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Health unto all Nations; in an especial Manner, that He

; would bless this our Land, our King, and Royal Family, our Nobility, Judges, Clergy, and all Persons of

every Ránk ảnd Degree amongft us, that We may adorn the Doctrine of God our Savior in all: Things, and shew forth the Praises of Him who hath called us out of Darkness, into his marvellous Light.

P. Let our Prayers, O Lord, ascend up before Thee as Incense, and the lifting up of our Hands as an Evening Sacrifice. (Ps. cxli. 2.) Here, if Any desire to be prayed for, let their Names and Cafes be read publicly by the Clerk or Minister.

Then An devoutly kneeling, M. O Lord, shew thy Mercy upon Us. P. Graciously hear Us when We call upon Thee. M. O Lord, save thy People. P. And bless thine Inheritance. M. Give Peace in our Time, O God. P. For it is Thou only, that makest us dwell in Safety. M. O God, make clean our Hearts within us. P. And take not thy Holy Spirit from us.

M. Let us pray.

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Now let the following PRAYERS be read by the Minister

alone, and at the End of Each the People must answer', Amen.

LORD, our Refuge and Strength, who art the Thee, to hear the devout Prayers of thy Church, and grant that those things which we ask faithfully, we may obtain effectually, in the Name and through the Mediation of Jesus Christ thy Son our Lord. Amen. ?

For Pardon and Forgiveness.
LMIGHTY and most merciful Father, who hatelt

nothing that Thou haft made, and doft forgive the Sins of them that are penitent; create and make in us new and contrite Hearts, that We duly lamenting our Transgressions, and acknowledging our Wretchedness, may obtain of Thee, the God of all Grace, perfect Remiffion and Forgiveness, for thy Mercies fake, in Jesus Christ our Mediator and Advocate. Amen.

4 For

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For the Love of God and his Lagu
ETERNAL God, who alone canst order the un-

ruly Wills and Affections of finful Men; grant unto thy People here before Thee, that they may love the Things which Thou commandest, and desire that which thou dost promife; that foamong the fundry and manifold Changes of the World, our Hearts may surely there be fixed, where true Joys are to be found, in Jesus Chrift our Lord. Amen.

4 For the divine Direction and Alliance. GOD, from whom all holy Desires, good Counsels,

and just Works do proceed ; vouchsafe, we beseech Thee, to sanctifie, direct and govern our Hearts in the Way of thy Law, that we paying a dutiful Respe&t to all thy Precepts, and faithfully observing the Statutes and good Ordinances of thy Word, may truly please. Thec both in Will and in Deed, and by thy mighty Protection may be defended from the Fear of our great Adversary the Devil, and continually preserved in Body and Soul, through our only Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ thy Son. Amen.

9 For Peace, and the Comfort of a good Conscience. NFINITE and ever-blessed God, who art the Giver

of ahl Comfort, in Knowledge of whom standeth our eternal Life, whose Service is perfect Freedom; gra- . ciously uphold our Hearts in a well-grounded and happy Assurance of thy Favor, and grant Us, in the Exercise of well-doing, to enjoy that Peace which the World cannot give nor take away. And most earnestly We beseech Thee, O gracious Father, to enable Us continually to walk in thy Way, and abide in thy Love:

never fuffer us by any Power of Temptation to fall from Thee; but strengthen, establish, settle us, O God, in the Paths of Righteousness and Virtue. May the Testimony of a good Conscience be the Matter of our continual Rejoicing; may that support us amidst all the Changes of this Life, and fortifie us against the Terrors of Death

itself; that when We shall appear before the Judgement Seat of Christ, to receive our final Sentence and our eternal Portion, even then may we not be afraid with any Amazement, but be able to lift up our Heads with Joy, as knowing that the

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Time of our compleat Redemption draweth nigh, and that, through the Mercy of our God, an Entrance will be ad ministered to us abundantly into the everlatting Kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Chrift. Amen.

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744 For Confederation and due Discharge of our Duty.

an Handa breadth, and our Age is as nothing before Thee; teach us so to consider the Shortness and Frailty of our earth ly State, that we may apply ourselves diligently to seek after the better and more enduring Happiness of the heavenly World; and mercifully grant, that all the Time of our Continuance here, We may work the Work of the Day, and conscientiously discharge the great Duties of this preseng Life, that when the Shadows of Death shall overtake us, and the Night cometh when no Man can work, We may happily, have finished the Work Thou haft given us to do, and be numbered with thy good and faithful Servants in Light and Life everlasting, through thine infinite Mercy in Jesus Christ, our Savior and Redeemer. Amen. 9 For Stedfastness, and the Grace of the holy Spirit.

MOST bountiful Lord our God, who haft promi. O

fed the Affiftance of thy Holy Spirit to those that fincerely endeavor to serve and obey Thee; We thine unworthy Servants do now humbly beseech Thee, to help us againt our manifold Infirmities, and especially the Sins that do most easily beset us, that We may never remove our Integrity from us. Write thy Law on our Hearts, and implant thy. Fear on our Minds; make it our Delight to please Thee, to remember thy loving Kindness, and to me

ditate on thy gracious Promises: And grant, chou almighty and unchangeable God, the Grace of thy holy Spisit, that we may be enabled to continue stedfast and immoveable to the End, always abounding in thy Work, as knowing that our Labor in the Lord shall not be in vain: that whenfoever the Time of our great Change Thall come, We may be found ready to give up our Accounts with Joy, and when Flesh and Heart shall entirely fail, may have Thee for the Strength of our Hearts, and our Portion for ever, through the [Merits and] Mediation of Jesus Christ thy well-beloved Son our Lord. Amen.


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i owib inn Here may be read the LITANY, (pag. 48)rastin the Morn

ing Serviceif the Minifter thinks fitz on inhead of it the following

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General Prayer for all Ranks and Conditions, and for

thefe Kingdoms, &c. (to be omitted when the Litany is used.) 0

THOU God of the Spirits of all Flesh, who

haft made of one Blood the Nations of Men to dwell on the Face of the Earth; We would enlarge our Petitions for the whole Race of Mankind, that they may all come to the Knowledge of the Truth as it is in Jefus, and that thy Ways may be known upon the Ends of the Earth; that the Gospel of Christ thy may be abundantly spread and promoted in it's own native Purity and Simplicity, throughout the World, and many Souls may be thereby daily added to thy Church, as fhali - be saved in the Day of Grace and Judgement. May thy Kingdom come, nay true Christianity universally prevail, and may Jews and Gentiles, Turks and Infidels, be all united under one Shepherd, even our Lord Jesus Chrift, Whom to know is Life eternal How long, O Lord holy and true, shall the Faith once delivered to the Saints, in Truth and Purity, be perverted and corrupted by human Inventions, and thy holy Laws be made void by vain and groundlefs Traditions. Arise, O God, and plead thine own Cause against all Idolatry, Superftition, Wickedness, and Imposition upon Conscience : Put a speedy End to the Miseries and Calamities of this lower World, occafioned by the restless Pride and Ambition of ungodly Rulers, that the Peace and Happiness of human Society may no longer be disturbed by the inferior Government of Men: Let Nation no longer contend against Nation, neither let them war any more; but let there be Abundance of Peace in the Earth, as long as the Sun and Moon shall endure :: And honor with particular Marks of thy Favor all Kings and Governors, who shew a just Regard to the Rights of Mankind, and make it, their constant fincere Endeavor to answer the true Ends of their Institution.


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Look down in much Mercy, We beseech Thee, upon thele Kingdoms of Great Britain and Ireland, and all the Dominions thereunto belonging ; pardon our national crying Sins, and avert from us the Judgements our Iniquities

may have deserved ; let thine Eye be ever upon us for Good, from the Beginning of the Year unto the End thereof, that under thy Protection We may be a holy and happy People." Preserve us from Storms and Earthquakes, from War, Sedition and Tumults, from Sickness, Plague and Famine; and grant that the Enjoyment

of our civil and religious Liberties may be effectually reescured to Us, and transmitted to our latest Posterity; and may these our invaluable Privileges be established upon the sure Foundations of Religion and Virtue, that God, reven our own God, may bless us, and rejoice over us to y do us Good. 6. In an especial Manner, we pray Thee to preserve and

bless our rightful Sovereign King George; prolong his Life for the Good of these Nations, give him Wisdom and Understanding from above, direct his Counsels, prof. per him in all his righteous Undertakings, and defend him from the evil Designs of bis Enemies, that his Reign over us may be long and glorious, happy to himself and to all his people. And whenever it shall please Thee to remove him hence, 'may he be found worthy to obtain an eternal Crown of Glory. And may We and all his Subjects love and chearfully obey bim, be faithful to him, and render him that Duty and Honor, which is fo juftly his

We pray also that thy Grace and Benediction may descend upon her Royal Highness the PRINCESS Dowager of Wales, and all the ROYALFAMILY; may they be blessed with Health and long Life, with Peace and Prosperity ; [may They be Ornaments to their illustrious Stations, qualified, for extensive Usefulness, and eminent Bler fings to these Lands :] guide them with thy Counsels here upon Earth, and afterwards receive them into thine everlasting Kingdom.

Direct all our Judges and Magistrates in the due Discharge of their respective Offices, that they may be a Terror to evil Doers, and a Praise and Encouragement to them that do well : and may they judge


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