Imatges de pÓgina

Nar cuir tu greim as ? Did you put a stitch in it ?
Andeaca si a nuñ a ndé ? Did she go over yesterday ?
War fan rí call ?

Did she stay beyond ?
A stainic rí a roju ?' - Did she come to-day ?'
Nar ceañais re an dadam ? Did he buy any thing?
A bfaca tu an ceanaic ? Did you see the merchant ?
Nar ojol rí an snać ? Did she sell the yarn ?
A bfuair tu an licir ? Did you get the letter ?
Nar fiafraid tu uime ? Did you enquire about it a
A gcuala tu an nuaideact ? Did you

hear the news ?



you not see him ?

Njar buail me tu.

I did not strike you. Ni buaile me tu.

I shall not strike you.
Nil morán 4g4n).

I have not much.
Ni tig ljom labairt go majt. I cannot speak well.
Ni tuigim cu.

I do not understand you.
Nil fios agam, agus ir cuma I do not know, and I do not

ljom. Ni račam leag.

I will not go with you. Na habair rin.

Do not say that. Ni creidim cu.

I do not believe you. Nac bfuil re ra bajle ? Is he not at home? Naċ bfaca tu é?

Did Nác ndearna riad an ni a Did they not do what I ordered dorduló me dojb ?

them ?
Ni hiarram jomadus. I do not ask too much.
Ni tig liom ni is luğa a glacad. I cannot take less.
Nil tu con nosoa lomra. . You are not so old as I.
Na labair aon focal. Do not speak a word.
Ni ċluinım ou.

I do not hear you.,
Ni Cig liom fuireác.

I cannot wait.
Na leaj čorii gasoa yin.

Do not read so fast.
Na bi gul.
Ni mire é.

I am not he.
Na te amać go fóill.

Do not go out yet. Ni heigin van a vul.

1 must not go. Nac bfuil ocras oro ? Are you not hungry ? Nil, nil gaile agam.

No, I have no appetite. Nil Fuaćo na tano orm.

I am neither cold nor thirsty. Ni bfuil an ojoče dorca The night is not dark. Naċ braicean tu an gealac ? Do you not see the moon? Nior eirig ri go seaó. She has not yet arisen.

Do not cry:

no vo.

Ni öearna mje é.

I did not do it. Wuna be go ndearnaó me ari- If I had not done so.

luig. Ni habram 11.

I do not say that. Ni heigin duit a raó.

You shall not say so. Ni tug se go leor.

He did not give enough. Niar codail me tairir uair I did not sleep over an hour

or two. Ni dearna rib cējujo F404. Ye did not make a long

visit. Niar jam riad orub a teact. They did not ask you to come. Wi cainic Con ar air.

Conn did not come back. Niar oubairt se a lejcio 4-He never said any such thing.

rian. Naċ ndearna cu mo caróz ? Did not you make my coat ? Naċar cuir tu greim an ? Did

you not put a stitch in it? Nac dtug tu lead é ? Did you not bring it with you ?" Nac ar fan si call ? Did she not stay beyond ? Nac dtainic ri anall ?

Did she not come over ? Nać gcuala tu an nuaideact? Did you not hear the news ? Nac ar ģeall re a teact? Did he not promise to come ? Nač ndeaca tu a non a nde? Did you not go over yesterday? Nac ar oubairt me leat a Did I not tell you to run?

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Nac bfuair rib rzeula 1140 ? Did you not get tidings from

him :


A mbejo odatij ejle 116 ? Will you have any thing else

with you ? Ca fada načas tu ?'

How far will you go? Ta teas mór ran gréin. The sun is very hot ? Ta re an naoj.

It is nine o'clock. Ta re leac uair andjaig an It is half past two.

To. Bhfuil re feartais? Is it raining ? Na beir greim cruajó air? Do not take a hard hold of it. Tabair fa deara briž an Attend to the import of the Tgeil.

story. Ta an gnjan an airde.

The sun is up.
Go d'at a ritean tu ? Why do you run ?
Abair leir eirig.

Tell him to rise.

Put on your

with you.

own door.

Ta an gnjan na luide.

The sun is set. Fejceam co crob.

Give me your hand. Beañaċt De leat.

God's blessing with you. W’anam a rcig cu !

My soul within you! my dar

Ba mait liom a Fažail. I would wish to meet him.
Go de fuair re air i What did he get for him ?
D'am re an íomadaig. He asked too much.
Abair leir go raib mise año. Tell him that I was here.
Na dean dearmud.

Do not forget.
Cuir oro do broga.

shoes. Bhi re a ocairge agam.

I had it laid up. Ir cuma liom cjaca rin. I do not care whether or not. Bhfuil tu ar di mo manba ? Are you about to kill me ? Na te amać go labaire me Do not go out until I speak

lear. An leo féin an carbad Is the carriage their own ? Bejómid lib go oti bur ndo- We will be with you to your

rar féin. Wa gejbmio marcajgeaċt ra If we get riding in the carriage,

gcarbad. Nil fios agamra gode da I do not know what he has.

aige. Bejó me aguib oja dominajć. I will be with you on Sunday, Ta fíon agam ouit.

I bave wine for you. Fuair me tri piğin déag ar I got thirteen pence for each of gać ceañ ac4.

them. Ir jonnuin leis an uile ouine Every man is fond of being beje réantur.

prosperous. Do cuireao dúnnarbad ina He was accused of murder.

leic. Ge gur b'jongnao lest é. Although you wonder at it. Do indeoin rin uile,

In spite of all that. Na bí gearán opta.

Do not complain of them. leig dojb.

Let them alone.
Rača mo veirbjjur f4 na My sister shall go to

her, dein, agus cuirfjó mire li- and I shall send a letter with Tir leite.

her. Bhfuil leintesc go leor 4g4d ? Have you enough of shirts ? Dheanuiñ njor mo na rin air I would do more than that for a sonra.

her sake. Ta riad na gcairob maite They are good friends to each 04 ċéjle.


lent me.

Ta mo inadadra agaosa. You have my needle.
Ir í do rgiansa í, agus ni a It is your knife, and not his

knife. Ta fior d' ingin agamra. I know your mind. Cuirfead cuid de anoñ cu- I shall send some of it over to zad.

yoll. Bhi aimsir fluc an raig We had wet weather last year.

Ta fios agam ca mbios re na I know where he lives.

corinaig. Un te naċ bruil mear aige 4 The person who does not love

Foğlain, nil fios aige air 4 learning, does not know his luać no a rijaitear.

good or benefit. Bioñ riad 43 éud le na céile. They are jealous of each other. Ta gac aon aca go mait le Each of them is on good terms các.

with the other. Wiar leag me non dona leab- I did not read one of the books rajb a cug tu air that

you vari. Tamoione fa gnotaig. We are about business. Ni mór naċar marbad é. He was almost killed. Go mairead tu.

I wish you much joy. Céad míle Failte ouit. You are very welcome. Wac naireasaċa tu var? Will

you not tell me ? Ir Gruaj ljom é.

I am sorry for it.
Ir eigin a cur amac.

He must be put out.
Ta na flaitear os ar gcion. The heavens are over us.
Do la agus d'ojoče.

By day and by night.
Ir cuma liom tu, na éirean. I do not regard you, or it.
Wil nears agam air.

I cannot help it.
Bhfeall a teanga air. His tongue failed him.
Ni he rin a ċeiro.

That is not the matter in


tion. Un bfe4dam an dudan oean-Can I do any thing for you?

an duit ? Tam ro bujveac ouit. I am very much obliged to you. Caitean riad a maoin go húr. They live up to their income. Bhfuil anirus Ag4d an mo Do you doubt what I say.

briatrajb ? D'indeoin do geamán. In spite of your crying. D'onruió re an nanajd. He fell


enemy: Thig buajorea0 air muin One trouble


upon budjório.



Ni mór naċar oubairt me.

I had almost said so. Ta me dol a teagmhail air I am going to meet my father.

m'atair. Teac ata sujéte a gcoir bea- A house that stands alongside laig

the road. Chonairc me cusa Fór. I saw you also. Caitre me trio an čloigean I will shoot you through the น. .

head. Nil coill air bjů naċ bfuil a There is no wood that has not lorgaó féin do crioniać an. sticks enough in it to burn

itself. Ta rzeula jonzantać 4g4m I have wonderful news for you. Djb.


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you have ?

Gab a leje a cailín,

Come hither, girl. Go de an reorg uigeaė ro What kind of eggs are those

lear? Uigeaca cearc.


eggs. Bhfuil riad úr ?

Are they fresh ? Rugao 140 uile air an tseact- They were all laid this week.

muinse. Ca meud ta ra ċljab ? How

many are in the basket ? Ta tri vúirin.

There are three dozen. Ca reud cearca ata aguib ? How many hens have you ? Ta oa cearc véag aguiñ. We have twelve hens. Nil aċo uigeaca beaga mjon They are but little, small eggs.

joñcuib. Nil morán nyjon uigeaca ra There are not many small eggs gcljab.

in the basket. Go de geabas tu oma? What will you take for them ? Cúig pigin air a dúirin. Five pence a dozen. Ir daoire rin na tri huigeaca That is dearer than three eggs air a phiğin.

a penny. An glaca tu sgilin air a bifuil Will you take a shilling for añ ?

what is in it? Dar ndoig nac nglacanj. Surely I will not. Go d'as? naċ leon duit tear- Why? is not a groat a dozen tún air a dúirin ?

enough for you?

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