Imatges de pÓgina

Bhi go leor do geamfiada16 There were several hares for

añ anallod; aċd ir beag merly, but the greyhounds

nać ar ronjor na cuin 140. have nearly destroyed them. Ugur bjom 4g marbao rion- And we kill the foxes whenever

nać, ajo air bjú a cig liñ a we can find them.

bi Fažail. Tamoio bujdeac duit.

We thank you. Bjon jargaireact breac air There is good fishing for trouts

feobar, ran arnain ro rom- in the river that you have to aiñ.

pass. U bfuil an anjan rin comuiñ ? Is that river deep ? Nil. Do bi at anallod, ran No. There was a ford formerly

ait a bfuil an orojċead where the bridge is now.

anoir. Un bfril airine ait bit eile le Have we any other rivers to

tarrnaó, idir so agus--- cross between this and Ta aran mor leatan 4 004- You have a very large one over ranfar tairir a mbád ču. which you will be ferried in

a boat. Conor ainmnigtear an aman What is that river called ?

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Un Bhaña, ritean ri arteaċ The Bann; it runs into Lough go loc Nejcesc.

Sin teaċ brušaig doigeanail, There are a neat farm house,

(NO CIS rgoloige rijaiseac, yard and offices.
no brugbaile, no dúnaig
deigtaire4c) indlios, agur

toiseac conigair. T4 na boit-esc. rna bátoište, The stables, cow-house, and

agus cro na muc ruote hog-sty are ranged uniformly non reim, re Tij na ngar- with the calf and sheep-pens.

naó, agus cro na gcaorać. Ir corruil go bhril cail cruaca There appear to be some stacks

arbair, agus cruaca féir of corn and ricks of hay in

cirm ran aögort. Nac aluiñ an léana rin, a What a fine meadow that is, Ot4ob fios don ngaroa.

below the garden ! Ir doig liom go mbjaó foģija I hope there will be a good har

mait go foirleatan añ. vest in general. Ta faiceal rajt air na huile Every thing appears well ex

the yard.

mi, aċd lin. Ni faca me céacta ag treob. I have not seen any ploughs at 40 o d'Fagmar baile.

work since we set out. L

cept flax,

Nil branar patrujo cojoċean Summer fallows are not comTa oir to.

mon in this country. Cuirtearcruitneaca go mor- Wheat is usually sown after

mijoir air lorg na bfataió. potatoes. Ta an feur cirm apujó. The hay is ripe. Biañ gnuis moroacta air na These mountaius towards the

flejbte ro, on dtaob Guajó north have a majestic appear


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upon them.

Bjañ polac sneaċta air feao They are covered with

án seption3 of 64 : 4co, ra during the winter : but in tranraó, bjañ airneis 63 summer, young cattle graze

45 ingilu orrca. Gabam orm go mbíon cios ard I suppose rents are high in this pa din ro.

country. Cjonas leiztear fearain ra How do lands let in this place ?

náis so? Suidtear fearañ, o vejc Lands are let from thirty shil

Tgilline Fitce4o, 50 uri lings to three guineas per nginjoe an acair, peir a acre according to their quality.

cail, no 4 čineal. Aco go mbioni cead ag gac But every tenant on this estate

Tjonaiteac, san dutaigre, has a liberty to cut as many uirid njóin a bhain ir foir- turf as he wants, in the great ead do, san rióiniž rióin.

bog. (No ra mbozao móji, no ra

bpurtaċ njóri.) Ir doig liom 11ac bfuil gual fa I believe there are no coals in na Faireacaib ro.

this neighbourhood. Neil fejom air gual, oir ta They are not wanted, for there pailgjor tónao an.

is abundance of turf. le liñ aji ghluadal, ir eagal Wbile chatting, I fear we have ljom gun gabamar an bealac taken the


road. eagcórac. Na bioo eagla ort; ir curinain You need not fear, I recollect

ljom an bott ro go maic; this road very well, having oir do fubal mie é, do travelled it some years ago.

bliavandab o join. Chim an baile, ran nag. I see the town in the plain. Uzur bjí na cile ag eiriš or The spire of the church rises

cion na gcran fa gcuairt. above the surrounding trees. Ir aluña suideamain ta aige. It is beautifully situated. Ge nać mor an bajle gno- Yet it is not a town of much taige é.


Bjon margao majú lineadaig, There is a good linen market in

gać luain añ, agus aonac it every Monday, and a fair airneire 4 an cead Cead- for cattle on the first Wedaoine gać njosa.

nesday in every month. Cia an diong ro 4 an mbots ? What crowd is this on the roads Ir ročnajde t4 añ; naczelyzne It is a funeral, do you not hear Tu tárg?


cry ?
Cja an tójirar é ro? Whose funeral is this?
Tópiam Phadrillc í Dhuirnín. Patrick Dornan's.
Ca huair 4 d'éagre? When did he die ?
Air majoin a né.

Yesterday morning.
Gode ay aicid cainic air ? What was his complaint ?
Caojyčaitead na nadurta ar It was a gradual decay of na-

a céile ; oir bi soir mór ture, for he was very old.

41ge. An bfuil an reilz ab fogus do Is the burying ground near this?


Uz fuiğeall na sean cille, ta It is at the remains of the old air na cnoc ud tall.

church upon yon hill. Ir oirbiñeac an tanarc ta $ That ruiu has å venerable apan oreanfoirgneam rin.

pearance. Ta an ionad 04 lejcio rin, There are many such in the ran oir.

country. Creidimse zurab jomóa lorg I believe there are many re

saor obre, agus foirgnjug- mains of cultivation and build40, T4 an Eirin ón grean ings in Ireland, of remote aimin.

antiquity. Ir no jomoa jad, agus cruc- There are very many, which

aigean yn go raib aigrea- prove this country to have buig, agus ealaönao año been inhabited and civilized cianab

at an early period. Buö raim liom a bejt tract I shall be happy to talk with

fan aobar fi, apír, leat; you on this subject again, ran am ceadna, rainiceame

the mean time we have an baile.

reached the town. Fanamojo añro, fear an cezn- We shall stay here, during the

feargair ; agus air maidin afternoon; in the morning I ir eigin dariira rjubal ljom must travel on by myself.

féin. Ir truaj ljorn go caitreamoir I am sorry that we must part

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rgarar co luat. Ta súil agamy d' faiceal arís, I hope to see you again in a faoi beagan laetib.

few days.

so soon.

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A 140415, a breadam lepaca Landlord, can we have good

maite fajail anso, a noċt ? beds here to-night? Gheaba rib riñ tirm. tiajta You shall have them well aired ro ranasac.

and comfortable. Bjoo prion-ollar), fan cúig o Let dinner be ready at five clog

o'clock. Cionar 4 ċajt tu an cuinfer- How have you spent the erenzar? ?

ing Chaje me a dti carajd e. I was at the house of a friend. Ta re crac dol a luiğe. It is time to go to bed. Sár coola fuairineac duit. I wish you a good night's rest. u Giolla, bfuil mo čapallsa Hostler, is my horse ready ?

úmajte. Ta re rejo, a ouine uarail; He is, Sir, but he has got a

aċd go bfil crut air bogao loose shoe. aige.

It is too early to find a smith Ta se ro moć, le gaba fajail at work.

4g obair, go read. You will find a smith's shop on Geaba tu certa jaban, air the road, and I think your

an botar; agus radilim nać horse will not drop his slige otligfe co capall a cruc, until you come to it.

go dtiucfa tu ċuige riy. Ca hainm ata air ?

What is his name? Uta Brian, gaba.

He is called Bryan, the Black, The following original and genuine conversation exhibits the native simplicity of rustic character and manners, and furnishes a variety of idiomatical terms and phrases. The English and Irish are placed on opposite pages for the convenience of the learner.


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