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. No. 237.]

FEBRUARY 1, 1813. [1 of Vol. 35.

As long as those who write are ambitious of making Converts, and of giving their Opinions a Maximum of

Influence and Celebrity, the most extensively circulated Miscellany will repay with the greatest Effect the Curiosity of those wbo read, whether it be for Amusement or for Instruction. --JOHNSON,

Our Supplement, completing the 34th Volume, is published with the

present Number,


ORIGINAL COMMUNICATIONS. To the Editor of the Monthly Magazine. Experiments have been made before SIR,

the following naval officers, whose une CCEPT the following easy method qualified approbation has been expressed beer-backs, cistpools, the shafts of sion, recommending the invention to the mines, and such like places. It may immediate attention of the Admiralty, be done in any situation, and with very as of great national importance: little labour ; without any expense, and Commodore Penrose, Gibraltar, St. Juan. it is said to be effectual. The method The Hon. Cap. Fleming, do. Standard. is this Where it is known to be unsafe,

Cap. Digby,

do. Lavinia. or may be suspected of being dangerous

Mr. Settle, do. Master of the før men to descend, it is only necessary

St. Juan. for them to throw any cold spring or

Admiral Martin, Lisbon, Jmpetueux.

do. other water, which is not putrid, two Captain Inglis,

do. Hoy Cap. or three pailfuls, into the place con. And by desire of the Lords of the Adtaining the noxious air, in such a man, iniralty in the Downs, ou 4th November ner as to break the water into a very last, heavy shower: and, if I am rightly in Admirals Young, Lord A. Beauclerk, formed, that will dispel most of the suf

Foley, Cap. M.Kenzie. focating gas, and correct the air so much

Ferrier. as to remove every degree of danger. John MIDDLETON.

There are many other advantages too, Lambeth, Dec. 17, 1812.

numerous to be detailed here; but, as a

prospectus will shortly be published, To the Editor of the Monthly Magazine. your correspondents, as well as yourself,

will have an opportunity of appreciating SIR, T is with particular satisfaction that the value of this discovery, in all its I am able to dispel the laudable


J. Bell, anxiety expressed by your correspondent

Maiden Lane, Battle Bridge. G. P. relative to the probability of means heiny found to ensure the safety of

To the Editor of the Monthly Magazine, per

SIR, sons suffering the misfortune of shipwreck.


SEND a list of boroughs, either corA patent has within these few weeks porate, or simply parliamentary and been granted to a gentleinan of Gib. prescriptive, the elective franchise of raltar, for the invention of rendering

which is at present suspended. seamen's beds complete life-preservers. Egremunt,

in. Cumberland In one character, this gentleman has Ashperton,

Devon united two most important objects a Sutton, comfortable bed or mattress, possessing


Dorsetshire in every respect the same appearance,


Alresford, convenience, softness, and pliability, as

Alton, those now in use, and at the same time


Basingstoke, having the extraordinary property of. Overton, Hoating the body for any lengih of tiine


Herefordshire the simplicity of the construction enables Tunbridge,

Kent a 'person to adjust them, in less than Bambrough,

.. Northum being removed by accidents.


Somers MUNTHLY Mac. No. 237,



, }

S your

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To the Editor of the Monthly Magazine,



excellent Miscellany has an Farwall, Pickering,


pent of Europe, the information which Tyskbull,

I here transinit, may be likely, by its
Total 22.

means, to meet the notice of the friends Agmondesham,

and family of the unfortunate ROENTGEN, Amershem,

whose fate this communication records.

Bucks Marlow,

He arrived at Mogadore in the Spring Wendover,

of 1811; and, in conséquence of letters Hertford,


of recommendation from Sir Joseph ,

Banks, Mr. Mitford, and Mr. J. G. Town and County,} Hants

Jackson, resided at my house. I was were amorg the boroughs which had dis. not at home at his arrival, and but a very used the elective franchise ; but have few hours during his stay in Mogadore, been restored to the exercise of it, as as I arrived home on the Friday noon, was also the town of Weoebly, after a and he set off on his journey for the indiscontinuance of 300 years.

terior early the next inorning. Agmondesham, and the three next, His first intention was, to have red had discontinued this privilege from mained one year at Mogadore; but, 28 Edw. I., Anno 1300, to 21 Ja. Í., making a journey to Morocco about two Anno 1628, being 323 years; when a months after his arrival, he soon after search by Mr. Hakevill, of Lincoln's-inn, his return became extremely impatient into the Parliamentary Wriis in the to conimence bis very arduous undere Tower, terminated in the restitution of taking. The plan which had been retheir suspended rights, in consequence commended by me was, to engage seme. of a petition to the House of Commons, trader going to Tombuctoo to take him and a report of their committee adopted under his protection, and bring him safe by the ļlouse : upon which warrant from back for a stipulated sum; but this

prothe Speaker, the Clerk of the Crown in posal carried with it too much the air of Chancery was directed by his Majesty restraint. to issue Writs of Election for these se. I had had in my service for about a yeral boroughs.*

year prior to Mr. Roentgen's arrival, a I may probably tropble you hereafter man born at Beverly, in Yorkshire, of with the state of the present population German parents. This fellow, when a in some, at least, of these places. seaman on-board a British ship of war,

It might be obviously possible greatly which put into Tetuan or Tangier, ran to ameliorate the present representation, away, and turned Moor; had been a by restoring and modifying the elective renegade some years, and was in my franchise in these boroughs, adding to employ as gardener. With this man, .them (as in the case of Shoreham) a suf- Mr. Roentgen unfortunately, contracted

ficient number of votes from the sur. a very close intimacy; which originated, founding hundreds, though ļ think it no doubt, from bis talking the same lanought to be greater than in that instance, guage, and the fellow's parents being And, whether there be power by pre. nalives of the same part of Germany as rogative of the crown or not, to create a Mr. Roentgen,

He therefore deter, new 'borough; the right of election once mined to take this renegade for his comexercised cannot be lost by disuse: panion; and, on my arrival at home, ! though, for the public good, Parliament found them ready to set off. may extend it to a greater number. As I endeavoured to persuade Mr. Roentto the equilibrium secured to the Scolch gen to put it off for a few days, as I did and Irish nation by the Union, a simple not like his trusting wholly to a reneapplication of the Rule of Three solveg gade; but he said things were gone too that difficulty, with addition of very far; the man was in possession of all his few members for each.

plans, and one day's delay might be

CAPEL LOFFt, fatal. Troston, Dec. 6, 1812.

Mr. Roentgen was accompanied out,

the first fifteen miles, by several Euro* Pref. to Glanville's Rep. lxxxix. xcvi. peans, who returned in the evening, and the Reports 87-96,

Oye remained the night with bim, and


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Mr. Court on the Fate of Roentgen,

3 the next day until they reached the Ri- Oran to embark for Europe. Upon ver Tansif, where Mr. Roentgen sunk sending to Arzilla, hosvever,' I could rjoc his European clothes in the river, and find him, or ascertain to a certainty that put on the Moorish dress; and he then he had been there. pursued his journey, accompanied only A month afterwards, a Jew who came by the renegade.

from Maquinez told me, he saw him in They were provided with two good that city, and spoke to him; and that mules, a variety of beads, and other ar. the renegade was very shy of speaking ta ticles of merchandise; about five hun. bim. dred dollars' in money, and each well There is, I think, little doubt but Mr. arned with pistols, swords, muskers, and Roentgen was murdered by the man in daggers. Mr. Roentgen was also well whom he placed his entire confidence; supplied with drugs to pass as a physician and that man an European! The mules, when it might be necessary in the inte. the dollars, and the various articles with rior. He carried with him also a very which the mules were lorded, were suffine copy of the Alcoran, on vellum, ficient plunder, without taking the few which might be of service to him in gain articles from his person, which were of ing the protection of some sheriff.

little value, Ic is probable, too, that At parting, Mr. Roentgen promised although the wretch could murder his we stould hear of hiin by every oppor. master when asleep, he might not have tunity, if only his name, date, and place, the courage to strip him afterwards. As on a bit of paper. We, however, never Mr. Roentgen had taken uncommon beard from him.

pains to make himself fit for undertaking When they had been gone about three such a dangerous journey as to the in weeks, it was reported here, that the terior of Africa; and, as he was a young renegade and a Moor were seen passing man of considerable talents and of great the river at Azamore, a town to the perseverance of mind, it is very much to nortbward of this; but, it appearing, so be lainented that he should have met improbable that they should have taken with such an untimely end. that route, nu attention was paid to the As a number of letters have been ad. Teport.

dressed to him at my house, the writers When Mr. Roentgen had been gone will have them returned, on signifying about seven weeks, accounts came from their wishes to that effect. Morocco, that a Moor of the province. Mogadore,

A. W. COURT. of Shedma had been stopped, offering for October 20, 1812. sale a watch and various other articles apparently belonging to an European; To the Editor of the Monthly Magazines and the rumour immediately went forth, that they belonged to Mr. Roentgen,

HA who had been murdered. The governor

(AVING been engaged in a calcu.

lation of the great solar eclipse. of this place sent for the articles from that will happen in 1820, and conceiving Morocco, and they were all identiñed as that some account of the same might noc having been Mr. Roentgen's, by my bro- be uninteresting to many of your astrother, and the watch, as one which be nomical readers, I am induced to solicic always wore suspended by a ribband a corner in your very instructive and en. froin his neck. There was now but too tertaining Miscellany. much reason to suppose this unfortunate This eclipse will not be total, even traveller had been murdered, and that where it is central, for, the moon being witbin three or four days' journey of this near her apogee, or at her greatest displace; but still no one suspected the re- tance from the earth, her apparent se. negade. We sent to Morocco, to have midiameter will be considerably less than the examination of the Moor taken. He that of the sun, leaving an annulus, or persisted in declaring that he found Mr. ring, of light, of nearly half a digit in Roentgen dead, and in a very putrid breadth. The annular boundary will state, under a tree; and that he took pass very near the eastern shores of En. from his person the various articles which gland and Scotland; and, on the coasts be had offered for sale.

of Norfolk and Suffolk, this eclipse will About seven months ago, I received be almost annular. intelligence that the renegade had been The central tract will commence in seen at Arzilla, a town about 300 miles latitude 81° 43' N., longitude 1490 491 to the northward, where he was working W.; passing over Mayne's Island, to the * * gardener, and that big was going to western coast of Norway, along the




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