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*O fortunatos nimium sua si bona norint
* Agricolas.".

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ALBUM, (Philadelphia) and Ladies' Weekly Gazette, BOYLE, James, remarks on the law of trespass, 182. OM

A. B. on the soil, climate and productions of Florida, 244. ALE and PORTER preserver, 354.

BOYLSTON, Ward Nicholas, Esq. liberal donation from

In reply to Veritas on the advantage of American ma- ALFONSO, Silvestre, on the colour of the Havana tobac-

to the house of industry, 271,

nufactures, 358.

co, sends a parcel of the seed to the Editor, 388.

BREAD, method of detecting the presence of alum in,

ACU) of Sorel, decomposes sulphate of lime, 9.

ALUM, method of detecting the presence of in bread, 182.

182.' Corn and four, how to judge of the goodness

ADA VS, John, death of, 135.

Remarks on the manufacture of, by Hopson, 246. How

of, ib.

Mrs. John Q. biographical sketch of, 414.

to detect the presence of iron in, 247.

BREEDING, on the art of, by Cecrops, 42. —Reply to by a

AERIAL EPIDENDRUM, account of a singular plant of AMPHICON on the manure of land, 217.

farmer, 114. Mr. Powell's queries answered by Mr.

that name,

ANIMALS, gestation of, 118. Domestic, prospectus of an

John Barney, of Delaware, on breeding closely in-on

AGRICULTOR, on the qualities and produce of the rare

association for the improvement of, by Mr. Senac, 335. mixing distinct races and on the combination of sev-

ripe wheal, 130, 145.

ANTHRACITE, directions for the use of, by an amateur

eral varieties in one breed, 209. On the principles of

AGRICULTURE, thoughts on, by Dr. Johnson, (from the

on buying, breaking and kindling, 47. Kind of grates

improved, from Sinclair's Code of Agriculture, 209.

Visitor, 1756,) 121, 129. Sketches on, by A.'W. Fos-

best for burning, 48. Remarks upon the use of, and BREWING, instructions for, on a small scale, 279.

ter, of Greensburg, Penn. 321. Of Louisiana, 335. its application to the various purposes of domestic eco- BRICK MAKING, observations on, by J. Malcolm, 261.

Of the ancient Greeks and Romai.s, 401.

nomy, by J. V. with engravings, 305.

BRIGHTON Cattle Show reports, 275, 281.


ANT3, natural history of the eggs, larvæ and pupæ of, 126, BUCKLEY, Daniel, letter from, on the use of lime in agris

-Chemistry, communicated by J, Buel, 17.

134, 143.

culture, 233.

-Library, list of books proper' for one, 402.

APPLES, how to keep for winter use, 214. On the pre- BUEL, Judge J. scientific memorauda communicated by,

-Machines and implements, catalogue of, for sale servation of, 220.' Large ones, 261. On the preser-

1, 9, 17. On the plum and morello cherry, 4. On

by W. Torrey, Jr. 55--62.

vation of in winter, 214, 398. Remarkable variety of, Agricultural chemistry, 17. On the Hainault scythe,

-Memoranda, from Loudon's Enc. of Ag. 401.


33. On Sinclair's cultivator, ib. On the time and

-Prospects in Mi. in a letter to the Editor, 103.

-Esopus Spitzenberg, notice of, 413.

method of destroying lice which infest apple trees, 116.

-Schools in Russia and Switzerland, with remarks -Trees, proper soil for, aspect, &c. 5. Distance for On the construction and management of cattle yards,

on the establishment of in the United States, by the

planting, 6. General directions for cultivating, 154. 122. On the Hessian fly, with a collection of observa-

Editor, 367. Of Moegelin, in Prussia, account of, 379.

Time and method of destroying the lice which infest tions and experiments by eminent farmers, 169, 177.

-Statistics, of the county of Essex, Eng. 1.

them, by J. Buel, 116. Queries respecting, 380.

Remarks on the character and useful labours of, by hon,

ARRACACHA, query concerning, 58.

J. Hill, 391. On the manufacture of cider, 409.

DORCHESTER COUNTY, Md. notice of their next ASCLEPIAS SYRIACA, or common silk weed, remarks BUFFALOE BERRIES from Upper Missouri, notice of, 8.

Show, and scale of premiums, 215. Proceedings of, and on, by Dr. W. Zollikoffer, 180.

BUSSORAH, the celebrated stallion, notice of him, 215.

list of officers for 1827, 282. Addressed by Dr J. ASHES, wood, a preventive for botts in horses, 114. Very BUT I'ER, properties of, 110. Made in less than a mi-

E. Muse, 29.

useful when mixed with salt, for cattle and sheep, 114. nute, of cream from Col. Powel's short horn cows, 113.

LITCHFIELI), Con. account of its annual Exhibi- ASPARAGUS, directions for cultivating, 13. Notice of

Quantity of milk required to produce a pound of, 221.
tion, and reports of the committees on cattle and
some very large, with an engraving, 84,

Method of making in Brittany, 371.

horses, 313.

and CHEESE, essay on the manufacture of, by S. De


Witt, Esq. of Albany, 41, 49.

FAIRFAX, account of their first Show and Fair, and


distribution of premiums, 268. Addressed by Cuth-


bert Powel, Esq. 276.

BAILEY, Jeremiah, notice of his grain and grass cutting

LOWER VIRGINIA, formation of, 346. Constitu- machine, 2.

CABBAGES, not wholesome when raised from a soil
tron, 347.

BAKEWELL, Mr., notice of his improved water pipes highly manured, experiments with, 123. On the cul-
MARYLAND, meeting of the Board of Trustees at
and brick kiln, 200.

ture of, by Lovett Peters, 147. Notice of a very large

Gen. Ridgley's, 16. At B. W. Hall's, 16. At Col. BANKING SYSTEM, on the evils arising from, 383.

One, 168,

Bosley's list of committee appointed to award premi- BARBERRY BUSH, destroys wheat and rye, 331.

CALDWELL, James, letter from, on sheep, 82. Do, to
ums, 48. Committees appointed to award the premi: BARLEY, product of to an acre, 2. Cultivation of should

J. H. Powel, Esq. 242. In reply to Columella, 292.
ums for the best farins, 56. Rules to be observed at be encouraged, 271.

CALF, extraordinary weight and size of one, of the Dur-

the Show in June, 1826,72. Meeting of the Trustees BARNEY, John, product of his grazing establishment, 20. bam short horn breed, 177.

at Waverly, 18th June--Sketch of their proceedings

Hints on sheep, 194.

CANALS, annual report of the commissioners to the New

by a correspondent, 80. Official account of the annual BEANs, garden, directions for cultivating, 83. White

York legislature, 29. Increase of navigation, 230.

Cattle Show, on the 1st and 2d of June, 1826, 89. kidney, product of to an acre, with directions for plant- -CHESAPEAKE AND OHIO, estimate for, 64. Con-
'Toasts drank on the occasion, 96. Meeting of the
ing, &o. 84. Bush and pole, how cultivated, 84.

clusion of Mr. Stewart's report in congress, 19th May,
Trustees au Dr. Thomas's, June 29, 119. Meeting of BEEF, approved method of curing, 335.

1826, 148. Address of the central committee at Wash-
the l'rustees at Brookland Wood, Sept. 28-scheme of

- and Pork, barrelled, information wanted respecting ington, D. C. as adopted, 197. Table of the dimen-
premiupis for the exhibition in 1827-scheme of pre- the proper method of making, 407.

sions, &c, of, 204. Observations on, from the National

miums offered by the society for the E. Shore to renters BEER, how to make good and cheap, 232.

Intelligencer, 212. Remarks on the estimates of, by a

of land, 298. Nieeting of the Trustees at Jas. Swanu's, BEES, method of taking the honey without destroying

Virginian, 230. Difference between the estimates of

Esq. with the list ot premiums for the Shou of 1827, 306. them, 6, 53. Variety of, ib. Ou the management of, by the board of internal improvement and the committee

Meeting of the Trusters at J. B. Morris's, 352.

Dr. James Howison, 52. Death of a farmer in Flan- appointed to investigate the subject, 357. Report of

-MASSACHUSETIS, list of officers for 1826, 107. ders by, 223.

the board of engineers, with remarks by the Editor, 361.

-PHILADELPHIA, communications read at their -Hives, materials and size of, proper situation for, and -CHESAPEÅKE AND DELAWARE, progress of,
meeting of the 19th Dec, 1826, 330. Do. at their an- method of covering, 52. Description of the pyramidal 269, 285. Letter from the president and directors of,
pual meeting, Jan. 16, 1827 --list of officers, 387.
hive, 85.

to the secretary of the treasury, showing its progress,
ROYAL CENTRAL, of Paris, report made lo, on BEETS, on the cultivation of, by R. Sinclair, 26. Direc-

&c. 332,
the subject of Mr. McCormick's plough, 145.

Lions for sowing, 81. Notice of a large one raised in -OHIO AND MIAMI, rates of tolls established by

-SOUTH CAROLINA, electj. s. Skinner an hono- Maryland, 283.

the board of commissioners, 372.

rary member, and vote him a gold medal, 136. Com- BEETLÉ, or May bug, description of, and method of des-

-SUSQUEHANN.., meeting in Baltimore for the
munication on the cultivation of the grape, by N. Her- troymg, by a subscriber, 115.

purpose of constructing-propositions for forming a
bemont, read at their meeting, Dec. 1826, 405. BELKNAP, A. E. on fruit trees, 124.

company, and the resolutions, 319.
--ST. JOHNS, S. C., list of officers, 160.
BISON, or western buffaloe account of, 111.

CANDLES, on the fallacy of the opinion that they burn
- UNII ED, of South Carolina, meeting of at Colum. BLODGET, Benj. the famous botanist, arrival of in Bos-

away faster by being snuffed, by B. Babbington, M. P.

bia, their constitution, list of officers, &c., 330,

ton, from London, 388.

-OF THE VALLEY, (Va.) list of premiums for the BOARD of public works, 23.

CANNON, curious particulars respecting them, 1545, 359.

Show in May, 1826, 218. Report of the committee on BONES, on the use ot, as a manure, 367.

CANVASS, excellent quality manufactured at the Phenix

BONSALL, Edward 11. hints on the manufacture of cur- mill, at Paterson, N. J. 24.

AIR, what composed of, 1.

rant wine, 211,

CAROLUS LINNAEUS, bust of, received by Wm. Prince,

ALABAMI, observations on the climate, soil, and pro- BORING for water, at Alexandria and Harper's Ferry, 37. at bis botanical garden, 200.

ductions of, by John Pope, 222.

At New York, 281. At Milton, Pa. 348. lu sand, in- CARROTS, time for planting, 85. On the cultivation of,

LBION, his explanation of the lerms Bakewell and Dislio formation wanted respecting, 200.

by R. Sinclair, 26.

BOITS iu horses, how to prevent, 114.

CASKET, the, published in Philadelphia, notice of, ?no

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farmis, 307.

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