Prayers of David: Psalms 51-72. Studies in the Psalter

Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2010 - 272 pàgines
In the second of his invigorating studies on the Psalms, Goulder builds a fascinating case for a Davidic connection in Psalms 51-72. Goulder argues that the Prayers were composed by one of David's priests, and stand in their historical order. Thus, Psalm 51, with which the sequence opens, is in Jewish tradition David's psalm of contrition for Uriah's murder, and 72 is Karl Barth (1886-1968), the Swiss Reformed professor and pastor, was once described by Pope Pius XII as the most important theologian since Thomas Aquinas. His great contribution to theology, church, and culture will take generations to appropriate and assess. As the principal author of "The Barmen Declaration," he was the intellectual leader of the German Confessing Church, the Protestant group that resisted the Third Reich. Among Barth's many books, sermons and essays, the multivolume Church Dogmatics a closely reasoned, eloquently stated argument in nearly ten thousand pages stands out as the crown of his achievement.. ..". one of the most notable theological publications of our time." Expository Times "He undoubtedly is one of the giants in the history of theology." Christianity Today the psalm for Solomon's coronation-the beginning and end of the 'Succession Narrative'. 'The whole is prefaced by a shrewd and highly entertaining account of Psalm scholarship and a discussion of the character of the "succession narrative," and rounded off by a note suggesting how the present structure of the Psalter developed.' Richard Coggins, Expository Times.

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Michael Goulder is Emeritus Professor of Biblical Studies at the University of Birmingham.

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