Imatges de pàgina
[blocks in formation]



Suió rios le mo taob.

Sit down by my side, Leag-déan deifir.

Read-make haste. Dar asteac sa tseomra.

Come into the room. Gab amac ar 4 Tig.

Go out of the house. lean jad go olut.

Follow them closely.
Abg lejte teaco astęć.

Tell her to come in.
eiris ruas-rear cart. Rise up-stand by.
Fon an in-b1 do cost. Stay there—be silent.
Crir ort—luaig ort. Put on you—haste you.
Labg amaċ- déan arir é. Speak out—do it again.
Tabs je-fan tamull.

Take care

-stay a while, Teigeam cum 94 Fige. Let us go to the sea. Fajcim do larn.

Let me see your hand. Gab anall anajce liom. Come over near me. Beir 4 an leab4 19.

Lay hold on that book. Glac go ceart é.

Handle it rightly. Crom do cean.

Stoop your head. Syjo go roc.

Sit quietly. Ajs4] o pus.

Vary your voice. Breatnajo na mjon princ. Observe the small points. Irliğ do glór-ardaig anois é. Lower your voice-raise it now, Cuir coro do leab4. Lay by your book. Druid an dorar.

Shut the door. Forgeoil an frñeog.

Open the window.
Imcig amać uaim,

Go out from me.
Cor do cean---1115 dolara. Comb your head-wash your

Leng dan-bj do corinag. Let me alone -- be quiet.
Buail mo lan.



hand. Fag an bealac.

Leave the way. Iñir jigeul dan).

Tell me a story. Teadam 'na baile.

Let us go home. 14 $4.oul.

Ask him to go.


your hai.

Tabs can do láti).

Give me your hand.
Tabg póg don leabi. Kiss the book.
Bail o Dhia oro.

Success from God on you. lar an coiñeal.

Light the candle. Cuir as an cojñeal.

Put out the candle. Sguab an tiñlean.

Sweep the hearth. Cuir gual ra gráta.

Put coals in the grate.
Sejd a tinead.

Blow the fire.
Cuir an coire air a tinead. Put the kettle on the fire.
Fuirig go fóill:

Wait a while. Feac orm-atiarc orm- Behold me-look at me-look dearc ymte.

at her. Dearc Fa do hata-cuardaig Look for your hat-search for

Fa do hata. Sjublajžiom go garoa.

Let us walk smartly. Sjublaižmjo nios cliste. Let us walk more quickly. Sjublago 50 tapujo.

Walk ye briskly. Sjublajdir, no, rjublaiš r14.- Let them walk quickly.

ran go cliste.
Deanam staideir $ leigen. Let us study our lessony.
Weobraijmid air 4 leigean. Let us ponder over our lesson.
Breatnaigiom go griñ air. Let us observe it sharply.
Tugamojo, na tugam aire oo. Let us give heed to it.
Tugajó fri aire da leabair. Let her give heed to her book.
Tugajo riadsan fe vojb féin. Let them give heed to themselves
Beir, na tabair leat é. Bring it with you.
Te 4gcuiñe uirge.

Go for water.
Fan liom-fan agam. Stay for me-stay with me.
Cuir glas air an doras.

Lock the door.
Bain an glar don dorar

Unlock the door. Tarr liomsa.

Come along with me. Te ruar a cŋujc.

Go up the hill. Bain an cloca ojony.

Take the cloak siom off me. Cuir rgian cugam.

Send me a knife. Tabair arán cugam. Bring me bread. Fan a bor aguiñe.

Stay on this side with us. eiro an ni a deirim leat.

Hear what I say to you. Feuc 4 oo leabi.

book. Fag mo hata.


Tugit, no beirted cugam é. Let it be brought to me.
Ubi fi 50 ceart.

Say that correctly. Deánth an obs.

Let the work be doner leig tort me.

Look at your

Let me pass.


Go de mur ta tu?

How do you do?
Ca hainım ata ord? What is your name ?
C14 hé in ag teact ? Who is that coming ?
Go de mur goirean tu po ? What do


call this? Bhfuil tu go mait ?

Are you well ? Ca mbjan tu do cornuig ?

Where do


live? Car leis an tig rin ?

Whose house is that? Labrañ cu Gaojdeilg ? Do you speak Irish ? Tuigeañ tu Bearla? Do you understand English ? Ca fada raċas tu ?

How far will

you go

? Ca ar a dtainic tu ? From whence did you come ? Bhfuil fuaco oro ?

Are you cold ? Cia hi an cailín rin ?

Who is that girl ? Ca bfuil tu dol ?

Where are you going ? Go de rin agad?

What is that


have? Bhfuil rgian agad ?

Have you a knife ? Cja biar leat ?

Who will be with you ? Go de bjar lead ?

What will you have with you ? Go de a člog é ?

What o'clock is it? Go de an uair ?

What is the hour ?
A gcluin tu me ?


hear me ? Bhfuil ocras, no caro oro ? Are you hungry, or thirsty ? War eirig ririi

Go d'ar a nzuilean tu ? Why do you cry?
Ga de mur ta go uile añ ro ? How are you all here
Nar ojol re an capall ? Did he sell the horse ?
Go d'ar nar glac re é? Why did he not take it ?
Car leir a batta?

Whose is the staff ?
Go de féin ?

What is it?
Go de ta uait ?

What do you want ?
Go de jarrar tu air ro ? What do you ask for this ?
Go de an meud a glacas tu ? How much will you take ?
Ca reud a bearas tu ? How

many will
Go de ir eigin dati a Cabairt What must I give you ?

Car leis an hata ro ?

Whose hat is this ?
A bfaca tu an geamfao ? Did you see the hare?
Cia an bealac a deačajó ri? Which way did she go ?
A rajb na gadair a brogus oi? Were the hounds near her ?
Nar rio si go luat ?

Did she run quickly ? C4 otéid an botarra? Where does this


lead ?

Did she get up

you give ?

intend to go

Ci aca an bealac a tejo go Which of these is the way to Baile-40 cliać ?

Dublin ? Ca fad4 ó ro é?

How far is it from hence ? Bhfuil an botar min? Is the road fine ? Ca huair a fill riad ? When did they return ? A ndeaca rise amać ? Did she go out ? Nar geall tu 4 dadar oi ? Did you promise her anything ? A otjobra tu vo é ? Will you give it to him Ca nerd a bearas tu ÒI ? How

many will you give her ? mbeara tu ni eigin cucĄ ? Will you bring something to

them ? Ca raib tu a ndé ?

Where were you yesterday? Cia an tab4 a bfrzl tu as ro ? Why are you here ? Car Fág tu m' fallain? Where left you my mantle ? a b fuair tu d'Fallain ? Did

you get your mantle ? Aní ros?

Is this it Cjoñas ta sib uile ?

How are ye all ? Nac dtug me go leor djb ? Did I not give you enough ? Nar bain re rgilliñ ob ? Did he take a shilling froin you ? Go de rin oro ?

What is that ails you ? Bhfuil dúil agad a oul ? Do


? Bhfuil mían agad a oul ? Do


desire to go ? Nar imtig ri uajb ?

Did she depart from you ? A mbuailfea me?

Would you strike me ? A ndearna tu mar rin? Did


do so ?
A ndéana me do leaba ? Shall I make your bed ?
Bhfuil re déanta go ceart ? Is it made rightly ?
Go de deir tu?

What do you say ?
War oubairt reisean sin ? Did he say that ?
Bhfuil nuajveću 4 bic leat ? Do you bring any news ?
An otjobram airgiod duit? Shall we give you money ?
Cameudis cóir dann a tabft? How much should I give ?
A ociocfa tu liom ? Will you come with me ?
An raca me leat

Shall I

A bfuair re a leabair ? Did he find his book ?
A bçajc tu an grian ?


A bfuaras an caora ręcrán ? Was the stray sheep found ?
A braicear me an so? Am I seen here ?
A gcluin siad an toran ? Do they hear the noise ?
A gcuala tu an nuaideact ? Did you hear the news ?
A ndearna tu mo leine ?



shirt ? Nar gear tué ?

Did you cut it? U otug tu lead é !

Did you bring it with you ?

with you


the sun

Did you

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