The Talisman for ...

William Cullen Bryant, Robert Charles Sands, Gulian Crommelin Verplanck
Elam Bliss, 1828

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Pàgina 74 - And last, Man's Life on earth. Glide to thy dim dominions, and are bound. Thou hast my better years, Thou hast my earlier friends — the good, the kind — Yielded to thee with tears — The venerable form, the exalted mind. My spirit yearns to bring The lost ones back; yearns with desire intense, And struggles hard to wring Thy bolts apart, and pluck thy captives thence.
Pàgina 75 - All that of good and fair Has gone into thy womb from earliest time, Shall then come forth, to wear The glory and the beauty of its prime.
Pàgina 156 - Who will believe — not I — for in deceiving Lies the dear charm of life's delightful dream ; I cannot spare the luxury of believing That all things beautiful are what they seem. Who will believe that, with a smile whose blessing Would, like the patriarch's...
Pàgina 253 - GONE are the glorious Greeks of old, Glorious in mien and mind ; Their bones are mingled with the mould, Their dust is on the wind ; The forms they hewed from living stone Survive the waste of years, alone, And, scattered with their ashes, show What greatness perished long ago.
Pàgina 222 - That leaves its rock-encumbered feet. River and mountain ! though to song Not yet, perchance, your names belong, Those who have loved your evening hues Will ask not the recording Muse What antique tales she can relate, Your banks and steeps to consecrate. Yet, should the stranger ask what lore Of by-gone days this winding shore, Yon cliffs and fir-clad steeps could tell, If vocal made by Fancy's spell, — The varying legend might rehearse Fit themes for high, romantic verse.
Pàgina 153 - And faithful to the Act of Congress, quoted As law authority, it passed nem. con. ; He writes that we are, as ourselves have voted, The most enlightened people ever known. That all our week is happy as a Sunday...
Pàgina 73 - Old empires sit in sulleuness and gloom, And glorious ages gone Lie deep within the shadow of thy womb. Childhood, with all its mirth, Youth, Manhood, Age that draws us to the ground, And last, Man's Life on earth, Glide to thy dim dominions, and are bound.
Pàgina 153 - COOPER, whose name is with his country's woven, First in her files, her PIONEER of mind — A wanderer now in other climes, has proven His love for the young land he left behind; And throned her in the senate-hall of nations, Robed like the deluge rainbow, heavenwrought ; Magnificent as his own mind's creations, And beautiful as its green world of thought ; And faithful to the Act of Congress, quoted As law authority, it passed nem.

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