Imatges de pÓgina

Benefit of clergy taken from murderers and Bishops lands taken into the hands of the felons, Oct. 24, 1513.

crown, and impropriate tythes substiBenetfholm monastery, in Norfolk, built, futed for them, June 24, 1559.

-Refused to take the cath of supremacy 1031. Bennet Sir John, a judge, fined 20,000l. to Elizabeth, for which they were imfor taking bribes, 1616.

prisoned, 1559. Berkley castle taken by Cromwell, Sept. Fifteen consecrated at Lambeth, 1559. 21, 1645.

-Expelled Scotland, 1639. Berkley Sir Robert, one of the judges of -Deprived of their votes in Parliament,

the King's-bench, taken off the bench and all temporal jurisdiction, Feb. 14, in Westminster-hall by the Black-rod, 1641-2. and committed, 1641.

-Protested against the proceedings of fined 10,000l. 1643.

Parliament, and ten of them were Bermudas first settled, 1609.

committed to the Tower, 1641-2. Berwick taken from the Scots and annexed Their whole order abolished by an orto England, 1333

dinance of Parliament, O&. 9, 1646. Taken by the Scots, 1354.

-Nine restored and eight new ones con-Ditto by the English, Jan, 13, 1355-6. secrated, 08. 25, 1660. -Ditto by the Scots, 1378.

Regained their seats in the House of -Ditto by the English, 1378.

Peers, Nov. 30, 1661. -Ditto by the Scots, 1384.

-Addressed the King, Feb. 15, 1686-7. -Ditto by the English, 1385.

-Seven presented a petition and were, -Surrendered to Cromwell, o&. 1648. sent to the Tower, June 8, 1688. -Secured by general Monk, o&. 29, Released by a jury at Westminster, 1659.

June 1688. Berwick Duke of, made governor of Ports- -Seven refused the oath of allegiance to mouth, Jan. 22, 1687-8

king William III. March 1, 1689, -Quitted England with his Father, Dec. and were suspended October following.

-Six deprived for not taking the oaths Bethlem hospital founded, 1553.

to king William, Feb. I, 1690-1. Bewley abbey built, 1202.

Blackwell-hall purchased by the city of Bible transated into Saxon, 939.

London, 1397 -Tindal's tranlation published, 1534. Blake Admiral, died, and was buried at -Translated by authority, 1536.

Cromwell's expence in WestminsterPublished 1537.

abbey, Sept.4, 1657. -Permitted to be read by the laity, 1543. Blankets first made in England, 1340. Published with Tindal and Coverdale's Blood seized the duke of Ormond, and took tranNation, 1550

him out of his coach, Dec. 6, 1670. -The bishops translation published by Attempted to seize the crown and re. authority, 1560.

galia in the Tower, May 9, 1671. -A new transation ordered, 1614. Boadicea whipped by the Romans, who in Bills of exchange first mentioned in history, revenge destroyed 70,000 men in Lon1380.

don, &c. 61. Billinsgate made a free market, 1699. Bodlean library in Oxford, rebuilt and furBishops banithed England, 1208.

nished by Sir Thomas Bodley, 1598. Consented to be tributary to Rome, Bohemia, Elizabeth, queen of, arrived in 1245.

England, May 17, 1661. Empowered to imprison hereticks, -Died in London, Feb, 13, 1661-2.

1382, but it was revoked soon after. Bombay, in the East Indies, granted to the -The first that suffered death in Eng- English, 1662. land, by the sentence of the civil Bombs invented, 1388. power, 1405.

Bonn taken by the prince of Orange, Oct, Šix new ones instituted, 1530.

1673 -Empowered by the King, 1540, By the duke of Brandenburgh, Oct. 7, Hold their fees during pleasure, 1547.

1689. Obliged to hold their fees during plea- Book of sports published, 1617. fure, 1552:

-Burnt by the hangman, May 5, 1643. Seven deprived of their fees for being Bothwell, carefied by Mary queen of Scots, married, 3554.



23, 1688.

Bothwell killed lord Darnley, and mar- Britons implored affiftance from the Ros ried the Queen, 1566.

mans to repel the Pi&ts, 393. Made his escape to the Orkneys, and -discharged from their allegiance, to from thence to Denmark, where he the Romans, 428. died miserably, 1596.

-Subdued by the Saxons, 457. Bouchain in Flanders taken by the French, Retired into Wales, 458. May 26, 1677.

Brocas Sir Peckfael, did penance for adul. Bradfhaw John, of Gray's-inn, president tery at St. Paul's cross, O&t. 24, 1612.

of the high court of justice, Jan. 10, Bruce advanced to the throne of Scotland, 1648-9.

1306, -Died of an ague, o&. 31, 1659. Bruges surprized and taken by the French, -Taken out of his grave and hanged at July 5, 1708. Tyburn, Dec. 8, 1660.

Bruffels bombarded by the French, Auge Brass money called in, 1560.

13, 1695 -Coined in Ireland, 1689.

Buckingham castle built, 918. Brazen-nose college in Oxford, founded, Buckingham the duke of, betrayed by his 1513

servant, 1483. Breda, a treaty there, between Charles II. Buda taken by the Imperialists, Aug. 23, and the Scots, March 15, 1649.

1686. -A peace concluded there, 1667. Buildings of brick and stone firft introduced Breft unsuccessfully attempted by the Engo into England by Alfred, 890. - Jith, June 8, 1694.

Bullen Anne, appeared firft at court, 1522. Bridgeman Sir Orlando, refused to sign the Married Henry VIII. 1932. indulgencies, Nov. 17, 1672.

-Delivered of Elizabeth, Sept. 7, 1533 Bridge-town, Barbadoes, destroyed by fire, --Beheaded May 19, 1536. April 1668.

Bulogne delivered to the French, 1550. Bridewell hospital founded, 1553.

Burges's meeting-house pulled down by Dr. Brighthelaftone burnt by the French, 1514.

Sacheverell's mob, March , 1709.10. Brill and Plushing delivered as security into Burgundy the duke of, murdered by the

the hands of the English by the Dutch, Dauphin, 1419. 1584

Burial place, the first christian one in Bri-Re-delivered, 1616.

tain, 596. Bristol bishoprick founded, 1543.

-Permitted in towns, 761. -Taken by the King, July 26, 1643. Burying in woollen enacted, 1678. -again by the Parliament, Sept. 10, Burnet Dr. his treachery to his patron, 1645

April 1675.
Britain divided into provinces, Ante Ch.55. Butler Samuel, died, 1680.

Discovered to be an illand, A. D. 85.
Divided into four governments, 310.

Invaded by the Pi&ts, who were re-
pulsed, 388.

Cabal, a name given to the cabinet council, Harraffed by the Pi&ts and Scots, with 1670. whom they joined against the Romans, Cabinet council constituted, April 25, 365.

1670. Exposed to the Excursions of Pic Cade Jack, fomented a rebellion in Kent, and Scots, 382.

14 50. -The last troops that were sent into Cadiz taken and plundered by the Englih, Britain by the Romans, arrived, 427., and the shipping destroyed, to the value - Abandoned by the Romans, 428.

of 20,000,000 of ducats, 1596. Britons routed by Julius Cæsar at Dover, Caladonians subdued by Agricola, 85. Ante Ch. Aug. 26, 55.

Calais, the remarkable fiege of, 1346. -Again near Conway Stakes, May 20, Surrendered to the French, Jan. 7,

1588. -Made tributary to the Romane, ibid. -Taken by the Spaniards, 1596. -Subdued by Claudius Cæfar, A, D. 48. -Bombarded by the English, 1695. -By Oitorious, near Hatfield Forest, 52. -Again, 1696. Reduced by Theodofius at Sandwich, Calvert went from London to Calais, and who made his public entry into Lon- returned the same day, July, 1618. don, 366.

Cambridge university founded, 643.


A.C. 54.

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D Ε Χ. Cambridge improved, 916.

Cauliflowers first planted in England, 16032 castle built, 1068.

Causabon, the critic, died, 1671. arts and scienccs taught at, 1110. Cæfar Julius, landed in Britain, near Deal, refused a degree to a papist recom- Ante Chr. Aug. 26, 55. mended by the king, Feb. 1686.7.

imposed a tribute, Ante Chr. 54. Cambray taken by the French, Apr. 1677. Claudius fubdued great part of Britain, Cannon first used by the Englih, 1346.

A. D. 48. first used in England, 1405.

Cecil, Lord Burleigh, made minifter of ftate, firft made in England, 1544.

1560. Canon law first introduced in England, 1140. died, 1598. Canterbury made superior to York, 1073. Cercic, the ancestor of the Englith kings, revenues seized by the king, 1096.

arrived as a general in Britain, 495. claimed the visitation of the univer. - founded the kingdom of the Weft fity, 1636.

Saxons, 5211 Canute, the Dane, king of England, 1017. - subdued the isle of Wight, 530. Cape Breton settled by the English, 1591. Chain-lhot invented by Adm.De Wit, 1666. Cape de Verd taken by the Englih, 1661. Chambers, an alderman of London, proseCaracalla chosen to succeed Severus, 208. cuted for refusing tonnage and pound- died, 217

age, and find 2000l. 1630. Caractaçus defeated in Oxfordshire, 46. Champion first used at coronations, 1377.

-taken prisoner and carried to Rome, 51. Chantries supprested in England, to the Carlisle castle rebuilt, 1092.

amount of 2374, in 1548. - walled, 1121.

Charing Cross erected as it now is, 1678. - bishoprick founded, 1133.

Charity-schools first opened, Mar.25,1688. - taken by the Scots, 1136.

Charitable Corporation office intituted, Carp first brought to England, 1525.

1708. Carr, favourite of king James I. 1611. Charles I. king of England, 1625.

- created Earl of Somerset, and married Charles king of Spain, resigned his crown to the Countess of Effex, 1613.

and all his dominion's to his fon Phi. fell into disgrace, 1615.

lip, Jun. 16, 1556. Carthagena, in Spain, taken by the allies, visited England, Dec. 23, 1703. June 13, 1706.

elected Emperor, Oct. 12, 1711. Carthagena in the W. Indies taken by Sir Charles prince of Wales born, May 29,1630. Francis Drake, 1584.

- firê took his seat in parliament, April - pillaged by the French of 1,200,000, 1640. 1697.

-quitted England, 1646. Cafimer, of Poland, visited England, 1577. returned, and had the command of Caffibelan opposed the landing of the Ro- part of the navy, May 27, 1648. mans in Britain, Ante Chr. 54.

endeavoured to relieve Colcheftër, Caftlemain, the Earl of, went ambaffador to and seized a ship worth 40,000l. July. the Pope, 1686.

declared his endeavours were to reCastles 1100 demolished in England, 1153. lease his father, Aug. 2, and retired to Catalonia surrendered to Charles III, of Hotland. Spain, 1705

was invited by the Scots to take the Catechism first published in English, 1552. command of their army, Aug. 28, 1648. Catherine-hall, Cambridge, founded, 1475. Charles II, king of England, 1648-9. Catherine of Spain, queen of Henry VIII. Charter-house in London built, 1371.

appealed to the Pope, and divorced, converted to an hospital, 5611.

Chatham, cheft of, firft eftablished, 1582. Howard, queen of Henry VIII. divor. the Dutch burnt several men of war ced and beheaded, Feb. 13, 1542.

thére, June 15, 1667. Parr, married to Henry VII). July 12,

Chancer the poet died, 1399, 1943.

Chelmsford greatly damaged by a form of again to admiral Seymour, 1548.

hail, 1565. died in childbed, 1548.

Chelsea college founded, 1609. Catherine Cree church, London, consecrat- Cherries firt planted in Kent, 1540. ed, 1630.

Chefter taken by Egbert, 805. Cavendish Mr. returned with great riches erected into a principality, 1398. from his voyage round the globe, 1585. bishoprick founded, 1541.


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D E X. Chefter Tutrendered to the pidrliament,"Feb, Clergy armed for the war with France, 1369 2, 1646.

punished with a fine of ico,ocol. for -deprived of its priviléges, Sept.-97,

-, opposing the King's divorce, 1531. 1659.

12,000 'deprived of their preferments. Cheapfide and Chafing eromres taken 'down, and Papists substituted, 1554. 2393164 obao.?

redeemed 175 Naves, 1662. Chieveline king of the West 'sitors, '560. part with the right of taxing them. abdicated, 593 રીતે,

selves, March 4, 1664.5. Chíchefe bishoptiek nouhdas, 1076. Clergymen's widows and children, the Core "Childred, king of Mércia, "700.,

poration for relief of, incorporated, killed in parde, 7161 166

July 1, 1678. Chimliky-táx granted, 166.")

Cleves Anne, married to Henry VIII. and -29 each, 1689

divorced without consummativn, 1540. Chivalry, a court'held for a combat; 1637.

died, 1557 Christ's hospital founded;" 93 32373

Clipt money called in, 1696. college, Cambridge, founded,' 1507. Clock the firft portable one made, 1530. Christ's church college, Oxford, began, Coaches firft used in Londoa, 1555.* 1525.

in use with the gentry in London, founded, 1532

and began to ply in the streets, 1626. Chritianity first introduced into Britain, 48. their number limited, Nov. 25, 1687. into Scotland, 212.!?

hackney.ones taxed, 1693., Christmas-day ordered to be converted into Coals first in tile, 130473 a faft, Dec. 19, 1644.

fort imported at London, 1357. Christopher's [inand of se] delivered to Coin first made in Britain Aitte Chri 23. the English, July 5,3671.

the first in Scotland A. D. 212. recaken by the English', 21 Sept. 29, - the Brit Sterling coinedf316% 1бро.

Coiners punished, 11dgos Churches, so new ones built in London, Coke Sir Edward, nade won't chief justice by Parliament, begab '1711.

of the common pleas, 1606. Church Lands sold by auction, April 30, turned out, but called to the council1649.

board, 2017 - Sorin
Church Service changed in England, from obliged to served that office of theriff,

the use of St. Paul's to the use of $a-
rum, 1415

ded; 1634.
i ordered to be performed in English Colchester castle built, 925.
May 8, 1559

pit ferved from plunder, by paying ceremonies peticioned againt by the 10,000l. Aug. 28, 1648.

city of London, Nov. 11, 16406 Coldingham nunnery ravaged by the Danes, Cinque Ports first received their privileges, 1216.

Collars of S$ first worn in England, 1407. Circuit appointed, 1176.

Colledge Stephen, convicted and executed Cirencester abbey founded, 1132

for treason at Oxford, Aug. 31, 1681. Claims of privilege at the Coronations efta- Commaädments vored useless, Nov.26,1644. blijed, March 30, 1685

Committee of Safety appointed in England,
Clare-ball, Cambridge, founded, 1347,

O&t. 14, 1659.
Clarence, the duke of, drowned in a but of expired, Dec. 24, 1659.

Malmsbury wine, in the Tower, 1478. Committees of Council, four established,
Clergy forbid druakenness by a faw, 741. Jan. 21, 1667-8.

abridged of their power, 1164. Common Prayer Book first established, 1552.
excommunicated by Becket, 1169.

endeavoured to be established in Edin-
refused to obey the Pope's order, 119). burgh, which occasioned riots, 1637.
encroach on the regal power, 1200. · voted useless, 1644.
their lands and goods seized by king Commonwealth of Holland began, 1572.
John, 1208.

England began, 1648-9.
taxed 190,000l. 1210.

established by an act, May 21, 164&.
refused to give the Pope's legate mo- Concubines allowed to the clergy, 1132
ney, 1247

denied Christian burial, 1225.
Cheir power reduced, Oct. 6, 1275. Condé prince of, came to England, 1984,
- refusing to contribute towards the war, taken from the Spaniards by the
are compelled to fubmit, 1296.

French, April 28, 1675-6.


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Confifcation-court erected in Britain, 346. Court and Country, the parties fort' formed Consecration of Bishops, the form ordained, in Parliamcut, 1621. 1549

Court of Chancery began, 60g. Conftantine born at York, 270.

voted ufeless, 2653. succeeded to the empire, by the affir. Court of Exchequer began 1079. tance of the British forccs, 306. Court of Conscience in London began, 1606. embraced the Chriftian faith, ibid.

in Briftol, Clocetter, and Newcaftler divided Britain into four govern

Nov. 30, 3689. ments, 310

Cowley the poet died July 28, 1667. was the first Chriftian emperor, and Cowper [lord keeper) refused the annual died at Constantinople, 337.

present of rool. 1706. Conftantinople taken by the French and Ve- Cranfield [lord treasurer) fined so,oool. netians, 5204.

1624. Conftantius the emperor, repulsed the Scots, Cranmer introduced to Henry VIII. 1529.

294; and married Helena,a British lady. in great power, 1534. Conventicles prohibited, Jan. 10, 1660-1. condemned for a beretick, 1553. Copper coin, the first legal in England, excommunicated, 1954. 1609.

burnt at Oxford, March 21, 1556-7. Copper money firft used in Scotland and Creed and Lord's Prayer taught in the Sax. Ireland, 1340.

on tongue, 746. in France, 1581

voted @felels, Nov. 26, 1644. Copper-office, Weina, etablished, 1695. Crecklade in Wilts, a School at, 669, Copy-sight içcured to authors by Parlia- Cromwell, Lord, made vicar general for vi. mens, 1710.

fiting the monasteries, QA, 4535. Cornish Alderman, hanged and quartered beheaded, July 28, 1840. in Cheapfide, for Monmouth's rebel. Cromwell, Oliver, a member of

Parliament, lion, Oct. 23. 1685.

and complained of Popery being counCoronation Oath, the first used in England, tenanced, 1628. 979.

put supplies into Gainkhorough, July pow used, was firf used in 1377..

30, 1643. .. Coronation Sermon, the first, 1041.

formed a body of horse, confifting of Coronation of the king's son, 1170.

zealog and epthusiasts, Aug. 10, 1643. -chair brought from Scotland, 1296. accused the Earl ipf: Manshefter of

of James II. with the Procession, &c. disaffection, Dec. 1644.
April 23, 1685.

new modelled the army, and was made
of William and Mary, in great ftatcm licutenant general 70458
April 11, 1689.

defeated a brigade of the King's borse of Queen Anne, ditto, April 23, 1902. at Idip-bridge, near Qxford, April 24, Corpus Christi or Benedi&'s College in 1645. Cambridge, founded 1350.

the city of Bristol surrendered to him, Corpus Chrifti College, Oxford, founded, Sept. 9; and Berkley.calle, Sept. 21. 1516.

- made great professions of loving the Corruption and bribery prevalent in Parlia. la King June &o 16475'i. 1910, ment, 1694-5.

defeated the Welt in May 648. Cora exported from Britain, 347.

defcased u Sir. Marmadukts Langdale Cotton house and library purchased by Par- pear Preston, in bocachire, Aug. 17; liament, 1707.

And the next day; routed, the Scotch Cotton Sir Robert, founder of the Cotto- ÇFoops under the Duke of Hamilton. nian library, died, 1631.

wrote, 19 his friends not-to-address the Coventry bifhopric founded, 656.

King, Aug. 23. -eared of heavy taxes by Godiva, 1059. marched to Edinburgh, Berwick, and

refused Charles I, admittance, Aug. Carlisle, Q&. 1648.
20, 1642.

dispersed the Levellers, on Hounslow. walls demolished, 1662.

heath, laid siege to Pontefract, and sent Coventry Sir John, maimed and defaced, part of his army to London, when he Dec. 25, 1670.

received the thanks of the Commons, Council of State erected, Feb. 14, 1648-9. and lay in one of the King's beds at

first allowed persons guilty of treason, Whitehall, Dec. 7, 1648.
April 21, 1696.


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