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Na bj go dubac.

Do not make yourself uneasy. Catajó re tjon go húr. Let him take

freely. Cuiniščeran remra pionfuar, Keep the room cool and well

agus aedearta go maic. aired. Nacuirtear mjojuajmiineas 4. Let hiny not be disturbed. Nar fjorrajo tu moran lucu Have you visited many patients galair, anju?

to-day » Ir jomóa gin. Do glaoc me air Several. In the morning I

maidin, dfeućain beiro called to see two children in

paiste ran ngalar breac. the small-pox. Sa teac a broighe Dojb, do bj In the next house were both the

an bruitinęć, agus an grjuž. measles and hooping cough. Aco ni rajt an aon aca ro ana- But none were dangerously ill.

crac. Bhi ogánac faoi inaoj čujm, a A young man, in consumption,

bfuair cuairt uair mar an received a visit also. gceadna. Bhi rejsean ro lag, 4co go najb He was very weak, but in good rpeóir that añ.

spirits. So cugain bean, agus leanab Here comes a woman with a na huċt.

child in her arms. Gode ro air do leanab, a bean What is the matter with your mhacanca.

child, good woman? Uc! a veaj grad, ir air ata O Sir, it has terrible convulsions.

na tarraingte ajoteala. U bfeictear go gcuireañ re Does it seem to pass any worms ?

piasta trid? u mbion se criñ le na fjaclaib Does it grind its teeth when

aña codlao ? no pjocaó a asleep ? or pick its nose ?

iróin. Ni re gaė cujo dobta 50 It does both very often.

minic. Tabair asteace; rgribe me Bring it in ? I will prescribe ni eigin oo air ball.

for it presently. Nac réanriar an rajobreas; What a blessing it is to enjoy sláinte tijajc fugajl!

good health! Giveno ir tearc a cuirear And yet few esteem it as they

ruim añ, mar cóir vóib. ought to do. Chonairc mire duine dona I saw a'poor'wretch to-day, who

anju, a caill navarc a va had lost the sight of both his

ruil, tre na baooarr fein. eyes by his own folly. Cionar iin?

How was that ?

Ta an rgeul rosada. Inreada The story is too long; I will tell mye ouit arir é.

you again. Nil agam anoir aċd cuairt $ I have now only to visit a man,

ouine, ar brise4o 4 cor 50 whose leg was lately broken.

deiğionać. Cjonas ta Seán anju ? How is John to-day ? Ta se morán nior fem, a deg Much better, Sir; I give you

sro, cam buideac cujose. thanks. Narojbrižna hiceaogo maid ? Did bis medicines operate well ? D'oibrigeadar, agus nil re They did, and he complains

gearan uirio fa pian an less of the pain in his leg.

coire. Ir doig go bfuil an cnair ag The bone must have united

greimeai, faoi an cracro. before this time. Chjutear go bfuil biseacjom- He appears considerably better.

cubais air. leigtear fuairinear do, agur Let bim be kept quiet, and I

ir doig liom go mfeidir leir hope he will be able to sit up 4 beje na fujo suas, F401 in a few days. beagan leacjb.

VII. TRAVELLING, THE COUNTRY, &c. C4 beuil ro gjolla ?

Where is my servant ? Taim anso 4 tijagiroir. Here I am, master. Bhfuil na heachais rejo Are the horses ready ? Ta riad go direac cur deirig They are just finishing their

le na gcuid coirce, agur oats, and will be ready in a biad riad rejó a mbeagán few minutes.

aimrin. Beir cum an doruis jad. Bring them to the door. a ndeana tu do čeadlonza Will you breakfast before you brisead, rul fa paċa guar

leave home ? baile ? Ni veanad, aċo brirfe me No, I shall breakfast in Newry.

mo ceadlonga san Jur. Ir raim a bejė macaigeacu sa It is pleasant to ride in a fine rijardin cign

morning. Ir aojbiñ an aimyn ta aguin. We have delightful weather. Ir romajú ažajo na tíre. The country appears very well. Tá eagla orm.34 odjuca cjů I fear we shall get a shower.

omain. Nil aċd neul, a racas tort It is only a cloud, that will soon gan rhoill.


fore us.

Sin fear air a mbotar ro. There is a man in the road be

riais. Deanam go mbearamois air, Let us overtake him, and enter

agur go mbjam a gcruadal into conversation with him.

leir. Go mbeanaid Dia duit, a God save you, good man.

ouine majt. Go mbeanaid an ceadna duit- May the same bless you.

re. Naċ breaj an maidin í ro ? Is not this a fine morning ? Ir breaj 1, gloir do Dhja. It is, thank God. Ca f404 tainic Tuair majoin? How far did you come this

morning ? U oumcíol cúig mile. About five miles. hap, a ouine, ar tu riñe an Ha, man, you have arisen early.

moc eir15 Nior codail me ro bfad, 30 Indeed I did not sleep very dejnin.

long. Car codail tu areir, le do Pray where did you sleep last ċead ?

night? Do codail me ra Irrad jbaile. I slept in Dundalk. Un añ rin 4 bjar tu do com- Do you dwell there?

naiz? Ni head, aco 4 gcontaig an No, but in the King's County.

rig Ca bfuil dúil ag4d a beji a Where do you intend to be tonoct?

night? Ta duil agam a beje añ Urd- I intend to be in Armagh, if mağa, mas feidir.

possible. Bejó tu an rin am go leor. You will be there soon enough. Ar rnarrahuil dear an éac That is a pretty neat horse you in agad.

have. As breaj, cruadalać a gear-He is a brave, hardy little hack.

rán beag é. Gabam orm go ndean re ro- I warrant he trots well.

dar go mait. Nil níos fear air bie, 04 There is none better of his size.

meud. Go de an aois ta aige ?

What is his age. Cheanaid me air son besteaċ I bought him as a horse of five cúig mbliana, Fa nooloig ra

years old, last Christmas. cuajo cort é. Bhfuil beul majt aige Has he a good mouth.


leave you.

Fior mait; agus coise Falláin Very good ; and sound feet.
Mearam gurcosain re react, I suppose he cost seventeen

no oct ponta déag. eighteen pounds. Corain re nios poigre don He cost nearer twenty, upon my.

fiċċead, dar mo coingoil. honour. Se ro mo bealacra, agus ir This is my road, and I must

eigin dan d'fázbail. Turas rona ouit. Rat o0 tunar on

I wish you a good journey.
Go soirbiće Dja ouit.
Ca hajt a moriream cead- Where shall we breakfast ?

Jr joñan our é.

It is equal to me. Beir air na caiple ro, a bua- Take these horses, boy, and lead

caill, agus riubal tort leo them about for some time.

real añ rin. Un rin tabair féur dojb, agus Then give them hay, and rub

cuímil rior go majc jad. them well down. Racamoio da bfeucain ag ite We will see them fed presently.

4 mbio air ball. A fesómanáig, fajam 4 gced- Waiter, let us get breakfast longa gan moill.

immediately. B140 159 4gb a oaoine uaisle. You shall have it Gentle

men. An all 16 beaca.?


choose Gan arras. Ugur bi dearbta Certainly. And be sure that 140 bejė úr.

they are fresh. Gearr arán is im.

Cut some bread and butter. líon mas tea, agus cuir cáil Fill a cup of tea, and put a mait pucaire,ir uaċtar añ. good deal of sugar and cream

in it. un račfa rpaistearact go Will you take a walk, to see the bfejceam an baile ?

town : Ni teigeam anois. Oir crir- Not now. It would delay us

eno in moil ir ro fad orrñ. too long Unoir tamoid anairde arís. Now we are mounted again. Ir breag an tír í ro. This is a fine country. Ta an ban ageallao rožmar The crops promise an abundant ratrijar

harvest. Tajo na garduló 4 gcruc And the gardens appear very majú air adaig.

forward. Ca leir an teac rin air an Whose house is that on the hill.

eggs ?



bealac go

leir an Tigearna-,aco It belongs to Lord - but is

re Sar Seón- corhnaio- inhabited at present by Sir ear anoir an.

John Togtar gur tiž úr é. It seems to be a new house. Nil re haire le reaċo mbliao- It has not been built more than na foirgnice.

seven years. Ta an forba farsaing foir- The demesne is extensive, the

leatan, an abalgoropland- orchard well planted, and the ta le crañaib, agus na lin- fish-ponds well stored.

te lán lionta do jargaib. Anoir tangamar go comináč Now we have come to cross

na mbotar, ni Fior dem roads, I do not know which cia aca geabam.

to take. Chim duine sa tijaċaire a I see a man in the field, who rijúinear duiñ é.

will tell us. Sear, a carajo, ci aca ro an Ho, friend, which is the way


to ? 5ab rlige na lajne clioe. Take the left-hand road. Ca fada, no, ca reud míle How far, or how many miles is ar ro é ?

it from this ? Wit te os cion a react. Not more than seven. Do hinseaö varira go raib re I was told that it was nearly 4 brogus d'ocu mile.

eight. An eigin duiñ an botarra Must we continue long on this

a cuingbeal air pad? road ? Ni head, aċd an uair tiucfa No, when you reach the foot of

rib a'gcoir 4 cyuic ag an the hill, at a little bridge, you droiċead beag, is eigin dud must turn to your left.

jompo air do lam ċli. U mbeirio an botar rin zur Will that road bring us to .?

41Ni bearan air fad. Feadan Not quite. You may enquire

fiafrugad ag an cead Tij at the first house after you inoj415 Cioncogao.

turn. Ir corrhuil le tir rhajó fiad- This appears to be a good sportacta í ro.

ing country. Ta farcao majů do coilcib There is a good cover for wood

coilleadran ngejmread an. cocks in winter Bjañ an iomad paitriory, Partridges abound in the corn

crid an goirt, agus naor- fields, and snipes in the bogs.

can, añrna curraigib. ų bfuil geamfjaóa, no rion- Are there any hares or foxes to aca, le fagal añro ?

be found here i

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