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cular, We desire that Thou wouldst engage the Attention of thy Servants to those Things, which relate to their fpiritual Improvement and Edification. Give unto Us the Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding in the Knowledge of Thee, that through the Comfort of thy holy Word We may embrace, and, by a patient Continuance in Welldoing, ever hold fast, the blessed Hope of everlasting Life, which Thou hast given us by our Savior Jesus Chrift, in whose prevailing Name, and comprehensive Words We still addrefs Thee;

OUR Father, who art in Heaven; hallowed be thy Name; thy Kingdom come ; thy Will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven; give us this Day our daily Bread ; forgive us our Offences, as we forgive them that offend against us; and lead us not into Temptation, but deliver us from Evil; for thine is the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory, for ever. Amen.

A Prayer, that may be used after Sermon.
OST gracious and ever blessed God, who alone

canst encrease and multiply our Blessings; We humbly pray, that as the Rain cometh down from Heaven and watereth the Earth, and maketh it to bring forth it's Fruit in due Season; fo thy Word, which is now gone forth, may prosper in the Thing whereunto it is sent, and accomplish the good End of true and godly Instruction : May it be as Seed fown in good Ground; let not the Deceitfulness of Riches, nor the Cares of this Life, choak it and render it unfruitful: But grant, that thy Servants now before Thee, having heard the Word, may in good and honest Hearts receive and keep the same, and bring forth Fruit with Patience abundantly, to thy Glory and their own everlasting Comfort, through Jesus Christ, the Son of thy Love, who was dead, and is alive, and liveth for evermore,

Amen. 9 Then All standing, the Minister fall add, OW the very God of Peace sanctifie you wholly;

and I pray God, your whole Spirit, and Soul and Body, may be preserved blameless unto the Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ; to Him be Glory and Dominion, for ever and ever. (1 Thesal. v. 23.) Amen.


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Upon Particular Occasions,

"To be read immediately after the General THANKSGIVING,

(before the First Lesson) such as may be necesary, in the

Morning and Evening Service. And it is further to be noted, that as no General Fornk can

fufficiently well provide for every Circumstance and Event, in which either Public or Private Congregations may be Sometimes interested, and which therefore it may be proper and seemly to take mere particular Notice of, in our common Aets of IVormip; in such Cases the Minister himself, as He fees convenient and necesary, may with Reason be left at Liberty to vary the General Form, or to draw up such other Form or Forms, as may be most suited to those special

Occasions. And the same Thing I also to be observed, with Respect to such

other particular forms of Prayer as may be thought want ing in fome Cafes.

& THANKSGIVING for Rain, after long Drowth. GOD, our heavenly Father, how many are the

gracious Works which Thou hast done, and thy Mercies which are to Us ward! If We would declare and speak of them, They are more than can be numbered. A particular Instance of thy Providential Goodness We defire, at this Time, thankfully to acknowledge, that it hath plealed Thee, in our great Neceffity, to vifit this our Land, and water it, to make it soft with Showers, and to com


mand thy Clouds to drop down Fatness, to the great Comfort of Us thine unworthy Servants. May a grateful Sense of thy continual Benefits abide upon our Hearts; and in our Lives may We bring forth the Fruits of Righteousness, to thy Glory and our own everlasting Salvation, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

4 For Fair IV eather, after long continued or great Rains.

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LMIGHTY and most gracious God, who hast

juftly humbled Us by the late immoderate Rain and . Waters, We yield Thee hearty Thanks, as for every other Manifestation of thy Goodness, fo for this seasonable Change of Weather, by which Thou hast put Gladness into our Hearts, and given us the agreeable Hopes, that our Land will yield her Fruits of Encrease. At this thy mercifut Visitation, O fupreme and universal Lord, the Heavens smile, the Earth is glad, the Fields are joyful, and All that is therein, and the Hills rejoice on every Side; our Souls too would abound in the comely Chearfulness of Praise, and afcribe with unfeigned Gratitude all Honor and Glory, Blessing and Thanksgiving to Thee the Author of our Good, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

For å plentiful Harvest.
LMIGHTY and ever bleffed God, who mercifully

suppliest the Wants of thy Creatures, and art continually giving us Testimonies of thy gracious Providence; We rejoice at this Time in the Gifts of thy bountiful Liberality; for Thou hast caused our Land to bring forth plenteously; Thou haft crowned the Year with thy Good ness, (*and turned our Dearth and Scarcity into Cheapness and Plenty,] so that our Garners are full, affording all Manner of Store, and our Poor may be satisfied with Bread. Whilft Thou art thus loading Us with thy Benefits, enable Us to make a sober, thankful, and charitable Use of them; and by becoming fruitful in every good Work, may We lhew forth thy Praise, and abundantly utter the Memory of thy

great Goodness, through Jesus Christ, our merciful Savior and Redeemer. Amen.

G 2
This only to be said when great Scarcity prevailed before the Harveste


T For

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For Deliverance from the Plague, or otker common Sickneft.

LORD, our heavenly Father, who art a God of the

afflicted, and a Protector of the forlorn; who raiseth up the Soul, and enlighteneth the Eyes, and giveth Health, and Life, and Bleffing; Who haft now in the Midst of Judgment remembered Mercy, and redeemed our Souls from the Jaws of Death; all Reason is it, that we offer unto Thee our most sincere and hearty Thanks, for mercifully afswaging the grievous and infectious Sickness, with which of late We have been fo forely afflicted, and for restoring again the Voice of Joy and Health into our Dwellings: We magnifie thy glorious Name for such thy Preservation and Providence over Us; to the God of our Salvation therefore, to whom alone belong the Iflues from Death, who is the Lifter up of our Head, the Health of our Countenance and our God, unto Him be all Glory, and Honor, and ready Obedience, from Generation to Generation, through Jelus Christ our Lord. Amen.

& For Peace, and Deliverance from our Enemies,


ALMIGHTY God, who art a strong Tower of

Defence unto thy Servants against the Face of their Enemies; We yield Thee Praise and Thanksgiving for our Deliverance from those great and apparent Dangers wherewith We were encompatled. We acknowledge it thy Goodness, that We were not delivered over as a Prey unto them; beseeching Thee ftill to continue such thy Mercies towards Us, that all the World may know that Thou art our Savior and mighty Deliverer, through Jesus Chriit our Lord. Amen.

For rejtoring Public Peace at Home.

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ETERNAL God, our heavenly Father, who a.

lone inakest Men to be of one Mind in a House, and ftilieit the Outrage of a violent and unruly People; We blefs thy holy Name, that it hath plealed Thee to appease the led trous Tumalts, which have been lately railed up among us ; mo:t humbly befeeching Thee to grant to all oíus Grace, that the may henceforth obediendly walk in


thy holy Commandments and leading a quiet and peaceable Life in all Godliness and Honesty, may continually offer unto Thee our Sacrifice of Praise and Thanksgiving for these thy Mercies towards Us, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

G A Particular Thanksgiving for Recovery from Sickness.

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ALMIGHTY God and merciful Father, We de

fire to bless and praise thy holy Name, in Behalf of thy Servant, whom Thou hast been graciously pleased to raise from the Bed of Sickness, and restore [in a great Measure) to his Health again; praised be thy Name for thy merciful Goodness toward him. And grant, O God, that the Remembrance of thy late Mercies to him, may so affect his Mind, that he may dedicate the Remainder of his Life to the Service of that God, who hath dealt fo bountifully to him. Strengihen and confirm all good Resolutions in him, and enable him to serve Thee the rest of his Days, in all Holiness and Pureness of Living, through Jesus Chrift our Lord, Amen.

1 A General Thanksgiving, to be used at the Minister's

Discretion, on Week Days infiead of tise larger Ones in the Morning or Evening Service.

LMIGHTY God, Father of all Mercies, We thine

unworthy Servants do give Thee moft humble and hearty Thanks for thy Goodness and loving Kindness to Us and to all Men: (particularly to These, who de fire now to offer up their Praises and Thanksgivings for thy late Mercies vouchsafed unto them.) We blers Thee for our Creation, Preservation, and all the Bleffings of this Life ; but above all, for thine inestimable Love in the Redemption of the World by our Lord Jesus Chrift; for the Means of Grace, and for the Hope of Glory. And We beseech Thee, give us that due Sense of all thy Mercies, that our Hearts may be unfeignedly thankful, and that We may shew forth thy Praise, not only with our Lips, but in our Lives, by giving up ourselves to thy Service, and by walking before Thee in Holiness and Righteousness all our Days, in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord; to Whom, with Thee, through

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