The Seventh Miracle of Calvary: The Greatest Miracle of All Time and Eternity

AuthorHouse, 2000 - 344 pàgines

Do you need to pull your life together? SIMPLIFY GET ORGANIZED!!!

Why get organized?

Organizing important and vital information is essential, not only for yourself but for the benefit of another who may have to step in and administer your affairs. Think, too, that you will need to access this information in the event of your parents' illnesses or demise.

What if you are ill? Or your parents are sick? Who pays the bills? Who knows where to locate them, the passwords, medications, and appropriate documents for doctors, attorneys, insurance, etc? Who can be contacted regarding your banking? How will you access your parents' bank account?

Let's make your life easier, shall we? Let's take the "clutter" out of your life! My book will provide you with the ability to record all of your information from finances to family history to medical procedures and medications to estate planning. This book will guide you through the process of getting your life in order. Then you, too, can be organized!

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