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light to obey his gracious Laws; and live in holiness of Life.

P. Thy Word, O Lord, will I lay up in my Heart that may not fin againtt Thee ; I will meditate upon-thiy Pre cepts, and will not forget thy Word. (Pl: cxix. 11, 15-)

M. The righteous Lord loveth Righteousness, his Count tenance bchuldeth'the upright. (Pj. xi. 7:)

P. The Prayer of the upright is his Delight, but the Sa crifice of the wicked is an Abomination unto him, (Prov. xv. 8.)

M. Therefore if Sinners entice us, let us not confent, but refrain qur, feet from their path, neither defire to be with them. (Prov. i. 10, 15.)

P. Left we learn their ways, and get a snare to our Soul

M. Glory be to God the Father, in the Name of Jesus Christ, thro'.the, Grace of the Holy Spirit:

P. As He ever was glorified from all Eternity, so He is now, and ever will be glorified eternally, by all his Creat tures. Amen. 1. Instead of the above, Hymn, may be read the followingzpex

cept on the firfi, fourth, feventh, or twenty seventh Days of of the Month

baina web www.ins! M. Blessed is the Man that feareth the Lord, that de lighteth greatly in his Commandments: (Pf. cxxviii., 1.)

P. Bleffed are They that keep his Testimonies, and that feek him with their whole Heart. (Pl. cxix. 2.)

M. The Eyes of the Lord żre upon the Righteous, and his Ears, are open unto their Prayers. (P); xxxiv. 15:12

P. The Lord is nigh unto them that are of an humble Heart, and saveth ľuch as are of a contrite Spirit.(18.)

11. Yea, the Lord taketh pleasure' in them that fear him; and fuch as “are upright in the way are his De

P. If we leek him, He will be found of us ; but if we forlake him, He will cast us off for ever.**** ( 1 Chron. xxviii, 9.)

M. As a Man chascneth his Sön, folhe Lord our God chafteris Us, That He may humble us, and prove us; and fit us for etertial-Life." (Deut. vül. 5:)

P. The


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P. The Lord searcheth the Heart, and trieth the Children of 'Men: He understandeth all the Imaginations of the Thoughts.

M. Thou art not a God that hast Pleasure in Wickedness; Thou abhorreft wicked and deceitful Men.

P. The Hypocrite thall not stand in thy Presence, O Lord; Thou hatest all the Workers of Iniquity. (PS: v. 4. 5.)

M. Thou wilt cut off all Aattering Lips, and the Tongue that speaketh proud Things. (Ps. xii. 3.)

P. And Wholo privily Nandereth his Neighbor, him wist thou destroy

M. Who can understand his Errors ? Cleanse. Thou Us, O Lord, from every secret Fault: Keep back thy Servants also from wilful Sins, and let not evil Habits have Dominion over Us.

P. May, our Lives and Adions, the Words of our Mouths, and the Meditations of our Hearts, be always acceptable in thy Sight, O Lord our Strength and our Redeemer. (Ps. xix. 12–14.)

M. Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding a bundantly, above all that we ask or think; unto him be Glory in the Churchi by Jesus Christ, throughout all Ages, World without End." (Ephes. iii. 20.)

P. Amen.

g Or instead of either of the two laft Hymns, may be read the Te Deum. (inferted after the End of this Morning

Service), ca particular Occasions, at Discretion of the Mi

mifter. Then. Shall follow one of the Hymns composed from the

Pfalms and other parts of Scripture (inserted at the End,) ir the Order as they are divided for each Day of the Month, the Minister first naming the Day and the Number of the Hymn, and a Verse is to be alternately recited by Minister and People

. After that is over, the Minister (or his Af fiftant) may thus address them;

HAVING, now, my Christian Brethren, offered up unta God our Adorations of his divine Being, and our humble Acts of Praise and Thanksgiving for his innumerable Mercies and Favors,

[I entreat

[I entreat you to hearken with Reverence and Attention to his facred Word, as it is revealed to as in the Holy Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, [for our

Faith and Practice in all good Works, for our Profit and Consolation here on Earth, and in a joyful Hope of

our eternal Happiness in Heaven hereafter.s And God grant, that by his Grace we may hear and receive it with pure Affection, rightly understand it, and constantly practise it, in all our Thoughts, Words and Works, in Obedience to his sacred Commands, and to our temporal and eternal Happiness, through Jefus Chrift, our blessed Mediator and Redeemer.

P. Amen.]

Or if the Second Lesson is not that Day taken out of any of the

four Gospels, but from the Acts of the Apostles, He may read thus, immediately after innumerable Mercies and Favors (p. 22.)

Let us pray for the Affistance of God's gracious Spirit to help as to understand the Holy Scriptures, that are able to make us wife unto Salvation,

Then let him read this Collect, All devoutly kneeling;

"O in ,

GOD, who haft gracioully revealed thy holy and halt therein declared the happy Means of our Rez demption from Death, and our Sanctification to eternal Life, and infructed us in true Knowledge and Wifdom, for our Comfort and Security in all things, and for our temporal and eternal Happiness, for which we bless thy holy Name; We most humbly pray Thee to grant Us thy Grace, to induce us with due Attention to read, hear, observe and understand them, and effe&tually to believe, and diligently to practise the Truths contained in them, that we may glorifie Thee our God by persevering in our Duty to Thce, to our Neighbor, and to Ourselves, and finally obtain everlasting Felicity in thy heayenly Kingdom, in the Name and through the Mediation of Jesus Christ, thy blessed Son our Savior i P. Arren.


!. Then the People Allfitting down, and filent, He shall read

the Second Lejon out of the New Testament, as is appointed for the Day in the Table of Lessons, unless for some extraordinary Occasion He fee fit to read fome other Chapter

suited to that Purpose, and shall preface it as the first -Lesson. After it is finished, He may alss, if agreeable, add a short prac

tical Comment to expound what is difficult to the Unlearned, and apply it particularly; but let Him be careful berein to utter nothing but what may be to Edification, and not to engender Strife or Uncharitablenefs by unchristian Applications. And when He concludeș, let Him always say

Here endeth the Second Leffon.


& Then the People All rising up, the Minister small say, O God, We bless thy glorious Name, for the gracious Revelation of thyself to Mankind, contained in the Holy Scriptures of divine Truth, [more especially for the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.]

P. Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable Gift; and God

be Stante itony

Guide to eternal Life. M. And to that End, We must treasure it in our Hearts, and practise it in our Lives, and doubt not of its blessed Effects to our everlasting Salvation.

P. the Grace of God, we hope fo to do, through Chtift our bleffed Redeemer. Amen.

Or this Hymn following may be said instead of the above, especially, when the Second Lefon is from the Acts of the Apostles, and not from the Gospels. $ m. Bleired be the Lord God omnipotent, who hath * Vifited and redeemea Us by Christ Jesus our Lord, Sp. Who was born of a pure Virgin, of the Seed of

David, whoin God exalted to be the Mcans of our Salt vation; 21. As He promised by his holy Prophets

, from the Begining of the

World, that by Him We should be faved from our Ereinid, and be prelerved to 'eternal

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P. And

P. And He hath, on his part, performed the promised Mercy, and fulfilled his holy Covenant ;

M. As He declared to our Forefather Adam (Gen. iii. 15.) and to Abraham, that he wou'd grant us; that We being delivered from our Enemies, might serve Him without Fear, in Holiness and Righteousness, all the Days of our Life, through Chrift;

P. Whose coming in the Flesh was proclaimed, and prepared by a Prophet of the most high God,

M. To give Knowledge of Salvation to all the People of God, by the Remission of their Sins, if truly penitent ;

P. Through the tender Mercy of God, whereby the Day-spring from on high hath visited us ;

M. To give Light to them that sit in Darkness and in the Shadow of Death, and to guide us in the Way of Peace and Happiness,

P. Through the Love of God the Father, by our blessed Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and the Sanctifica, tion of the Holy Spirit ; Amen,

Now, while the Minister and People all fit down, let a devoti

onal Tune be played on the Organ, where there is one ; or let a Pfalm or Hymn in Metre be sung by the whole Congrea gation.'

After which, let the following ADMONITION be recited alternately by the Minister (or his Afstant) and People, sitting or sanding as most agreeable, on every Sonday and

on other extraordinary Occasions, as Mall be judged convenient.

M. My Christian Friends, the Holy Scriptures command us to commit no Murder,, to injure no Man; to avoid Fornication, Adultery, and fleshly Luits ; for Such as do these Things shall not inherit the Kingdom of God. Neither may we covet what is another's, but must carefully abstain from all manner of Theft and Robbery, and from all Fraud and unjuft Gain ; and let there be juft Weights and Measures : for All that do Unrighteousness in such Things are an Abomination to the Lord. '(a)


P. Wo (a) Rom. xiii. 9.--Galat. V. 21.--I Cor. vi. 2.Levit, xix. 36.-Prov. xx, 101

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