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for when such an one finds the man reading, and asks him, ' Understandest thou what thou readest ?' he frankly replies, . How can I, except some one teach me.'-These living expositors of the Bible, the Missionary Society wishes to send into all the earth, that in some countries they may both translate the Scriptures and preach their contents; and in others may excite the attention of men to read and assist them to understand the Bible, which they already possess in their own tongue. But the Society is painfully restricted in its operations, by want of funds adequate to the immense field which lies before it.

Divine Providence having always supplied the Directors with Candidates for Missionary labours much faster than their funds would furnish support, and the charges of their present Missionary Establishment being tar beyond the annual income of the Society, it certainly beboves the friends of the cause to look around in their respective circles, and to consider of the most effective measures to promote the interest of that Institution which has not only been owned by the Lord of losts in the prosecution of its primary object, the conversion of the heathen,--but has been so eininently useful, in a collateral way, by means of the various Institutions to which it has givea birth.'

With this view, if a few Christian friends (say five or six) in any towa or district, would meet for considering the subject, and continue their mecting3 weekly, endeavouring to gather strength by the accession, from time to time, of new members froin various denominations of Christians, and seeking at every meeting the direction and support of the great Head of the church, much good might be done; and by patiently persevering in these preparatory measures for a few months, they wouid then be prepared to submit their measures to the public; and though it is not to be expected that patrons of the Missionary labours will be so numerous as those of the Bible Society, yet the influence of the Missionary Society Inight become far more general than it has bitherto been, and inore nearly eommensurate to the immense field before them in the world, which lieth in the wicked one, and in the darkness of the shadow of death, to whoia it is their earnest desire to send the light of the glorious gospel, and to communicate the knowledge of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ.

AFRICAN AND ASIATIC SOCIETY. The Annual Meeting will be held at Free Masons' Tavern, on Tuesday, May 5, at Three o'clock, precisely, W. Wilberforce, Esq. in the Chair.

BAITIST AND FOREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY. The Annual Meeting of this Society will be held at the Free Masons' Hall, Great Queen Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, on Wednesday, May 6, at Eleven o'clock, when the Proceedings in the Committee, during the last year, will be reported ; 'and other business connected with the General Meeting transacted. The Chair to be taken at Twelve, precisely.

LONDON FEMALE PENITENTIARY. -The Annual Meeting of this Society will be held at the New London Tavern, Cheapside, on Tuesday the 12th of May, at Twelve o'clock, precisely.-- The Annual Sermon will be preached on Friday morning, the 8th of May, at St. Antholin's Church, Watling-Street, by the Rev. T. Scott, A.M. Rector of Aston Sandford, Bucks. Service to begin at Eleven o'clock.

Society for promoling the Observunce of the Lord's Day, and for the Şuppression of Public Lewdness.—The Annual Mecting of this Society will be held (by Divine permission) on Tuesday the 12th of May, at the New London Tavern, Cheapside, at Six o'clock in the evening. The Chair will be taken at Half past Six; precisely:

RELIGIOUS TRACT SOCIETY.. - The Annual Meeting of this Society will be held at the City of London Tavern, Bishopsgate Street, on Thursday, May 14, at Seven o'clock in the morning; to close at Ted, precisely:

HIBERNIAN SOCIETY. The Annual Meeting of this Society will be held on Friday, May 15, at the New London Tavern, Cheapside, at Seven o'clock in the moruing.

Protestant Society for the Protection of Religious Liderly. -The Annual Meeting of this Society will be held at the New London Tavern, Cheapside, os Saturday, May 16, at Twelve o'clock, precisely.

SOCIETY For MissionS TO AFRICA AND THE EAST.-The Annual Sermon before this Society, will be preached on Whit- Tuesday, May 19, at St. Ann's, Blackfriars, by the Rev. Mr. Goode.

LONDON.–At a Meeting of Dissenting Ministers of the 3 denominations, held at Dr. Williams's Library, Red Cross Street, on Tuesday the 21st of April, it was resolved, on the inotion of Mr. Rees, seconded by Dr. Rees, That a Petition should be presented to both houses of Parliament, praying the Repeal of all Penal Laws respecting religion. There was, however, a considerable difference of opinion respecting the propriety of presenting such a petition at the present moment: the numbers being, for the petition, 30 ; against it 26.

April 22. It is reported, and we believe on good authority, that should the expected decision of the Court of King's Bench confirm the new and restricted construction of the Toleration Act, there is a disposition, on the part of Government, to relieve the Dissenters from the inconveniences to which such a decision must expose them.

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s. d. N. M. St. Helen's, 11.-051.

6 0 0 A Friend at Dalkeith, by Rev. D. Bogue

10 0 0 Friends at Corfe Castle, by Rev. Thomas Denny

3 3 0 Ditto at Swannage, by Rev. Mr. Collins

4 4 Ditto at Totton, by. Rev. D. Bogue

0 12 0 Fetter Lane Auxiliary Society, by Rev. G. Burder

36 12 6 W. G. Hodson, 51.-H. Y. Il. 18.-- Sarah, 1l.

7 Rev. Samuel Bottomley and Friends, Scarborough

9 Q Associate Congregation, Kinross, N. Britain, by Rev. J. Hay 10 0 0 Young Gentlemen at the Rev. J. Fowler's Academy, Walworth 5 0 0 Rev. Mr. Charles and Friends, Bala

14 14 2 Legacy of Mr. Peter Lemaire, late of Castle Street, Borough, by his Exccutors Jacob Henry and James Stokes

5 0 Collection at Aldermanbury Postorn, at the Monthly Missionary Prayer Meeting

10 4 Donations at Spa Fields Chapel, left after the Prayer Meeting 8 0 Stirling Missionary Society

10 0 0 Derish, of Tottenham, by Mr. Francis Hamilton

30 0 0 A. B. (Boston Post-mark) 51. 55.-G. A. S. 101.

155 0 An aged Widow, 11. 1s. - A Friend, 17. 18. 6d. A voluntary

Donation of a Child in her 6th year, 105.-by Rev. C. Buck 2 12 6 From an Auxiliary Society at West Orchard Chapel, Coventry,

established for General Purposés, connected with the
Spread of the Gospel, by Rev. John Jerard

25 0 0 Miss C. by Rev. J. Clayton, jun.

5 0
Collections at Crown Court Chapel, April 5.
Hourning, Mr. Greig, 301.6d. Afternoon, Mr, Thorpe, 211.2d.
--Evening, Mr. G. Clayton, 217. 65. Gd.

72 7 2 Collections made in the Counties of Essex and Herts, by Rev. J. Townsend. At Mr. Wilkinson's, Saffron Walden, 151. 81.-Mr. Stevenson's,

Castle Haddington, 31/. 3s. 8d. Mr. Maslin's, Hertford, 8.–At Hoddeston, Herts, 21. -168, 6d.-A. S. by-the Rev. John Townsend, 17.

58 0 10 Scots Church, Swallow Street, by Rev. Mr. Nicol, April 12 84 9 6

(A List of Contributions, amounting to 43l. 15s. 6d. at Bath, received by Rev. Dr. Haweis, is unavoidably postponed until øext month,

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DAUGHTER of Zion, put thy sackclothon,

Aud strew the ashes o'er thy mournful head ;
Thy faithful Herald Vanderkemp is gone!

He rests bis labours with the peaceful dead!
No more shall Afric's tribes, delighted, hear

His gentle voice reveal the Saviour's name:
Nor his kind words dry up the mourner's tear $

Nor mild reproofs the rebel's heart reclaim.
He left the polish'd scenes and arts refin'd,

The heighten'd joys and throng'd abodes of me ;
His letter'd rank, and fame, and wealth resiga'd, -

To tame the human savage in his den.
What forceful arms, what deeply skilful plan,

What engine vast could such rough natures move?
'Twas simple truth, the cord that fetters man,

He woo'd, and broke, and won their hearts with love.
By war and death the hero wins his way,

And rears his glory on the field of blood;
Whil lands enslav'd, unwilling homage pay,

And hate the wretch their arms in vain withstood.
Far diff'rent aims expand the Christian's views :

Sweet peace on earth, and praise to God on high :
Nor carpal weapons would he dare to use,

Nor seek for glory but above the sky.
Thus aged Vanderkemp his work pursu'd,

With youthful Missionary ardour warm’d,
Where the wild Hottentot and Caffre rure

The desert rang'd, or kraal remotely form’d.
He trac'd the wand'rers, meekly won their ear,

And taught their mutual labour to combine ;
To plan the village and the temple rear,

And led them, step by step, to truth divine.
He train'd their youth, and solac'd sick’ning age;

For he had studied med'cine's healing art';
The papgs of guilt he labour'd to assuage,

And brought the balın to cure the brokeu heart!
From barh'rous lips, pow pure devotion flows !
'B'en Satan's seat the hallow'd cross displays!
The desert blussoms like the fragrant rose,
- And fruitful vallies shout Jehovah's praise.
Ah! he hath finish' now his mission'd course,

But not in vain, for, lo ! he leaves behind
A new-born Afric churrh, the future source

of Jesus' empire o'er the savage miod.
Who next will rise, the arduous path to tread

This vet'ran pass d, and others still do roam?
Oh Thou who Israel through the desert led,
Send whom thou wilt to bring the leatheg home,


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