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4. For the Lord hath chofen Sion to be an Habitation for himself, He hath longed for her: "This fhall be my "Reft for ever; here will I dwell, for I have a Delight "therein.

5. "I will blefs her Victuals with Encrease, and will "fatisfie her poor with Bread. I will also deck her Priests "with Salvation, and her daints shall rejoice and fing."

6. BEHOLD NOW, PRAISE the Lord, all ye Servants of the Lord. (Pf. cxxxiv.)

7. Ye that by Night ftand in the Houfe of the Lord, even in the Courts of the Houfe of our God; lift up your Heads in the Sanctuary, and praife the Lord.

8. The Lord, that made Heaven and Earth, give thee Bleffing out of Sion.

9. O PRAISE THE Lord, laud ye the Name of the Lord; praife it, O ye Servants of the Lord: Ye that ftand in the Houfe of the Lord, in the Courts of the House of our God. (P. cxxxv.)

10. O praife the Lord, for the Lord is gracious; O fing Praises unto his Name, for it is lovely.

11. For the Lord hath chofen Jacob unto himself, and Ifrael for his own Poffeffion. For I know that the Lord is great, and that our Lord is above all Gods.

12. Whatsoever the Lord pleased, that did He in Hea

ven and in Earth, and in the Sea, and in all deep Places.

13. He bringeth forth the Clouds from the Ends of the World, and fendeth forth Light'nings with the Rain, bringing the Winds out of his Treasures.

14. He fmote the first born of Egypt, both of Man and Beaft.

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15. He hath fent Tokens and Wonders into Thee, O thou Land of Egypt, upon Pharaoh and all his Servants.


16. He fmote divers Nations, and flew mighty Kings; Sibon King of the Amorites, and Og the King of Bafan, and all the Kingdoms of Canaan; and gave their Land to be an Heritage, even an Heritage unto Ifrael his People.

17. Thy Name, O Lord, endureth for ever; fo deth thy Memorial, O Lord, from one Generation to another.

18. For the Lord will judge his People, and be gracious unto his Servants.

19. As for the Idols of the Heathen, they are but Silver and Gold, the Work of Men's Hands: they have Mouths, but fpeak not; Eyes have they, but they fee not:

20. They

20 They have Ears, but yet they hear not; neither is there any Breath in their Mouths.

21. They that make them, are like unto them, and for are all they that put their Trust in them.

22. Praife the Lord, ye House of Ifrael; praise the Lord, ye House of Aaron.

23. Praise the Lord, ye House of Levi; Ye that fear the Lord, praife the Lord. Praised be the Lord out of Sion, who dwelleth at Jerufalem. Praife Ye the Lord.

24. WE GIVE THEE Thanks, O Lord God Almighty, which art, and waft, and art to come; becaufe Thou haft taken unto Thee thy great Power, and haft reigned. (Rev. xi. 17.)

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25. ALLELUIAH. Salvation and Glory and Honor and Power be unto the Lord our God: for true and righteous are his Judgements. (ib. xix. 1.)

26. Amen. Alleluiah.

Twenty eighth




I. WILL GIVE Thanks unto Thee, O Lord, with my whole Heart; even before the Gods will I fing Praife unto Thee. (Pf. cxxxviii.)

2. I will worship toward thy holy Temple, and praise thy Name, becaufe of thy loving Kindness and Truth; for Thou haft magnified thy Name, and thy Word above all Things.

3. When I called upon Thee, Thou hearedst me, and enduedft my Soul with much Strength.

4. All the Kings of the Earth fhall praise Thee, O Lord, when they hear the Words of thy Mouth.

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5. Yea, they fhall fing in the Ways of the Lord, that great is the Glory of the Lord.

6. For though the Lord be high, yet hath He Respect unto the lowly; as for the proud, He beholdeth them afar off.

7. Though I walk in the Midft of Trouble, yet fhalt Thou refresh me; Thou fhalt ftretch forth thy Hand against the Wrath of mine Enemies, and thy right Hand fhall fave me.

8. The Lord fhall perfect his loving Kindness toward me; yea, thy Mercy, O Lord, endureth for ever; despise not then the Works of thine own Hands.

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9. O GIVE THANKS unto the Lord, for He is gracious; and his Mercy endureth for ever. (Pf. cxxxvi.)

10. O give Thanks unto the God of all Gods; for his Mercy endureth for ever.

11. O thank the Lord of all Lords, who only doeth great Wonders; for his Mercy endureth for ever.

12. Who by his excellent Wisdom made the Heavens; for his Mercy endureth for ever,

13. Who laid out the Earth above the Waters; for his Mercy endureth for ever.

14. Who hath made great Lights; the Sun to rule the Day; the Moon and the Stars to govern the Night; for his Mercy endureth for ever.

15. Who fmote Egypt with their first-born, and brought out Ifrael from among them, with a mighty Hand and ftretched out Arm; for his Mercy endureth for ever.

16. Who divided the red Sea in two Parts, and made Ifrael to pass through the Midst of it; for his Mercy endureth for ever.

17. But overthrew Pharaoh and his Hoft in the red Sea; for his Mercy endureth for ever,

18. Who led his People through the Wildernefs; for his Mercy endureth for ever.

19. Who fmote great Kings, yea and flew mighty Kings, Sikon King of the Amorites, and Og the King of Bafan; for his Mercy endureth for ever.

20. And gave away their Land for an Heritage, even for an Heritage unto Ifrael his Servant; for his Mercy endureth for ever.

21. Who remembered Us when We were in Trouble, and hath delivered us from our Enemies; for his Mercy endureth for ever.

22. Who giveth Food to all Flesh; for his Mercy endureth for ever.

23. O give Thanks unto the God of Heaven, and to the Lord of Lords; for his Mercy endureth for ever.

24. GREAT and marvelous are thy Works, Lord God Almighty; juft and true are thy Ways, O Thou King of Saints. (Rev. xv. 3.)

25, Who fhall not fear Thee, O Lord, and glorifie thy Name? for Thou only art holy: all Nations fhall come and worthip before Thee, for thy Judgements are made manifeft.SALVATION to our God, which fitteth upon the Throne, and unto the Lamb. (vii. 10.) 26. Amen.

26. Amen. Bleffing and Glory and Wisdom and Thanksgiving and Honor and Power and Might be unto our God for ever and ever. Amen.

Twenty ninth




EAR MY PRAYER, O Lord, and confider my Supplications; hearken unto me for thy Truth and Righteoufnefs-fake; and enter not into Judgement with thy Servant, for in thy Sight fhall no Man living be juftified. (P. cxliii.)

2. Yet do I remember the Time paft, I meditate upon all thy Works, yea, I exercise myself in the Works of thy Hands.


3. I ftretch forth my Hands unto Thee, my Soul gafpeth unto Thee as a thirsty Land.

4. Hear me, O Lord, and that foon, for my Spirit waxeth faint; hide not thy Face from me, left I be like unto them that go down into the Pit.

5. O let me hear thy loving Kindnefs betimes in the Morning, for in Thee is my Truft; fhew Thou me the Way that I should walk in, for I lift up my Soul unto Thee.

6. Teach me to do the Thing that pleafeth Thee, for Thou art my God; let thy loving Spirit lead me forth into the Land of Righteousness.

7. Quicken me, O Lord, for thy Name's-fake; and for thy Righteousness-fake bring my Soul out of Trouble; and of thy Mercy cut off them that vex my Soul, for I am thy Servant.


8. I SAID UNTO the Lord, Thou art my God, hear the Voice of my Supplications, O Lord. (Pf. cxl.)

9. O Lord God, Thou Strength of my Salvation, Thou haft covered my Head in the Day of Battle.

10. Let not the Ungodly have his Defire, O Lord; let not his mischievous Imagination profper, left they be too proud.

II. A Man full of evil Words fhall not profper upon the Earth; Evil fhall hunt the wicked Person to overthrow him.

12. Sure I am, that the Lord will avenge the poor, and maintain the Caufe of the helpless.

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13. The Righteous alfo fhall give Thanks unto thy Name, and the Juft fhall continue in thy Prefence.

14. O LORD, THOU haft fearched me out, and known me; Thou knoweft my down-fitting and mine up-rifing; Thou understandeft my Thoughts long before. (Pf.cxxxix.)

15. Thou art about my Path, and about my Bed, and art acquainted with all my Ways: for lo, there is not a Word in my Tongue, but Thou, O Lord, knoweft it altogether.

16. Thou haft fashioned me behind and before, and laid thine Hand upon me.

17. Such Knowledge is too wonderful and excellent for me, I cannot attain unto it.

18. Whither fhall I go then from thy Spirit, or whither fhall I flee from thy Presence?

19. If I climb up into Heaven, Thou art there; If I go down to Hell, Thou art there also:

20. If I take the Wings of the Morning, and remain in the uttermoft Parts of the Sea; even there alfo fhall thy Hand lead me, and thy right Hand fhall hold me.

21. If I fay, peradventure the Darkness shall cover me; then fhall my Night be Light about me.

22. Yea, the Darknefs is no Darkness with Thee, but the Night fhineth as clear as the Day; the Darkness and Light to Thee are both alike.

23. For my Reins are thine; Thou haft covered me in my Mother's Womb. I will give Thanks unto Thee, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are thy Works, and that my Soul knoweth right well.

24. My Bones are not hid from Thee, though I be made fecretly, and fashioned beneath in the Earth.

25. Thine Eyes did fee my Subftance, yet being imperfect; and in thy Book all my Members were written, which Day by Day were fashioned, when as yet there was None of them.


26. How precious are thy Counfels unto me, O God! O how great is the Sum of them!.


27. If I fhould tell them, they are more in Number than the Sand: when I awake up, I am fill with Thee.

28. Do not I hate them, O Lord, that hate Thee, and am not I grieved with those that rife up against Thee? Yea, I hate them right fore, even as though they were mine Enemies.

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