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Containing an impartial relation of all transactions, foreign and domestick: with a Chronological diary of all the remarkable occurrences, viz. births, marriages, deaths, removals, promotions, etc. that happened throughout the year: together with the characters and parentage of persons deceased on the eminent rank ...

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Pàgina 19 - Bounty (that is, the governors of the Bounty of Queen Anne for the Augmentation of the Maintenance of the Poor Clergy).
Pàgina 241 - Caroli, for the preservation of the inheritance, rights, and profits of lands belonging to the church and persons ecclesiastical ; which was grounded upon reasons that do still, and must for ever, subsist.
Pàgina 350 - ¡rinds, tenements, hereditaments, penfions, offices, and perfonal eftates, in that part of Great - Britain, called England, Wales, and the town of Berwick upon Tweed ; and that a proportionable cefs, according to the ninth article of the treaty of union, be laid upon that part of Great-Britain called Scotland, 1,500,000!.
Pàgina 53 - ... sentence, to touch a hair of the head, or an atom, in any respect, of the property, of the fame, of the liberty of the poorest or meanest subject that breathes the air of this just and free land. We know, my Lords, that there can be no legal guilt without legal proof, and that the rule which defines the evidence is as much the law of the land as that which creates the crime. It is upon that ground we mean to stand.
Pàgina 228 - Lords Justices, or other Chief Governor or Governors of this Kingdom for the time being, and...
Pàgina 140 - Thanks of this Houfe, for your Majefty's moft gracious Speech from the Throne.
Pàgina 219 - Meflage from his Majefty to the houfe of commons, commanding their attendance in the houfe of peers. The commons being come thither accordingly, his Majefty was pleafed to give his Royal...
Pàgina 52 - I esteemed him above all. You will pardon me, my lords, if I mention one thing: thirty years ago I...
Pàgina 129 - ... that the copy of the patent had been delivered to the Lord Lieutenant's servant, instead of to his private secretary ; but this excuse is probably no more happily founded than the one offered. On Friday, September 2oth, the House resolved itself into a committee "to take into consideration the state of the nation, particularly in relation to the importing and uttering of copper halfpence and farthings in this kingdom.
Pàgina 53 - Indeed, I am like him in nothing but his innocence and his punishment. It is in no man's power to make us differ in the one, but it is in your Lordships' power to distinguish us widely in the other, and I hope your Lordships will do it.

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