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both temporal HAPPINESS and eternal.
Being a

very compleat MANUAL and convenient
(Before, At, and After,) for
In III Parts;

Together with an Epiftle, Preface, and Introdu&ion, Appendix, Almanack, and Addition. The Whole fhewing how to lead a holy and comfortable Life; be a conftant and worthy Communicant; and dy an eafy and happy Death. Interlaced with Chronological, Hiftorical, Poetical, and Proverbial paffages.

THE more t'invite; in hopes that he who buys
Will turn delight into a Sacrifice.

Dfefnl/ edifying and convincing to all,Sects of Christians,
INfix Volumes. Each A different Tongue fpeaks:
As English, French, High-Dutch, and Low,
Port'guefe and Italian alfo.


BY a Church of England man; a Gentleman born, [defcended from the eldeft line of a very ancient Saxon and Norman-Family, restored to their Lands in England by King William the Conqueror, fince which have been Generations, without any blot in their Scutcheon, of which 2 have been Knights, 1 a Bishop, and 1 a Dean; ] a Merchant bied thefe 37 years; Traveller; a Linguist; a Native and a regiftred Freeman of the well built, plentiful, healthy and pleafant Ciry of EXETER, and County of EXON; half a mile long, and one third of a mile broad within the walls; one of the 4 Chambers of England; one of the [5] Cinque-Ports; a Bishop's See; an Earldom; the only Staple for Serges in Great Britain; and a Place of great Trade: Has 2 Weekly Markets, and 5 Yearly Fairs; Outgates, and 6 within; Guildhall, a Frifon, a Bridewell, a a great Conduit, a Corn and a Serge Market, 2 Latine Schools and 2 Hofpials, a Cathedral and 15 Parish Churches and aChappel in the City; and Churches and 2 Chappels in the 4 large Suburbs: Is govern'd by a Mayor and Aldermen, having a Sword-bearer with the Cap of Mainteance, &c; alfo by a Recorder, Sherrifs, &c. Has a very ancient Caftle ithin the Walls, but out of that County,) on the North-Eaft, with a Chappel in it, where th' Affizes and Seffions for Devonshire are held, id the County-Jayl hard by it;and a fair, high, long ftone Bridge on e Weft,over the River Exe; (the middle of which parts it from a large sh Village and Parish, with a Church, a Ward, and a Bridewell, call'd THOMAS th' Apostle, in Devon.) See more after th' Epifile.

Omne tulit punctum, qui mifcuit utile dulci.
Nothing is pleasant that wants Variety.

EXON, Printed for Jofeph Anthony. MDCCXV.



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The Character of a True Church of England Man.
How this Manual may be helpful to Chriftians of all

INTRODUCTION, Why and how to keep thewhole Lord's Day holy;
to be read to the Family.


Part I. Chap. I. Preparative Devotions for Sunday or the 7th. day
before the holy Supper.

Ch. 2.

Sacramental Meditations before and on the 5 prin-
cipal Festivals, with an Account of all our other
Fafts and Feafts, and proper Prayers.

Ch. 3. Meditations before that Sacrament for New.

Year's-, Eafter-, Afcenfion-, Whit Sun-,.

and Christmas day, and the 12 Months; to be

read to the Family.

Ch. 5.


THE Character of a True Church-Man. Epifle,
How this Tract may be helpful to all Sects of Chriftians.Preface.
Of fanctifying the Lord's Day; Introduction,all, Part 2. chap, 1.
§ 3. §. 4.--the Morality of the Sabbath,Intr. § 2.

Why call'd the Sabbath, Sun-, and Lord's-day, Introd. § 1.

The foliloquy affoon as we awake every day, Introd §. 8.

3 Prefaces for Prayers, Introd. §. 10, 15, 32.
General Prayers alone; on the Lord's day, Introd. §. 11, 33, on
Week days, Appendix § 5,42.

Prayers with a Family; on the Lord's day, Introd. §.16,37,on
Week-days, Append. §. 16,29,44,49.

TheMeditation in the way toChurch, Intr.§.1 S.Entring in§. 19.

3 Prayers when feated, Introd. §.20, 29, P. 2. ch. 3, §, 7.

Actions and Poftures there, Introd. §. 2 1, 22, 23, 25,26, 27.

What a Sacrament is ch. 1, §. 3, Addit. Lord's fupper §. 4,Addit,
What the Baptifmal Vow, ch. 1. §. 6. New Covenant, §. 8.
The Warning before the Commu.§.9. Exhortation,ch.6,§. 10.
Proper Pfalms before, ch. 1. §. 12, 13. ch.4, §, 12. ch.5. §

6, §. 8, 11, 12, ch. 7, §. 7, 8, ch. 8, §. 9, ch. 9. §. 6.

Particular Prayers, For fuccefs to thofe pages, Preface. Know-

ledge P. 1, ch. 1, §. 14. Judging aright,ch. 4.§. 14.Faith,ch. 5,

§. 1o. Doing Good, Append. §. 46. Speaking Good. P. 1.

ch. 2, §. 13. Forgiving Evil, ch. 6, §. 9. Repentance. §. 14.

Fervent Defires, ch. 7. §. 10. Self Resignation, ch. 8, §. 8.

On Chrift's Paffion, ch. 8, §. 11. On Baptifmal Vow and

New Covenant, ch. 9, §. 9.

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