Imatges de pÓgina

Ta tri huigeaca toñóg añ, or There are three duck eggs in cjoñ an uimir.

it, over the number. go de ir luğa glacar tu? What is the least that you wil]

take ? Certne pišin déag.

Fourteen pence.
So ouit tri pigin déag. Here are thirteen pence for yoų.
Contuir amać 140.

Count them out,

An bfuil eadać caol gorm Have you fine blue cloth ?

4340 ?


I have. Cuir corñ oe a lacair, le'o Lay a piece of it before me, if Gojl.

you please. Go de ta ar an orlat de so? What is this per yard ? N4oj rilñe déag:

Nineteen shillings. Ir garb liom é, air an air:giott I think it coarse, at that price.

rit). Fejciom corñ ir mine na ro, Let me see a piece finer than ma ca re agad.

this, if you have it. War mait leat leatad mór a Would you wish to see broad Fajceal ?

cloth ? Buo majċ ljoni.

I would wish it. Sin eadać caol go leor out. There is cloth fine enough for

you. Ca reud ir luac ve ?

What is the price of it? Ni tig liom in 4 ojol air ni ir I cannot sell that for less than

luga na react rgiline ir twenty-seven shillings per Fitċe air a trlat.

yard. Ir mór an luac yn.

That is a great price. Go dejmiin ir fju an tairgiott Indeed it is worth the money,

é, 4 ouine majt, réir mar Sir, according as goods are vjoltar eamao anoir. Cheanaig mire éadać do I bought better cloth than it, b'fear na é, air coróin ni for a crown less than


ask. is luğa na a bfuil tu ag iar

rung B'reidir rin, act ir fada ó That may be, but it is long join é, mo vojg.

since, I suppose. Togar van gur ro tana an I think it is very thin cloth.

teadac é. Tana, deir tu? breatnuig Thin, do you say ? try it again.

ariri air.

sold now.

Motaig mar so an do lám é. Feel it thus in your hands. Motaijim é 30 bfuil se min go I feel that it is smooth enough.

leor. Nil rin tana, reir a caoile. That is not thin, considering its

fineness. Ir teañoluite an rnaite ata It is former and closer in the

añ, na an eadać buò raime tbread, than thicker cloth.

14 é.

Naċ nglacfa oa ginio air oa Would not you take two guiPlaid ve ?

neas for two yards of it? D'ar mo breitir, 4 ouine mo- Upon my word, Sir, it is not

ouil, ni liom fein air an air- my own for that money. Giott rin é. Abair, go de ir luğa glacas Say what is the least you will CU?

take ? Go dearbta d'arır me ouit Truly I told you at first.

ar dtúr. Nibjañ an dara focal agamsa. I have not a second word. Ma tig leat a vjol air cúig If you can sell it for twenty-five

ir ponta, bejo re agam, shillings, I shall have it, and agus muna Dvig leat, ni if you cannot, I shall not.

bjan. Ni tig liom 4 vjol air rin go I cannot sell it for that indeed;

dejnin; oir rerin an cair- for that is the money that it

Giott a coraiñ re var. cost me. Bjam a trjall go bfjačam ait Let us go that we may try in eigin eile.

some other place. Fan 4 ouine moouil, go lab- Stay, Sir, until I speak to you. Abair leat, ma tig tu nuas Speak, if you abate any thing.

an 040am. Bi dearbta a ouine uarail, Be assured, Sir, that I bought

gur ċeanaig mire 'an t'ea- this cloth, for ready money, dać ro, air airgiott rejo, as cheap as I could buy it; corraor ir brejoi liom 4 and I could not get it for less ceañać; agus ni bfuiğim ni than twenty-five shillings.

ir raoire é na cúigir ponta. Ir doilij oarsa a ceañać uait I can hardly buy it from you mar rin.

then. Nil me 4g jamais aċo Piğin as I ask only one penny, per

shil. an rgillin, do buntaiso, ling, of profit. Breidir go bfuil beird uait. Perhaps you want a waistcoat. T4 cal do nuao reoiro 4g4m. I have some new patterns.

rajm lead.

Ni habraim nios mó; aċo to- I shall say no more; but mea

mhair amac é; agur fagam sure it out; and I leave the

a luać dod veajcoil fein price to your own goodwill. Sin agad ánoir avbar caroige, Now you have the making of a d'eadac rarčaol Sharanac. coat of superfine English

cloth. Feiciom giota to rzarlojo. Let me see a piece of scarlet. So ouit corñ doleatad moir There is a piece of the best 154rlojde ir féar.

scarlet broad-cloath. Ugur ro rioda oub ro aluiñ. And here is some elegant black

silk. Bheirım mo óeimin vuit go I assure you it will wear very

mbejó caitean majů añ. well. Geabao me beiro 00 gac I shall take a waistcoat of each.

reoiro. Go de an meud ir eigin dari How much must I have ?

4 Fažail ? Tri cestrear con rcarlojo, Three quarters of the scarlet, agurrlac go lejt don riod4. and one yard and a half of the

silk. 30 de an reoiro cnaipead What kind of buttons will you

cuirear tu air an casóig ? put on the coat ? Ta cnaipead óróa fa 00, I have double gilt, of various beag is mór.

sizes. Tabair vatn moninaipeao Let me have small gilt buttons.

óróa. Bejó riko agad.

You shall have them. Tojfajó an táilliúr an línın The tailor will choose the linagus na pocaió.

ing and pockets. Cja he do tailljurra ? Who is your tailor ? Seamus O'Concuir.

James O'Connor. Ir aične var é; ir ro majĆ I know him; he is a very good an fear ceird é.

workman. Sin é, ag an taob tall d'on There he is, at the other side of orráid.

the street. An glaoca me air ?

Shall I call him ? Dheana tu gar oar).

You will oblige me.
Gab leje, Sheumuir u James O'Connor, come hither,

Go mbeañajo Djadjba daoine Your servant, gentlemen.

uaisle. Glac mo tornar air čulajó e4- Take my measure for a suit of 0415


me cu.

Go de mur ir aill lead 140 a How will you have them made, beje deanca ?

Sir ? Do reir an moo ir yuqo4. According to the newest fashion. Ta dočas agam go ráireaca I hope I shall please you. Ca huair a bjar riad crioċ- When will you have them finnuigte ?

ished. Teacia tratairn ro cugain, On Saturday next, at farthest.

air an ceañ ir foide. Bejó rin luać go leor. Thạt will be soon enough. Feidir muinigin 4 cur an Sir, you may depend upon my m'focal.

word. Bhfuil dadam eile uait ? Do you want any thing else. Nil an 040am eile anois.

Not at present Bejo ramas liom roċair a I will be happy to serve you.

veanam ouit. Slán leat, a 140).

Farewell, Sir. Slán leat air raidin. Sir, I wish you a good morning.

III. 30 de an reort arbąir so What kind of corn is this you azad ?

have ? Coirce majt ril: ma ta re Good seed oats ; if you want it.

oje oro. Foirgeola me amac é I shall open it out. Fejciom é.

Let me see it. Feuc cura rin.

Look at that. Naċ glan, geal an coirce rin? Is not that clean white oats ? Ta re air feabar riol. It is the best seed. Ir fear é go mór na graine It is much better than large is coirtearla.

grain. Go de mur ojolar tué ? How do you sell it ? Certre rgilline ir ponta air Twenty-four shillings per barrel.

4 barille. Gheaba me coince mait air I will get good oats for less njor luğa na rin.

than that. Bhearain féin coirce majt I can give you good oats mysell,

ouit, air oq rgilin nior for two shillings cheaper.

paoire. Feuc an rac rin eile.

Look at that other sack. Bhfuil ro uile air aon nós ? Is this all alike? Ir joñan é uile is mar ċi tu á It is all such as you see in the mbeul an craic rin.

mouth of that sack


rin é.

Jo de an luać ?

What is the price? An do ir ponta.

Twenty-two shillings. Ta rin or cion neacta an That is above the market rate.

margaid. Bheara me fiċċe rgilline an I will give twenty shillings a

bairille, air a bfuil agad barrel, for what you have of don treord rin.

that kind. Bheara tu an taon ir fitċe You will give twenty-one for it,

air, agus ori ir fit'e air and twenty-three for the seed

coirce ril. D'furail me go leor airsın. I offered enough for that. Gheaba me uirid air,ir o'iam I shall get as much for it, as I me ort.

asked from you. Sheaba mire nior raoire na I shall get it cheaper than that. Ma geabair air nior luga, ni If you get it for less, it will not bioñ re co maji.

be so good. Nil arvair mine ir fear ran There is not better meal corn oirre.

in this country. Ca meud ta agad oe? How much have


of it? Ta oct mbairille déag, an There are eighteen barrels in

mna naoi rajc rin; agus ré those nine sacks ; and six bar

bairille, rna tri raic eile. rels in the other three sacks. Nadjult m Furail, agus cean- Do not refuse my offer, and I naċa me uile uais é.

will buy it all from you. Cuirfe tu leit, tri piğin an You shall add three pence per

bairille, air an coirce geal. barrel for the white oats. Se sin gri rgilline ir ponta. That is twenty-three shillings. Ca meud airgitt tig re uile How much money does it all cuige ?

come to ? Ir Furas rin a contar. That is easily reckoned. Ceitre ponta ir fitce, agus Exactly twenty-four pounds

ocorgilline deag, go beaco. eighteen shillings. Cuir rac oe rin rna meajaib, Put a sack of it in the scales,

agur coraižim air a mhead- and let us begin to weigh it.

acain War aill lead cruitneacta no If you wish to buy wheat or

eórna ceañać, ta riad ar barley, I have both very good.

aon agam go fíor mijajo. 30 de an seort cruitneacta What kind of wheat have you ?

04 agad. Breidir go mbejörin uaim 4 Perhaps I may want some next an creactmhuin ro cugais. week.


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