3165 840 133 724 739 545 leons D'or rose one shilling each on the rereipt of the news. Silver has since felt the impulse. (44d. to 5d. per oz.) To add to the confusion; omnium has felt a most severe depreciation, and the time when it must be completely redeemed from the Bank, to which it is pledged, is close at hand.

Jan. 764 241 432 923 8,38 447 11 1461 739 131 522 837 10 43 0 2159 037 730 221 6,35 342 10 2856 1135 128 220 937 537 6 Feb. 456 1136 527 620 034 437 1 1158 835 227 920 435 11:38 9 Further, with respect to CommoditiesMany of the prices that might be marked are merely nominal, at this moment. Pro

Corn, as an article of supply from abroad, has been checked by the operation of the Laws now in force, and still more, no doubt,

To enable the reader to form some notion of the relative price of the quartern loaf as governed by the averages, we subjoin the following:

Return of the Average Prices of Wheat, Flour, and the Quartern Loaf, within the Bills of Mortality, from 1804 to 1813, both inclusive, distinguishing each year :—







Wheat Average. d.


57 51

88 5

73 19

71 114

77 2


96 103

91 2

123 2
115 7


S. d.

52 61

84 11

69 33

66 1

66 1

84 14

93 84

84 6

108 6
104 11











10)886 810)814 1010)142 88 8 81 5 141 Average for Average for Average for Ten Years Ten Years. Ten Years. GRAIN--Average Prices of Grain in the Twelve Maritime Districts of England and Wales, from the 5th of November, 1814, to the 11th of February, 1815, both in

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COTTON felt the peace with America more than any thing else. The probability of vessels arriving, the looking forward to supplies from various quarters-the want of money included, have rendered this article of uncertain demand. The manufacturers must buy: their exhausted stocks must be replenished: particular kinds, therefore, only in request, and others sometimes much enquired after, for the moment absolutely overlooked.

In fact, almost every thing has been overlooked, for several days past. What is the news of the morning? and What is the news of the evening? has been much of the employment of merchants, as well as of The suddenothers, and not without cause. ness of events has absorbed all the time and disposition that might have been employed in consideration; and enquiry of others, as to facts, and inferences, has taken place of that promptitude at doing business, which distinguished the merchant from the mere pretender to com


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Hulett W. Buildwas, Shropshire, farmer. Sol,

Benbow and Co. Lincoln's Inn.

Horton T. Bush-lane, drysalter. Sols. Knight
and Co. Castle-strect, Falcon-square.
Harris J. St.Thomas Apostle, Devonshire, cur-
rier. Sols. Lambe and Co. Princes-street,
Bank of England.
Mullett F. St. Mary Axe, merchant.


Swain and Co. Frederick's-place, Old Jewry. Robinson G. Ginsborough, Lincolnshire, wharfinger. Sels. Rosser and Co. Bartlett's Buildings, Holborn. Roberts J. Shaftesbury, grocer. Sols. Tahourdin and Co. Argyll-street. Schofield J. Blackheynook, Yorkshire, mers chant. Sols. Brundrett and Co Temple. Shaw J. Plymouth Dock, ironmonger. Sols, Blagrave and Co. Symond's Inn. Smith T. Old Barge House, London, corn dealer. Sol. Humphries, Searle-street, Lincolu's Inn.

Salmon R. Aldham, Essex, carpenter. Sols.
Pocock and Co. Ely-place, Holborn.
Townsend R Preston, Lancashire, corn dealer.

Sol. Ellis, Chancery-lane.
Urry T Itchin Ferry, Southampton, baker.
Sol Stevenson, Lincoln's Iun.
Wythes J. aud T Hagley, Worcestershire, mil-
lers. Sols. Still and Co. Lincoln's Inn.
Wishey J. Thaxted, Essex, jobber.
Scudamore and Co. Gate-street, Lincoln's-

Wileman Messrs. West Hoathlye, Sussex, tanners. Sols. Gatty and Co. Angel-court, Throgmorton-street.


Esser. The wheat plants which have all along made such a fine appearance, now turn somewhat yellow, for want of dry weather. The planting of beans and peas, is quite compleat; and in some places these plants begin to make their appearance. But little spring corn on the strong lands is already sown. Since our last we have complaints of the rot among the breeding sheep, cousequently a loss in the lambs. Horses of all kinds are cheaper.linen Store pigs are lower in price, but the spring ones very dear. Turnips, from the mildness of the season, continue very plentiful.


A. Warrington, Shrewsbury, bricklayer.-J. A. Ourry, of Greenwich, Kent, and of Winchester-street, London, broker.-J. Haddock, of Cateaton-street, London, banker.—R. K, Frost, late of Launceston, Cornwall, but now prisoner in the King's Bench, maltster.-W. Sheppard, of Bristol, bookseller.—S. Clark, late of the Commercial Road, Middlesex, hoop bender G. Piance, of Swansea, Glamorgan, draper -G. Waiton, of Halifax, York, grocer.-J. Kidd, of Holbeck, Leeds, flour merchant.-G. Masters, of Newport, Monmouth, brewer.-T. Thomas, of Bristol, soap boiler.


Breake J. Malmsbury, Wilts, parchment maker.
Sols. Long and Co. Gray's Inn,
Blakemore R Birmingham, tailor. Sol. Ni-
ch Is, Gray's Inn-square.
Davey J Bishopshull, Somerset, maltster.
Sols. Bleasdale and Co. New Inn.
Freeborn 1. Fiuchinfield, Essex, batcher. Sol.
Bromley, Gray's Inn.

Gamage W. D. Falmouth, Cornwall, merchant.
Sol. Paulin, Broad-street, Ratcliff.
Gowar S. High Holborn, dealer. Sols. Blant
and Co. Old Bethlem.

Hughes and Co. Storrington, Sussex, brewers.
Sols. Glutton and Co. St. Thomas street,

Hickinson W. Sheffield, York, furrier. Sol.
Bigg, Southampton Buildings.

Hall E. Cheltenhamn, farmer. Sols. Vizard


M'Cabe J. Lombard-street, merchant. Sols.
Tomlinsons and Co. Copthall Court.
Pritchard W. E. Bristol, surgeon. Sols. Price

and Co. Lincolns Inn.

now or late of Huddersfield, Yorkshire, white,
smith.-B. Bohen, of Bishopsgate-street, Lon-
don, merchant.-C. Hopkins, of Stourbridge,
Worcester, linen draper. E. H. Ferne, of St.
John's street, West Smithfield, baker. — B.
Buckle, of Cheltenham, Gloucester, baker.
w Adams, of 1pswich, Suffolk, grocer.-J.
W. Stephens, of Manchester, cotton-spinner.
-N. S. Builder, of Bristol, woollen draper.
BANKRUPTS.- Feb. 21.

Price and Cross, Bristol, merchants. Sols. Tar

rant and Co. Chancery lane.
Rugg Messrs. Austin Friars, silkmen. Sols.
Walker and Co. Old Jewry.
Robinson and Co. Dalton, York, clothiers.
Sol. Battye, Chancery-lane.
Richards J Montague place, Russel-square,
merchant, Sol. Jopson, Castle-st. Helborn.
Starkey W. Marsh, Huddersfield, merchant. Sol.
Battye, Chancery-lane.

Abblitt N. Ipswich, maltster and merchant. Sol. Taylor, John street, Bedford Row. Boughton E. Bromsgrove, Worcester, mercer and tailor. Sels. Fladgate and Co. Essexstreet, Strand.

and Co. Lincoln's Inn.

Jones F. Maidstone, Kent, corn factor.

Webster and Co. Queen-st. Cheapside. Jackson G. Bow Church Yard, calico printer.

Sol. Jackson, Elm Court. Knight J. Wivelsfield, Cuckfield, Sussex, tailor. Sol. Buil, Holles-street, Cavendish-sq. Larchin E. Magdalen-street, Southwark, stationer. Sol. Lindsay, St. Thomas-street. Lyon J. London street, broker. Sols. Vander-Schollick J. Wooloaks, Cumberland, corn dealer. Sol. Birkett, Cloak lane. com and Co. Bush-lane.

Shallard C. sen. Keynsham, Somerset, steel
worker. Sol. Meredith, Lincolu's Inn.
Stephenson Messrs. Kingston upon Hull, spirit
merchants. Sol. Egerton, Gray's Inn-sq.
White J. Bethnall Green, coal merchant. Sols.
Innes and Co. Paper Buildings, Temple.
Wallis J. Caxton, Cambridge, innkeeper. Sol
Holloway, Chancery-lane.
Warth R. Ely, Cambridgeshire, miller,
Wortham, Castle-street, Holborn.
Winstanley W. Liverpool, merchant. Sols.
Blackstock & Co. Paper Buildings, Temple.
West G. Kingston upon Hull, linen draper.
Sol. Egerton, Gray's Inn-square.



T. Cochran, of York, glover.-W. Ludlam,

Boyle W. Kingston upon Hull, merchant. Sols.
Exley and Co. Furnival's Inn.

Davis W. Holmer, Herefordshire, cattle dealer.
Sol. Pewtriss, Verulam Buildings Gray's Inn.
Gidley J. Norwich, coach maker. Sols. Foster

and Co. Norwich.

Morris Messrs. Little Tower-street, wine and spirit brokers. Sols. Robinson and Co. Austin Friars.


Minskip W. Doncaster, bookseller. Sol. Blake-Tyne, soap maker.-A. Lindsay, Manchester, lock, Serjeant's lun.

Mann B. Rolvenden, Kent, dealer. Sol. Derby,
Harcourt Buildings, Temple.

dealer in cotton goods--J. Smith, Tabernacle
Walk, merchant.-G. Parsons, Edgeware Road,
coal merchant.-J. W. Harvey, Hadleigh Hall,
Essex, banker-I. Banks, Newington Butts,
stationer--J. F. and W. Street, Bucklersbury,


Gowen J. Heveningham, Suffolk, grocer. Sol.
Pugh, Beard street, Russel square.
Munton J. Foulsham, Norfolk, grocer.
Matthews J. Norwich, plumber,
Windus and Co. Southampton Buildings.
Sols. Frost
and Co. Sudbury.


J. and R. Hayward, Bebkington, Somersetshire, clothiers. J. Fish, Newcastle upon


Awbery W. Rupert-street, Haymarket, victua!-
ler. Sol. Burnley, Church-court, Walbrook.
Bennett T. B. Wapping Wall, slopseller. Sols.
Jackson and Co. Fenchurch-chambers.
Bagnall J. Manchester, factor.

Sols. Dacie
and Co. Holborn-court, Gray's Inn.
Butcher J. Golden-lane, yeast merchant. Sol.
Hamilton, Berwick-street, Soho.
Blackburn T. Liverpool, tallow chandler. Sols.
Lowes and Co. Temple.

Brown & Olley, George-street, Portman-square,
brewers. Sol. Pike, Air-street, Piccadilly.
Clouter S. B. Bristol, stationer. Sols. Devon
and Co. Holborn-court, Gray's Iun
Cliffe H. Snow Hill, merchant.

Sols. Greg

son, Angel court, Throgmorton-street. Cranstone J. Upper Thames-street, ironmon

ger. Sol. Bennett, Tokenhouse-yard. Dixon S. Boston, jeweller. Sols. Lodington and Hall, Temple.

Dadd W. Chatham, tea dealer. Sol. Nelson,
Palsgrave place, Temple Bar.

Elliot E Rotheram, Yorkshire, ironmonger.
Sol. Egerton, Gray's Inn-square.
Failes M. Upwell, Cambridgeshire, shop-keeper
Sol. Farlow, Clifford's Inn.

Grant A. Broad-street-place, merchant.
James, Bucklersbury.
Hopper T. Wapping Wall, victualler.
Mills, Vine-street, Piccadilly.
Herbert W. Sandford, Oxfordshire, cow dealer.
Sols. Meyrick and Co. Red Lion square.
Jackman T. sen. Oakeley Farm, Southampton,
farmer. Sol Roe, Howard-street, Straud.
Levy Messrs Bucklersbury, merchants. Sols.
Crowder & Co. Frederick's place, Old Jewry.
Lowe D. Mallcroft, Derbyshire, corn dealer.
Sol. Ellis, Chancery-laue.
Mausford F. Lincoln, grocer.

Sols. Willis

Sol. | Newell J. Great Malvern, Worcester, tailor.
Sol. Chilton, Exchequer Office, Lincoln's
Sol, Inn.

Rickman T. Deal, coach master.
Read T. Nottingham, lace manufacturer. Sols.
Allsop and Co. Nottingham.
Sorgenfrey A. W. Savage Gardens, Tower Hill,
merchant. Sol. Lane, Lawrence Pountney
Hill, Cannon-street.


and Co. Warnford-court

Newstead J. Acle, Norfolk, spirit merchant. Sols. Whitcombe and Co Serjeant's lun. Schlaberg, W. Manchester, merchant. Sol.

Ellis, Chancery-lane. White J. Pitchley, Northampton, victualler. Sol. Marshall, Kettering. Warth R. Leverington, Cambridgeshire, miller, Sols. Wortham, Castle street, Holborn.


M. B. Harvey, Witham, Essex, banker.J. Callow, Birmingham, mathematical instrument maker.-T. King, Charlotte-street, SadIer's Wells, carpenter.-C. Longstaff, Nottingkam, merchant.-W. Crossman, Union-street, Southwark, currier.


BANKRUPTCY SUPERSEDED.— -Feb. 28. Shillito T. Doncaster, York, innkeeper.

Webb J. Broadway, Worcester, grocer. Sols. Cardales & Co. Holborn Court, Gray's Inu. Bellett J. Honiton, Devon, ironmonger. Sols.

Vizard and Co. Lincoln's Inn. Clarke David, Bedford, shoemaker



Meredith Lincoln's Jun New square. Chesmer H Sittingbourne, Kent, miller. Collett and Co. Chancery-lane. Cock E. Mevagissy, Cornwall, fish curer. Sol. Thompson, Gray's Inn-squere. Darvill R. Princes Risborough, Bucks, miller Sol. Burton, North-street, Red Liou-square. | Dalton S. Coventry, grocer. Sol. Carter,


Evans W. A. Brearly-street, Birmingham, coal dealer. Sol. Aspinall, Quality court, Chancery-lane. Huxham W. Exeter, ironfounder. Sols. Darke and Co. Princes-street, Bedford-row. Hopper T. Wapping Wall, Middlesex, victualFer. Sc. Mills, Vine-street, Piccadilly. Irvine J. Mauchester, dealer. Sols. Anstice and Co. Temple. Jackson Messrs. Torside, Glossop, Derby, paper makers. Scls. Tarrant and Co. Chancory lane. Kirby Messrs. Nottingham, coal merchants.

Sels. Messrs. Berridge, Hatton Garden. Lawrence M. Wappenbury, Warwick, dealer. Sols. Long and Co. Gray's Inn. Lane J Arundel, Sussex, corn merchant. Scls Palmer and Co. Bedford Row. Magee C. Whitehaven, grocer. Sol. Lowden, Clement's Inn.

Short J. J. Coleman-street, auctioneer. Wadeson and Co. Austin Friars.


W. Cox, Wood-street, warehouseman.—J. Fair, Aldersgate-street, merchant.-T. Wingate, Market Raisin, Lincolnshire, linen draper. -J Hague, Narrow-street, Limehouse, wine merchant. H. Watson, Weymouth Mews, Marylebone, coach maker-J Browell, Coat Exchange, coal factor.-T. Beale, Little Smeaton, Yorkshire, weld merchant.-T. Wheatley, Greenwich, liveryman.-I. Cooke, Cheltenham, upholsterer.-E. Lowe, Shrewsbury, wharfinger -W. English, Lewes, Sussex, cutler.


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Bend T. Shirland, Derby, maltster.
Court T. Birmingham, currier
Whitcombe and Co. Serjeant's Inn..
Sol. Punton,


Wine Office Court, Fleet-street. Cherry N. Hanwell, Oxford, miller. Pearson, Pump-court, Temple. Deakin J. Brook-street, Birmingham, gun maker. Sol. Pember, Leigh-street, Red Liou-square.


Evans R. Shrewsbury, shopkeeper. Sol. Searle, Godliman-street, Doctor's Commons. England M. Ilkeston, Derby, butcher. Whitcombe and Co. Serjeant's Inn. Grainger John, Martin's-lane, Cannon-street, provision broker. Sol. Birkett, Cloak-lane. Gardner T. Aberdare, Glamorgan, shopkeeper,

Sols. Jenkins and Co. New Inn. Hunter F. jun. King's Lynn, Norfolk, woollen draper. Sols. Willis and Co. Warnford-court. Isles R. of Fairford, Gloucester, grocer. Sols. Robinson and Co. Charter-house-square. Lindow J. jun. Cleator, Cumberland, spade manufacturer. Sols. Farrer and Co. Nicholas-lane.

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