Imatges de pÓgina


WHEN I published the first volume of these Discourses, being uncertain what reception it might meet with in the world, and therefore unwilling to make it of too great a bulk and price; I chose to handle those parables only which were generally looked upon as the most remarkable, and might be improved in the most easy and familiar way, to the pious reader's advantage.

But succeeding so well, through God's blessing, in my first attempt, I of late resolved to go on; and applied myself to consider those parables which I then passed by: and which, upon a more close inspection, I found (even some that at first view seemed very little to concern us now) to be equally useful with the rest; and have endeavoured to make them so in my comments upon them.

I shall say no more here, but that, if what I now offer to your perusal shall do you any good, I shall think myself very happy; and let you and I return all the praise unto God.

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