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The Second Volume of this Issue, which will appear on the 30th of June, commences The POETICAL WORKS, and will contain the first six Books of PARADISE Lost, with copious original and carefully-selected Notes, critical and historical, many of which have not hitherto appeared in any edition of the Poet's works. To avoid disfiguring the page, these Notes will be placed collectively at the end of each Book to which they refer, and will form a valuable manual of instruction and research. The Publisher takes this opportunity of acknowledging, with much gratitude, the interesting communications which he has received since he announced this arduous undertaking—the more acceptable to him because unhoped-for.

The Illustrations to Vol. II. will consist of " The Expulsion from Paradise," engraved by E. Goodall, from Mr. Turner's original drawing; and an exquisite copy, in line, by W. C. Edwards, from Romney's celebrated painting of “ Milton Dictating to his Daughters."

The remaining Volumes will be delivered on the last day of each succeeding month, and the publication will be completed in October.

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St. James's Square,

May 30, 1835.

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Birth of Milton-Character of the times-His family-Early education, Death of King James-Character of his courtPublic characters of Elizabeth's reign-Programme of Milton's travels—Juvenile poems—Death of a fair infant'-College verses-Rustication from college — Retirement at HortonReturn to college-Epic poem of King Artbur'-Love of the the Theatre – Anticipations of • Paradise Lost' - Style of Milton's language

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Critical account of Milton's college poetry-'Hymn to the Nativity'-Its sublimity and originality-Johnson's neglect of this ode-Milton's lyrical ear-Latin poetry—In Quintum

Novembris' – In Obitum Præsulis Eliensis' – Naturam · non pati senium' — Cowper's translation - Poem to his tutor



College poetry continued—'Ad Patrem'-Cowper's translation–Elegy to Deodate--Deodate family-Latin epistles

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