Imatges de pÓgina

Till, like a flood of glory,

It spreads from pole to pole; Till o'er our ransom'd nature,

The Lamb for sinners slain, Redeemer, King, Creator,

In bliss return to reign. 4 Shall we whose souls are lighted

With wisdom from on high, Shall we, to men benighted

The lamp of life deny? Salvation! 0 salvation!

The joyful sound proclaim, Till earth's remotest nation

Has learn'd Messiah's name. Bishop HEBER.

HYMN 38. C. M. Mear. [*]

Zion's increase promised and pledged. 1 Father, is not thy promise pledg'd,

To thine exalted Son,
That through the nations of the earth,

Thy word of life shall run.
2 Ask, and I give the heathen lands

inheritance; And test world's remotest shores

Think empire shall advance.
3 Hast fou not said the blinded Jews

Shand heir Redeemer own;
While Gentiles to his standard crowd,

And @wiw before his throne.
4 Who shall the untutored Indian tribes,

A cicak bewilder'd race,
Sit down at our Immanuel's feet,

And I arn and feel his grace.
5 Art 10. all kingdoms, tribes, and tongues,

Uitř the expanse of heaven,
To the minion of thy Son,

With at exception given?
6 From east to west, from north to soutb;

Then be his name ador'd;
Európı! with all thy millions, shout

Hosannas to thy Lord.
7 Asia, and Africa! resound

From shore to shore his fame, And thou, America! in songs,

Redeming love proclaim. GIBBONS.

HYMN 39. L. M. Pilesgrove. [*]

1 Look up, my soul! with glad surprise,
Towards the joyful coming day;
When Jesus shall descend the skies,
And form a bright, a glorious day.
2 Nations shall in a day be born,
And swift like doves to Jesus fly,
The saints shall know no clouds return,
Nor sorrows mingled with their joy.
3 The lion and the lamb shall feed
Together in his peaceful reign;
And Zion, blest with heavenly bread,
Of pinching wants no more complain.
4 The Jew, the Greek, the bond, the free,
Shall boast their sev'ral rights no more;
But join in sweetest harmony,
Their Lord, their Sov’reign to adore.
5 Thus, till a thousand years are past,
And Satan must be loos'd again;
Short is the time his reign shall last,
E’er he's confin'd in endless pain.
6 Bit the blest saints shall mount on high,
Where their deliv'ring Prince is gone;
Angels, at God's command, shall fly,
To bless them with a conqueror's crown.


HYMN 40. L. M. Armley. [b]

A penitent pleading for pardon.
1 Shew pity, Lord, O Lord! forgive;
Let a repenting rebel live;
Are not thy mercies large and free?
May not a sinner trust in thee?
2 My crimes are great, but can't surpass
The power and glory of thy grace;
Great God! thy nature hath no bound,
So let thy pard’ning love be found.
3 O! wash my soul from every sin,
And make my guilty conscience clean;
Here-on my heart the burden lies,
And past offences pain my eyes.
4 My lips with shame my sins confess,
Against thy law, against thy grace;
Lord! should thy judgment grow severe,
I'am condemn'd, but thou art clear.

5 Should sudden vengeance sieze my breath,
I must pronounce thee just in death;
And if my soul were sent to hell,
Thy righteous law approves it well.
6 Yet save a trembling sinner, Lord!
Whose hope still hov'ring round thy word,
Would light on some sweet promise there,
Some sure support against despair.


HYMN 41. C. M, Zion. [b]

Repentance. 1 How oft, alas! this wretched heart

Has wander'd from the Lord! How oft my roving thoughts depart,

Forgetful of his word! 2 Yet Sov’reign nicrcy calls- -“Return;"

Dear Lord! and may I comes My vile ingratitude I mourn;

O! take the wanderer home. 3 And canst thou,-wilt thou yet forgive,

And bid my crimes remove? And shall a pardon'd rebel live,

To speak thy wond'rous love. 4. Almighty grace! thy healing pow'r,

How glorious,-how divine! That can to life and bliss restore,

So vile a heart as mine.
5 Thy pard’ning love-so free-so sweet,-

Dear Saviour! I adore;
O! keep me at thy sacred feet,

And let me rove no more. STEELE.

HYMN 42. C. M. Reading. [b]

Self-examination. 1 'Tis first of all thyself to know,

To feel the plague of sin, Expos'd to everlasting wo,

And nothing good within:
2 To know thy wretched, sinful state,

Averse to all that's good;
To feel thy guilt exceeding great,

Thy heart oppos’d to God:
3 To know thy law-condemned case,

And own thy sentence just;
Thy heart subdu'd by sov'reign grace,

And humbled in the dust:

4 To know the pangs of pious grief,

For sins against the Lord;
To know that naught can give relief

But trusting in his word:
5 To know that thou art born of God,

Thy num'rous sins forgiv’n,
Thy soul redeem'd by Jesus' blood,

And thou an heir of heav'n. NETTLETON'S COL.

HYMN 43. 7. Hotham. [*]

Christ, the refuge from the storm, 1 Jesus, lover of


Let me to thy bosom fly;
While the billows near me roll,
While the tempest still is nigh.
Hide me, O my Saviour! hide,
Till the storm of life is past;
Safe into the haven guide;
O! receive my soul at last!
2 Other refuge have I none;
Hangs my helpless soul on thee;
Leave, ah! leave me not alone,
Still support and comfort me.
All my trust on thee is stay’d,
Al my help from thee I bring;
Cover my defenceless head,
With the shadow of thy wing.
3 Thou, O Christ! art all I want;
More than all in thee I find;
Raise the fallen, cheer the faint;
Heal the sick, and lead the blind.
Just and holy is thy name,
I am all unrighteousness;
Vile and full of sin I am,
Thou art full of truth and grace. Cowper.

HYMN 44. L. M. Pleyels Hymn. [b*]

Not ashamed of Jesus. Mark 8. 38.
1 Jesus! and shall it ever be,
A mortal man asham'd of thee!
Scorn'd be the tho’t, by rich and poor,
O may I scorn it more and more.
2 Asham'd of Jesus! sooner far
Let evening blush to own a star;
He shed, the beams of light divine,
O'er this benighted soul of mine.

3 Asham'd of Jesus!-that dear friend,
On whom my hopes of heav'n depend!
No! when I blush, be this my shame,
That I no more revere his name.
4 Asham'd of Jesus!-yes I may-
When I've no sins to wash away;
No tear to wipe, no good to crave,
No fear to quell, no soul to save.
5 Till then, (nor is my boasting vain,)
Till then I boast a Saviour slain!
And, O! may this my glory be,
That Christ is not asham'd of me.


HYMN 45, 8s and 7s. Sicilian. [b]

Suppliant address to the Saviour. 1 Jesus! full of all compassion,

Hear thy humble suppliant's cry; Let me know thy great salvation;

See, I languish, faint, and die. 2 Guilty, but with heart relenting,

Overwhelm’d with helpless griefProstrate at thy feet repenting

Send, O! send me quick relief. 3 Whither should a wretch be flying,

But to him, who comfort gives? Whither from the dread of dying,

But to him, who ever lives?
4 On the word thy blood hath sealer,

Hangs my everlasting all;
Let thine arm bé now revealed,

Stay, O! stay me, lest I fall! 5 In the world of endless ruin,

Let it never, Lord! be said, "Here's the soul that perish'd sueing

For the boasted Saviour's aid." 6 Sav'd-the deed shall spread new glory

Thro' the shining realms above; Angels sing the pleasing story,

All enraptur'd with thy love. TURNEE

HYMN 46. ss. and 7s. Sicilian.

Grateful recollection. 1 Come, thou Fount of ev'ry blessing!

Tune my heart to sing thy grace; Streams of mercy never ceasing,

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