Faith That Endures All Things

Portada, 2006 - 172 pàgines
The above referenced book includes intimate love letters I wrote to God are taken from my journals, introductions before each of the letters, and bible verses. These letters represent my deep intimate love for God.He healed me from the pain of my father's suicide, and helped me to forgive the sexual and physical abuse I suffered at the hands of my stepfather. I, also, was raped at the age of seventeen by a close friend.I have suffered from severe alcohol and drug addicion, along with being homeless. I have also suffered from extreme agonizing mental instability. I suffer from diabetes, hepatitis c, neuropathy, and fibrosis of the liver.But, God delivered me from my trials and I am a better person today. I hope you preview my book and find it's healing affect ministering to your needs.Please purchase a copy of my book and you will feel the changes in your life.God Bless!

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