Historical Collections Relating to Northamptonshire: Family Histories, Pedigrees, Biographies, Tracts on Witches, Historical Antiquities, Reprints of Rare and Unique Tracts, &c., &c (Classic Reprint)

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Excerpt from Historical Collections Relating to Northamptonshire: Family Histories, Pedigrees, Biographies, Tracts on Witches, Historical Antiquities, Reprints of Rare and Unique Tracts, &C., &C

Adnitt, one of the first desires of the com mittee was to take advantage of their bi centenary to funther so excellent an object. Cou sequently the two first items which they placed on their bi-centenary programme were for the erec tion of two chapels, one at St. James'-end and the other at Kingsthorpe-road. It was also thought most fitting that at the bi-centenary of their old sanctuary, hallowed to them by the memories of Dr. Doddridge and many other excellent and devoted Christian men, they should put the old meeting house in thorough repair, and so renovate and adorn it as became a lasting monument of two centuries of earnest Christian work. The first scheme they had undertaken was the erection of a new Doddridge Memorial Chapel at St. J ames'-end. In this district the population had tlargely, and still is rapidly, increasing. For over 30 years a branch school and preaching station in connection with this Church had been established, and good work Ihad been done. Although three enlargements had taken place, the accommodation was still painfully insufficient for the requirements of the district. The cause was self supporting, and the pastor, the Rev. T. Neale, had for some time earnestly and successfully laboured amongst the people there. The urgency of the re quirement was such that they had already'approved plans and Specifications, and instructed the archi tecta to obtain tenders for the work. The site for the new chapel had been secured, and it was hoped shortly to commence building. The second scheme was the erection of a new chapel and schools at Primrose-hill. In this district, as at St. James' end, there was a rapidly increasing population spring ing up, and the need for a good sized Congregational Chapel would soon be keenly felt. Here also there was a school and chapel, also used as a preaching station, a branch of Doddridge. Through the co operation of the Northampton Congregational Church Extension Society, a site [had been secured, and plans of a new chapel and schools been approved by the society, and they were hoping that their bi-centenary would be so successful that they might help them to such an extent that they might feel justified in a short time to commence building. Their third scheme, for the alteration, ventilating, heating, and improvement of Doddridge Chapel, was urgently necessary, and a fitting one in celebrating its bi centenary. That they had already accomplished. Of course, for all this work a large sum of money was needed, and they had felt justified on this occasion for the first time in the history of their Church, in appealing to the great religious public outside our own town and county. Much had already been done, a great deal was still being done, and far more re mained to be accomplished, but by the grace of God. Which had never failed those who had worked in this old cause, they bad faith that a few years would see their present desires realised, and Congregational ism placed in a more adequate position in the town. To carrv on the work of Christ in their midst. (ap plause.)

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