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offend; (John viii. 7, 9. 1 John i. 8, 9. James iii. 2.) and although the Remembrance of our manifold Offences might justly deject us, and make us ashamed to lift up our Eyes to the Place, where his Holiness dwelleth; yet such is his great Mercy in Christ Jesus, that he not only suffereth but even inviteth Sinners to approach unto him; (Matth. xi. 28, 29, 30.) he despiseth not the fighing of the contrite Heart, nor the Defire of such as are truly penitent; and hath graciously assured us in his facred Word, that although he that covereth his Sins, shall not prosper, yet wholo confefseth and forsaketh them, shall find Mercy and Forgiveness of the same. (Prov. xxviii. 13. Pf. xxxii. 5. Ifai. Ixv. 24.) Wherefore I beseech you, as many as are here present, to accompany me with a pure Heart and humble Voice, and with a stedfast Resolution to forsake all your Sins, and to reform your Lives, saying after me: 9 The General CONFESSION, to be repeated after the Mini

nifter, by the whole Congregation, All kneeling.

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Lord God Almighty and most merciful Father, we

thine unworthy Servants, with humble and contrite Hearts, do confess our Transgressions before thee; we have finned in thy Sight, and are not worthy to be called thy Children: We have erred and strayed from thy holy Ways; we have followed too much the evil Desires of our own Hearts; we have offended against many of thy righteous Laws; we have left undone many Duties which we ought to have done, and we have done many Things which we ought not to have done, and have thereby deserved thy just

Displeasure. [We have been guilty of Rebellion against thee our most righteous Governor, of Disobedience to thee our heavenly Father, and of Ingratitude towards

thee our most bountiful Benefactor.) But blefled be thy Name, thou art a God merciful and gracious, who desirest not the Death of Sinners, but that they would turn from their Iniquities and live; and hast promised, by Jesus Christ, to forgive all those that repent and amend their Lives. We therefore humbly, beseech thee, O God of Mercy, to have Mercy upon us, miserable Offenders ; pardon our crying Sins, 'O Lord, and receive us again to thy Favor, through Jesus Christ our Savior. And grant that the Experience


we have of thy Grace and Forbearance, may promote in us. true Repentance, and engage us henceforth to a better Obe. dience, that through the Residue of our Days we may lead a

а. godly, righteous and sober Life, endeavoring always to do that which is well pleasing to thee, that at length we may obtain everlasting Joy and Felicity, to the Glory of thy hoJy Name. Amen.

M. Heal our Souls, O Lord God of our Salvation, that have finned against thee, and enter not into strict Judgment with thy Servants, for in thy Sight shall no Man living be justified. (PS. cxliii. 2.)

P. O deal not with us according to our Sins, but blot out all our Iniquities.

M. Create in us a clean Heart, and renew a right Spirit within us. (Ps. li. 10.)

P. Be our God, and let us be thy People.

[M. *Now may the God of Peace that brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus Christ, that great Shepherd of the Sheep, through the Blood of the everlasting Covenant, make us perfect in every good Work to do his Will, work ing in us that which is well pleasing in his Sight, through Jesus Christ. (Heb. xiii. 20.)

P. To whom be Glory for ever and ever. Amen.]

Then All fill kneeling, the Minister Mall read the following

Prayer, the People, at the End of this and all other Prayers, answering Amen.

q Let us pray.


LMIGHTY God, our heavenly Father, who hast

so loved us as to send thine only begotten Son Jesus Christ into the World, to save us from our Sins, and to declare Pardon and Peace unto all them, that with hearty Repentance, and true Faith, turn unto thee; most humbly we beseech thee, in his Name, to grant us thy Favor and Forgiveness, which we can neither ask nor expect, but upon the righteous Terms of his Gospel: Mercifully accept, O gracious Father, the humble Acknowledgement we now make of our paft Offences, and assist our sincere Desires and Purposes of Amendment: Pardon and deliver us from all

our * This may be omitted on the third Day of the Month, because it occurs in

the Hyiria afterwards,

our Sins, confirm and strengthen us in all Goodness, that those Things may please thee which we do at this present, and that the reft of our Life hereafter may be pure and hoJy, so that at the End we may be received into everlasting Joy, through the [Merits and) Mediation of Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

Then Al ftanding up, the Minister fhall say, Blessed is he, whose Transgression is forgiven, whore Sin is covered.

P. Blessed is the Man unto whom the Lord imputeth not Iniquity, and in whose Spirit there is no Guile.

M. I acknowledged my Sin unto thee, and mine Iniquity have I not hid; I said, I will confess my Transgreffions unto the Lord, and thou forgavest the Iniquity of my Sin. (PJ. xxxii. 1, 2, 5, 6.)

P. For this fhall every one that is godly pray unto thee, in a Time when thou mayelt be found; because thou, Lord, wilt fulfill the Defire of them that fear thee, thou also wilt hear their Cry, and wilt fave them. (Pf. cxlv. 19:-)

M. Let the wicked forsake his Way, and the unrighteous Man his Thoughts, and let him return unto the Lord, and he will have Mercy upon him, and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon. (Ifai. lv. 7:)

P. Surely it is meet to be faid unto God, I have born Chaitisement, I will not offend any more: That which I fee not, teach Thou me; if I have done Iniquity, I will do fo no tnore. (Job xxxiv. 31, 32.)

M. Who is a God like unto thee, that pardoneth Iniquity, and palleth by the Transgression of thine Hefitage; He retaineth not his Anger for ever, because he delighteth in Mercy. (Micah vii. 18.)

P. Lo, this is our God, we have waited for him, and he will save us; this is the Lord, we have waited for him, we will be glad, and rejoice in his Salvation. (Ifai. xxv. 9.)

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[A declarutive ABSOLUTION to be pronounced by the Mia

nister alone, the People still standing. RETHREN, We having humbly confessed our

Sins to God, and implored his Mercy and gracious Pardon, with the Affistance of his Grace to help our Intentions to amend our Lives, and to live in Obedience to his Commands; I do, in God's Name, assure you, for your Joy and Consolation, that on our careful and sincere Endeavors to fulfill his Will, God on his Part doth freely, pardon and forgive Us all our past Offences, in Jesus Christ our Savior (Ephef. iv. 32) who finned not; and through His Mediation, We are kindly restored to the Favor of God, who will, if we continue to live in Purity, and Holiness, free us in due Time from all worldly Sufferings, to live with Him in eternal Joy, in his Kingdom of Glory.

P. Amen.]

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And now while All fit down, where there is an Organ, it is

proper. to play Jame fublime and chearful Tune: Or, (in a
jhort Pause, if there is no Organ,) Everyone should silently
use such divine and pious Meditations, as best suit their
awun particular Frame of Mind; 'till the Clerk, or the
Minifter: (where there is no Clerk,) rising up again, Mall
call upon them to sing the following, or some other. Pfalm ar.
Hymn in Metre of the fame Import,

ET our glad Souls in God rejoice,

may all Nations know
The fovereign and gracious Lord
Of Heaven and Earth below.

May All with Us adore and bless, -

And praise his holy Name;
' His Truth and Kindness loud confefs,
And endlessly proclaim.

ots After which, All fanding up, the Minister shall thus fay, (Let us praise the Lord, and call upon our Souls, and all that is within ua; to laud and bless his holy Name.


P. Blessed

P. Blessed be the Lord God, in whom is all oưr Hope and Truf, and praised be his holy Name.] & HYMN for celebrating the Divine Perfections, to be

*** alternately recited by Minister and People.

MARE AT art Thou, O Lord, and greatly to be

The Adorations &

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that draw nigh unto thee.

P. Thou art a Great God, and a great Praises of Angels & King above all Gods. Men, are due to them. The innumerable Hosts of Angels mont High God,

and Archangels, Thrones and Dominions, Principalities and Powers, Seraphim and Cherubim, thine everlasting Armies, are continually praising Thee, saying, Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty, who art, and waft, and art to come ; Heaven and Earth are full of thy Glory:

P. With Angels and Archangels and all the glori, ous Company of Heaven, We thy Creatures on Earth praise Thee. who only is

M. We magnifie Thee the high and lofty crernal. One, who inhabiteft Eternity, who only haft Immortality.

P. Before the Mountains were brought forth, or ever Thou hadft formed the Earth, or the World, even from everlasting to everlasting thou art God.!.

M. Of old halt thou laid the Foundations unchangeable,

of the Earth, and the Heavens are the Work of thine Hands ;. They shall perish, but Thou fhalt endure; as a Vesture fhalt thou change them, and they shall be changed; but Thou art the fame, and of thy Years there fhall be no End.

P. Thou art God, and changest not; thy Counsel standeth for ever, and the Thoughts of thy Heart unto all Generations,

M. It is meet and right above all Things, to glorifie and give Thanks unto Thee, O Lord, who are the only true God, the Maker of all Things visible and invisible,

wha.Opholdest all. Things by thy Power, who omnipotent,

art the supreme Governor of the World, and to whom every subject. Thou art gready to be

. feared

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