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(Ollections and Anonymous Donations only) received by the Treasurer, from

April 20 to May 20, 1812 ) Ve are desired to correct a Mistake in the Insertion of the Account of the Contributions from Bath, in the last Month's Magazine. They should have been inserted thus:

Transmitted from Bath, by the Rev. Dr. Hawis. I.. S. d, A Friend (a Lady)

Dirto (a Lady)
Ditto (a Lady)

50 Ditto (a Lady)

5 5
A Creole Maid Servant
A young Gentleman, for a ship for the Missionaries

A young Lady
A young Gentleman
A Friend
Received since by Dr.Haweis. A Lady, 201.-Ditto, 31.58. 25 5

69 Rev. W. Kingsbury, Cavershan, and Friends

8 18 Rev. J. Guard and Congregation, Liskeard

3 A Friend and Wellwisher, Moom uthshire

5 Contributions at Bristol, by the Rev. Mr. Jackson, of Stockwell

5 15
A Lady, by the Rev. C. Atkinson, Ipswich
An old Widow's Mite, Painswick Post-mark
Wycomb School Offerings, by the Rev. Mr. Tracy
A Friend, by ditto
A Friend to the Health of the Vineyard, by Mr. Reyner

15 15 Rev. Mr. Harris and Friends, Fordhan

8 io A Friend in Scotland, by the Rev. J. Scott, Holl

5 R. S. 6. Collections at Salem Chapel, on occasion of Sermons preached there

by the Rev. J. Vautji and the Rev. G. Thom Collection at Swan Hill Chapel, Shrewsbury, after Sermons preached by the Rev. T. Weaver, Sunday, April 26

83 50 Friends by him

55 15

139 Friends at Chigwell and Chigwell Row, by the Rev. Mr. West 13 15 Two Friends at Bocking

Two Ladies, by Mr. A. Pellatt
A Friend, by the Rev. C. Buck
A pious Female Domestic, per J. C. Junior
Collections at Orange Street Chapel, after Sermons preached by the
Rev. 1. Townsend and the Rev. T. Lewis

82 10

6 Collections at the Rev. J. M. Ray's Meeting-house, Sudbury, Suffolk

9 Collection at the Monthly Missionary Prayer Meeting, by the Rev. Dr. Smith, Hackney

33 7 Rev. T. Strahan and Congregation, Romford, Essex

13 Rev. D. Bogue's Congregation, &c. Gosport, including wil. from the Soldiers of the Taverness-shire Militia

IT5 II 7 Collection at the Meeting, Staines, by the Rev. J. Yockoey Rev, Mr. Leifchild and Congregatioh, Kensington

37 Gift of a German Friend, by the Rev. Mr. Steinkopff Rev. Mr. Kent and Friends, Gravesend

5 Rev. G, Williams and Congregation, Gate Street Chapel

28 II 4 Rev. Mr. Slatterie and Congregation, Chatham

67 46 Rev. Mr. Hunt and ditto, Chichester

49 Rey. Mr. Keyworth and ditto, Sleaford

C. B. Petersfield, by Mr. Payne
Friends, by lev. J. Brown, Walsham, Norfolk
Rev. Moses Davies and Friends, Guyhirn
Rev. J. Flower and Cougregation, Titchfield

Congregation of the Upper Meetiug at Westbury
Frieods at Surtham, by Mr: Joseph Trumper
Rev. Mr. Walker and Friends, at i'eppard

Rey. C. Howell and Friends, at ilton
Rev. Mr. Knight and Congregation at Kingston, by Rev. G. Thom

9 13 6

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Rev. Mr. Green an: Congregation, Uppingham
Rev. J Townsend and Congregation, Bermondsey

25 14 Rev Messrs. Sloper and Elliott and Congregation, Devizes

26 12 Rev. Mr. Ward and Friends, Market Lavington, Wilts Coliection at Winchester, by Rev. E. A. May Miss H. Yorkshire G. F. by the Rev. Dr. Collyer A Family, by Weekly Subscriptions, per Rev. C. Buck

I 15 A Fripod, by the Rev. Mr Steill F. and E. B. Stroud, by the Rev. J. Burder Rev. G. Townsend and Congregation, Ramsgate Collected after a Sermon preached iu a Baro at Stapleford, by the Rev. J. Audley

3 10 Rev. G. Lamberi and Congregation, Hull

Widow's Mite, by the Rev. J. Phillips
A Friend to Missions, by ditto
A Friend to the Missionary Cause, by the Rev. Dr. Williams

5 Rev. Dr. Cracknell and Friends, Weymouth

II Rev. Mr. Slatterie and Friends, Chatham

9 9 Miss C. K by the Rev. T. Lewis A few Friends at Barnet, by the Rev. Mr. Morrison A Friend, by the Rev. Mr. Jones Society at Pertenhall, by the Rev. J. K. Martyn Collections at Hargrave, by the Rev. J. M. Longmire

6 10 M. W. a Female Domestic, by Mr. Wilks

6 6 6 Rev. T. Adkins and Congregation, Southampton

63 18 Rev. J. Aruodel and Friends, Whitby

6 16 One fourth Produce of an Auxil. Society, Exeter, by Rev. P. Allen 8.68 Staines Auxiliary Missionary Society, by the Rev. J. Yockney A Friend at Worcester

5. A Lady ditto, by the Rev. E. Láke A Society of young Men in the Countess's Connection at Worcester, by the Rev. E. Lake

3 15 o Bethnal Green Aux. Society, by small Contributions and Collections 90 8 1 Wandsworth Prayer Meeting

3 12 Female Society at Gosport, for translating the Scriptures iqto the

Oriental Languages
A few young Men of the Rev. Mr. Saville's Congregation, Colebester 3
A Pendy Society at Matlock, by the Rev. J. Wilson
Collected by a few Friends, at a Prayer Meeting held in Pear-tree
Street, Goswell Street

2 10 Auxiliary Society, instituted June 23, 1811, at the Rev, T. Towne's Meeting, Royston, Cambridgeshire

16 Apprentice Boys Evening Free School, Hull, in Weekly Subscriptions 3 5 Four youog Persons at Bocking

O 15 Members of Prayer Meeting at Mr. Ray's, Sudbury, Soffolk Tabernacle Sunday School Children, by Mr. T. Barritt A few young Ladies of the Rey. R. Stodhart's Congregation, saved from their Pocket Money

6 Children at School, by the Rev. Mr. Maslin, of Hertford The Children of a Sunday School under the care of Mr, Fox, of Betboal Green Road

I 13 3 Rev. Francis More and Friends, a Plymouth A poor Woman Sunday School at the Rev. Mr. Bogue's, Gosport Sunday School at Sion Chapel Misses Saunders Ladies Boarding School, Market Lavington


6 Young Ladies of Mrs. Pritehard's Boarding School, Bristol Teachers and Children of a Sunday School, Uttoxeter Young Ladies at Miss Priestley's School, Islington Miss Priestley's School, Islington

1 1 O Islington Chapel Sunday School Children

5 10 6 Sunday School Children, Bristol

2 O Sunday School Children, at Lady H.'s Chapel, Bristol

2 17 6 Miss Brewer's Day School, Tabernacle Walk Tabernacle Charity School Auxiliary Society meeting at Hope Chapel, by J. C. junior Amount of Anniversary Collect. as io p. 240, with Additions since 1400 18.6


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The subject of this Memoir was born at Staines, in Middlesex, Feb. 24, 1784. He had the happiness, we have reason to believe, of being brought, early in life, to the saving knowledge of God. It might be said of him, as of young Timothy, that fiom a child, he knew the holy Scriptures. He had the advantage of pious instructions; and they were blessed to his soul. He was preserved from many of the sins and follies of childhood and youth. He was remarkably dutiful, and careful to please his parents; so that they do not remember an instance in which his conduct gave them uneasiness. At a very early period he manifested an attention to private and public devotion ; ånd even then, he was a monitor in the family, to reinind them of the time of prayer-meetings, and of public worship. His early knowledge of the grand truths of the gospel, and his acquaintance with their practical influence, he considered as proois of the distinguishing goodness of God. ; His friends, as he grew up, were desirous of placing him in some situation which might have been for his temporal advantage. He was perfectly ready to acquiesce in whatever they thought proper to propose; – but as they knew that his mind was seriously disposed, and as they believed he possessed true piety, it was suggested to his consideration, whether it would not be more agreeable to him to enter on a course of education for the ministry, than to engage in any secular calling. He answered, If I might indulge the thought that I should ever be able to speak in public, noting could so fully meet my wishes.'-A youth of so much promise seemned designed by the great Head of the Church for the honourable office of the Christian ministry. Mr. Heudebourck's father and the family, before this time, had removed from Staines to Taunton. "After having, while young; received a suitable education, he entered on a course of academical studies, in the seminary at Axminster, about the commencement of the year 1800. It affords pleasure to those with whom he was

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