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M. And on the Seventh Day, Thou didît rest from all the Work which thou hadît-created and made, and Thou

blessedst the seventh Day, and sanctified it Seventh Day

to be a Sabbath for ever, holy and hononorable unto the Lord, for Men to rest from their world. ly. Cares and Labor, to comfort their Souls in joyful, Adorations of thy glorious Perfections, and contemplate thine infinite Wisdom, Power and Goodness :' and this Thou didst ordain to the Children of Israel, to be observa ed, throughout all their Generations, for a perpetual Covenant. And. Thou hast at all Times signified thy will, that there shou'd be One Day in Seven set apart from worldly. Business, to thy more immediate Worthip and Service. But by Jesus Christ thine only begotten Son, whom Thou hast constituted Lord also of the Sabbath, and who rose again from the Dead, and afterwards appeared to his Disciples three times on the First Day of the Week,and by the Holy Spirit's miraculous Descent on that Day, Thou hast been pleased to change the Sabbath from the Seventh to the First Day of the Week; and therefore the Apoftles of our Lord kept the First Day of the Week as their Christian Sabbath, to be a Memorial for ever of Redemption from Sin and Misery, and Regeneration to eternal Life. And from one Sabbath to another, shail all Flesh come to worship before Thee, O Lord God, most good.

P. Every Day, O Lord, is thine; but this is in a dirtinguished manner the Day, which the Lord hath made; we wou'd rejoice and be glad therein.

M. And hereof now my Heart is glad, and my Glory rejoiceth; my Flesh also shall relt in Hope, Thou wilt shew me the Path of Life; in thy Presence is Fulness of Joy, and at thy right Hand there are.Pleasures for evermore.

P. Glory be to thee, Father Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth, who fpeaked the Word, and all things were made.

M. Now to God even our Father, and to the Lord · Jesus Christ, who is the faithful Witness, and the first

begotten from the Dead, and the Prince of the Kings of ! the Earth ; to Him who loved us, and died to wash us from our Sins in his own Blood, and to make us Kings and Priests unto God and his Father, be Honor and GloTy, Salvation, Thanksgiving, and Praise for ever and ever. P. Anen.

N. B.

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N. B. On Week-Days, if these Hymns are thought to long;

they may be one or both omitted, and the Minister may begin as follows, immediately after singing of the Pjąlm before mention’d, pag. 9.

M. Let us now, my Fellow Christians, give Thanks unto God for those temporal and spiritual Mercies, which we have each received at his Hands; but more especially for his great Love to Mankind in fending us a Savior from Heaven, the Lord Jesus Christ, who, though He was the only begotten Son of God, was delivered for our Offences, and raited again from the Dead for our Justification.

P. Thy loving Kindness, O Lord, is better than Life, therefore înall our Lips praise thee. (Pf. lxiii. 3.) Now, if Iny desire to return God Thanks for particular Mercies,

let their Names and Cales be read aloud to the Congregation, by the Clerk, or the Minister. And then let the following General THANKSGIVING be read devoutly by the Minifer alme, the People fiarding or kneeling as each bejt approves, : and at the End answering Amen. T God, the Creator and Preserver of all Things, We

thy Children do give Thee most humble and hear. ty. Thanks for all thy Goodness and loving Kindness to Us, and to all Men; we bless thee for thine especial Favor in : creating us in thine own Image, and for that Realen and - Understanding with which thou hast endowed us, whereby

we are distinguished from the Beasts of the Field, and made , wiser than the Fowls of Heaven; we bless Thee for thy continual Preservation of us, from the many Dangers, to which we are at all Times expos’d; for thy gracious Protection of us through the Night past; for that kind Provision thou hast made for our comfortable Subsistence in this World; for healthful and fruitful Seasons, filling our Hearts with food and gladness; and for all other ihy Mercies and Blessings of this Life, public or personal ; and for thy Patience and Forbearance with us, though we have provoked Thee so often by our Sins and Transgreffions : [ * in a more

par* This is to be read only when Any desire to return particular Thanks to God for Mercies received; whch as they may be various, so that perhaps no Form can altogether suit every particular Case, the Minister here must in his own Difcretion, use such Words, as are most agreeable to the several Cases that call for Thanks; or after this general Thanksgiving is read, he may read a particular one more immediately applicable.


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particular manner we offer up our Praise and Tbankes unto Thee for thy late Mercies, vouchsafed unto thy Servant (or Servants) wbo desires (or desire) now to acknowledge thy great Goodness to him (her or them) in the folemn Assembly.] But above all, we adore and magnifie Thee, O God, for thine inestimable Love manifested in the Redemption of the World by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who hath brought Life and Inmortality to Light by his glorious Gospel. We thank thee, O Father, Lord of Heaven and Earth, that for us Men and for our Salvation, Thou didst not spare thine own Son, but didst freely deliver Him up for us all: and we defire with Gratitude to acknowledge the Love of Chrift, who gave himfelf for us, that He might redeem us from all iniquity. We bless Thee for his holy and unblameable Life, who did no Sin, neither was guile found in his mouth, but He went about doing good to the Bodies and Souls of Men, Jeavingusan Example, that we shou'd follow his Steps : we praise Thee for those pure and heavenly Doctrines which He taught, and for the numerous Miracles which He wrought, and which no Man cou'd work, unlels God was with him: we glorifie Thee for his Resurrection from the dead, and his Ascension into Heaven, to confirm the

Truth of what He had thus teached, and for the Hopes of eternal Glory revealed to us by Him. We bless Thee for the miraculous Effusion of the Holy Spirit upon his Disciples, by which They were enabled to preach the Gospel to every Nation, and to do many wonderful Acts in the Name of Jefus. We désire alfo to praise thy Goodness for continuing still among us the Light of the Gospel, for thy holy Ordinances, and all other Means of Grace that we enjoy ; [and for liverance from Popery, Superstition and Slavery.] And we befeech Thee to give us fuch a due Senfe of all thy Mercies, that our Hearts may be sincerely thankfull, and that we may thew forth thy Praise, not only with our Lips, but in our Lives, by giving up ourselves to thy Service, and by walking before Thee in righteousness and holiness all our days, in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord; to Whom, with Thee, through the Grace of the Holy Spirit, be afcribed all Honor and Glory, both now and evermore. Amen.


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N. B. If any of the particular Forms of Thanksgiving fina

serted at the end of this Morning Service) are thought ne

cefary, they may likewise be now read. Then while the Congregation sit down, the Minister (or his

Asistant, if he hath one,) all read a Chapter, òr Part of a Chapter from the Old Testament, as appointed in the Table of Lessons for every Day, unless some particular Occasion fhou'd render any other Chapter seem more suitable and edifying, which is left to bis discretion to alter, so that he does not

conftantly do fo. Before reading the Chapter, He shall always say, The first (or

(second) Lesson for this Morning Service is taken out of such a Book, and such a Chapter, beginning at such a verse, naming the Book, Chapter and Verse. And at the Conclusion, let him say, Here endeth the first (or second) Lesfon. And if he judges it necessary, he may add a short Comment or practical Improvement on the Chapter then read, to apply it more particularly to the Uses and Instruction of his Hearers, but shou'd herein however be as short and concise as possible, in the manner of M. Ostervald's Arguments of the Books and Chapters of the Old and New Testament, with practicalOblervations, for the Use of the Church of Neufchattel, which deserves to be read every where, as ve

ry well fitted for the Benefit of the unlearned and poor. After this, the Congregation

standing up, the Minister Hall again address them, as followeth ;

My Chriftian Friends, let us proceed again to praise and bless the holy Name of God most high. And that we may not unworthily adore him, let us pray for the Influence of his good Spirit, to purifie our Hearts and fix our Minds, so that we may now and ever magnifie his glorious Majesty; which I pray God to grant, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

P. Amen.

[M. To thee, O God, we raise up our Hearts, with our Voice, in humble Oblations of grateful Praise for all thy Mercies and Bleffings.

P. O, let them be acceptable to Thee, as holy Incense, spiritually offered, in Jesus Christ our High-Prielt, at thy Throne of Glory. Amen.]

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4 A Christian HYMN, to be recited alternately by the Minister ånd People, except on the second or nineteenth Days of the

Month, when it chiefly occurs in the course of Hymns to be ordinarily read afterwards, and on these Drays particularly, and other's at discretion, the Hymn following it is to be read in its stead, M. O comé, let us sing unto the Lord, and magnifie him with joyful Songs of Praise ; let us lift up our Voice to the God of our Salvation. (Pl. xcv.)

P. Let us now before his presence continue our grateful Thanksgivings, and rejoice before him with Palms.

M. For the Lord is a great God, and the great King above all Gods; his Throne is over all Dominion in Heaven or in Earth.

P. Let all the Earth fear him, let all the Inhabitants of the World stand in awe of him.

M. In his Hand are all the Corners of the Earth, and the Strength of the Hills is his also; the Sea is his, and He made it; and his Hands prepared the dry Land.

P. He is the Lord our God; we are the People of his Pasure and the Sheep of his Hand.

M. And if in the day of this Life we wou'd hear his Voice in Mercy, let us not harden our Hearts, nor provoke him to wrath by rebellious and finful Souls ;

P. As did the stubborn. Jews, not only forty years in the Wilderness, but almost throughout all their Generations;

M. Tempting and presumptuously provoking him to destroy them, although they saw his wonderful Works and his almighty Power;

P. Yet they wou'd not regard his Laws, nor his righteous Judgments, but acied wickedly, as if they had never feen or known them,

M. And idolatrously erred in their Hearts, and provokeư him to.exclude them the Land of Promise ; and He hath reserved them to his terrible day of final Judgment.

P. O let us by their dreadful Doom hear, and fear, and do no more wickedly.

M. Let us cease to offend the Lord our God, and chearfully love him for his infinite Goodness to us ; let us de

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