Imatges de pÓgina
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For Grace, and Ability to refift Temptation.
GOD, who knoweft our Frame, and remembereft

that we are Duft, bave Compaffion upon our Frailty and Infirmities, and mercifully assist our Weakness; that We, having our Hearts established with Grace, may never be tempted above what we are able to bear, but amidst all the Affaults of our Enemies, may be defended by thy sure Protection, and fuccored by thy most ready Help, that we Inay never remove our Integrity from us, thro' the Grace of Jesus Christ our blessed Savior and Redeemer. Amen.


For daily Protection.
LORD, our heavenly Father, almighty and ever-

lafting God, who haft safely brought us to the Ben ginning of this Day; defend us in the same with thy mighty Power, and grant that this Day we fall into -no Şin, neither run into

any kind of Danger; but that all our Doings may be ordered by thy Governance, to do always that which is righteous and acceptable in thy Sight, in the Name of Jesus Chrift, thine only Son, our Lord. Amen.

9 A Prayer founded on the Divine Attributes.

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ETERNAL and glorious God, whose spotless Pu

rity, impartial Justice, unbounded Goodness, and never failing Truth and Faithfulness call for our continual Acknowledgement; we pray that our Minds may be im pressed with such an awful Sense of thine infinite Majesty, as may have an abiding Influence upon all our Lives and Actions. May we lay aside the Sin which doth most eafiJy befet us, and act at all Times, and upon all Occasions, as in thy Presence, remembering that Thou art now the Witness, who wilt hereafter be the Judge, of all-our Conduct. May we therefore cleanse ourselves from all Filthiness both of Flesh and Spirit, and perfect Holiness in the Fear of God; that as He, who hath called us, is holy, We may be holy in all Manner of Conversation : And may we study to imitate the Example of our blessed Savior, and to do thy Will in all Things. May We be thoroughly disposed to hate every falfe Way, be upright and sincere in


all our Transactions with Men, and walk in Truth all the Days of our Lives. Inspire us with kind Affections and Dispositions towards our Fellow-Creatures ; may We do unto all Men, as We desire they should do unto us, endeavoring to live peaceably with all; and may we banish from our Breasts all Envy, Hatred and Malice: May we learn to be long-fuffering, ready to forgive each other his Offences, being assured that it is upon this Condition alone Thou haft promised to forgive Us. And now, O Lord, do Thou graciously afsift and strengthen us in our fincere Dcfires after Purity and Perfection; and grant that by daily Improvements in all that is virtuous and praise-worthy, We may at length, in thy good Time, be fitted for the Society of Angels and Spirits of just Men made perfect in Heaven, and dwell with Thee and Them eternally, thro' the Mediation of Jesus Christ our blessed Savior and Redeemer, in whose Name we ascribe unto Thee our heavenJy Father, the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory, for ever and ever. Amen.

N. B. The following Prayers, against which the black, Side

Line is drawn, may omitted, when the LITANY is uled.

A General Prayer for all Mankind.

We humbly beseech Thee for all Sorts and Conditions of Men, that Thou wouldnt be pleased to make thy Ways known unto them, thy Salvation and Truth unto all Nations : May # the Kingdoms of this World become the Kingdoms of our God, and of his Christ. Put an End to all Idolatry, Superftition and Persecution for Conscience Sake, and let true Chriftianity, in its native Purity and Simplicity, universally prevail. May all those who profers and call themselves Christians, be careful to adorn their holy Profesion by a suitable Life and Conversation. Lead us all into the Way of Truth, and deliver us from every Degree of Uncharitableness one to another ; but may we hold the Faith in Unity of Spirit, in the Bond of Peace, and in Righteousness of Life.


We also pray, that the Lives, the Liberties, and Proper. ties of Mankind may no longer be subject to the arbitrary Will and Pleasure of tyrannical Princes and Gover, nors, but that the civil and religious Rights of human Society mày, in all Countries, be maintained and defended; and that the whole World at length may enjoy the Bleffings of good Government. Let Nation no longer lift up the Sword against Nation, neither let them war any more, but let there be Abundance of Peace in the Earth, as long as the Sun and Moon endureth.— These and all other Necessaries for them, for us, and for thy whole Church, we humbly beg in the Name, and as the Disciples, of thy Son Jesus Christ, our most blessed and only Mediator. Amen,

Prayer for the kingiloms of GREAT BRITAIN and IRELAND, and all the British Colonies and Plantati



Lord God, most high and mighty, King of

Kings, Lord of Lords, who dost from thy Throne behold all the Dwellers upon Earth; look down, We entreat Thce, with an Eye of Favor upon the Kingdoms of Great Britain and Irelard, and upon all the Plantations and Settlements thereunto belonging; continue to us the Enjoyment of our civil and religious Liberties, bless us with public Peace and Plenty, and may true Religion and Virtue flourish and abound amongst us.

Preferve us from Storms and Earthquakes, from the Pestilence which walketh in Darkness, and from the Destruction which wasteth at Noon-Day; let no Famine or Evil befal us, neither let any Plague come nigh our Dwellings; deliver us from the hurtful Sword, from Sedition and Tumults, and from the Hands of all our Enemies: Give us kindly Seasons for producing the Fruits of the Earth; may our Cattle be healthy, and fit for our Food and Service, that there may be no complaining in our Streets; and as the Sum of all our Felicity, may we be that holy and happy People, whose God is the Lord. Annen.

& Prayer

& Prayer for the King.


OST great and blessed God, in whose Sight it is

good and acceptable, that Prayers and Interceflions should be made for Kings and all that are in Authority; moft heartily We beleech Thee, with thine, especial Favor to behold our rightful Sovereign King GEORGE, and fo replenish Him with the Grace of thy holy Spirit, that He may always incline to thy Will, and walk in thy Way; endue him plenteously with heavenly Gifts, grant him in Health and Wealth long to live; give him Wirdom and Understanding from above, that he may govern the People committed to his Charge with Juftice and Equity, and be the Minister of God to them for Good: And may We and all his Subjects love and chearfully obey him, and render him that Honor and Subjection which is due unto him: Do Thou preside in all his Councils, and prosper his good: Designs for the Welfare and Happiness of these Nations : Strengthen him that he may vanquish and overcome all bis Enemies, let them, that hate him, flee before him; and after a long and a prosperous Reign upon Earth, receive him to thine everlasting Kingdom of Glory in Heaven, through Jefus Christ our Lord. Amen.

4 Prayer for the Royal Family.


LMIGHTY God; the Fountain of all Good.

ness; We humbly beseech Thee to bless Her Royal Highness the PRINCESS Dowager of Wales, and all the ROYAL FAMILY; endue them with thy holy Spirit, enrich them with thy heavenly Grace, prosper them with all Happiness in this world, and grant them everlasting Felicity in that which is to come, thro' Jefus Chrift thy Son. Amen.

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Prayer for the Nobility.
COST gracious God, from whom.cometh Happi-

ness and Honor, We offer our Supplications unto Thee for the Nobility of these Realms, and for all


Perfons of Rank and Distinction amongft us, that they may regard their feveral worldly Advantages as Talents which Thou halt comínitted to them, and be careful to improve them to thy Glory, and the Good of their Fellow-Creatures: May they always consider, that with Thee there is no Respect of Perfons, and that it becometh them to walk circumspectly before Thee in thy Fear, and to obey all thy holy Laws; that whensoever Thou feest fit to put an End to theit Earthly Grandeur, and call them to their final Account, they may be able to give it up with Joy, and be admitted into thine eternal Kingdom of Glory. Amen. [ Prayer for the Parliament, to be read only during their



OST wife and merciful God, We humbly be

feech Thee for the High Court of Parliament under our lawful Sovereign King George III, at this Time assembled, that Thou wouldst be pleased to direct and profper all their Consultations and Debates, to the Advancement of thy Glory, 'the Good of thy Church, the Safety, Honor and Welfare of these Kingdoms ; that all Things may be to ordered and settled by their Endeavors, that Peace and Happiness, Truth and Justice, Religion and Liberty may be establi fred amongst us to all Generations, to the Glory of thy Name in Christ our Lord, Amen.]

Prayer for the Judges and Magifirates. GOD, the great Governor of the World, thou

righteous Judge eternal; bless, We beseech Thee, all the Judges and Magistrates of these Lands, supreme ör subordinate: Grant that All, who are entrusted with the Administration of public Justice in these Kingdoms, may be upright and true, fearing God and hating Covetousness and Corruption, without Partiality and with:out Hypocrisy; and do Thou so direct and guide thein with Wisdom and Understanding in the due Execution of their Office, that, in-all Cases that come before them, they may judge righteous Judgment, and thereby ap

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